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Israeli Soldiers Admit to War Crimes in Gaza War!

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Climate-Gate: The Global Warming Scam!


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VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire!

  • America is falling, falling…falling!! The rise of fascism is as plain as daylight but people just refuse to see it. Wake up people! America is being sacrificed to start the One World Government, Fascist Police State. America as we know it will not be recognizable in 5 years time.
  • The chief industry of America is WAR! See: Our Chief Industry: War! More wars are planned and will be initiated by America. Revelation 6 opens with the White Horseman, a picture of the Anti Christ who will bring peace to the world. It implies that there will be a period of intense wars before this White Horseman appears!
    Revelation 6:1-2
    1 Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals;[a] and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
    VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire
    VeriChip (CHIP), the company that markets a microchip implant that links to your online health records, has acquired Steel Vault (SVUL), a credit monitoring and anti-identity theft company. The combined company will operate under a new name: PositiveID.
    The all-stock transaction will leave PositiveID in charge of a burgeoning empire of identity, health and microchip implant businesses that will only encourage its critics. BNET previously noted that some regard the company as part of a prophecy in the Book of Revelation (because the HealthLink chip carries an RFID number that can be used as both money and proof of ID) or as part of President Obama’s secret Nazi plan to enslave America.
    The most obvious criticism to be made of the deal is that it potentially allows PositiveID to link or cross-check patient health records (from the HealthLink chip) to people’s credit scores. One assumes that the company will put up firewalls to prevent that. PositiveID CEO Scott Silverman said:
    “PositiveID will be the first company of its kind to combine a successful identity security business with one of the world’s first personal health records through our Health Link business. PositiveID will address some of the most important issues affecting our society today with our identification tools and technologies for consumers and businesses.”
    Unless, of course, consumers don’t actually want to be implanted with chips, have their health records available over the internet, or have their medical records linked to their credit scores.
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Doctor: Don’t Take The A/H1N1 Vaccine!

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Leaked Emails And Man Made Global Warming Hoax!


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US$5,000 Gold?

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Welcome to Stage Two of Gold’s Bull Market!

  • There are many people who say that gold is already at an all time nominal high and is thus very expensive. They do not understand the economic reason/mechanism behind this price rise. It is not that gold has become more valuable. It is the USD that is collapsing and becoming worthless. Unless, there are fundamental economic reasons why fiat paper USD should increase in value, things are going to get alot worse for it. The USD, like many fiat currencies are just pieces of paper governments around the world print out of thin air.
  • It is becoming increasingly obvious: United States, Great Britain, Japan and many other countries will not be able to pay off their debts. Their only choice is currency debasement. Whether via a formal devaluation or stealth ‘market’ devaluation isn’t that important. What is certain is where many fiat currencies are headed: to toilet paper status! Gold is signalling such a coming monetary crisis and ‘YES’ it is going alot higher. Gold is real money and not just another investment asset class! James Turk opines:
    Bull markets are marked by three distinct stages, and when gold climbed above $1,000, it only entered its second stage.  In other words, gold has much further to climb in the months and years ahead.
    So don’t be misled by what you may hear or read in the mainstream media and even much of the alternative media. After all, how many commentators have correctly identified gold’s bull market, now a decade old?
    As Robert Blumen cogently argues: “Many of the financial media have a pronounced anti-gold bias. Of the writers and news anchors now calling gold a bubble, not only did they fail to identify the stock market bubble in the 90s or the subsequent housing market boom as a bubble, they actively promoted the excesses of those unsustainable booms, encouraging their viewers or readers to participate. For the most part, these pundits have failed to identify a rising gold price as an investment trend at any point in the past ten years (during which gold had a positive return each and every year).”  Robert then goes on to observe the silly incongruity of their warnings about gold: “Witness the irony of the financial media transformed from hypesters who never saw a bubble they couldn’t promote into bubble vigilantes, issuing concerned warnings to ‘get out [of gold], now, before you get hurt.’”
    There are different ways to determine relative value, and one of these is gauging market sentiment, which is what a bull market’s three stages communicate. During the first stage of a bull market, the media and most investors alike focus on past issues, rather than future potential. Over the past decade one consequently heard all the reasons not to own the gold.
    An old and trusty adage says that bull markets climb a ‘wall of worry’.  In gold’s first stage, there seemingly was a lot to worry about.  But most of these worries were emotional in nature and not logical.  Few paid attention to relative value, which is the proper determining factor when making decisions about your portfolio. Truth be told, I too was worried, but I didn’t let it keep me from accumulating gold and recommending to anyone reading my analyses to do the same.
    Gold is now in its second stage, and of course, the worries don’t disappear. They never do because there are always emotional reactions that at first blush offer seemingly plausible reasons for not taking the right action. But there is a notable difference in this stage compared to stage one.  Look how many people are writing and talking about gold. Gold has moved from apathy and neglect – stage one characteristics – to growing attention.  But importantly, instead of embracing gold and analyzing it to determine relative value, today’s attention is one of widespread disbelief and skepticism that gold can climb higher. These are exactly the responses one should expect to emanate from stage two.
    As gold climbs higher, we will eventually enter stage three. The timing of its arrival cannot be predicted, but we will know it has arrived when commentators who have been consistently wrong about gold will be telling everyone willing to listen to buy gold. But at some point in stage three when gold no longer is relatively good value, it is when I will be advising to reduce your gold holding by spending or investing it. We are, however, a long way from there, so my advice for now remains the same as it has been throughout this decade. Continue to accumulate gold. View it as your savings account. Savings are always a good thing, particularly when you are saving sound money.

Disclaimer – I am not a financial advisor. This is not an advice to buy, sell or hold any stocks or bonds or any precious metals. I am long gold and silver.


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Why the Dollar Needs to Depreciate! Debt Time Bomb Ticking? Dollar Breaking Point?

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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