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Ukraine Mystery Flu OutBreak!

  • Here is another report on this mystery flu. Keep a critical but open mind though. When things move so fast, it is hard to verify the accuracy of such reports. Also, people tend to over react in such situation and rumours abound. I am not saying that they may not be correct, it is just that we need time to confirm and reconfirm what is happening on the ground.
    Yushchenko called on to help Ukraine: Unknown virus is killing people (1 Nov)
    In last 24 hours, an unknown virus (presumed pneumonic plague) infected another 37 thousand and killed 12 more people. The authorities deny that this is pneumonic plague, and insist that people die from influenza, pneumonia and ARI. Meanwhile, an emergency message from the President of Ukraine to the international community to immediately help in the fight against the virus, only reinforces the suspicion that pneumonia and influenza is not the cause.
    “The current threat to national security of Ukraine, which we can not offset on our own, requires me to turn to our closest friends and strategic partners for emergency aid”, – Yushchenko said in an appeal to the leaders of Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia Slovakia, USA, and EU Commission President and Secretary General of NATO.
    According to the operative data of the Ministry of Health on 1 November, recorded through out the country more than 191 thousand patients with unknown disease of lungs. Of these, 83 thousand are children. Total number deaths recorded – 60, 123 people are dying.
    Day before, on October 31, according to Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, 154 200 people fell ill, according to official data, 48 patients died, including two children. Authorities officially called the disease “swine flu”, “California flu”, “SARS”,”pneumonia”, but doctors say on the basis of clinical data and the rapidity of the epidemic, that it is pneumonic plague.
    Many Ukrainians believe that Ukraine has been infected with pneumonic plague by Russian terrorist organization, the FSB of Russia, using bacteriological weapons to destabilize the situation necessary for the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine.
    According to unofficial information, the death rate in Ukraine from the alleged pneumonic plague is higher than officially announced. According to unofficial data, “in Ukraine over the past week about 1500 people have already died. As noted by some doctors, the reason – pneumonic plague. High temperatures from the first day, a burning sensation in the chest, the desire to drink cold and nausea – all of these symptoms are frightening. People die within few days.
    On the other hand, Ukrainian media reported that the virus is rapidly spreading in Ukraine and has already reached Odessa:
    “1 woman died in the area of Odessa. Swine influenza has not been confirmed, most likely pneumonic plague was the cause.
    Odessa and the region is already infected, most likely, is mutated pneumonic plague “, – said one of the doctors of private clinics in Odessa.
    “The panic that spreads through the city, is so great that people are willing to sit at home even on just bread and water. Lack of gauze dressings in the city and surrounding areas – is just the beginning, and there is no elementary necessary ascorbic acid and inhalers. Meanwhile, the first officially recorded death is because of pneumonic plague, and believe me in reality the are much more, “- says the Odessa physician. All the doctors throughout Ukraine say that this is pneumonic plague.
    “I have met with friends from the western Ukraine, the doctors say that the lungs of the dead were black. And that, perhaps this is not influenza but pneumonic plague. Well, if this is indeed a plague, then the news won’t mention it for now, and certainly – it’s 100% death (according to the U.S. for 1950-1994 – 41%, but the American health care, of course, not Ukrainian, and American doctors knew that they are dealing with a plague – KC).
    With each passing day the picture becomes more and more dire, bloggers wrote and continued:
    “The number of deaths is understated. The practice of health care service – to respond to anything after a really big problem. And “big” – far not 60 – as reported to the authorities at the moment.
    All the actions talk about a really serious problem that the government is facing. The atmosphere in general – I recalled the early days of the Chernobyl accident – were the same “movement”, and secrecy on the part of officials.
    The regional center: converted the place to fit 200 beds, tripled the personnel of Precinct Therapeutic Services for special situation of contagious diseases (on materials of live broadcast ‘Medchinovnika’). By nosocomial information – all the staff of one of the agencies was transferred to the barracks, in which there was a fatal outcome. (No one was allowed to go home at the end of the working day on Friday). Establishment is located not far away from the major microdistricts.
    Traffic police from the western regions does not let transport to go to the east. People are running, it’s terrible. Official comments: “information about checkpoints we do not confirm, but do not rule out such a course of action.” One of my friends in these minutes is going to Kiev by train. In our area – quarantine, in Kiev – not yet. The stewards not only wear masks but also disposable gloves – at all times. The clinical picture of what the virus is called Ukraine A H1N1 is same as the picture of pneumonic plague – the speed of hemorrhagic damage of lung tissue, on the absence of prodromal period, on hectic – up to 39-40 degrees – temperature.
    – Information from Kiev says that it is not an epidemic of swine flu, but a previously unknown form of pneumonic plague. Doctors have been given the orders not to disclose this information. The figures are understated by tens of times, citizens inform.
    Note that this summer in one of Chinese cities pneumonic plague was officially declared, and only 3 deaths reported. The city was quarantined. No further deaths were reported.
    – All this is not known not only for the reason that the government forces not to disclose the information, carefully concealing the real situation and closes the zone where the epidemic erupted. The exact number of victims is much higher than shown by the statistics – everyone understands it. How many really died? If you take 152 thousand registered patients and only 52 deaths, even from ordinary flu more than 450 people would have died, according to the annual mortality statistics.
    At the moment, in the disaster zone (Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Lutsk) receipts are taken of non-disclosure, doctors are not allowed to record the death with symptoms of pneumonic plague. Deaths are recorded as a result of heart attacks and other things.
    The zones of “reanimation” increase. Departure from cordon is blocked. Photo, video filming the scene, contacts with the press – are not permitted under any pretext. Facts are checked, according to ordinary Ukrainians. From Ternopil message: I am afraid – neighbor from above the floor died. I called my classmate – a doctor – she does not want to speak on this thing, but said that she was also scared. Perhaps we have some sort of mutated virus.
    – I’m flying to Odessa this night. In Ukraine there is swine flu or pneumonic plague. They say that already died whether a thousand, or 1500 people, writes Corneliy Glas from Yerevan.
    – A call on to mobile. On army channels – “Pneumonic plague. Ternopil region – 26 dead. Barracks rearranged into hospitals”, said Eustas a resident of Ukraine.
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IMF Sells Gold to India, First Sale in Nine Years! Central Banks Will Become Net Buyers of Gold, WGC CEO Says !

  • On the surface, the sale of 200 tons of gold looks bearish for the price of gold. On the contrary, it is very very bullish. whenever central banks have sold gold in the past, a few weeks later gold prices rallied. Gold bugs understand why gold price is rising: out of control money printing. Now, central banks are net buyers of gold instead of sellers. Those western central banks that persist in selling gold are out of their mind. Why would fiat currencies which you can print out of thin air in limitless quantity be worth more than physical gold? This is just a gold price suppression scheme. Gold is a direct competitor to fiat currencies. When gold price rises sharply it threatens the legitimacy of fiat currencies.
  • Many countries like: Russia, India and China are actively converting their USD hoards into gold. 200 tons worth US$6.7B is peanuts compared to China’s US$2.3T of USD denominated assets. Even US$100B is small change compared to their treasury holdings of about US$750B. 
    IMF Sells Gold to India, First Sale in Nine Years
    The International Monetary Fund sold 200 metric tons of gold to the Reserve Bank of India for about $6.7 billion, its first sale of the precious metal in nine years. The transaction, which involved daily sales from Oct. 19-30 at market prices, is in the process of being settled, the IMF said in a statement yesterday. The average price in the sales to India was about $1,045 an ounce, an IMF official said on a conference call with reporters. Gold for immediate delivery rose in Asia, approaching a record $1,070.80 an ounce.
    “The most important thing is that people want gold even at these prices,” said
    Ghee Peh, head of mining research, with UBS AG in Hong Kong. “There’s good support for prices for now” from the IMF’s disposal of bullion, he said.
    The sale accounts for almost half the 403.3 tons that the Washington-based lender in September agreed to sell as part of a plan to shore up its finances and lend at reduced rates to low- income countries. Asian nations, which have amassed stockpiles of foreign currency reserves since the 1998 financial crisis, have shown increased interest in diversifying out of U.S. assets as the dollar loses value against other currencies.
    Gold for immediate delivery rose 0.5 percent to $1,064.90 an ounce at 9:42 a.m. in Singapore. December-delivery gold jumped 1.1 percent to $1,065.40 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange’s Comex division, the highest price for a most-active contract since Oct. 23 and approaching the Oct. 14 record of $1,072 an ounce.
    ‘Positive’ for Gold
    “This is positive for the gold market, as bilateral sales which avoid the open spot market will avoid adding to marginal physical supply,” said
    David Barclay, a commodity strategist with Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong. “India’s purchases are arguably fresh buying since they were not a presence in the spot market before this.”
    China Demand
    China, the world’s biggest gold producer, has increased reserves of the metal by 76 percent to 1,054 tons since 2003 and has the fifth-biggest holdings by country,
    Hu Xiaolian, head of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said in April. The nation may purchase some of the 403.3 tons of gold being offered by the IMF, Market News International reported in September, citing two unidentified government officials.
    Central Banks Will Become Net Buyers of Gold, WGC CEO Says
    Central banks will become global net buyers of gold, the World Gold Council’s chief executive officer said today at a conference in Edinburgh. “I believe that central banks will be net buyers over time,” Aram Shishmanian told the conference.


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Will Japan Default on Its Sovereign Debt?

  • Japan’s national debt is about 170%-190% of GDP. This is way above crisis level which many economists sets at about 40% of GDP. How are they going to pay off this debt? It is not possible. The good news is that the Japanese government borrows mainly from its own citizens and corporations. So, the country is not beholden to any foreign creditors.
  • The era of competitive devaluation is around the corner. The USD, UK Sterling Pound and Yen are deeply flawed currencies. Will the Euro survive? I doubt so. A strong Euro compared to these major currencies (and the Chinese Yuan) will spell economic collapse for Europe! The Telegraph UK reports :
    Japan is drifting helplessly towards a dramatic fiscal crisis. For 20 years the world’s second-largest economy has been able to borrow cheaply from a captive bond market, feeding its addiction to Keynesian deficit spending – and allowing it to push public debt beyond the point of no return.
    The rocketing cost of insuring against the bankruptcy of the Japanese state is telling us that the model has smashed into the buffers. Credit default swaps (CDS) on five-year Japanese debt have risen from 35 to 63 basis points since early September. Japan has suddenly decoupled from Germany (21), France (22), the US (22), and even Britain (47).
    Regime-change in Tokyo and the arrival of Yukio Hatoyama’s neophyte Democrats – raising $550bn (£333bn) to help fund their blitz on welfare and the “new social policy” – have concentrated the minds of investors at long last. “Markets are worried that Japan is going to hit a brick wall: the sums are gargantuan,” said Albert Edwards, a Japan-veteran at Société Générale.
    Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), told the US Congress last week that the debt path was out of control and raised “a real risk that Japan could end up in a major default”.
    The IMF expects Japan’s gross public debt to reach 218pc of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, 227pc next year, and 246pc by 2014. This has been manageable so far only because Japanese savers have been willing – or coerced – into lending for almost nothing. The yield on 10-year government bonds has been around 1.30pc this year, though they jumped to 1.42pc last week.
    “Can these benign conditions be expected to continue in the face of even-larger increases in public debt? Going forward, the markets capacity to absorb debt is likely to diminish as population ageing reduces saving,” said the IMF.
    The savings rate has crashed from 15pc in 1990 to near 2pc today, half America’s rate. Japan’s $1.5 trillion state pension fund (the world’s biggest) has become a net seller of government bonds this year, as it must to meet pay-out obligations. The demographic crunch has hit. The workforce been contracting since 2005.
    Japan Post Bank is balking at further additions to its $1.7 trillion holdings of state debt. The pillars of the government debt market are crumbling. Little wonder that the Ministry of Finance has begun advertising bonds in Tokyo taxis, featuring Koyuki from The Last Samurai. If Japan’s bond rates rise to global levels of 3pc to 4pc, interest costs will shatter state finances.
    No one knows exactly when a country tips into a debt compound trap. But Japan must be close, even allowing for the fact that liabilities of the state Loan Programme (FILP) have fallen by 40pc of GDP since 2000. “The debt situation is irrecoverable,” said Carl Weinberg from High Frequency Economics. “I don’t see any orderly way out of this. They will not be able to fund their deficit. There will be a fiscal shutdown, a pension haircut, and bank failures that will rock the world. It is criminally negligent that rating agencies are not blowing the whistle on this.”
    Mr Hatoyama inherited a country that was already hurtling into sovereign “Chapter 11”. The Great Recession has eaten up 27pc in tax revenues. Industrial output is down 19pc, even after the summer rebound; exports are down 31pc; the economy is 10pc smaller today in “nominal” terms than a year ago – and nominal is what matters for debt.
    Tokyo’s price index fell 2.4pc in October, the deepest deflation in modern Japanese history. Real interest rates have risen 300 basis points in a year. It reads like a page from Irving Fisher’s 1933 paper, Debt Deflation Causes of Great Depressions. The Bank of Japan seems oddly insouciant. It will end its (feeble) quantitative easing in December by suspending purchases of corporate debt, much to the fury of the Finance Ministry.
    “This is incredibly dangerous,” said Russell Jones from the RBC Capital Markets. “The rate of deflation is shocking. The debt dynamics are horrible and there is the risk of a downward spiral.” Tokyo has let the yen appreciate violently – 90 to the dollar, 13 to the Chinese yuan – giving another twist to the deflation knife. Top exporters are below break-even cost, says RBS. The government could stop this, as it did in a wave of manic dollar purchases from 2003-2004. It could print money à l’outrance to stave off deflation. Yet it sits frozen, like a rabbit in the headlamps.
    Japan’s terrible errors are by now well known. It failed to jettison its mercantilist export model in time. It resisted the feminist revolution, leading to a baby strike by young women. It acquiesced in a mad investment bubble (like China now) in the 1980s, stealing growth from the future.
    It wasted its immense fiscal firepower, scattering money for 20 years on half-baked spending projects to keep the economy afloat. QE was too little, too late, and this is the lesson for the West. We must cut borrowing drastically over the next decade, and offset this with ultra-easy monetary policy. Does Downing Street understand this? Does the White House? Does the European Central Bank? Clearly not.


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Alex Jones: US a PowerSlave Serving Aims of New World Order!

  • America is being militarized to serve the purpose of the Illuminati ruling cabal. The intention is to make America into the military arm of the New World Order. The country will be used to start wars and to conquer many countries. It will be sacrificed in coming wars: middle east, China-India, Afghanistan-Pakistan, Latin America…etc. It will be used much like Nazi Germany during WW2 to conquer and thereafter be destroyed and merged into the One World Government. Americans must wake up and stop the criminals that are selling out their country. More false flag attacks are planned, to lead America into new wars!


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Ukraine: What Deadly Virus is Gripping the Nation? Pneumonic Plague? Typhus ? Ebola?

  • What type of virus is spreading like wild fire in Ukraine? A 2nd case of pneumonic plague death has occurred in the remote part of north west China. A town of more than 10,000 people has been sealed off. Are the cases in Ukraine and China related? The Satanic cabal has failed in their attempts to spread a fatal swine flu virus. This may be their 2nd more deadly attempt. Their depopulation agenda is still on the table: via famine, diseases and war!
    Russia Today
    In Ukraine there has been at least 70 confirmed deaths of respiratory diseases this autumn alone. In total about 200,000 have been reported to be infected. The country’s health ministry says the swine flu count now stands at 22 people so far. Ukraine’s President has appealed to Europe, Russia and the U.S. for medical help, calling the illness a threat to national security. A mission from the World Health Organisation is set to arrive in Ukraine to assess the situation. But it seems that some people are taking advantage of an increasingly desperate population…
    A viral infection has killed 30 people in Ukraine.
    The illness begins as an ordinary bout of flu, but after a week the symptoms get worse. Almost 40,000 Ukrainians have contracted the disease. Around 100 are in hospital. In the west of the country there has been a run on virus inhibitors and surgical masks. Schools and childcare centres in the city of Lvov are closed. Test are being carried out to establish what kind of virus is causing the sickness. The H1N1 virus which causes Mexican flu has been ruled out.

    Pulmonary plague or pig influenza-people continue to die (translated from Russian)
    Ukraine at the mercy of what we call the pig influenza or pulmonary plague. That is actually nobody knows, people continue to die. About 3 000 Ukrainian citizens, more than 1,000 inhabitants of Belarus is not known how many Russian citizens are all victims of a hitherto unknown virus. As pointed out by some doctors-virus-мутант not treated any known drugs from the flu or plague. Interesting and the fact that most deaths little life сгорали lungs. The temperature inside light reaches 55 degrees. This is not in the history of medicine. Pork influenza, say?
    Symptoms of plague hardly differ from go “porcine influenza. It can only bacteriological examination.People who, with the following symptoms: fever, asphyxiant cough and not the ability to breathe normally. The disease progresses unusually quickly, striking the lungs, and people die of pneumonia.
    According to the Minister, may save human not if he has not requested the doctor already on 5-7 day after arrival of the first symptoms.
    Flu, or Something Else, Panics Ukraine
    A panic is under way over H1N1 flu in western Ukraine, including quarantines and panic buying of drugs in Lviv, Ternopil, and other towns.  There are unconfirmed reports, and surging rumors, about it’s being something other than, or in addition to, H1N1. Among the subjects of speculation: “typhus”, or “hemorrhagic fever,” or “pneumonic plague imported by the Americans to wipe out the Slavic people.” Thirty-some people have died, most of them young, and there are rumors about their lungs being filled with blood.
    A Ukrainian contact writes that the panic is intense. He has heard “typhus” from several people, as well as media, although the authorities deny that it’s anything except for swine flu. While none of the characterizations of the outbreak has been confirmed, the level of panic and rumor begins to sound like the opening scenes of the LPAC “Dark Ages” video, recalling how people fled is desperation from the plague, brought on by insane economic policies.
    Epidemic of pneumonic plague in Ukraine?
    Ministry of Health has not established the exact diagnosis of the epidemic disease in the western regions of Ukraine. Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevich has given information about spread of diseases in the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv Regions today at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers.
    According to the Minister, the World Health Organization is ready to render assistance to Ukrainian experts and the Ministry of Health in order to establish the cause of death and development of disease flu in the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv Regions. “We are working at receiving the vaccine against influenza A (H1N1) also”, – said Vasily Knyazevich and asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to render assistance.
    Answering question of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko about the definition of the specific nature of the disease, the head of the Ministry of Health said: “The nature of infections is viral one. But at the moment it is not defined, is it the Californian influenza H1N1, or it is our seasonal influenza. To date, there is no precise diagnosis.”
    Second plague death in west China
    A second man has died of pneumonic plague in a remote part of north-west China where a town of more than 10,000 people has been sealed off. The 37-year-old victim was a neighbour of the first person to die from the plague, a herdsman aged 32 in Ziketan in Xinghai in Qinghai Province. Pneumonic plague, which attacks the lungs, can spread from person to person or from animals to people. 
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