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ClimateGate: Fudging and Hiding Data To Invent Man Made Global Warming!

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Ukraine Deadly Viral Pneumonia Has Spread to Belarus!


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Virologist: Swine Flu is Man Made!

  • Yes, it is! Cui Bono? Big Pharma and their bought out politicians! Bloomberg reports:
    Adrian Gibbs, the virologist who said in May that swine flu may have escaped from a laboratory, published his findings today, renewing discussion about the origins of the pandemic virus.
    The new H1N1 strain, which was discovered in Mexico and the U.S. in April, may be the product of three strains from three continents that swapped genes in a lab or a vaccine-making plant, Gibbs, and fellow Australian scientists wrote in Virology Journal. The authors analyzed the genetic makeup of the virus and found its origin could be more simply explained by human involvement than a coincidence of nature.
    Their study, published in a free, online journal reviewed by other scientists, follows debate among researchers six months ago, when Gibbs asked the World Health Organization to consider the hypothesis. After reviewing Gibbs’ initial three-page paper, WHO and other organizations concluded the pandemic strain was a naturally occurring virus and not laboratory-derived.
    “It is important that the source of the new virus be found if we wish to avoid future pandemics rather than just trying to minimize the consequences after they have emerged,” Gibbs and colleagues John Armstrong and Jean Downie said in today’s eight- page study.
    Gibbs and Armstrong are on the emeritus faculty at the Australian National University in Canberra and Downie is affiliated with the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Laboratory Services at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, according to the study.
    While the exact source of the new H1N1 strain is a mystery, their research has “raised many new questions,” they said. The authors compared the genetic blueprints of flu strains stored in the free database Genbank and found the pandemic virus’s nearest ancestors circulate in pigs.
    ‘Simplest Explanation’
    While migratory birds may have acted as conduit for their convergence, human involvement in bringing them together is “by far the simplest explanation,” Gibbs said in a telephone interview today.
    Gibbs wrote or coauthored more than 250 scientific publications on viruses, mostly pertaining to the plant world, during his 39-year career at the Australian National University, according to biographical information on the university’s Web site.
    “Knowing Adrian Gibbs, he will have thought through it pretty logically and come to that conclusion,” Lance Jennings, a clinical virologist with Canterbury Health Laboratories in Christchurch, New Zealand, said in a telephone interview. “It’s up to someone else to try and prove it or disprove it.”


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Gold Perspective on a World Gone Economically Mad !

  • Most people do not understand that countries like US, UK and Japan will never repay their sovereign debts totally. The options are: sell off say pieces of California to China(ie creditor country) or print money out of thin air until your debts are inflated away. No politicians in their right mind will sell away a piece of their territory to repay debts. They will be ‘dismembered’ by the public. So, printing money out of thin air to repay their debts is far and away the easier and better choice.
  • If you owe US$12 trillion, you just turn on the electronics and electronically print US$12T. It is that easy! The consequence is horrendous though. It amounts to currency debasement and  instituting inflation. Remember the German Weimar republic of the 1920s and 1930s? They needed a wheel barrow of paper currencies to buy a loaf of bread. Could it happen to America? I won’t bet against it.
  • When currency devaluation kicks in, people throw away their fiat currencies in exchange for gold. This is what is essentially happening now with the smart money. The smart money is accumulating gold as an insurance against the eventuality of currency debasement. Adam Brochert opines:
    Assets are deflating relative to Gold. This is the missing link of the deflation/inflation game. …. I also know that every currency in history has failed, whether Gold backed or not. When Gold backed, currencies are destroyed because the government breaks its promise and drops the Gold backing whenever a war needs to be fought or times get too hard. When not Gold backed, currencies generally hyperinflate into oblivion and are then replaced. History keeps repeating over and over again, but this time, gosh darn it, it is different. Bernanke and widdle Timmy Geithner are the most powerful brain trust ever seen in the history of financial markets and will take care of everything for everyone.
    Keeping these admittedly Gold buggy-type background thoughts in your mind so that you realize this piece is written by an irrational lunatic, those who are calling for the imminent destruction and collapse of the U.S. Dollar need to remember that we are not the only country on the paper-money-road-to-hell path.
    I do not fear only for American citizens or the American dollar, as a global crack up boom in assets priced with paper money seems a likely path if things continue on the current track. In Gold terms, we have already been in deflation for years depending on the asset in question. For what asset class left is not deflating in Gold terms?
    If China, Japan, the Eurozone, Australia, India, the Middle East and Brazil all agree to crank up the printing presses and create an astronomical amount of new debt to replace that lost by the private sector, and then they all agree to buy each others’ debt with this newly created debt, this will be deflationary when Gold is used as the currency of measurement. But will it really feel like deflation to the average gal or guy on the street holding paper currency units? For it is really only Gold that has a done a reasonable job of preserving purchasing power over this past cycle. Gold has reverted to its role as the international currency of last resort.
    This is why the “mainstream” inflation-deflation debate has become less meaningful for me – I think we are in a wicked deflation, but it’s in terms of Gold. And yet, in the parlance of paper, a rising Gold price is almost by definition called inflation. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. One thing I do know for sure even without a PhD in Ponzi economics: Gold’s in a bull market and you don’t want to bet against it.

Disclaimer – I am not a financial advisor. This is not an advice to buy, sell or hold any stocks or bonds or any precious metals. I am long gold and silver.


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Emerging Market Central Banks Have Scope To Buy More Gold

  • The next phase of the bull rally in gold prices has just started. John Paulson, the fund manage who made billions in the sub prime mortgage meltdown, is fully on board. He has started his own fund to invest in gold. Paulson is just one of the growing number of fund managers jumping on board the gold wagon. In a similar vein, many central banks are dumping their USD for gold. reports:
    Central banks of emerging markets have substantial scope to expand their gold reserves given their underweight position in the metal relative to developed market central banks, Stephen Jen, managing director of macroeconomics and forex at BlueGold Capital Management, said in a report dated Monday.
    According to the report, the average gold holding ratio, or gold holdings as a percentage of total foreign exchange and gold reserves, of the U.S., Japan, ECB, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland is 37.9% on average.
    This compares with an average of 2.2% for a group that includes China, Russia, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil and Singapore.  “The obvious implication is that the scope for emerging market central banks to buy more gold is substantial, if they decide to diversify into gold,” said Jen.
    Jen also said the top eight emerging market forex reserve holders have $4.1 trillion in foreign reserves, meaning every 1% reallocation in reserves towards gold would correspond to $41 billion in gold purchases. “If these banks raise their gold holdings from the current 2.2% to a conservative 5%, this would correspond to $115 billion in gold purchases,” he said.
    The Reserve Bank of India’s purchase of 200 metric tons of gold from the IMF, first reported Nov. 3, which cost it around $7 billion, has been one of the factors widely cited as driving gold to new record highs.


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Santelli: The Fed’s Gold Price Suppression.

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  • Gold bugs know this to be true: Uncle Sam has been suppressing the price of gold for many years. In fact, most western central banksters do that. They do it to make their fiat currencies look valuable. By selling gold and thus depressing prices, they are saying ‘why hang on to this relic of the stone age when you can have real paper money’. Of course, we all know what paper currencies are. It is becoming more and more obvious that fiat currencies are no more than Monopoly money printed out of thin air. They are debt obligations of profligate governments.
  • Well, their suppression scheme is no longer working. More emerging countries’ central banks are accumulating physical gold. They understand what gold bugs know: the #1 fiat currency, the world reserve USD is in deep trouble! It is time to ditch it for something that has been accepted as real money for eons: gold. GATA reports
    The program began as a general discussion of the markets by several investment house representatives but soon got into a long exchange between Santelli and Philip Gotthelf, president of Equidex Brokerage Group in Closter, New Jersey. Gotthelf was making the case for a much higher gold price and asserting that central banks would dread such a thing when Santelli interjected about former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers: “Didn’t Larry Summers himself write a paper, called ‘Suppression,’ that central banks have to keep a lid on gold for obvious reasons?”
    Until today it had seemed that only the lunatic fringe — or the exceedingly well-informed — knew about Summers’ paper, a keystone of GATA’s research. Of course the paper, written while Summers was a professor at Harvard, wasn’t titled “Suppression,” though that well could have been its title if it ever reached paperback. No, the paper was titled “Gibson’s Paradox and the Gold Standard” and it explained the historic inverse relationship between gold and real interest rates and suggested that central banks could achieve their holy grail, complete control over interest rates, if they gained complete control over their nemesis, the price of gold. “Suppression” is indeed the best single-word summary for what Summers’ paper had in mind for gold, and you can read “Gibson’s Paradox and the Gold Standard” at GATA’s Internet site here:
    So now Santelli has let the CNBC audience know that gold price suppression is not only the bane of the supposedly lunatic fringe but also the very premise of the U.S. financial establishment.


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Al Gore’s Global Warming Religion Is Falling Apart!

  • The only man-made global warming that exists is: Al Gore’s fart! All these snakes are just fabricating evidence to scare the entire world into their One World Government and global tax. It is just a scam for total control of the entire world. They will institute their eugenics depopulation policies to cull the sheeple. Draconian laws will be implemented: you will need to have a licence to have children, you will be screened for DNA defects, you will be ‘carbon taxed’ just for being alive and ‘polluting’ the environment …..etc . This is another false flag ops much like 9/11.


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