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Ukraine: Fears of Mutated Virus as Bad as 1918 Spanish Flu? Lungs Turning Black, Total Destruction!

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Meredith Whitney: ‘I Haven’t Been This Bearish In A Year!’

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ZeroHedge: Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine !

  • I am of the opinion that this deadly flu (if it is indeed flu), is a bio-engineered weapon. I am not alone in this. There are too many questions left unanswered and too many suspicious actions by the PTB. Why did Obama declare a state of emergency in end October when the A/H1N1 swine flu is a very mild flu? The mortality rate is one tenth that of seasonal flu.
  • Why are governments around the world pushing vaccines so aggressively when there is no real threat at all from swine flu. Why did the WHO amend their own guidelines/rules so that they can declare the swine flu as a pandemic? Many doctors are voicing their displeasure at how ridiculous Level 6 pandemic is. It is as good as saying every year is pandemic year! How is it the PTB are so certain that it will mutate in a coming phase 2 to become a deadly virus! How is it the PTB have been planning for this flu pandemic for years. Hard evidence suggests as early as 2001! ZeroHedge opines:
    Deadly flu continues to spread across Ukraine, criminal World Health Organization lies to the public, MSM maintains radio silence.
    There are many aspects to this story. It is impossible to know where to begin — let alone cover all the pertinent facts in just one article. Those who have followed my Zerohedge columns in the past may be aware the subject of pandemic influenza has been a regular feature, precisely because there have been multiple signs indicating a global pandemic would be exploited (and perhaps even initiated) by governments and international banks for political purposes. 
    The signs have been building, including as I previously reported, forced quarantine orders
    inadvertently published by the CDC. What do these people know which the public does not? 
    Over the past two weeks, what appears to be a particularly virulent form of the flu has been spreading in Ukraine and adjacent Eastern European countries. This new flu is, in my opinion, a lethal new strain which has mutated (or was released). I speak with a background in virology. This new mutated flu virus appears to have a remarkable affinity for the lungs and is causing deaths to a much higher extent than the previous swine flu. Something in the virus has changed. I have covered this incredibly important story for two weeks now in my weekly column
    This Week In Mayhem, which is generally published on Monday mornings.
    Regardless, there has been almost zero (NOTHING. NADA. SILENCE.) mention of the Ukraine epidemic in the mainstream media, a fact which I find both astonishing and profoundly disturbing. There is apparently collusion at the highest levels of government and media to suppress this information. There are now 1.3 million infected in Ukraine, and over 75,000 hospitalized — IN FOURTEEN DAYS. This is very serious! Based on previous clinical data we can expect over 8,000 to be dead or soon to be dead. Forward projection of the epidemic is difficult because the clinical attack rate is unknown  — but myself and my associates remain concerned it may be quite high. Deaths globally may be in the millions. Let’s hope this is not the case.
    The new flu strain, which I contend is spreading in Ukraine and Belarus, is characterized by a lightning form of viral pneumonia — very similar to what happened in 1918. The new flu virus appears to have profound tissue affinity for sialic acid receptors deep in the lungs, replicating in the alveoli. To put it mildly, the lungs fill with blood.  Quotes from Ukrainian officials included quotes such as “
    total destruction of the lungs.” Ukrainian Doctor Viktor Bachinsky has stated, “The virus causing the deaths is extremely aggressive — it doesn’t first infect the throat (as is common in flu), but strikes the lungs directly.”   In Ukraine’s western Chernovetsky region, an epicenter of the outbreak, doctors have said lab tests showed at least some of the fatalties appeared to be caused by a flu dissimilar to both common flu and swine flu.  In other words, a mutant flu.  This claim of a ‘mutant flu’ has been echoed by Ukrainian public health officials such as Dr. Vasyl Lazoryshynetz.  Unfortunately, as noted in the above Russia Today video, pharmacies across the country are sold out of antivirals. To the hard of thinking — yes, this is currently happening in Ukraine. 
    I have multiple sources confirming spot outbreaks of viral pneumonia in Eastern Europe, including official and non-official entities.  In terms of the current situation, there appear to be a high number of pneumonia patients in Ukrainian and Belerusian hospitals.  This epidemic has not shut down Ukrainian society yet, but it has caused many people to become concerned, and to buy up essential medicines.  Reports from doctors in Belarus indicate they do not expect this deadly new flu epidemic to peak until Christmas or later.  This is why it is important to analyze the situation and viral genetics now, and if necessary, contain the spread of the virus while it is still possible — something the criminals at WHO do not appear interested in doing. These idiots at WHO have yet to release the viral gene sequences (even though they have had them for two weeks), and are now outright lying in their press releases, which I detail later. In terms of how dangerous this new flu strain could potentially be, I conducted a rough analysis of the Ukrainian government statistics, yielding a projected case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.61% — over six times as lethal as seasonal flu.  
    Lastly, there are signs the virus is
    genetic engineered.


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Ukraine Mystery Flu: ZeroHedge Estimation of the Case Fatality Rate!

  • This is an impressive work by the guys at ZeroHedge. The analysis is pretty long but well worth the read. My own personal opinion is that the deaths have been under reported by an order of magnitude ie it should be in the region of 3000 instead of about 300 reported.
    The Ukrainian government has been releasing daily data updates on the numbers of “acute respiratory infections” , the number of related hospitalizations , and the number of deaths since Oct 28, 2009.  These reported numbers have increased substantially over the past two weeks, from near zero before Halloween to over a million as of today. It is important to remember that these statistics are not laboratory confirmed H1N1 cases (due to the state of the Ukrainian medical system), but we can cautiously assume at this point the vast majority of ARI (acute respiratory infection) in Ukraine with rapid progression to viral pneumonia are caused by influenza A virus. This is because a large subset of these samples are coming up positive of Influenza A, and a smaller subset tested by rt-rtPCR are coming up positive for influenza A/H1N1, or what is more commonly known as ‘swine flu’. This suggests we are dealing with a viral epidemic of influenza.


    This is not ‘swine flu’ as previously known. Statistically, the only way for this to be ‘swine flu’ is if it has mutated (or if the data is wrong). . . We will get to that in a minute.
    As I mentioned , this data comes directly from the
    Ukrainian government. In the past two weeks, ARI have gone from near zero before Halloween to affecting 1.3 million Ukrainians. Over a million people are currently sick with probable H1N1. More importantly, there are over 75,000 total hospitalized at the time of the writing of this article, Monday 11/16. Based on these two figures (75,000 / 1.3 million), approximately 5.6% of those infected with this new ARI end up at the hospital. This is the critical statistic which allows us to estimate how f*cked we actually might be.

    Officially, there are 299 deaths, but a realistic estimate shows this is easily one order of magnitude too low. Realistically deaths are between 2,000 – 8,000 people from this probable new strain of the flu — so far. The number of dead is sure to rise dramatically, as we are only two weeks into this new epidemic. Which brings us to our estimation of the case fatality rate (CFR).   Again, I would love to be wrong about this.  Let’s hope I am.
    The current American strain ‘swine flu’ has a case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.1% or less. Seasonal flu has a CFR of 0.1%. The 1957 pandemic had a case fatality rate of 0.5%. The deadly 1918 pandemic had a CFR of 2 – 5%. Based on the Ukrainian government statistics, the new mutated Ukrainian flu has a CFR of 0.61% or higher — that is, 6.1x as lethal as seasonal flu , perhaps more.  Perhaps less if our assumptions are wrong.
    We arrive at the 0.61% CFR statistic based on the number of hospitalizations in Ukraine vs. the number of infections. This estimate is only as good as the underlying data, but I have confidence it is in the ball-park (order of magnitude). I consider the official reported number of deaths (299) to be unreliable for political reasons. No one wants to be the country with the lethal flu. Doctors, especially those in Belarus (which is a dictatorship) feel strong administrative pressure to label influenza viral pneumonia deaths as something else, for example cardiac failure. Thus , ARI hospitalizations are the more reliable indicator for what is happening on the ground.  Deaths can be implied from hospitalization statistics, assuming we are dealing with a form of H1N1 influenza.
    Last week, the medical journal
    the Lancet published a meta-analysis of the (old) swine flu confirming a JAMA report that approximately 11% of hospitalized patients who had contracted the (old) swine flu died.  We will use this 11% figure as our “middle case”.  The official government reported deaths (299) are considered “best case”. For a “worst case” estimate, we can assume that 25% of hospitalized flu patients will eventually die. We can use these 11% and 25% statistics to estimate the case fatality rate of the Ukrainian flu. The method is as follows:

    To calculate the “middle case” and infer fatalities, we take 0.11 (11%, the figure from the JAMA) and multiply it by the number of Ukrainian hospitalizations on a particular date, to yield the expected number of ultimate fatalities. This method assumes the vast majority of reported ARI are from H1N1 swine flu. Using the November 15th data, this gives us 8345 expected fatalities. We take the number of expected fatalities and divide this into the total number who are estimated to be infected on the same particular data point (Nov 15). So 8345 deaths / 1.36 million infections , which yields the case fatality rate, which in this case is 0.61%. Obviously this is a rough estimate, but it is probably within an order of magnitude of the real CFR.
    Assumptions for this model:
    1) The vast majority of reported Ukrainian ARI are some form of H1N1 flu.
    2) The data from the Ukrainian government for infections and hospitalizations is reliable and is not ‘massaged’ for political purposes.
    Implications of this model:
    1) If A1 and A2 are true, then statistically speaking we must be dealing with mutated H1N1 influenza (mutated ‘swine flu’).
    In any case, this estimated CFR for Ukrainian flu is over six times higher than seasonal flu. Not good.  Let’s hope this is wrong. Our “worst case” 25% estimate gives a CFR of 1.39%, enough to eventually shut down commerce and society across the planet — but fortunately it is likely this “worst case” estimate is far off the mark. For our estimates here, including the CFR estimate of 0.61% using the data from the JAMA — supposing this estimate was purely based on Ukrainian government statistics, we could consider such an arbitrarily high Case Fatality Rate unreliable , and the product of bad data.  However, in the context of multiple reports from individuals as well as state health authorities of MANY cases of viral pneumonia and thousands of patients in intensive care in Belarus and Ukraine, we consider this CFR estimate to make much more sense. That is, it fits the data on the ground of a worsening flu pandemic with a tendency towards viral pneumonia.
    The old swine flu did not cause viral pneumonia, generally speaking. The new apparently mutated swine flu does, to an extent orders of magnitude higher. Thus , there must have been changes to the receptor binding domain , among other genes (perhaps PA, PB2, and NS1).


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Damon Vickers: Monetary Crisis to Lead to New Financial Order?

Part   5   ,   Part   6    

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Zionist Israel Keeps Up Palestinian Evictions !


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Current And Former IMF Heads Call For New Global Currency!

  • This engineered economic collapse is to drive the world towards a new financial order–> a global currency. The western Illuminati cabal is trying pretty hard to foist this on the world. They want to maintain their stranglehold on the banking/financial and fiat currency hegemony. The Illuminati banksters are engaging their endgame plan for world fascist police state —> ‘666’ . They are in for a fight from Russia and its allies, including China. Unfortunately, I see war as inevitable. Whoever controls the money rules the world! Infowars reports:
    The head of the International Monetary Fund has once again called for a new global currency to replace the Dollar, adding that the momentum to instigate such a system is fading. Dominique Strauss-Kahn told a forum on Tuesday that he wishes to see an emboldened IMF pave the way for the emergence of a global currency based on the monetary body’s special drawing right (SDR).
    “That probably has to be a basket,” Strauss-Kahn said of the eventual replacement for the dollar. “In a globalized world there is no domestic solution,” he added. The IMF head said that the world can no longer rely on a currency issued by a single country to ensure global financial stability. Strauss-Kahn also said that China should re-value its currency in order to straighten out global economic distortions and imbalances.
    Strauss-Kahn said that since the G20 summit in March, where agreements were made to reform the global monetary system, political willingness to carry out such an overhaul has waned. Former IMF chief, Michel Camdessus, added that “time is of the essence” for global monetary reform. Camdessus said that he backs a shift of power to big emerging economies to act as a corollary of a strengthened role for the SDR.
    “This favourable window of opportunity is there. It will not stay open forever,” Camdessus told the forum. The IMF first touted the possibility of a new global currency in March. The issue was then debated at the G20 Summit in London just days later. A clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders led to analysts describing the dawn of a “revolution in the global financial order.” “We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity,” The clause stated.
    SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that had lain dormant for half a century. “In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF’s power to create money and begin global ‘quantitative easing’. In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”
    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph wrote at the time. “The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity.” he added.
    The same conclusion was drawn by the Washington Post’s Anthony Faiola, who described how the IMF is on course to be transformed into “a veritable United Nations for the global economy.” The move has also been endorsed separately by the World Bank and the UN.


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Tiny Mauritius Ditches Dollar for Gold, Buys 2 Tonnes From IMF!

  • As mentioned in my earlier posts, more central banks will be buying physical gold. This should be seen as a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in the USD as world reserve currency. China is in deep shit! I wonder how they can ditch their US$2.3T hoard (it is probably much less now), without causing a massive collapse in the USD. They probably have to shoulder quite a bit of the responsibility for the mess they are in. After all, they are the one who kept their CNY (Chinese Yuan) at an artificially low exchange rate against the USD for too long. Their motives are understandable: they need to create and maintain jobs for the hundreds of millions of workers. A worker rebellion will destabilize China and the whole of Asia. 
  • There will come a point when the USD will no longer be accepted. This will result in a world currency crisis. Mauritius has bought the gold at a price of US$1,115/ounce. PrisonPlanet reports:
    The latest development in the gold bubble saga, and one which will likely cause the precious metal’s price to spike even higher, comes from the tiny island of Mauritius which according to Dow Jones has purchased 2 metric tons of Gold from the IMF for $71.7 million. The price works out to approximately $1,115 per ounce. More as we get it. (and yes, this is a picture of Mauritius not some CNBC anchor hangout).
    Some more from Dow Jones:
    The International Monetary Fund announced Monday it has sold two tons of gold to the central bank of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius for nearly $72 million. The sale came as gold prices surged Monday to an all-time high of $1,136.72 per ounce. The sale to Mauritius “was conducted on the basis of market prices prevailing on November 11, 2009 with proceeds equivalent to U.S. 71.7 million dollars,” the IMF said in a statement.
    It was the second such sale by the fund since September, when its executive board authorized the sale of 403.3 tons of gold from its holdings to bolster its finances amid the global economic crisis. On Nov. 2 it sold 200 tons of gold to the central bank of India for $6.7 billion.
    The IMF said it would sell gold directly to central banks and other official holders for an initial period before selling the remaining amount on the open markets “in a phased manner over time.” The Washington-based IMF, which currently holds just over 3,000 tons of gold, is the third-largest official holder of the precious metal after the U.S. and Germany.


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Georgia To Close Borders With Ukraine? Slovakia Finally Closed Its Borders With Ukraine?

  • The western MSM is still pretty quiet on the Ukraine situation. It is good that the press in UK has reported the news over the weekend. The situation is very serious. We can conclude this easily by looking at the actions taken by countries surrounding Ukraine! This is despite the fact that the WHO has been playing it down. I do not trust the WHO! I wonder whether they are working for Big Pharma? These are articles translated by Google Translate, so some of the meaning may be lost. But the gist of it is quite clear.
    Georgia fears that Saakashvili would bring Ukraine out of the flu. They want to impose quarantine.
    On the eve of the visit of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to Ukraine on Tuesday at the plenary session of the parliament deputies from the opposition demanded the imposition of stringent quarantine measures against Georgian citizens returning from that country.
    “We demand the government immediately suspend civil message, or enter a tough quarantine regime with Ukraine, where, as we said British experts,” swine flu “has undergone mutations and become very dangerous form for humans,” – said at a meeting of parliament deputy Dzhondi Bagaturia.
    Representatives of the parliamentary majority considered the initiative of deputies from the opposition “incompetent” and assured that the measures taken by the Ministry of Health of Georgia to prevent the epidemic of influenza are adequate, informs
    As reported
    ForUm, 18-19 November this year will pay a working visit of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to Ukraine. During a visit planned to sign an agreement between governments on air services and cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of both countries.
    During the visit included talks with President Saakashvili, Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine, the participation of Heads of State at the opening ceremony of the new building of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine, as well as the presentation of a free industrial zone of Poti. Recall, as at evening, November 16, the number of victims of influenza and SARS rose in Ukraine up to 315 people. 

    Slovakia finally closed its border with Ukraine
    Slovakia because of the threat of the influenza epidemic broke off regular bus service to Ukraine. “Passenger routes will be resumed when the epidemiological situation in this country will improve,” – said a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport of Slovakia Stanislav Yurikovich. 
    Earlier, Slovakia decided to leave open
    only one border crossing on the border with Ukraine in connection with the danger of the spread of swine flu. At the only open road from Ukraine to Slovakia, Slovak doctors on duty, who were allowed not to allow people across the border, if they find any symptoms of influenza A (H1/N1). As we have previously reported that two of the five border crossings on the Slovak-Ukrainian border closed Slovakia due a flu epidemic in Ukraine.


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Ukraine Dead Increase to 328 – Still No Sequences! Ukraine H1N1 Sequence Changes Raise Concerns!


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