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Ukraine Flu Death Toll Rises to 81! Over 478,000 Infected and About 18,000 Will Need Intensive Care!

  • The manifestation of this disease is clearly different from the A/H1N1 swine flu. We should be getting the DNA signatures from the WHO soon. It will be interesting to compare the differences between the 2 viral strains. RIA Novosti reports :
    KIEV, November 4 (RIA Novosti) – A total of 81 people have died of influenza-like diseases in Ukraine, the country’s chief sanitary doctor Oleksandr Bilovol said on Wednesday. Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said on Tuesday 71 people have died of acute respiratory illness in the country. The health ministry said on Monday 255,000 flu cases had been reported in the country, with 15,000 receiving treatment in hospital.
    “Over 478,000 people have fallen ill, 81 died,” Bilovol said. He said 14 confirmed swine flu cases have been registered in the country and three of them have been fatal. About 12 million people, or a quarter of Ukraine’s population, are expected to contract influenza-like diseases during the current outbreak.
    “Up to 1% of them will be hospitalized, about 18,000 will be taken to intensive care,” he said, without providing any forecast of fatalities. President Viktor Yuschenko has requested help from other countries over the outbreak. The government has imposed quarantines in nine western provinces to curb the spread of swine flu, which originated in the Tirnopol Region.
    All education establishments in the capital, Kiev, were closed on Monday until further notice due to the flu pandemic. Wearing medical masks has been a must in all catering places, shops and social services facilities across Ukraine since Friday.


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Ukraine Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Deaths! Belarus H1N1 Deaths Raise Concerns!

  • It looks like hemorrhagic pneumonia plague is the correct description of this disease spreading in Ukraine. It sounds like the 1918 Spanish flu, well, at least the symptoms are the same! Henry L Niman reports:
    Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 
    All the six dead young people had symptoms of severe hemorrhagic pneumonia. The disease starts slowly, with temperature rising to 37.2 – 37.3 degrees, slight cough and pain in joints. Nasal catarrh developed at the end of the second or third day. Autopsy revealed that the lungs were soaked with blood, the oblast chief specialist said. 
    The above comments are from an early story describing cases in Ukraine. The clustering of hemorrhagic cases raised concerns. The concern was increased by anecdotal reports citing a high frequency of such cases in Lviv. The recent WHO announcement that they were initially focusing of severe acute respiratory illness in Lviv also increased concerns. 
    Hemorrhagic pneumonia was also observed in the 1918 pandemic and was thought to be linked to cytokine storm. Consequently, those with robust immune systems (previously health young adults) disproportionately died, which has also been seen in the current outbreak. However, the cases in Ukraine appear to be clustered, raising concerns that the virus has changed. 
    However, the change may be minor, since the current H1N1 has produced the above symptoms in current cases. More severe cases may be linked to a higher viral load, which could be linked to minor genetic changes, or simply due to concentration of virus in schools. In the US the spread of the virus has been linked to school openings, which lead to an explosion of cases and subsequent student deaths. However, now there are increases in fatalities in teachers and administrators, increasing concerns worldwide. 
    In Ukraine, weather changes and heating issues may have led to a surge in cases, and increased concentrations of virus could have produced conditions favoring high viral loads and increased cytokine storms. Samples have been sent to Mill Hill, and sequence data should be released shortly. Similarly, investigations on hemorrhagic pneumonia in lviv should help resolve the mechanism for the high concentration of such cases in western Ukraine. 
    However, H1N1 spread in Kiev has been noted, and other countries such as Belarus have announced additional H1N1 suspect or confirmed fatalities. Sequence analysis of these cases and an update on the frequency of hemorrhagic pneumonia in Ukraine and worldwide would be useful.
    Belarus H1N1 Deaths Raise Concerns
    Recombinomics Commentary 16:43
    November 3, 2009
    The first Belarusian death from swine flu was registered by health officials on Tuesday. The victim, a 37-year-old female resident of the town of Drogichin, died on Friday, but results of blood tests confirming the presence of the H1N1 virus only became available Tuesday, said Oleg Arnautov, chief doctor of the western Brest province.
    The woman reportedly had visited Ukraine’s western Kovel region, currently near the centre of Ukraine’s flu outbreak, in early October.
    In recent weeks, the Belarusian capital Minsk has seen an estimated 10 deaths of persons suffering from pneumonia preceded by flu-like symptoms. Public health workers were working to identify the virus causing the illnesses.
    The above translation describes the first confirmed H1N1 fatality in Belarus, as well as ten more likely swine flu deaths in Minsk.  These deaths are not surprising. Although Belarus has acknowledged 59 confirmed pandemic H1N1 cases, the flu activity is characterized as widespread, and over 99% of influenza A in Europe is swine flu.
    The outbreak in western Ukraine (see
    map) has raised concerns that transmission and virulence has increased.  The number of cases may be related to seasonal weather changes.  Flu Trends shows that the Ukraine has historically had a jump in cases at this time of year, presumably linked to colder weather and availability or lack thereof of heat for homes.  Since virtually all flu in Europe at this time is swine flu, this jump in flu cases would create a jump in swine flu cases.  Moreover, the spike this year is markedly higher than prior years, which could explain the increases in hospitalizations and deaths. 
    However, the hospitalization of
    more than 15,000 raises concerns that the death toll could increase dramatically.  Today’s government update has been delayed, but a local media report on Lviv described a sharp increase in cases to 104,019 and an increase in fatalities from 30 to 37.
    The above reports of fatalities in neighboring Belarus raises concerns that there are also significant numbers of hospitalized and fatal cases there.  There have been some efforts of limiting border crossings out of Ukraine, but it seems likely that the H1N1 associated with these fatal cases has already spread throughout the region.
    Sequence data on isolates from fatal cases in the Ukraine and Belarus would be useful. 


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Minister Says Ukraine Flu Epidemic To Create Emergency in Hungary!

  • Countries surrounding Ukraine are on alert. They have no doubt of its seriousness. The Hungarian Portal reports:
    There is no flu epidemic in Hungary but the epidemic in Ukraine may create an emergency situation, the health minister said on public television late on Sunday. “There is a very rapid and virulent virus in Ukraine; the number of patients multiplies overnight and this creates an emergency situation in Hungary because the virus will not stop at the border,” Tamas Szekely said.
    Previously, the virus was expected to arrive in Hungary from the west and south, the minister said. Currently there is no epidemic in Hungary, he added. Last week, around 14,600 people reported to suffer from flu-like symptoms, less than the week before. An epidemic is declared when the number of new cases reaches 20,000 a week.
    Chief medical officer Ferenc Falus said that so far the demand for new flu vaccination had been low. At the same time, there is a vaccine and medicine shortage in Ukraine and Hungary is ready to help, he added.
    Hungary has already offered to take care of the vaccination of Ukrainian border guards and customs officers working at the border with Hungary, Falus said. The Hungarian Red Cross has also offered to help, supplying masks and medicine to eastern Ukraine, home to an ethnic Hungarian community.
    A Szonda Ipsos survey released on Sunday shows that 73 percent of Hungarians do not wish to get vaccinated against the new flu. The 18 to 39 age group is most averse to vaccination, with 86 percent of people rejecting it.
    According to the survey carried out by phoning 500 people on October 30, some 27 percent of those who reject vaccination said they feared its side effects more than the flu itself. Some 23 percent said they were generally against vaccinations and 21 percent said they would not be infected anyway.
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2nd Generation Killer-Flu Tested in the Ukraine ?

Part   5   ,   Part   6  

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Doctors Warn About Dangers of Swine Flu A/H1N1 Vaccine!

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IMF Gold Sale Sent Shock Waves Through The Gold Bear Camp!

  • Central banks are no longer bearish and negative on gold. Only the Anglo-American Illuminati cabal still wants to depress the price of gold. This is because their control of the fiat currency USD financial system will collapse, should everyone decide to dump their USD holdings in exchange for gold! Many coffins are being prepared for all the bullion banksters/manipulators of gold price. Hear the death knell, gold shorts? The chimes are getting louder! If you are not paranoid, you obviously have not been listening! Trader Dan explains what happened yesterday:
    News overnight that India was going to stand for half of the proposed IMF gold sale sent shock waves through the gold bear camp resulting in a near panic among trapped shorts. Their buying sent prices ripping through overhead resistance just above the $1,070 level setting off a cascade of pre-placed buy stops that propelled gold above $1,080, a mere $20 from psychologically significant $1,100.
    By the way, let me take a minute here to give a Hat Tip to Jim who has been saying for YEARS (and received a fair amount of trash talk for so doing), that any gold sold under an IMF arrangement would never see the light of day as Central Banks would gobble it all up. That is precisely what India did and I am convinced that China is also looking to do. As a matter of fact, India probably got the jump on China because they knew that they were lurking in the background looking to buy.
    How many times over the last few years did we hear talk about IMF gold sales just about the time gold was threatening to put in a technical break out on the price charts. The news would cause a near panic among ignorant analysts and talking heads who would promptly advise their clients to dump their long positions playing right into the hands of those who originally trotted out the story. Let’s hope that after today, gold longs are no longer the least bit troubled by any further chatter concerning IMF gold sales. Do not forget, that the Central Banks of the rising powerhouse economies of the East are looking to diversify their foreign reserves and need large block sales of gold at a preset price in order to facilitate an order of the magnitude that they are placing. Try obtaining 200 tons of gold on the open market! That is why they welcome such large sized gold sales.
    What makes the surge higher in gold even more impressive is that it came in the face of a weaker Euro, a stronger Dollar, and most particularly, a dropping equity market. The net result of such occurrences is that gold moves higher in terms of nearly all of the major foreign currencies. Gold priced in terms of Euros is at its best level since March of this year with British Pound priced gold back near the 650 level.
    Based on today’s price action, one would have to say that the price of gold has consolidated long enough above $1,000 that the market has now come to terms with a permanently higher gold price of 4 figures. Without wanting to be premature, gold under $1,000 would undoubtedly be viewed now as a bargain. That is why markets that move higher, consolidate, move higher, consolidate, etc, are sustainable bull runs. The run and pause effect gives the industry TIME to become acclimated to the new, higher price level whereas markets that launch into parabolic type blow offs, while spectacular, are generally unsustainable and short lived in the broader scheme of things. They come crashing back to earth as quickly, if not faster, than they went up.
    The Dow Jones/Gold ratio is currently trading exactly at “9” as I write this. You might recall that chart I put up not all that long ago where I noted that the ratio near “9” has been a floor of support. If this level gives way, it will indicate that savvy investors who can read the tea leaves of the US economy have seen the handwriting on the wall and understand that the lake of inflation is relentlessly rising behind the dam of illusionary wealth soon to break forth with a fury. As said so many times on this site by Jim, Monty and myself, you cannot print your way to prosperity. If that were the case, it would have been successfully attempted long, long ago by nations throughout the course of history. Sadly, our current monetary officials and political leaders are oblivious to this truth and refuse to back away from their reckless policies and short-sighted courses of action. The Dollar, while moving higher today, is a catastrophe waiting to occur. The collapsing Dow/Gold ratio says it all.
    Bonds are moving lower in tandem with stocks today which is unusual. I have not been able to clearly read the bond market ( then again I know of no one else who can for that matter these days) but perhaps the surge in the gold price caught bond traders’ attention and they are a bit more worried about inflation than they are the lower equities. Bonds are probably going to have to get below the 117 level and stay there to flip the inflation/deflation battle over to the inflationist camp. All I can say is that you could not pay me to hold a US debt obligation. They are nothing but confetti paper in my opinion as the world is literally awash in them.
    Back to gold for a brief moment – volume in the gold pit is very strong today and most impressive. This move is coming with a lot of emotion particularly fear among the gold shorts. The weaker ones were blown out – the only selling left is the bullion banks but it should be noted that they have not been able to cap the price below the early morning price peak. Buying is quite persistent and is eating through the overhead selling allowing the market to move higher and put in a new peak as it moves further into the session. That is not the norm that we have grown accustomed to seeing in this market.

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India Buys Gold – UK Buys Banks!

  • The price of gold rocketed to an all time high yesterday despite the sale of 200 tons of gold to India. IMO, no amount of gold sale by the IMF will cause the price of gold to drop below US$1000/ounce. China is waiting impatiently to get their hands on any large quantity of gold. The world is slowly but surely coming around to gold/silver as money again. When the sheeple awakes, there will be a stampede into gold/silver. Have you bought your physical gold/silver yet? Don’t wait till the herd moves. It will be too late! Matterhorn Asset Management advises:
    India, like China, understands the virtues of gold. This is why they have snapped up 200 tons of gold from the IMF at around $1,045 per ounce or $6.7 billion. The UK does not understand gold, that is why Gordon Brown sold  most of the nation’s gold in 1999 at virtually the low of $250.
    Instead the UK has today spent $51 billion on propping up bankrupt banks. Royal Bank of Scotland received another $41 billion today making it the costliest bailout worldwide with a total of $75 billion. Lloyds Bank received another $10 billion. The US is of course also spending printed money on rescuing bank creditors with 115 bank failures so far in 2009.
    So who is likely to make the best return on their investment, India with their gold or the UK or US with their bankrupt banks. We certainly know who we will put our money on.
    On 22 October we forecast in our report
    “Final Warning” that starting in November we are likely to see major changes in markets and in the economy. We have barely entered November and gold is already making a new all time high at $1,081. It is interesting that it is happening right after IMF has disposed of  half of the planned gold sales. The same event in the 1970’s was the catalyst for the acceleration of the gold price.
    But this is just the beginning as we have been discussing in our reports. We would suggest that investors don’t follow the example of the UK and US and throw good money after bad but instead do like India and protect themselves by buying gold.

Disclaimer – I am not a financial advisor. This is not an advice to buy, sell or hold any stocks or bonds or any precious metals. I am long gold and silver.


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Daniel Estulin: G-20 Meeting in Scotland this Week about Dumping U.S. Dollar !


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WHO Targets Hemorrhagic H1N1 Cases in Lviv Ukraine! Has it Spread to Belarus?

  • The seriousness of this outbreak is no longer in doubt. Will this become a full-blown pandemic like the 1918 Spanish Flu with high mortality rate? It remains to be seen. If it is the H1N1, then it clearly has mutated to a more deadly form. Virus mutates into less and less harmful strain in general. They do not in normal circumstances mutate into a more and more deadly strain. Otherwise, they will kill their host quickly and they will not be able to infect and spread to survive.
  • This outbreak in Ukraine is looking more and more like the 1918 Spanish flu. This has all the markings of an engineered virus, a biological weapon. Cui Bono? Big Pharma! Recombinomics reports:
    Recombinomics Commentary 19:54
    November 3, 2009
    Work will initially begin in Lviv region, where reported numbers of cases showing severe manifestations of acute respiratory illness have been especially high. Two virologists on the team have started working at the National Influenza Centre and the laboratories of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Kyiv to provide diagnostic support.
    The above comments from the WHO update on Ukraine strike a more serious tone than yesterday’s quotes from WHO spokespersons playing down the alarming number of hospitalized and fatal cases, as well as media reports spinning political considerations, or politicians claiming only 15 confirmed H1N1 cases.  As the WHO update clearly states, the dominant influenza circulating worldwide is swine H1N1 and it is assumed that most cases in the Ukraine (see map) are swine H1N1.  Since the official government website lists 19,189 influenza cases (in addition to more than 235,000 ARI cases), the willingness of politicians to cite 15 confirmed cases, as well as media support in the distribution of the propaganda, is unfortunate.
    The more severe manifestation of ARI cases are clearly hemorrhagic disease that fills lungs with blood and produces bleeding at all orifices, which are stark reminders of 1918 pandemic cases which were also linked to a swine H1N1.Samples have arrived at Mill Hill in London, and sequence data should be available shortly.  Since current swine H1N1 produced lethal infections in previously healthy young adults, and produced hemorrhagic disease, changes in the viral genome may be absent or minor.  Therefore, release of the sequences to the entire scientific community would be useful.
    Similarly, an update on the number of hemorrhagic cases would be useful.  Rumors have suggested that such the number of such cases is significantly higher than the six described in media reports.
  • Has this spread to other countries? There are unconfirmed reports of its spread to Belarus! Note: this is not confirmed so be critical! The cause: A/H1N1 or some mutant strain needs confirmation! There are confirmed 2 deaths of pneumonic plague in north west China and a locked down of a city of more than 10,000 people. See earlier post: Ukraine: What Deadly Virus is Gripping the Nation? Pneumonic Plague? Typhus ? Ebola?
    Belarus registers first swine flu death
    The first Belarusian death from swine flu was registered by health officials on Tuesday. The victim, a 37-year-old female resident of the town of Drogichin, died on Friday, but results of blood tests confirming the presence of the H1N1 virus only became available Tuesday, said Oleg Arnautov, chief doctor of the western Brest province. The Agency, citing the National Center for Influenza, announced that Belarus also recorded 38 cases of a new influenza A/H1N1, 35 people in this group is already healthy. First Deputy Minister of Health Robert Czasnojt assured that hospitals are prepared to accept the increased number of patients, and pharmacies are required adequate supply of medicines.
    BiełaPAN announced the metropolitan sanitary-epidemiological services, to extend to November 6, autumn holiday for students Schools in Minsk. The reason is the increase in the incidence of acute respiratory infections, recorded from 20 October in this city.
    People dying from swine flu in Minsk?
    Information about death of sme people in hospital #5 has appeared on the Internet, but the Health Committee is unsure whether it was the swine flu. On October 28, Minsk blogger sammy_belarus wrote all doctors and nurses in the fifth clinical hospital wear face masks. “We have just been informed that two persons, 30 and 37 years old, died from the H1N1 influenza in the intensive care unit. Two persons are fighting for a chance to live. Symptoms are fever and fluid lungs…” the girl wrote in her blog.
    The website phoned hospital #5 of Minsk, but the personnel refused to give any information and just advised to refer other persons. Finally, the deputy chief doctor of medical unit said she couldn’t discuss the theme and told we could get any information from the Health Committee of the Minsk city executive committee.
    Asked to comment on the situation about the death in hospital #5, Alena Rudkova, the head of the specialized medical aid of the Health Committee, shouted: “You are the tenth to call us! Do not spread panic! We don’t know if it was the swine flu virus!” To a question what caused the death, the doctor said: “They died from pneumonia” and hang up. We remind that death from the swine flu have not been recorded in Belarus officially so far. The authorities denied such information every time it appeared.
    Belarusians die from pneumonia complicated by swine flu
    Medical workers report to the Health Care Ministry that, about 10 people have died in Minsk from pneumonia, a A(H1N1) flu complication. Journalists managed to get a medical report saying the cause of death of two persons of 27 and 36 years old (they died on the same day) was pneumonia. RNA of A(H1N1) flu were detected in their tissue samples.
    The woman reportedly had visited Ukraine’s western Kovel region, currently near the centre of Ukraine’s flu outbreak, in early October. 
    She became ill in the latter half of October and experienced severe flu symptoms for four days before consulting doctors, Arnautov said. The victim had been suffering from other illnesses before having been infected by the flu, which may have contributed to the respiratory problems causing her death, he said. In recent weeks, the Belarusian capital Minsk has seen an estimated 10 deaths of persons suffering from pneumonia preceded by flu-like symptoms. Public health workers were working to identify the virus causing the illnesses. 
    Belarus Acute Respiratory Infections
    In Belarus there has been increase in the incidence of acute respiratory infections and flu. In the past two weeks, fell ill more than 65 thousand people – 20 percent more than in the corresponding period last year – announced in Belarusian BiełaPAN agency.
    60 percent All cases are Belarusians aged under 18 years of age. In the last week of 19 percent increased the number of people hospitalized due to acute respiratory infections. As of Friday, due to influenza infection, and staying in hospitals 958 people – reported BiełaPAN.
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Panic in Ukraine Over Mystery Flu!


  • The propaganda to sell the swine flu vaccine is being magnify in this Ukraine mystery flu. It coincides beautifully with the public availability of this swine flu vaccine. We know that the majority of the people are openly rejecting the swine flu vaccine. Even health workers are openly protesting mandatory vaccination and winning.
  • Governments use false flag operations to distract the sheeple from economic collapse and suffering. This is so that the sheeple will not rise up and cause a revolution ala French Revolution, when the ruling class was guillotined! Of course, if you can spread a real disease even better. Nobody will form gatherings and there will not be public uprising.
  • Having said this, the Ukraine situation does look serious. This is likely to be the real killer virus pandemic the Satanic cabal has been planning for years. I have my doubts that this is the swine flu H1N1 virus. More people are saying it is pneumonic plague. BBC reports:
    Officials in Ukraine have closed schools for three weeks, imposed travel restrictions and are limiting public events as the country battles to stop the spread of swine flu.
    More than 60 people are believed to have died of respiratory problems in the past week, and the measures are among the toughest to be implemented in Europe to tackle the virus. It’s still not clear whether all the deaths were caused by swine flu, but the news has sparked panic, and people have started wearing masks across the country.
    Appeal for calm
    The Ukrainian health minister Vasyl Knyazevych has asked the media only to report the comments of medical experts following a series of misleading reports which fuelled public anxiety. On national television, he said Ukraine had the same problems as the rest of the world. He also called on fellow politicians to give people ‘a week of silence,’ and said there was no need for panic. However, his calls may already be too late.
    255,000 cases of flu and acute respiratory problems have been registered among the 46m population. 15,000 have been hospitalised. The World Health Organisation says there is no evidence to suggest that Ukraine had a bad outbreak of swine flu, but it has agreed to send a team there to help the country cope. President Viktor Yushchenko has also appealed for international help.
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Bill Sardi: What is in Your Vaccine?

Part   5    Part   6  


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