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WHO Confirms D225G A/H1N1 Vaccine Failure

  • This is interesting. It confirms that the current swine flu vaccine which Big Pharma and WHO is foisting upon the world will not be effective against the D225G mutation.
    Recombinomics Commentary 03:31
    November 28, 2009 
    One isolate from Ukraine with the mutation had changed so that swine flu vaccine probably would not protect against it well, Britain’s national medical laboratory reported Friday. Flus mutate so fast, Dr. Fukuda cautioned, that announcing each change is “like reporting changes in the weather.”
    The above quote from tomorrow’s NY Times piece by Donald McNeil, acknowledges the vaccine failure for viruses with D225G.  However, although WHO has publicly confirmed the failure, they don’t think an announcement is required.  Thus, they continue to offer altering opinions on the significance of D225G, which directs H1N1 to the lung and was present in four of four fatalities in Ukraine.
    The associate of D225G with the Ukraine fatalities led to a survey of samples in
    Norway, where D225G was found in three patients (two who died and 1 who was in serious condition).  Similarly, France found D225G in two fatal infections, including one who was Tamiflu resistant.
    However, even though this change is drawing additional attention daily, WHO has taken a position that the vaccine failure against H1N1 with this D225G is not worthy of an announcement. This mindset is significant cause for concern and is hazardous to the world’s health.


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Activist Rips Up Al Gore’s Book In His Face!

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ClimateGate Spells End To The False Science of Climate Change !

Part    5

  • Lord Christopher Monckton on the Alex Jones show on Friday to discuss the Climategate story. Infowars reports:
    With the release of over 60 megabytes worth of incriminating emails, and the world getting a glimpse into the world of fanatical pseudo-science, there is little that can be done by the professors who are now on intellectual trial. Whether the emails were leaked or hacked, the people responsible for getting the information out have helped uncover the truth about “climate change” like no news story before it. While there have been piles of evidence to expose the global warming fraud in the past, a written exchange in their very own words is the ultimate proof.
    With Lord Christopher Monckton making an appearance on the Alex Jones show on Friday to discuss the Climategate story, it is evident that even top political figures are speaking out against phony “climate change”.  The very premise that carbon dioxide is bad for the environment goes against the basic fundamentals of science. While it is absurd to think the public would fall for something so outlandish as to say that one of the building blocks of life is a poison, you must remember that many agreed to  
    ban water under it’s scientific name dihydrogen monoxide.
    One would believe that the day the groundbreaking emails surfaced would be the last for global warming propagandists, yet the professors still attempt to lie their way out of the issue. Some so-called environmentalists even went into a state of
    hysteria upon finding out about the leaked emails. The professors can dance around on television all day, but the truth cannot be silenced by a thousand lies.
    When looking at the history of the climate change scandal, you will find that the alarmist terminology shifts repeatedly. First they warned against global cooling, warning of a new ice age. Shortly after the warning of a new ice age, global warming was toted as the new killer. The mainstream media picked up global warming as the story of the generation, claiming it was the inevitable killer of humanity. As more and more
    evidence surfaces, they are now forced to admit that we are entering a cooling trend. As more and more saw this repetitious cycle for what it is, phony scientists toting global warming were forced to change their wording. “Climate change” emerged as the new word used in order to accommodate any environmental change.
    The ludicrous claims made by pushers of the global warming scam have been thoroughly debunked, and those in charge of creating false numbers have been exposed. It is time to inform everyone you know about these recent findings. Don’t let false science dictate the actions that you make in your life.


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Dr. Tim Ball: Man Made Global Warming Myth and The CRU Hacked Documents!

Part   5  


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Kevin Trudeau: Big Pharma’s Secret is Out!

Part    5

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World Health Organization ‘Manufactured’ The Global Swine Flu Scare — Suspected Of Corruption ?

  • There are many questions that come to my mind: Is the WHO working for Big Pharma? Why did the WHO change the pandemic level 5/6 guidelines to make A/H1N1 into a pandemic. A/H1N1 swine flu is milder than seasonal flu and has an even lower mortality rate. It virtually guarantees that every year is a pandemic emergency. This is pure BS. I do not trust the WHO and will never trust them ever! Here is what Infowars Ireland reports:
    Translated from Russian by Infowars Ireland
    The Swine Flu Pandemic which Novye Izvestija has written about many times, may be the most ambitious scam and corruption of our time. In any case, the enormous commercial aspect of the “swine flu scare” is already evident.
    The same conclusion was reached by Danish journalists who expertly examined the links between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, who gained wealth by selling drugs to counter the disease. It turns out, for example, that many scientists who sit on various committees of WHO, carefully concealed the fact that they receive money from the giant pharmaceutical companies of the world.
    According to the international investment bank JP Morgan, the pharmaceutical industry will make more than 7 Billion Euros this year on the sale of A/H1N1 vaccines. Leading western countries have ordered enough doses to vaccinate either their entire population (such as Australia) or one third (Germany and several other EU member States). Factories making the vaccines and pills are working around the clock, in four shift rotations, with a backlog of orders …they are not experiencing the global economic crisis as others might.
    For the first time in many years flu pandemic ‘panic’ has affected the EU. The vaccine has been produced without a sufficient number of clinical and laboratory tests. Is such a panic justified? a growing number of specialists are examining the issue by comparing the mortality statistics from the swine flu virus and it’s ‘conventional’ varieties, each Autumn they begin their march across the planet. So far, according to WHO, six thousand people have fallen victim to A/H1N1, while the average annual death rate during epidemics of ‘traditional’ varieties of flu reaches half a million.
    The main cause of the hysterical response to the swine flu epidemic, according to reporters from the Danish newspaper ‘Information’, is not because it is so dangerous, but because of a strong public relations campaign by experts from WHO. Some of them [WHO experts] are literally in the service of the vaccine manufacturers. 
    “It is disturbing that many of the scientists who sit on various committees of WHO, are presented as ‘independent experts’, but they carefully conceal the fact that they receive money from pharmaceutical companies”, Professor of epidemiology, Tom Jefferson, who works at the Cochrane Center in Rome, told reporters.
    WHO announced the swine flu pandemic under pressure from a panel of advisers, headed by a Dutch doctor, Albert Ostenhaus, nicknamed ‘Dr. Flu’ (from the name ‘Tamiflu’) because he was active in promoting mass vaccination of the population through WHO and the Western media. Now the government of the Netherlands is conducting an emergency investigation into the activities of ‘Doctor Flu’, as it became known that he receives a salary from several vaccine manufacturing companies. Many other WHO advisers sit ‘on two chairs’ (conflict of interest) like Ostenhaus, and while dealing with the swine flu pandemic on behalf of WHO, they do not like to advertise that they are paid advisers to pharmaceutical giants Roche, RW Johnson, SmithKline and Beecham Glaxo Wellcome, who have received the lion’s share of orders for manufacturing of vaccines. The result of pressure from these experts was the resolution of WHO on 7th July this year, which called for an unprecedented campaign of mass vaccination.
    “The WHO is biased in their recommendations – says Professor Tom Jefferson. – Normal hygiene measures provide much greater effect than these little-studied vaccines, and at the same time WHO refers to the use of masks and hand-washing as a means to combat swine flu only twice in their documents. Vaccines and other medications are referred to 42 times!” Dr. Jefferson and several of his colleagues believe that paid advisers of the pharmaceutical companies should be removed from their positions and not allowed to give recommendations to the WHO, but the organization itself is in no hurry to carry out such a reform. WHO spokesperson, Gregory Hertl, commenting on the article in ‘Information’ (Danish newspaper) said it is impossible to deny the services of the world’s leading experts on the sole ground that they have a financial interest in the promotion of a strategy to combat various diseases.
    It should be noted that this is not the first year that ’scope for corruption’ in pharmacology has been the focus of the Western media. The New England Journal of Medicine published ‘The Whistleblower’ several years ago. In a series of articles the Whistleblower showed the inside life of the ‘medical mafia’. According to them, only 11-14% of pharmaceutical companies budgets are spent on research, but 36% of funds are spent on PR. Much of the money ends up in the pockets of doctors, scientists, and the accounts of various organizations working in health care.
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    WHO Advisors Paid By H1N1 Vaccine Makers Profiting On Fear?


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