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Dr. Mitchell Retracts H1N1 Vaccine Advice After Reading Insert! We are Being Used As Guinea Pigs!


November 16, 2009 - Posted by | Medicine & Health | ,

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  1. […] Vaccines are dangerous. The science behind it are iffy at best. Of course, this is not what Big Pharma want you to believe. Their propaganda say: you must always vaccinate your children and yourself against seasonal flu. Many vaccines have been found contaminated with cancer causing substance, the SV40 virus for example. Big Pharma and their bought out regulating agencies say thimerosal (49.6% mercury) is safe when injected into a human body. This is nonsense. Mercury is never safe and there are laws against mercury in food. If it is not safe to consume, is it safe to be injected into the blood stream?    Flu shot fatality – toddler dies 12 hours after having vaccination A FAMILY is in mourning after their toddler unexpectedly died less than 12 hours after receiving a seasonal flu vaccination. Two-year-old twin Ashley Jade Epapara had been “perfectly fine” before dying at her Upper Mt Gravatt home, on Brisbane’s southside, on April 9. Parents David and Nicole are shattered by the mysterious death of their baby girl. “It’s dreadful, it’s a very hard time,” Mr Epapara said yesterday.   National health authorities have ordered doctors to stop giving seasonal influenza vaccinations to children under five after dozens of serious reactions, including convulsions. Ashley’s death is being investigated by police and the office of the coroner. A spokesman for Brisbane coroner John Lock confirmed yesterday that a report was being prepared.   Halt Flu Vaccines to Children AUSTRALIA’S chief medical officer has told doctors to stop giving the seasonal flu vaccine to children. The advice follows concerns the vaccine is adversely affecting children’s health.   “We suggest doctors and health professionals vaccinating children don’t use the seasonal flu vaccine for the moment, until we can get the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to investigate this in more detail,” Professor Jim Bishop told ABC TV. He said the concerns stemmed from a significant rise in the number of children developing a fever after receiving the vaccine.   Western Australian Health Minister Kim Hames yesterday suspended the state’s free flu vaccination program for children under five, after some recipients went into a febrile convulsion – a fit caused by a high temperature. […]

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