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Lebanon Discovers Rockets with Timers Aimed at Israel!

  • Something fishy is going on. Rockets with timers?? Why? The one that was launched at Israel a few days back ‘missed’ their target and caused no harm. This has the smell of Mossad false flag attack written all over it. The agent provocateurs want to start this war badly. Using the temple mount or false flag rocket attacks to trigger the war is not out of the question. They have until the end of Exercise Juniper Cobra November 5 to start this war. During this exercise, the American military presence will protect Israel from a massive missile attack. PressTV reports:
    A day after Israel’s artillery attack on southern Lebanon, the Lebanese army troops say they have discovered four rockets ready to be launched at Israel. The Katyusha-type rockets, which were set with timers, were found Wednesday in a half-built house in the border village of Hula, where nine Israeli artillery shells landed the night before.
    “The military has discovered this morning four rockets in the south, ready to be fired, in a house under construction belonging to the mayor of Hula,” a Lebanese military spokesman said after deactivating them.
    The mayor, who was not in the village at the time of the incident, is not believed to be involved. Tensions on the volatile Israel-Lebanon border increased again on Tuesday after Israeli forces struck southern Lebanon with artillery shells following a reported rocket launch from Hula, which landed in an open area in the Upper Galilee but caused no damage or casualties.
    While there was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday’s rocket fire, Israeli officials say they hold the Lebanese government responsible. The UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) says it has started an inquiry into the attack. 

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