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Ukraine Exploiting H1N1 For Political Aims?

November 11, 2009 - Posted by | Medicine & Health | ,


  1. According to, Obama bought shares in Baxter in 2005. He has declared a ‘national emergency’ in the US to boost vaccinations, and other politicians are obviously using the same ploy.

    How many leading politicians and associates have invested in Baxter and other pharmaceutical companies that provide drugs and vaccines for pandemic diseases?

    A search should be done of the world’s stock exchanges and those guilty politicians should be imprisoned for insider trading! That’s the LEAST that should be done to them.

    Comment by curiouskath | November 11, 2009

  2. Obama has also passed a law to give Baxter legal indemnity to prevent anybody suing them as the result of death or illness from a vaccine.

    That is an illegal activity and also a form of insider trading – using status to protect investments, especially a politician. He should be locked up – permanently!

    Comment by curiouskath | November 11, 2009

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