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Global Warming is a Hoax !


December 1, 2009 - Posted by | Science & Technology, Social Trends |

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  1. Global warning Hoax.It is stupid to say global warming hoax.The weather is changing and the Poles are melting.There is excessive flooding world wide and lack of rain causing land to become unproductive.Over population is major problem.

    What is logical is to ask what caused the weather change.HAARP may have cause the weather change and O-Zone was first to be damaged as result.Search internet for HAARP.

    The question is what do nations do if governments are controlling the weather to enslave the people and for profit and power.

    The nations are aiming at NWO,but there is resistance against it.Whether it is Hegel dialectic are not.
    You can’t trust the governments because of their past actions.It is very confusing.Give the NWO the money and your enslaved.Do not and the weather gets worst.Of course you can wait until 21 DEC 2012 as that may solve the matter.My opinion do nothing and wait and see what happens.Remember the elites play all sides, so you may not know who really wants what.The fools have already gone a long way toward destroying the planet, so we can wait 2012.

    Catch 22 was a movie about not having an answer, and not knowing which way to go.The American people are in this condition today.

    A con job to not regulate,or to regulate.Say you don’t want regulations, but you do.

    Iraq war no WMD.Afghanistan for what.Oil and hegemony or, just call it imperialism and NWO.PIPELINES.Strategic heartland,border to Pakistan from Afghanistan?Vietnam replay and payer paying and enslave because of cost.

    Why not spend the money in America.The terrorist can come to America from Mexico as drugs and nukes can cross the border with other weapons.Who believes the terrorist are threat to U.S. unless their home grown like 9/11.There is no logic in reason for these wars.All that needs to be done is to secure the borders and stop illegal immigration.That would stop the drugs and kidnappings,etc.
    What logical reason is there for this not being done.Business sector,arms dealers,drug dealers and dirty banks and military contractors may be answer.I don’t know.What do you think.Yes it is a catch 22 just like the movie, and the movie is about war and funny business.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 1, 2009

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