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World Believes in The Same Iraq Style Lies About Iran

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Hot Tricks: Climate Change We Can’t Believe In?

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Marc Faber: Coming Global Sovereign Debt Default. Total Breakdown of Financial System!

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Dubai Default Threat Rattles World Stocks!

  • This should come as no surprise to people who follow the situation in Dubai. It also confirms what Lindsey Williams said earlier in the year: the Illuminati bankster elite want to crash Dubai and buy it up for pennies on the dollar. Dubai will turn into a ghost town! BreitBart reports:
    Global stock markets tumbled Thursday on mounting anxiety over a debt default request by Dubai and tighter lending conditions in China, analysts said.
    London lost 1.86 percent to 5,264.97 points in late morning trade but was suspended at about 1030 GMT owing to a technical issue. ….. Elsewhere, Frankfurt dived 1.80 percent to 5,698.99 points and Paris plunged 1.89 percent to 3,737.06 points at the half-way stage. In Asia, Beijing nosedived 3.62 percent, Tokyo fell 0.62 percent and Hong Kong closed 1.78 percent lower. Chinese shares were also hit by the prospect of tighter banking rules and worries about monetary policy next year. New York markets is closed Thursday for the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the United States.
    “We have two major factors weighing on equities and other risk markets: Dubai’s call for a moratorium on its debt repayment to May and more stringent capital adequacy requirements for Chinese banks — but Dubai is bigger,”
    David Morrison, an analyst at financial betting firm GFT, told AFP. The government of Dubai shocked financial markets on Wednesday when it said it would ask creditors of its Dubai World conglomerate for a debt moratorium of at least six months.
    The Dubai government announced that it would revamp the Dubai World group and wanted its lenders to extend its maturing debt until at least May 2010. Dubai added that it had raised five billion dollars in a new bonds issue aimed at helping meet its
    debt obligations.
    In addition, the partial default by Dubai “fed a climate of insecurity and crisis of confidence at a time when fears are mounting about excessive public debt.” As equities sank heavily, investors sought safety in the
    bond market and gold, which struck yet another record high point. ……. He added: “If (Dubai) had given the debt markets more warning, then there would be less of a panic now.”
    Meanwhile, ratings agency
    Standard & Poor’s said the development could be considered a default and downgraded a raft of Dubai government entities including Dubai World. “The rating actions are the result of the announcement on November 25 of the restructuring of the debt obligations of Dubai World and its subsidiary, (construction group) Nakheel,” S & P said in a statement.
    “In our view, such a restructuring may be considered a default under our default criteria, and represents the failure of the Dubai government to provide timely financial support to a core government-related entity.” Barclays Capital analyst
    Paul Robinson warned that the issue of Dubai could contribute towards a “serious” pullback in global stock markets. Others warned that it could take more than a decade for investor enthusiasm over Dubai to return, as a result of this week’s development. “Dubai could not undermine either itself, or global perception any further as a place not to do business in at the moment,” MF Global analyst Manus Cranny told AFP. “Quite literally, this geographic region is now looking as a mirage in stability terms.”
    He added: “It is the much longer term implications on funding, confidence and capital raising that will take a decade or more to re-establish.”This last-minute moratorium on debt repayments at Dubai World is unacceptable has all the smacking of an
    Ireland — nay worse, an Iceland — in the making. “The two regions may be polemic in climate but mirror images in terms of credit and ability to meet their bills.”


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Al Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing !

  • It is time to give these bunch of criminal liars what they deserve. Man made global warming is a scam to benefit the banksters who own the carbon credit business. It is all about the money. The Illuminati banksters want to implement their One World Fascist Government plan and want the sheeple to finance it. They think they can get away with it! Well, I like to say thank you to all the protesters who gave Al Gore a hard time! Keep up the good work. 
    November 25, 2009 (LPAC)—Not since Henry Kissinger fled a team of LaRouche organizers, in the back of a delivery truck in New York City’s Central Park in the early 1980s, has an obese fascist moved so fast to escape an angry crowd, as Al Gore did today in Chicago. Appearing at a bookstore in the downtown Loop, Gore was confronted by a team of demonstrators from a grass roots group called “We Are Change,” as he was signing his latest fascist screed on the global warming swindle. Gore bolted from the bookstore, raced down an alley, jumped into a waiting car, and tried to speed off, with protesters chasing after him and banging on the car. Midwest LYM organizers, who were also on the scene to confront the global warming swindler, provided an eyewitness account of Fat Albert’s flight of fear.
    Make no mistake about it. This little encounter is typical of the kinds of things going on all over the country, as the fascists who brought you the near-destruction of the United States and an onrushing global Dark Age, are no longer walking the streets, smug in the belief that they are literally getting away with murder. The mass strike dynamic is playing out in thousands of ways, every day, and the recent revelations about the “smoking gun” emails from the East Anglia University global warming propaganda center, have made Al Gore’s life a little more miserable. As Percy Shelley wrote in “The Mask of Anarchy,” “We are many, they are few.”


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Damon Vickers: We Are Heading Towards A Global Currency & New World Order!

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Senator Inhofe on ClimateGate Conspiracy!

  • The corporate MSM are paid to promote propaganda! You should do your own research. The CNBC guy is just a shill.


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