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Scientific Breakthrough: Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis!

  • This is really great news! It is absolutely credible. I am quite sure Big Pharma will start their dis-information to dis-credit this ‘Liberation Treatment’. They stand to lose billions in sales for their MS drugs. However, I doubt that they will be successful in their dis-information campaign. The problem of MS and the solution is so simple:  angioplasty of the blocked drainage vein of the brain (see video at bottom of post). The treatment is inexpensive, safe and most surgeons already can perform it! Please spread the news to as many as need it. (I am not able to embed the videos found on CTV W5 News CanadaGoto site and watch them. They are worth watching! See also Globe and Mail article!)
    The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS
    Dr. Paolo Zamboni, a former vascular surgeon and professor at the University of Ferrara in northern Italy, began asking questions about the debilitating condition a decade ago, when his wife Elena, now 51, was diagnosed with MS.
    Watching his wife Elena struggle with the fatigue, muscle weakness and visual problems of MS led Zamboni to begin an intense personal search for the cause of her disease. He found that scientists who had studied the brains of MS patients had noticed higher levels of iron in their brain, not accounted for by age. The iron deposits had a unique pattern, often forming in the core of the brain, clustered around the veins that normally drain blood from the head. No one had ever fully explained this phenomenon, considering the excess iron a toxic byproduct of the MS itself.
    Dr. Zamboni wondered if the iron came from blood improperly collecting in the brain. Using Doppler ultrasound, he began examining the necks of MS patients and made an extraordinary finding. Almost 100 per cent of the patients had a narrowing, twisting or outright blockage of the veins that are supposed to flush blood from the brain. He then checked these veins in healthy people, and found none of these malformations. Nor did he find these blockages in those with other neurological conditions.
    “In my mind, this was unbelievable evidence that further study was necessary to understand the link between venous function and iron deposits on the other,” Zamboni told W5 from his research lab in Ferrara. What was equally astounding, was that not only was the blood not flowing out of the brain, it was “refluxing” reversing and flowing back upwards. Zamboni believes that as the blood moves into the brain, pressure builds in the veins, forcing blood into the brain’s grey matter where it sets off a host of reactions, possibly explaining the symptoms of MS.
    “For me, it was really unbelievable to understand that iron deposits in MS were exactly around the veins. So probably, it is a dysfunction of drainage of the veins,” Zamboni said. “This is very important, because iron is very dangerous, because it produces free radicals, and free radicals are killers for cells. So we need to eliminate iron accumulation.” Zamboni dubbed the vein disorder he discovered CCSVI, or Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency, and began publishing his preliminary research in neurology journals.
    He soon found that the severity of the vein blockages were located corresponded to the severity of the patient’s symptoms. Patients with only one vein blocked usually had milder forms of the disease; those with two or more damaged veins had more severe illness.
    Zamboni found blockages not only in the veins in the neck directly beneath the brain — the jugular veins –but in a central drainage vein, the azygos vein, which flushes blood down from the brain along the spine. Blockages here, he found were associated with the most severe form of MS, primary progressive, in which patients rapidly deteriorate. For this form of MS, there currently is no effective treatment.
    As for how these vein abnormalities form, Zamboni isn’t sure. He believes, though, that congenital defects, problems that likely formed before birth, can be blamed for most of the problems, though this has not been conclusively proven. Most neurologists Zamboni initially approached with his findings dismissed them. But one specialist, Dr. F. Salvi, at Bellaria Hospital in Bologna, was intrigued by the concept. He began sending Zamboni MS patients for CCVIS testing, to see if what he was finding was correct. The images of narrowed or blocked veins, called “strictures,” were irrefutable for Salvi.
    Focus on a treatment
    But Dr. Zamboni had an even more important idea. If key veins of MS patients were blocked, perhaps he could open them and restore normal blood flow? Taking a page from standard angiography, in which doctors use balloons to open up blocked arteries that feed blood from the heart, he enlisted the help of vascular surgeon Dr. R. Galeotti, also at the University of Ferrara and Santa Anna Hospital. Three years ago, the team began a study in which they treated 65 MS patients to see if endovascular surgery would restore flow in these vessels and lessen MS symptoms.
    The study detailing those results will be published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery on Nov. 24. But preliminary results, already released, show patients had a decrease in the number of new MS attacks, a big reduction in the number of brain lesions that define MS, and improved quality of life. The only time symptoms returned for the patients was when the veins re-narrowed. Because the surgery freed the blood flow, the team dubbed the procedure “The Liberation Treatment.”
    Zamboni’s sense is that the earlier patients are diagnosed and treated, the more function they will preserve, and the less damage the improper blood flow will do to the brain. “Because MS is a progressive disease and strikes young people, if we lose time, there are a lot of young people that will progress without possibility to get back. This is very heavy for me,” he says.
    Zamboni has also been studying the prevalence of CCSVI with a team at the University of Buffalo in New York, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Zivadinov. That study, to be published in January, has looked at 16 MS patients, including eight from the U.S and eight from Italy. All have been found to have blocked veins of CCSVI, just as Zamboni described, and all eventually underwent the Liberation Treatment.
    Relief for patients
    One of those patients was Buffalo resident Kevin Lipp. Lipp had MS for over a decade, and as part of the study, discovered he had five blocked veins in his neck. After undergoing the Liberation Treatment 10 months ago, he says he hasn’t had a single new MS attack.
    Zamboni emphasizes that the Liberation Treatment does not make people in wheelchairs walk again. Rather, it seems to stop the development of further MS attacks, and in some cases, improves movement and decreases the debilitating fatigue that are the hallmarks of MS. The foundation that has sponsored Zamboni’s research, the Hilarescere Foundation, also urges cautious restraint.
    “We can’t give the illusion to patients that this is a guaranteed treatment and it is easy. This is not right. And we have never done this,” says Hilarescere President Fabio Roversi-Monaco. “We don’t say this is a cure for M.S. We only say that research is advancing, and there is encouraging data but we are waiting for more conclusions.”
    Dr. Zivadinov in Buffalo is now starting a new study, recruiting 1,600 adults and 100 children, half of them MS patients. He plans to use ultrasound and MRI scans to confirm if those with MS also have CCSVI and if their family members have the abnormalities too.
    Prof. Mark Haake, a neuro-imaging scientist at McMaster University and Wayne State University in Detroit is also intrigued by Zamboni’s findings. He has long been seeing iron deposits in the brains of MS patients using a specialized MRI analysis called SWI – specific weighted imaging. When he saw Zamboni’s initial publications, he immediately contacted the Italian doctor and began collaborating.
    Population studies under way
    Haake too is initiating a study, asking neurological centres across North America and Europe to take some extra MRI scans of the neck and upper chest of MS patients. The scans can then be electronically sent to his research team for analysis. He believes this grassroots approach could spur larger and more in depth studies. He’s hoping he can engage MS specialists and vascular surgeons, interventional radiologist around the world to study the theory and then move to diagnosing and treating MS patients quickly.
    Interest in CCSVI growing
    But CCSVI has become a subject of intense interest among MS patients who are texting and emailing details of Zamboni’s work, locating the few centres around the world that have started to work on studies on CCSVI and the Liberation Treatment. Zamboni says every day, MS patients hear about his theory and either write, email or call him asking for treatment he can’t yet provide. Still, some surgeons in the U.S. are now offering the surgery Zamboni’s team has pioneered.
    Jeff Beal, an L.A-based, Emmy-Award-winning musical director has already paid to have the surgery procedure. After he was diagnosed with MS five years ago, he was left unable to work a full day and worrying he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Unable to come to terms with the diagnosis, his wife, Joan, set to find new treatments and eventually came upon Zamboni’s work. Unable to get her husband treated in Italy, she convinced a Californian vascular surgeon who already performs similar surgery on leg veins to look at Zamboni’s work and test Jeff for CCSVI. Jeff was diagnosed with two blocked jugular veins and treated with the Liberation Treatment. (with a slightly different procedure than the italan one..using Stents) He now says he has much more energy and none of the chronic fatigue that used to limit his activity.
    “I reached what I would call sort of a higher plateau, in the sense of the most debilitating symptom, which is the fatigue. So, I still have fatigue every day, I still battle it; it’s still one of my symptoms. But in terms of the total reservoir of energy, it’s much greater than it used to be. And that’s a huge gift, especially to my family,” Beal told W5. His wife Joan was delighted with the surgery’s results.
    “Suddenly, he’s helping Henry with his homework and he’s playing trumpet duets with Henry and he’s awake. And there’s this presence in the house that hadn’t been there for two years,” she said. Joan has now become a “cheerleader” of Zamboni’s work on MS chat sites, urging other patients to show their neurologists the material being published by the Italian team and to ask them to consider setting up a study in other MS clinics.
    Among all of Zamboni’s success stories and the patients who sing his praises is his wife Elena. Her MS caused her to lose her vision for a time and develop what she called “violent” attacks. She had difficulty walking and was losing her balance and feared a life in a wheelchair unable to care for herself. Elena became one of her husband’s first ultrasound test patients and was found to have a complete closure of the azygos vein in her central chest. She was one of the first to be liberated almost three years ago. After having regular debilitating MS attacks for nearly a decade before, Elena has been symptom-free ever since. An elegant, intelligent woman, she now has a quick walk, with no sign of disability. Her husband couldn’t be happier. “What I think is this is probably the best prize of the research,” says Zamboni.


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  2. I am a 42 yr old woman who has been suffering with MS for the pass 10 years. I am very excited about this new Liberation Treatment and would be very instested in being a candidate to try out this new treatment. Please have someone notify this if it is at all possible…..

    Comment by Donna Botelho | November 23, 2009

    • I have been diagnosed with MS since 2001 and also want to find out how to be a candidate for the clinical trial in Buffalo….did you find out any information on how to arrange for this? if so could you please send that info to me….greatly appreciated! Donna

      Comment by Donna | December 25, 2009

      • Hi Donna, the Buffalo site has a form for you to fill out if you are interested. I have done that and their response to me is they will contact me in the next one or two months to let me know if I am accepted. They are swamped now and trying to get through the first 500. Look on BNAC and that should give you a link. I’m not good at rememembering names. I’ve had MS for the past 14 yrs not able to walk but this treatment may improve my lifestyle, like movement and stop progression.

        Comment by geraldine murphy | December 31, 2009

    • I was diagnosed with MS in 1997, but I remember vividly issues through out my childhood. Example; fatgue, balance way off, I got extroidinarally dizzy walking around. This is a God sent a Miracle. Please treated as a “gift from God”.

      Comment by Danita | May 5, 2011

  3. I am excited for my husband to find out if he can have this treatment.He has had RRMS for 12 years now and suffers from extreme fatique.

    Comment by Patricia Suy | November 23, 2009

  4. I would like to get in on the study with Dr. Zivadinov. Do you know how I can get into the study?

    Comment by Dianne | November 23, 2009

    • I would also like to be a part of this study. I was diagnosed in 2000 and live very close to Buffalo

      Comment by Sandra Plain Mater | November 29, 2009

  5. This was a very interesting and informative article, as was the W5 program. I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and this gives renewed hope and encouragement for anyone who suffers from this dibilatating disease.

    Comment by Barbara | November 23, 2009

  6. I would like to know more about the ultrasound and the surgery. I have MS and might be interested in particapate the study by Dr.Zivadinov.

    Comment by John Burke | November 24, 2009

  7. Does anyone know how and who to contact to be a canidate! This is the first time I’ve felt hopeful!

    Comment by Sue | November 24, 2009

    • Hi,

      More information can be found on:
      Unfortunately it is not in English. But many of the links arre in English
      and many contact info are there. There are also alot of medical info and
      videos and research papers….etc…

      Please make every effort to spread this new treatment to any who
      needs it.

      Thanks & rgds


      Comment by mosesman | November 24, 2009

      • If one uses google, you can translate the website into english. Might not be perfect though. But as you said, many of the links are in English anyways.

        Comment by J Peterson | November 25, 2009

    • Hi! I was diagnosed three years ago with remittent MS, but have had the symtoms for some years before. It was actually good to know what was really wrong with me! I am also interested in becoming a candidate for the Liberation Treatment because I am certain that this treatment will help many people suffering with MS. It is reasonable to think that unblocking the drainage veins will help. Any blockage in the body will cause severe health problems.
      I would really appreciate if someone could let me know where I can go for treatment. Since I’m living in Canada, I would like to be treated in my country(Dr. Haake at McMaster University) but I am ready to travel to Italy for treatment. I cannot afford $80,000 to go to California and I don’t think that many people can.
      There is hope and if I can be one of the lucky ones to be accepted as a candidate for Dr. Zambony’s theory, I will be a fierce crusader to campain the Canadian MS Society to invest more time and energy towards this new discovery.

      Comment by Josée Chamberland | November 26, 2009

      • I agree with you, if at all possible, my preference is to be part of this study in Canada. However, if need be I would travel to Italy to be treated. $80,000 seems a bit out of my reach and I’d rather be someone’s guinea pig and then shout to the world about this tremendous breakthrough !!

        Comment by Katherine | December 3, 2009

  8. my dr. would like to see your write -up but it won’t print. could you send me a coupy please

    Comment by lori sonnenberg | November 25, 2009

    • Have your doctor to online himself and look it up. There is so much buzz about this now, it won’t be hard for him to inform himself.

      Comment by J Peterson | November 25, 2009

  9. I would love to be in this clinical trial and would appreciate any information you can give me to become a part of it. Finally hope! Happy Thanksgiving.

    Comment by Susan | November 25, 2009

    • Here is a link

      This is the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center in the US. This study will be doing doppler imaging and NOT the liberation treatment.

      Comment by J Peterson | November 25, 2009

  10. Hi.
    Never until now have I even dared have hope about my RRMS. My condition worsened following the birth of my twin daughters in March 09′. I was aware of the possibility and was willing to make that sacrifice.
    I’d love nothing more than to take part in this study.

    With the highest regards,

    Comment by Corrin | November 25, 2009

  11. i was diagnosed 5 years ago and have now gone to the big diagnosis(which i cant remember) i would love to get involved in this and contact me anytime and i will be in!!

    Comment by Karrie Harcourt | November 26, 2009

  12. I would love to have some information on how I could get involved in a research study. I am 35years old and have been diagnosed for 2 years but have had my symptoms for 7 years now. I livde in mid-western, ON, Canada which has one of the highest rates in all of Canada. I also live where we have a high concentration of iron in our water system, Could someone please direct me in the right direction? I would be eternally grateful and so would my family for my chance to get my life back that I want so very much. Thanks Again. Jenn Diemert

    Comment by Jennifer Diemert | November 27, 2009

  13. My husband would love to be in this study. How do we find out about being in this studay.

    Comment by Eileen Houle | November 28, 2009

  14. After typing in Liberation Treatment, I found this website, and was so happy to see other people’s comments. I have been living with MS for 20 years, and up until 2 years ago, I was doing okay. From the beginning, I dealt with this disease with diet, exercise and unconventional physio/therapy. The MS has been coming at me full-force, and I need to stop it. This Treatment gives me hope. How do I sign up? I need help now. Thank you for your time.

    Comment by Beverly Krezonski | November 30, 2009

  15. I am a 47 year old male diagnosed in 01 with MS. I have been of work since. My difficulty started with vision, now week legs and bad fatigue. I would so love to be a part of your study, my family would bring me as needed. I am a Canadian living just over the bridge, passport in hand and ready on a quick note.

    Thanks Paul

    P.S. I would like to be able to walk my daughter down the Isle some day !

    Comment by Paul Dick | November 30, 2009

  16. I have wittnesed the devastation of MS in the life of a dear friend of mine. He has lost his health and his family.
    The disaster in his life grows at age 35. Life becomes increasingly restricted by growing attacks. Such a wonderful man and like a knife in my side as I cry for
    his misfortune. I pray for a breakthrough. I rejoice at
    any promising assistance. This is the first new hope in
    a long time. We are in Iowa. Please contact me if it is
    possible. Thank you.

    Comment by Bernard Peterson | December 1, 2009

  17. I am tried of this MS (R&R)…ten years. I take no medication because medcation is not a cure. This MS LIBERATION TREATMENT is the cure.
    I am waiting patiently for someone to help me to get tested.
    I have sent e-mails and phone calls to my neurologist with no reply.
    I am Canadian with Italian heritage.
    I will travel to Italy or anywhere to get rid of this so called disease…multiple sclerosis.
    Please help me.

    Comment by Tonie Turner | December 2, 2009

    • Hi Tonie

      I am Canadian with Italian decent and have applied to participate in this study. I’ve emailed my neurologist and received the “party line” response. Basically he’s not going to get involved in this study because it’s too “premature”. Let’s keep putting pressure on our neurologists and the MS Society and hope that the UN of Buffalo contact some of us Canadians to participate.

      Keep the faith !

      Comment by Katherine | December 3, 2009

      • Hi Katherine, how did you apply for the study. I`ve been trying to contact my MS specialist, but have to yet to receive a response. I am so interested in being a part of this study. Let me know if anyone has any tips on how to get through.


        Comment by Donna | January 5, 2010

  18. I am in Atlantic Canada and have been diagnosed MS for 9 years. So far I have had what my neurologist calls “flare-ups” in which I have lost my sight twice and severe mobility problems. I am beyond lucky and have regained those abilities with steriods. I still have trouble with balance and pins & needles sensation and dizziness on a daily basis but it is manageable. I want to stay in this stage or improve. I would LOVE to be in any study or have the Liberation Treatment performed. I am having trouble getting through to my doctors for help on this. Does anyone know of studies going on in Atlantic Canada?

    Comment by Laura in Canada | December 4, 2009

  19. I live in Dallqs Texas. NONE of my doctors have previewed Dr Zamboni’s Liberation Treatment and ask me questions when I arrive at my appointment. They send me for an Ultra sound, compare to to normal and say I’m fine, I then say it requires a doppler ultra sound and they state the hospital does not have that type. The other Dr stated this type of theory has been around for ,amny times over 50 years requires me to tell him the exact anatomicasl loaction to MRI to find the problem and is in total denial never viewing the interview. I have had MS since 1978 and after taking Iron pills for 2 months blood test stated I was low on Iron.(I was in the hospital 10 days/nursing home 3 for a UTI and IV antibioticws) I believe the Iron pills made me much sicker. I thought it was a medtronis pain pump in abdomain I was turning down to take out.
    I called Grapevine TX Baylor Hospital and spoke to Radiology Tech (going to Med school) and she stated they have the needed equipment, We just need the detailed procedure. I just took all the procedures and paperwork I have put together to her Dani Taylor but spoke to who will give my packet to the director as Dani was testing a patient. I explained to the RN me and my partner have a Domain BroadcastsLive.TV and would like to find a few serious doctors who could be compensated $$ by a subscriptions based Monthly fee following the progress we make proving or disproving Dr Zamboni’s theory and follow it though the Asiopang? (spelling?) that opens the viens of issue and allows the heavy metals (plaque) buildup causing the MS damage. I bought a very expensive Sony XP1 HD 1080i camera for Live MMA fights Weddings Birthdays Parties, LA pro Pitching tapes, you think of the application. My body is so stiff, inflammed, numb, pain tightnessw, ect that I really wish NOT to WAKEUP each morning. I will be the first Guinny pig to test everything out on. I will sign papers I would never claim a legal suit, I’d rather die my life is so bad.

    I was aq Senior manager at Nestle Waters, Installed the Digital Flight Control System in the C17 won Lightning Award from letters I had the tenasity to cross goundries and get GE awards for being the first compoant to deliver the field test equipment to the air force after they started development 2yrs later than all other copanies as the contract was taken from Raytheon they were nowhere after to years. Off the subject… But I (WE) no I in TEAM can get Dr Zamboni out here to show us how to perform the complete MS Test/surgery sequence to setup a production line of MS paqtients tired of treating the sysptoms NOT fixing the problem. We have a MLM Multi Level Marketing structureand promotion code entry during purchase to get automated checks written to those that get other to sign up with BroadcastsLive.TV broadcasts. Medical, with all the footage of the Dr could be posted, along with weekly biweekly whatever updates of how the MS patients test results are proceding, procedures and process’s being documented for the next patient and the what issues are causing the blood flow exiting the brain hold Iron and then the final filming of the before and after aniopolasy surgery flushing the Iron will be posted for the WORLD to see. We will continue broadcasts grow the subscriptions and you (whoever help[s) can see so manylives changed, stimolate the economy by a MS repair production line and make your commission from BLive sales under your ID. .20 x 10,000 2000$ month (3M with MS) with other revenue to build A SPECIAL FACILITY JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE.

    BLive is ready to stream video, I am so sick I can not help my partner who is struggling. This is my dream or maybe purpose why God put me hear and gave me this nasty disease aqnd is having me still my guts out to your and everyone else (I will) for helping all MS patients and Doctors/drug copanies wanting to deny this is not for real. WATCH DR ZAMBONI’S VIDEO,he has found the problem. I’m ready to end my life, I caOn not wait 1yr for Buffalo NY to do 500 people. WE CAN DO BETTER AND MAKE MANY PEOPLE HAPPY IN MANY DIFFERRENT WAYS. WILL YOU HELP ME??


    Comment by Tom Koepp | December 5, 2009

  20. I was diagnosed 7 years ago with MS. I live in British Columbia and I too am interested in being part of this study. I suffer from left leg weakness and fatigue.


    Comment by Phil | December 6, 2009

  21. Boy…there is thousands of us out there with MS.

    Has anyone been contact by anybody about being a candidate for the MS LIBERATION TREATMENT?

    Please let me to benefit for all of us!

    Thank you.

    Comment by Tonie Turner | December 7, 2009

  22. I am 29 from detroit michigan 4 children have ms 4 years very terrified to not see my children grow please help!

    Comment by Mary Moore | December 7, 2009

    • Mary….i’m @ a hospital computer and don’t have with me the website I wanted to send to you If this passes through to you…please email me and hopefully I can give you some websites to look at. God Bless…

      Comment by lillianna | January 5, 2010

  23. Hi guys/girls, sounds promising doesnt it, seems to make sense, i am wondering if the veins can be unblocked without surgery, some kind of detox diet, get the blood flowing better, maybe aspirin to thin the blood?, need something to clean the blood, get rid of the excess iron build up? any ideas?, this is for my mum, ive contacted the neurogist, no trials/treatment in the UK. great? not sure of the best way to get this treatment.

    Comment by Zak | December 10, 2009

    • I heard that the veins are drained while you are awake. Sounds pretty harmless, at least there are no drugs and no known side effects, I’m in where do I sign up.


      Comment by Donna | January 5, 2010

  24. I am so excited about the liberation treatment, however my sister, who has suffered with M.S. for nearly 20 yrs, is getting nowhere with her doctor’s as far as getting an MRI, We have even offered to pay for it as a family, but to no avail! She is in a wheelchair and we don’t expect for her to walk, we just want her to feel better and have a chance at perhaps sitting up longer to visit with her children, maybe even feed herself. The medical and M.S. society is putting up road blocks and I’m frustrated we just want her and her family to have some hope!!! If anyone can help me please respond or send me an email at

    Comment by Charlene Michalko | December 10, 2009

  25. I’m 40 years old and I just “celebrated” my 19-year MS diagnosis anniversary in November and NEVER had any sort of hope of getting better. I’m still speechless at the miracle Dr. Zamboni is providing us with and want so desperately to find a way to have this surgery done before it’s too late for me. I’m teetering between relapse-remitting and secondary progressive and want to remember what it’s like to feel normal again! I’m in Illinois, living on social security with Medicare/Medicaid as my insurance providers, yet I think I’d swim all the way to Italy if Dr. Zamboni would see me.

    Comment by Wilma L. Rios | December 16, 2009

  26. I have had MS for 6 years. I am on bi yearly infusions of rituzan each year, I am in pain all the time, and tire easily. I cannot sleep w/o a sleepng pill
    (Ambien CR) every night. Please help, all this makes sense to me. I know I have a circulatory problem, and my dad died at 52 of a sudden heart attack, my brother died at age 47 of heart attack. Several of my dad’s brothers have had heart attacks and by pass surgery. I live in Clarkesville, Georgia. Please HELP ME!!!!

    Comment by Patricia Cocklin | December 17, 2009

  27. I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago, I have been on the Swank diet . 1 episode in the 3 years during a period of high stress. Dr. Swanks research seems to align with Dr. Zambonis findings. I need to find a consultant radiologist that will educate themself on Liberation and test me for CCSVI

    any suggestions on how to achieve this would be appreciated

    Swank in his research states that

    “the random distribution of the symptoms and accompanying neurological signs, and the frequent location of pathological lesions in the brain and spinal cord surrounding small venous channels, suggest that small blood vessels (micocirculation), play a role in the genesis of the disease”

    Comment by Con | December 20, 2009

  28. I was diagnosed with ms in 1994 and I was thrilled when I heard the great news about the LIBERATION TREATMEMT developed by DR.PAOlO ZAMBONI of Italy. I’m ready to go to Italy for this miracle I have been praying for,not only for myself, but for all who suffer with ms. Please add me to the list.

    Comment by ann | December 22, 2009

  29. Thank you Dr Zambonie you have found maybe not a cure but a halt to the progression of ms that we’ve all been waiting for. We need Treatment now not yrs down the road when your research is done only to come up with the same answer. For goodness sake Dr Zambonies wife has not had a relapse since. Maybe nerologists wives need to have this disease as well, then we’ll see how long they’ll have to wait. A Canadian from across Lake Ontario.

    Comment by geraldine Murphy | December 27, 2009

  30. Please reply to my last comment.

    Comment by geraldine Murphy | December 27, 2009

  31. Hello dear MS collegues, Ms toke possesion of me in the early 90’s, I kept on working until I was no more able, that was in 2003.

    Since then, I have an average of 2 flare upper year and my condition is going from bad to worst.
    After learning about Doctor Zamboni discovery, I have tried to get my neurologist to start some testing, but he refuse, this is my life, my wife and children life and I am doing all I can to boost the medical people to start doing something for all of us, lets all hope that they will open their eyes ASAP.

    Ontario, Canada

    Comment by Paul G Leclair | December 31, 2009

  32. I have an appointment booked for the 5th Jan with a sonographer(private clinic), doppler ultra scan to check for strictures in veins. Not sure is there a special technique for identifying CCSVI, but will discuss and if there is try to encourage the sonographer to specialize.

    let you know the result

    Comment by Con | December 31, 2009

    • can you send the info on the clinic.

      Comment by Tony Gonzalez | December 31, 2009

    • I have the procedure call me. 817 5717686

      Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

    • I found an article online on the topic of how to do the doppler ultrasound for CCSVI: “THE MANY SONOGRAPHIC FACES OF THE CHRONIC CEREBROSPINAL
      MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS PATIENT”. Maybe you could print it out when you go. GOOD LUCK. I am praying to find a way for my husband to receive this treatment.

      Comment by Evelyn | January 8, 2010

  33. How many of you think we shouldn’t have to wait for nourologists to get grants 7 mons down the road, treatment should be included in research and research should be fast tracked. we cannot wait, time is running out on us. To reply use my address.

    Comment by geraldine murphy | December 31, 2009

  34. I have had ms 10 years since(2000) I think Longer mabe 20years, so that said, its is exciting if this treatment can help, but don’t get to excited, its sad how many are begging, stop begging, you shouldn’t have to begg, Demand!
    I just heard of this a week ago, as I said in another bolg, what ever it takes,steal,Rob, I will have the test done. no matter what the cost.
    Ps. it should be Free!
    God bless all.

    Comment by Tony Gonzalez | December 31, 2009

    • Tony key in and it will bring up what it is and click on ctevd/ccsvi study and that will give you all the information you need.

      Comment by geraldine murphy | January 1, 2010

  35. I have MS for 32 yrs hospital bloodwork stated iron defficient told me to take iron pills. I was feeling worse thought it was the pain dr turning down pump. Then I saw this about iron in brain vascular issue. I can pay for a treatment though I am so sick now everyday I want to end the distress upon my body. I can’t take it anymore. I can help with. $$ to setup a prodution line all MSers I’m sure want relief… Right. Very very soon the sickest first? My life is over like this

    Comment by Tom koepp | December 31, 2009

  36. This comment is for Con.

    This Jan 5th private clinic appointmet you have attained is it in the USA?
    I am Canadian. Our OHIP covers cost here for Canadians. However, if I can found a private clinic here in Canada you can please advise how to approach a private clinic physician. I need guideness as my family physician is vague on MS itself and he will not approach my neurologist to assist me. Note my neurologist is not keen on me as I do not take any medication except for marajuana from the CALM society (medical marajuana with a doctor’s note for admission) here in Toronto.
    I need to know if I have blocked viens before I place our life savings into a cure.

    Please call me at 905 278 5154.

    Thank you.

    By the way, Happy New Year to you and all the individuals reading this comment.

    Comment by Tonie Turner | December 31, 2009

  37. Happy new year

    the private imaging clinic is in Dublin, Ireland. My GP has little experience of MS and my neurologist has not replied to my query for guidance on liberation, so looks like a solo run (ie no referal) is required.

    Geraldine, ill let you know what happens with the scan.

    Comment by Con | January 1, 2010

    • Could ypo possibly let me know which imaging clinic is this
      in dublin? i have ms and am in dublin! please let me know how it goes or even send me some more info many thanks k

      Comment by kev | January 3, 2010


        this week will be my first visit, so I do not have a view on quality

        Comment by Con | January 4, 2010

      • thanks so much con, i will try to get a scan done also. good luck on wednesday, if you wouldnt mind, could you send me an email with some quick info, im in dublin. would really appreciate it . go n-éirí leat.

        Comment by kev | January 4, 2010

    • Hi, what’s the name of the ‘private imaging clinic’ in Dublin please. Thanks.

      Comment by Kim Morgan Jones | January 4, 2010

  38. Does anybody have a contact name and number for the doctor in California that performed Jeff Beal’s surgery? Many Thanks!

    Comment by George | January 1, 2010

    • Hi George

      Have you managed to get an ultrasound that identified strictures(blockages / twists) in your veins somewhere?

      If so , i would appreciate any details of how these were identified( doppler, MRI etc), was it a specialized procedure, how long did it take, were the images captured .

      sorry for all the questions, but Im heading for an doppler ultrasound on Wed, all this is new to everybody.

      Comment by Con | January 4, 2010

  39. reference

    Dr Zambonis findings are published and are available here

    if you need to have a discussion with a vascular surgeon

    Comment by Con | January 4, 2010

    • Con thank you for the medical diagnostic site you added. This will give you all info you need on the medical or carotid ultasounds that are required of the venous system. I haven’t had any tests done yet but I hope too and this site will give me the length of time required for the test. Thank you for that

      Comment by geraldine murphy | January 4, 2010

  40. No luck with Mayo Clinic today. They thought I was crazy.
    Does anyone know if there R any Dr.s doing this vascular surgery in BC Canada?

    Comment by Athena | January 4, 2010

  41. I could not figure out how u reply to a question from a blog question. I was going to ask
    if you need information to add your email address so others can reply. I went to my general Dr and asked him to write a detailed
    ananical sript to clearly define to Doppler utrasoind and then MRI Cranial b radiologist what it is we expect the results to determine so a vascular brain surgeon can then open the closed pathways or inject die to monitor the flow to determine any restrictions or valves that disrupt flow causing a backwash or lit the jugular flow exiting the brain. I
    called one woman with questiioms and explained a plan for those with MS to take control of treating us with MS frustrated and sick of drs dragging their feet. If you want to hear my plan call me 817 571 7687 cl. 817 829 9079

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

  42. Buffalo is onlly going to check if you have the problm Dr Zboni stated. Then u go home WITHOUT your test results so u can not move forward on your own. They discust me asking for donations. Brit Columbia has injected die to follow flow andbopen or fix malfunctioning valves. I posted what I asked my gem dr. I have a plan for those with MS to take control of their destiny. Can not explain on blog as it was removed 2 times. I think my plan may work they don’t want MSsrs to take control. I need those that can help to take on somebtasks make some calls. Ive had MS 32 yrs and am ready to commit suicide my family helps none and I only feel this is my destiny to impliment thisnproject plan. I’m tired if I don’t get help in the next few months I toss the towel in. Buffalo,Mayo, Baylor, all hospital have never replied to my project plan. I can buy the ultra sound Doppler. MRZi equipment and hire doctors fly them to Zitaly and have them train new graduate students to get a production line going. I need help from those with ZmS not so bad. Contact and I will explain. The one wman who entered her phone and I called thought I am still functioning to implent this plan. I told her I’m to tired I give up. Many r giving me energy to keep moving. Contact me if u want to assist. Tm koepp 50 yrs old Diag at 18. Gods grace will fulfill our needs

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

  43. Where is that Dr located? Tom 817 571 7686.

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

  44. Buffalo is a joke. They will only check for what
    ADR zamboni states and send u hme without your test results so u can’t move forward elsewhre it makese sick they ask for donations. I have a plan for MSsers to control their estiny domain BroadcastWorld.TV will keep all MSers up to cdste on project progress. I need help. Tom 817 571 7686. Tomkoepp if you want to move fastr than the current pace with those all in denial. Drug and ZmS society worried they may loose some$$

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

  45. Where is this other dr. Z located. 3million with. MS we need a production line to treat fast. I’ve had MS 32yrs am really sick. An engineer with a plan to pit a production line in place fast if I can find others to help me. Contact me if you want to hear the plan. One wman thought the idea was so creative. I want to die I feel so bad. Shesaid this is my calling. I need help I have to stop contacting others. My janndsvr so nmh pm iphoneg. Tom 8175717686″.

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

  46. Forget these doctors and
    US big drug and MS society are more worried about $$. I have a plan forSers to take control. I’ve hadS 32yrs diag ibwad 18. I want to die. I told one blogger my plan and she said that is my calling to implent my plan. MSers take control I need those that want to help andvwill make calls xecutevtadks. Call if u lack trust in thefival vouniyy tm 8175717686

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 5, 2010

  47. Let’s face it everyone, there is no treatment being done but lots of studies on CCSVI and make it take two yrs and who knows maybe longer. If we read more about blood hypoperfusion it’s been researched since 1800s and on into 1900s when Dr Schelling published a paper on his findins on venous insufficiency I believe in 1970s but no one acknowleged him until Dr Zambonies findings he attended the conference and was so happy that some one else had done the same. Isn’t this always the way, a game of who gets there first especially in todays society. We are the victims & need help with the research that’s already been.

    Comment by geraldine murphy | January 5, 2010

  48. Liberation Treatment for MS is needed now not 2 yrs from now when the CCSVI research is done. Two years from now is way too late for me and many others. How do we get the word out too our governments to get involved and get it started now.

    Comment by geraldine murphy | January 6, 2010

  49. I was diagnosed with MS in 1971. This news is fantastic. I live in Barbados, West Indies.Who can I get in touch with, or should I say how do I get onto the waiting list?? I am in a wheelchair. Thank God my family is very supportive.


    Comment by Patricia McChlery | January 7, 2010

    • Hi Pat,

      I am wondering if you’ve been treated as of yet. I operate a company that sends patients for treatment and am wondering where people from your part of the world are being treated.

      Your response will help me in my quest to offer options that are closer to home for MS sufferers in West Indies.

      All the best,


      Comment by Lou | October 21, 2010

  50. When you find information paste the link to the document so people can find it easy. All I can think is to google some of the Key words in your finding and hope it pops up as a find with the link to the document. How do u expeects us to print this document u found. Great information but without a link (what on the www address bar) it wii be hard to print. Thanks for info Wll try and find. Tom 817 571 7686 MS since 78

    Comment by Tom koepp | January 8, 2010

  51. I completed a doppler ultrasound scan. The sonographer checked the five variables indicative of CCSVI ( ref Zamboni paper )

    All looked normal, no reflux , stictures etc. There is an understandable caveat that liberation is new to everyone with no formal protocal for testing.

    not sure now, wait for further liberation research/findings, stick to the swank diet, contemplate impermanence

    Comment by Con | January 8, 2010

    • Con, please read my comment below, they didn’t find a blockage in my husband either with doppler. The reason is simple, they were not trained that’s why the surgeon himself suggested the venogram. Don’t wait, convince a surgeon to do the venogram. Good luck.

      Comment by fara | January 9, 2010

    • I think my wife left a responce on your comment about ultrasound, she is right they are not trained on how to do ultrasound, I had a venogram yesterday and they found a blockage on the vein, the 80% blockage was in my left internal jugular vein, the vascular surgeon opened the blockage with a balloon. I don’t feel no difference yet but it’s only been few hours anyway

      Comment by vahid | January 9, 2010

  52. I have MS since 78. I am very sick don’t understand why this is not in US News. LIKE on NightLine ABC. US is behind the world moving as slow as possible bif this was an MS drug it would be on the fast track out to patients $$$. My domain BroadcastWorld.TV subscription base will use revenue to purchase equipment pay doctors/radiologists to grow this Grass Roots with MS suffers. Planning content delivery, project outline and BiWeekly HD newscast of our US MSers Grass Roots start to identify and repair those that join to get a production line moving I’m not waiting. BroadcastWorld.TV needs your support, coming very soon. R u willing to stand against those dragging their feet? Wish they had MS.

    Comment by Tom Koepp | January 9, 2010

  53. My husband had the liberation procedure done yesterday(1/8/10) at lancaster general health PA by Dr. David A Winand. He had an 80% blockage in his left neck vein and Dr Winand opened it with a balloon. I am still in shock and have not digested the whole thing. The procedure took 1hr and 15 mins and painless. We are extatic and want to get the word out. All you need is an enthusiastic vascular surgeon or Interventional radiologist. He also did the doppler but he wasn’t sure about it so he suggested to do the venogram and sure enough found the blockage. Don’t give up and try making appointments with as many doctors as you can until they are willing to look into it, I still cannot believe it!

    Comment by fara | January 9, 2010

    • Fantastic news, there has been a lot more negativity hanging in the air lately, and was worried that his theories were not valid at all…so great to hear a great report like, keep us posted on your husband’s progress . hope he is feeling great!!!
      let’s keep those fingers crossed.

      Comment by kev | January 9, 2010

    • Bless you Dr. Winand, we need more vascular surgeons to take it upon on themselves to give this treatment, may your days be forever blessed. I am Canadian waiting for neurologists to prove Dr Zambonies theory. If a vascular surgeon can do this what are we waiting for, the theory has been proven. What would treatment cost me if I came from Canada, 14 yrs has been enough we shouldn’t wait any longer.

      Comment by geraldine murphy | January 9, 2010

  54. Hi Fara,

    Is venogram a Vien Study requistion from a Family Doctor to a radiologist?

    Comment by Tonie | January 10, 2010

  55. Hi there again Fara…congrats again….By the way, did (note I wrote did) your husband have R&R (Relapsing & Remitted) MS?

    Comment by Tonie | January 10, 2010

  56. Geraoldine…I am from Mississauga…Monday I have an appointment with a raiologist to do a Vien Study…I am hoping this is a venogram. If so I will be able to a least know if I have blocked viens. I have R&R MS. U was diagnosed November 2000. I will be getting my results in a week or so.

    Comment by Tonie | January 10, 2010

  57. Hi folks
    I am totally paralyzed and diagnosed with PPMS.
    I got it after a accident 21.sept 2001 but was not believed by my Dr’s. So it got untreated for 5 years.
    I am trying to introduce Dr. Paolo Zamboni treatment in Iceland but my Dr know better and will not react.
    Erling Smith

    Comment by Erling Smith | January 19, 2010

  58. I had a bad car crash in 78 then diag with MS email me if u can send your phone # and I will ugrade my service to call u and others oversees cheap. Tom. 8175717686

    Comment by Tom Koepp | January 19, 2010

  59. I had the liberation procedure in Dec in NYC w/balloon angioplasty of my right jugular by an interventional radiologist, who is not yet ready to treat 400,000 Americans but will be soon.

    Get to an interventional radiologist if you want to be tested and liberated. It’s what they do.

    Comment by MB | January 21, 2010

    • Hi MB
      well done, have you felt improvement in symptoms


      Comment by Con | January 21, 2010

  60. I had an mri yesterday and am having multiple MS symptoms today could the Gadolinium used in the MRI be adding to the iron build up due to the CCVIS. Any thoughts would be appreciated

    Comment by Puppet | January 21, 2010

  61. I always felt worse after the contrast injection. Call me if you like I have unlimitted LD to Canada us so remind me2 call u back.

    Comment by Tom Koepp | January 22, 2010

  62. Oh yeah phone #. 817 571 7686. Anybody else that wants info on lib treatment I have it all archived. A plan to get a facility setup for only this treatment in production line method.

    Comment by Tom Koepp | January 22, 2010

  63. I have just heard about this operation and I would do any thing to be able to lift my young son up. He always tells me I will when I get better from my M&S. can you make this come trough for me!
    PS. by the way I am from Donegal in Ireland

    Comment by Tommy Halligan | January 31, 2010

  64. I am just getting ready to celebrate my 40 th birthday. I have had MS for about 13 years. If truth be told I would love the liberation treatment just so I could feel normal again. I have been pretty lucky and am not yet suffering from anything that hasn’t been helped by the use of steroids. Can anyone tell me how to get more info on where to go and what to do to get this started. My Doctors sounded excited but then I never heard back. I just want to get up and not need a nap 3 hours later.


    Ps I live in Ontario but am willing to travel

    Comment by janice k | February 16, 2010

  65. I wrote a long reply and lost it. Something or body is stiffelling Dr’S to write orders to patients. We are planning a web domain for MSsers to take control by a subscription based site containing content of the treated I am looking for Drs now. I’m very sick MRI found strictures collapsed jugular veins and Drs sttill say it’s not needed. We have BroadcastWorld.TV to bring the results live to your internet display. I need someone to get me the Nov 24th 2009 Journal of Vascularedicine detailing the Lib angioplsty. Can u get that for content on the web domain??would u subscribe monthly if the site could get u treated and provide infoation valuable about MS and data better than the Buffallo study that only checks for blockage?? Bill is preparing Liberation.COM call him and ask (331) 330-0833 I am his sick MS Partner 817 829 9070. I have a fewSsers in the group working on this Project to get treatment. How do we contact u?? What do u think?? Who else is out there sick needing treatment?? CALL Bill. Let’s take control !!!

    Comment by Tom Koepp | February 17, 2010

  66. My wife was diagnosed with MS about 6 years ago. At present,fatigue and balance are the main worries that we have regarding her health. We live in Scotland and were wondering if anyone knows if this Liberation Treatment is available over here.

    Comment by Brian Maguire | February 22, 2010

  67. please sent me information on ms treatment on jugular vein

    Comment by lubna zaheer | February 26, 2010

  68. please send information on ms treatment on jugular vein

    Comment by lubna zaheer | February 26, 2010

  69. My sister in law has had MS for the last 10 years. Its very disturbing to see a nice happy person like her deteriorate gradually. I would definitely like to know of any breakthrough in this treatment. FINGERS CROSSED……..

    Comment by zeenat | February 27, 2010

  70. Have u had an MRI MRA or MRV the Doppler Altra sound r tricky can get an inconyrezc reeading. MRV cilice CCSVI v=venoius
    blood flood A=angiogram. I
    recieved the most benifigial information from the last doctor. I have both jugulars restrictled more than 50% but your body creates more veins to pry the blood from your head but it is the iron that builds up that cussed all the differenent issues in different people. The nveimd after te get
    brittle and the dr stated he would have a hard time threading the cathiter then blowing it up may cause rupure and dearh on the table. I rather die on the table than continuing this life. Calle 817 571 7687 or email if you would like to talk. Tom

    Comment by Tom Koepp | March 8, 2010

  71. I am a medical facilitator in Denver. Our first patient, a 53 year old Canadian woman has just returned from New Delhi India and a successful Liberation Treatment for less than $10,000 USD. Following the balloon angioplasty of her neck veins she reported immediate improvements and is quite pleased, having first been diagnosed in 1986 in Alberta.
    Please visit our website
    for more information on Medical Travel to a trusted,private hospital for endovascular surgery by an interventional neurologist with over ten years of training in Switzerland, France and Germany. Immediate treatment is possible. This certainly appears to be a signicant new treatment option for MS patients.

    Comment by Tom Hiland | March 13, 2010

  72. That’s great #71. I’m in line for the diagnostic set up @ BNAC in Buffalo, NY. R U happy with the treatment? How did India get trained so quick.

    Comment by Athena | March 28, 2010

    • The patient, Heather is pleased with her treatment and improvements. Athena, you’d be surprised at how advanced our private, state of the art hospitals in New Delhi are.
      India is not constrained by FDA approval processes, 2nd guessing by neurologists who in the US and Canada may be reluctant to advocate Liberation treatment just because they failed to see neck vein blockages before an Italian doctor connected the dots. Some are beholden to the drug industry. It’s still experimental, but our interventional nueroradioligist was trained in Switzerland, France and Germany the past ten years and is definitely on the cutting edge. He’s following the same protocol as Dr. Zamboni has arranged. The procedure is not that complicated, merely an angioplasty of the neck veins rather than angioplasty of arteries which has been done for many years now.

      Comment by Tom Hiland | March 28, 2010

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Has Heather experienced any marked improvements with her walking & balance?
        I’m impressed with the interventional neuroradioligists’ training. I’m open minded to going to India. How would I begin to explore the possibilities?

        Comment by Athena | April 3, 2010

    • Athena…go to and click on a More info tab….submit your information and we shall be in touch with you.

      Comment by Tom Hiland | April 3, 2010

  73. I have been having chiropractic neck alignment adjustments for years and was recently diagnosed with MS.

    Is there any research on a possible link between the adjustments damaging my veins ?

    Comment by Edward Andrews | March 31, 2010

  74. Does anyone know how to get more information on this being done in Washington or in Canada. My cousin has MS and it is progressing quickly. He is very interested in this surgery, any information would be so appreciated! Thanks Clancy

    Comment by Clancy | April 4, 2010

    • This treatment is not available in the US or in Canada.
      The best, quickest treatment is offered in New Delhi India through

      Comment by Tom Hiland | April 5, 2010

  75. My son, Eamon, is almost 30 years old and has m.s. that is rapidly becoming more debilitating.

    Where can he receive the Liberation Treatment?

    Comment by Colleen Hansen | April 9, 2010

  76. In 2002 I became totally paralyzed and was diagnosed with having an MS brain tumor, after months of excruciating testing. Then after being discharged from the hospital my doctor told me I had to go on the MS medication of an injection a day in my stomach for the rest of my life at $30,000.00 a year. After seeing what the medication had done to me for while I was in the hospital and after I came out of the hospital. I decided I am going to try something natural and see where it takes me. The natural alternative, did give me a little better quality of life and strength to handle the symptoms. However in September of 2009 I again started having major problems with my mobility and vision. When I called my neurologist and told him what I was experiencing and asked for him to do an MRI he refused and decided to prescribe medication instead. Suffice it to say by January of 2010 when I was taken to the emergency I had lost my left vision and total mobility. After an MRI the doctors noticed a brain tumor that was larger than the one in 2002. A major biopsy was done to see if there were any cancer cells (none found – Thank you Lord) but at the same time they cleaned the area a bit (what ever that means). It has been 4weeks since I have been out of the hospital and being weaned off the steroids I am currently on. Not fun, it is the worse feeling in the world!!! I am ready for Dr Zamboni’s procedure unfortunately the cost to go to another country and not in my budget, so I am praying that the medical professionals in Canada will come to their senses and start this procedure here. For once in their life I wish they would think of all the people suffering from this illness especially the little children. Please forgive if I made an error my left vision is not there.

    April 27/2010

    Comment by Nasima | April 27, 2010

  77. We at help patients around the world to get Liberation Treatment done in India at an internationally accredited facility and by expert team of doctors in Interventional Neuro-Radiology and Neuromuscular Disorder. These doctors have already started performing Liberation procedure with excellent outcomes as per international standards.

    Doctors at these facilities use latest flat panel Biplane DSA (digital subtraction laboratory) that provides ultrahigh resolution (2048 matrix) of cranial (Brain) and spinal blood vessels. This unit is one of the most advanced units installed in this part of the world. The features this technology include Biplane technology, 3D technology and Advanced DynaCT. The facility has
    State of the art- Neuro Interventional Lab with Bi-plan Facility including 3 D Imaging and DynaCT, which is a latest technology.

    India has got world class internationally accredited hospitals, board certified doctors, latest technology and the English speaking staff provide highest quality of service. For patients who cannot speak English, we arrange translators for their convenience. India has very good flight connectivity from all over the world.

    The best part, the procedure can be done at a much lower cost when compared to USA or European hospitals.

    For more information and help please visit or write to us at

    Comment by safemedtrip | May 11, 2010

  78. Please check out the following link for getting Liberation Treatment in India.

    Comment by Liberation Treatment India | May 13, 2010

  79. Wow! This is exciting yet I am concerned that the research will take such a long time, when it seems like enough evidence has been gathered. There are many of us suffering from this crappy disease that do not have time to wait. Waiting to top the progression before our bodies are completely overtaken by this illness is unacceptable. I am sure there are many of us that are ready and willing to take that chance. Why don’t we have a choice!!! I want to participate in the research, not only for me but for all of the wonderful people that I have met in this journey that have also been diagnosed with M.S. I was diagnosed in 1001, when I was only 26 years young. I have been one of the lucky ones. My progression has been slow, but it is now more noticable. I implore you to assist me in participating in this trial / treatment. Regards

    Comment by ethridgem | May 17, 2010

  80. There is some very interesting information here! My aunt has been suffering from MS for a long time now and it’s very difficult to see her suffer. Liberation Treatment seems like a breakthrough even though it hasn’t been medically accepted yet. Does anyone know where this kind of treatment can be obtained at not very high costs?

    Comment by Suganya | June 21, 2010

  81. Hi there!! My name is Nicky I also suffer from MS. I’m starting a business in which I’d like to donate 2.5% of all my sales to the research and testing of Liberation Treatment in the U.S. Can you please e-mail me the name of the best orginazation to support. My e-mail is

    Comment by Nicky with Gypsy Gemz | July 21, 2010

  82. As a medical travel planner since 2007, we have recently sent several patients for Liberation treatment to New Delhi.
    Out of the first four patients, one experienced improvement, one did not qualify for the treatment per Dr. Zamboni protocol and two women who had blockages removed in two or three of their neck veins have reported no improvement. Everyone needs to remember this is experimental at best and there is a reason North American medical teams are not fully embracing this CCSVI treatment.
    For someone above to claim they have had “excellent outcomes” from safemedtrip fails to provide the full and complete information that an MS patient deserves. The treatment may help some, but it certainly won’t help all and it is not a “miracle cure.”

    Comment by Tom | July 22, 2010

  83. […] An article on this treatment says “Dr. Paolo Zamboni, a former vascular surgeon and professor at the University of Ferrara in northern Italy, began asking questions about the debilitating condition a decade ago, when his wife Elena, now 51, was diagnosed with MS.” […]

    Pingback by Liberation « Self Warranted Faith | July 30, 2010

  84. I was just wondering if someone coult tell me where and how to set up a appoinment to get the Doppler Ultrasond done in the toronto and surounding area

    Comment by jim | September 5, 2010

  85. It is true that CCSVI helped a lot of MS patients feel better. However, the procedure is very controversial, because while in some patients it showed rapid and incredible results, some patients only experienced momentary relief ( a couple of months) before the symptoms came back.

    It’s needless to say, that this is a procedure that has the potential of helping lots of people, and MS sufferers shouldn’t need to pay around $10,000 to get this procedure done in another country ( US and Canada still look into it, and it’s not paid by healthcare insurance).

    Comment by Multiple Sclerosis | September 16, 2010

  86. can you provide me with locations in North America where liberation therapy is conducted.
    Thankyou so much as I am having some trouble locating places on google.
    my e-mail address:

    Comment by Kathleen MacDonald | September 16, 2010

  87. This could be the answer to all our prayers but be causious. I went and had my Juglars scanned and they did not seem narrowed. Now the person doing the scan was not qualified in this area and I may have a blockage else where. I have started a petition to have a trial started in Ireland. Action needs to be taken now because we dont have time to wait.
    Details of my petition can be found on my Facebook page.

    Comment by David O Shea | September 24, 2010

  88. Hi David

    I live in Canada.

    My first doppler was from a radiologist who discredited Dr. Zamboni’s CCVSI. I was negative on his findings. I went to get a secon opinion from a radiologist trained by Dr. Zamboni. At 90 degrees (sitting up) insufficiency was found in my left jagular vien.
    Since July I am waiting from an Americn vascular surgeon to call me.
    My suggestion to you is get a second opinion.

    Comment by Tonie | September 25, 2010

  89. Great article, I have found the best resource on the liberation treatment to be at , I hope this helps you as well.

    Comment by Adam Dicker | February 22, 2011

  90. Hello, I am wondering what results others have had from the doppler scan? If you’ve had the Liberation treatment done, what was your blockage before surgery?

    Comment by Erin Wilson | April 4, 2011

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