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The Satanic Central Banksters’ Monetary Enslavement System

  • Wakey ! Wakey! Who rules the world? The private Central Banksters. These Illuminati ruling elite are the cause of wars, famine, diseases…..etc. Unfortunately, the general masses are sheeple (sheep+people). Brain washed and utterly compliant to their mind control propaganda.
  • The Illuminati are under grave threat because of the internet. No longer do they control what the public watch, hear and read entirely! Their propaganda TV news, entertainment, documentary… mind control is busted! Wake up! Wake Up!
  • They will likely shut down the internet, as it is, within a few years. They will likely trigger false flag attacks.. wars…pandemic…crisis.. to distract the sheeple. To rally the sheeple to false causes: terrorism, we are under attack … our lives are being terrorized by murderous Muslims… nationalistic fervour… to go to war! More false flag terrorism, nuclear terrorists attacks?? All pure BS to get the sheeple to relinquish their individual freedoms and rights and become micro-chipped! Divide and conquer!


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  1. Did a rep for a opposing faction of NWO Illuminati write this article.Thomas Malthus on increase in population is still valid.China ratio male to female proves it.War can result and immigration to the west including U.S. from China,India,etc. as result of over population.Destruction of environment,and land lost are happening world wide.Weather change whether contrived or not is extreme.Technology cannot replace population control.Capitalist want no control of population as it curtails expansion of market and profit world wide.At the same the Illuminati wants the NWO which involves getting rid of 4 billion people.Hopefully you can understand the conflict of interest.Further as the NWO order is total consolidation of power centralized what is stated in this article opposes it.It is not my intent to discredit entire article as police and military need to be informed as all us citizens should be of fascist intent of the NWO, Illuminati and other secret organization included..The Illuminati according to some is fractionalized as most things are.
    We have class war world wide.This the problem in U.S..Noam Chomsky on topic class war explains why.You can order Class War and research can try to prove him wrong with their criminals friends

    Class War Noam Chomsky-Reagan- Bush deregulation-no Unions
    No nationalize medical for 50 million including part of middle class.

    The super Rich must be regulated and the international finance system brought under control in order to save the system from its destructive self.The FED is a gold mine for the select few of the Super Rich or it would not have come into existence.Mac Fadden speech against FED proves this.Further the fact that Dennis Kucinch D- Ohio and Ron Paul Republican Texas both oppose the existence of FED and state why.The reason nothing is said is because the super Rich benefit from the mafia FED.Research Search.

    Madoff was able to operate because the SEC was run by people bought and not qualified to regulate as they lacked knowledge to do so.This was the deliberate intent of the secret government of select few.Did Madoff tell SEC or others he was going to head the SEC and they believe him.

    Only fools and criminals are going to deny that the super Rich and upper classes do not benefit from our corrupt government system.The congress is a puppet of the secret government which the Super rich are.How could anyone counter this statement and prove otherwise.It is obvious.No action is taken to regulate the FED or bonus system or anything else.We have an elite monopoly that runs America.
    I am very sorry to say these people care nothing for the security of America because they are internationalist.Their investments are international.The FED is international and central bank that is private operation that says it is Federal which it is not, and never was.This proves it is criminal.It threaten congressman that it would establish martial law if it did not get bailout money.Fed and Treasury are more powerful than U.S government.This is stated in this article.Bank of England owns America banking system and you because of illegal FED.Central world banks control the world.America has always been controlled by the rich.How could it be any other way.Who else has the funds to run the U.S. do you.Andrew Jackson second Bank of U.S. proves my statement true.

    The rich must be taxed at fair rate.Corporates must be regulated.Union must be established for all workers.Socialize medical benefit must be established and others benefit that are necessary for the people.Any person who says nationalize medical is no good is ignorant or stupid or a capitalist criminal.Proof England and Canada,have it.50 million no medical so the business sector can continue business as usual and the tax payer can pay for it.Criminals don’t care about the health of the American people.They have no excuse but spin.They brainwash
    people to be stupid using the news media Fox news example and through education system.That is how they control you.Why did you vote their puppets in.Brainwashed.

    For reference to support what I am saying two references are sufficient.Prove them wrong which you can’t even with spin that is investigated.

    Socio-Economic History Blog – MARC FABERA: Crack Up Boom-1 Sept 09.New York Times article Rise of Rich Hits Sobering Wall- MSNBC by David Leonhardt and Geraldine Fabrikant.Be sure to read full article.Statistics in this article prove the corruption of the Super Rich.The other classes that support our criminal system are no better and should be prosecuted when it is proven they violate the law by tax evasion,etc.

    The corporations and business sector must comply with the U.S. constitution and the laws of the U.S..Regulation is only way to accomplish this.Prison is solution for those that don’t comply.Immigration law must be enforced.No immigration until every American that wants a job has one.No work permits for foreigner until we have educated American citizen for full employment.Free education sponsored by the criminal corporation that are trying to open the world borders for the NWO.Also same applies to the rich and others that want NWO for profit and enslavement of the worlds people.The proof the condition of the world today.Globalization,free trade,immigration,no culture, no borders,no regulations,no tax on rich,continuous war and conflict is what globalization is about.New World Order.One world fascist criminals.

    Anyone this does not apply to it is not intended for.There are exceptions in all classes.What I state is my opinion based on the reality of the existing state of affairs world wide.My apology for any mistakes I have made.

    If one thinks of the criminal cause of suffering that has and is takes place for the profit of those who are criminals.One understands they should not exist.If they cause war,depression,poverty what is you verdict.The proof is available and present.Brainwashing is how the criminals control the world.If only this were not true.Why are the people who cause the world economic melt still in power?

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 3, 2009

  2. On the Topic The Satanic Central Bankers in comments I should have named Thomas Malthus who is famous for his essay on the principles of population theory.Contrary to any spin that his formula is incorrect it holds true today and is proven by the over population of the world to.Logic proves that over population depletes resources.The third world is best example.China and India have serious over populations problems.There is a lack of resources for this excess population.War and migration can result from over population.Quality of life to be maintained must in a nation have means of control of male to female ratio control of population.China has serious problem with excessive male population.NWO wants to relieve problem by allowing these people to migrate to the west.Of course this is part of globalization involving free trade and the destruction of national culture and is NWO.Read my comments for The Satanic Central Bankers to understand context for these statements.Please keep in mind capitalism must have growth and expansion to work.Ever expanding markets.Over population is good for profit on volume and the reduction of labor cost.It also results in the people having less power.The excess of illegals in U.S. has reduce our social welfare system including medical service to citizens of U.S. plus reduced the job market for employment. This is world wide problem pushed by the NWO and the capitalist.It is not logical to have excess population that creates poverty unless CAPITALISM,Power as motive are involved.Please read Thomas Malthus theories on over population for facts.Please proves with facts he is wrong or acknowledge he is right and support is view.The statement that population cannot be scientifically managed is not true.The problem is political.Capitalism and religion oppose it.There are variables involved.Planning long term is necessary for balance of population.War has been means to control population and Spanish flu,etc.The reason for nations needing population has resulted from lack of planning.Scientific knowledge exist now to modify past inability to do so.Disaster of some sort will be means to reduce population as a result of extreme excess.The Report From Iron mountain at Search has these topics available by name.Class war results from unequal distribution of wealth in the extreme.Poverty breeds revolution.The Theory Of Social Revolution by Brooks Adams.Extreme unequal distribution of wealth is cause of revolution.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 3, 2009

  3. Continuation of The Satanic Central Banksters’.The topic of over population and discussion of it is one of the most important issues today.What I did not say in comments before was that there is in some countries problems with aging population and others where the young are the over population problem.Two examples are Saudi Arabia over population of 18 to 25 years and Japan with aged that are unproductive.Of course this problem is world wide.In many countries males are desired more than females for financial and other reasons.Immigration in western countries has caused much cost to government for corporates to use slave labor.Construction of nations in many cases is done by third world labor that is cheated in wages by agents working with corrupt governments.They are deported not being paid and owed money to loan sharks for trip to foreign nation.One case prosecuted of this type was in American Samoa.The only case up to that time prosecuted by U.S government.The reason for immigrants in countries is to subsidize corporate and government greed and corruption.We see in U.S. the result of such actions.The U.S. tax payer is paying for Mexican army to fight the mafia.Number 12 trading partner with U.S.Oil, corporates and private sector business has cause the problems in Mexico that exist now.
    The U.S tax payer pays for the immigrants for the corporations of U.S..The FED, tax payers pay to be fleeced which is another example.Drug war from Mexico has spill over into U.S. at tax payer expense.The borders are not secure because of free trade and corporate power.Latin America is exploited and as result illegal and legal immigrants come to America for jobs and send money home to support family and in turn support country.U.S tax payer pays again.The criminals use all means to control these countries.Columbia is good example with desired increase of U.S. military intervention.Immigration if allowed will destroy the U.S..The secret North American Union has that intent.

    It is the corporate state and world.This includes the central banks and all who support and benefit from our corrupt fascist American system.It is a Class War world wide.Noan Chomsky at Class War on DVD-CD.

    Please be advised I stated these opinions from memory.I may be incorrect without intent.Research for facts.I wish what I say is incorrect.Please prove Noan Chomsky wrong in his book Hegemony and Class War research titles at search.

    Wall Street is not alone the corporate and the classes that benefit are the cause of the corruption in America.

    One last thought.H1N1 virus main target is the young and the old.Does it have a mind or is it using one.People from Latin America can tell you allot about corporate enslavement by U.S. corporates.Chevez is reaction.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 4, 2009

  4. 4.Comments for article The Satanic Bankers 3 Sept 09.This article is a key that has been turned and opens the door to the secret order.Further it indicates a split between the NWO and the Illuminati.I have mention it before in comments for this article ,yet I must mention it again.Further reference Treason-The New World Order BY Gurudas.

    The Crown is a private corporation.The Crown is controlled by the 13 Illuminati families.The Crown is the inter city of London.It is a state that is sovereign with its own jurisdiction.When you swear allegiance to the Crown it is not to the government of England but to the Illuminati ruling elite.

    The empire of the three cities which are the inter city of London,Washington D.C. and the Vatican.

    The inter city of London is the center of banking world wide.The world bank controls the central banks world wide.
    They set oil prices.It loans the money to central banks in which the tax payer pays interest compounded on dept of nation.The money is made out of thin air.Tax payer funds the world bank and central banks.Also setting price of gold,etc?

    The FED and bank of England are central banks.One can assume the bank of England to be the top central bank so therefore world bank and bank of England are one.Not technically?

    Now the Illuminati are probably the royal families of the world.Queen of England one of richest families in the world.Lord Rothschild and bank of England and world bank and central banks of the world he controls.Don’t forget Rockefeller.Are they puppets of Illuminati families???

    Who controlled the British East India Company and drugs.
    Who is the committee of three hundred.Who are the few in U.S.who control the FED and national banking.What about the Club of Rome.Do 6000 people control the world or is it 600,300> it makes no difference.Rockefeller and Rothschild are shareholders of FED and control banking and oil in most of the world.The royal families included,others,etc.

    Rothschild family member said who controls the bank or money of a nation controls it.Jefferson Americans would be enslaved if private bank ruled nation.Fed is private bank.

    The FED has more power than U.S. government.This was proved by threat to congress members that Fed would order martial law if it did not get bailout money.The chief of FED told the bankers you do what I want or else.No prosecution of B.and other criminals.

    Does this indicate the Pentagon would have enforced martial law on American citizens.Who else would have such power in America.JFK speech on secret organizations.Eisenhowers speech on Military Industrial Complex.9/11 IN PLANE SITE A POWER HOUR PRODUCTION.Oliver Stone Movie JFK both on DVD.

    The super rich and professional,business classes are why things are as they are.Who voted for BUSH.The elites did.
    It has always been class war and now it is proven because no real action has been made to get rid of the FED.Kickbacks to rich investors stops it and we are enslaved to the world bank and England because the rich sold America out with the establishment of FED and Federal Reserve Act.Also National Security Act 1948?

    J.W. G.E. is good example.He says FED is good and business is good.Yes it is for elite.He represents the top of food chain.Contradiction the Illuminati do.

    The Illuminati want reduction in population to percent of 1600 A.D..Capitalist want continued growth of population for profit.Capitalist are puppets of Illuminati.

    I agree with The Satanic Central Bankers thesis except for population increase and land available for world population.In a scientific thinking world we could have ideal as reality.Man would still be man.The Report from Iron mountain research.There is little hope for mankind.Man is to slow too act.Greed and power distort reality.The unknown factor will be the destruction of man.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 8, 2009

  5. The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System.

    This is update and continuation.Comment 5.Please read all comments 1-5 and see video for this topic.Comment 4 is directly connected to the following:In the beginning of sentence 4 it is explained that the enter city of London is the home of world banking and it controls the central banks of the world.The empire of the 3 cities which are the enter city of London,Washington DC and the Vatican.They are all 3 sovereign and independent.London controls world banking,Washington DC is Home Of Federal Reserve,Vatican treasury account served by Rothschild.Mayer A.Rothschild stated Allow me to insure and control the money of a nation,and I don’t care who makes the laws.Year 1828.

    I want to thank American Mercury for their presentation of Who Control The world?Illuminati,Jesuit,Bilderberg,Skull, Religion
    At videos.

    Reece Committee Report.The Hidden Agenda For World Government Video 51 minutes and transcript of Interview with Norman Dodd and G.Edward Griffin 1982.This interview and transcript explain the intent of the international bankers and others to overthrow the U.S. Constitution Using the Rockefeller foundation,Ford Foundation,etc tax exempt.
    The trustees control the foundations which are bankers and lawyer.Mr.Dodd was ask to do research for problem with banking in U.S. after war.Reece thought there was conspiracy to overthrow the U.S.Constitution..General Butler exposed Conspiracy after WW I of bankers and other corporates that were in conspiracy for that end.The bankers informed Dodd that through their power they would merge the U.S. with Russia using their grant making power.The intent of the NWO is not philanthropy.The real intent is to influence education institutions,and to control foreign policies of the U.S. government.They also want to control State Dept.The purpose is to condition the American people to accept the new world order.NWO government will be based on the principles of collectivism with capitalist efficiency.It is to be ruled by same interest behind the seen which control the tax exempt foundations.The question should we go back to sound banking system is answered by the following statement.We will never see sound banking in U.S. again.Since the end of the war we have been responsible
    for what they call>Who is they?What they call institutionalizing of conflict of interest,and they are so prevalent inside the U.S.that they can never be resolved.

    Education in history will be directed away from truth
    of history.Education away from principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and implemented in the U.S. Constitution.Charles and Mary Beyd Beard famous American historians refuse to lie about American History.Beard was
    thrown out of university for his decision.They recruited other for their TREASON.

    OSS during war European Administration.After war acting under directive of White House.CIA conversion.Carnegie Endowment for international peace?,etc.

    Another question and statement made was is there any means known more effective than war,assuming you want to alter the life of and entire people.Conclusion no more effective means is known to humanity.

    They ask Wilson to prolong WW 1.Both republican National committee and White House were resolved to stop investigation by Dodd.Colonel La Lane was accused of being anti Jew and was force to quit.Carnegie publicly declared that is steadfast interest was to counteract the departure of the colonies from England.

    Foundations,communism represent means of developing what we call monopoly,that is organization of say,a large scale industry into administration unit.Do they think they will be the ones to benefit.They will be beneficiaries.

    It is implied they want rule as when kings ruled.

    Now what follows is abstract.If you are educated to NWO philosophy and history you will understand my abstract association.

    The black nobility,The black pope,The 13 families of Illuminati.Jesuit CIA and regular U.S.CIA.The Zionist,mafia,and the majority who are gentile communist fascist NWO.Oxford Scholars,Cecil Rhodes and Rothschid,
    Rockefeller bond.G8-G20.EU.North American Unions and all the others unions.American Elite families and new money elite.Military Industrial congressional international banking corporation with Lucky Luciano and US Navy connection.Drugs,Assisted U>S naval intelligence in WW II in Italy.He controlled shipping docks.Mafia Cuba.Allowed to operate U.S..Hoover blackmailed for being gay.

    Washington DC, Federal Reserve,London World Bank and central bank control.Vatican Rothschild connection.Rothschild and Rockefeller Shareholders FED.
    Rothschild London and Joan Veon Who controls the world and assets at search.England controls the banking of the world.Headquarter for the Masons.Who controls the money controls the nation.Rothschild statement.Kings and queens and other elite rule the world and Rothschild is their banker.Central banks control nations.Rothschild history indicates profit from war resulted in all nations in dept giving Rothschilds controlled after Napoleon defeated.Russia did not want Rothschild loan.This was means used to control nation through interest on credit.Thomas Jefferson said America would be enslaved if Private bank ruled.He and Jackson opposed viper bankers.The group Dodd talk to were bankers.Dodd had worked for a Morgan bank.

    Jesuits,Zionist,Rothschild,Rockefeller,Royal Families,International banking families control the world.International bankers control the corporates,
    military,defense industry,medical industry and you.

    Rothschild said if he controlled the money,he did not care who made the laws of the nations.

    The elites own dominant shares in all corporations.They control the assets of the world.Of course power corrupts.

    Conclusion the American government is in a state of TREASON.The military high command of U.S. is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.Congress is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.The corporate sold out America a long time ago.International investment.America is owned by who,what nation?The universities are supporting treason as they above all others Know the facts as they have the resources to acquire them.Foundations control the universities.They have distorted history and persist with it.They support treason.Charles Beard,Van Loon history of America is classic history prior 1963.The actors of NWO have lie,cheated and destroyed the American nation which has been there intent.The fear of the elite and upper classes of middle class resulted in support to water down education to the lowest common denominator.Third World public education U.S.
    Also no standards and allowing student without ability to graduate.Illegal immigration,outsourcing,legal immigration and work permits when Americans needed jobs.No real enforcement of U>S> law on illegals.Technicalities to allow them to stay.14th amendment you are American citizen if born in U.S of illegal parent.Police cannot take action against illegals.Depression,unemployment,destruction of the middle class,increase poverty.North American Union.No draft because it is private contractor military and the majority would oppose illegal war as they did with Vietnam.

    Brainwashed and lacking the ability to act has allowed our nation to be destroyed for Asia.China is model for U.S..

    I forgot to mention Vatican Assassins,Illuminati news,Jesuit rule CFR.Black Pope Jesuit connection and the unfolding of the NWO.Please research and use keen judgment.Search Google,You Tube,Rense,Jew Watch,

    The Jews have great influence in the world.Their history is a reflection of what they are.Their history stands on its own.It seems a Zionist,Jesuit,gentile elite fascist incorporation is the NEW world Order.

    In closing Mc Fadden speech against FED,Eustice Mullins TELL IT LIKE IS at Lindberg speech against FED and war state it all.Mac Carthy hearings 1954.
    JFK Executive order 11110.JFK against Israel having nuclear weapons.JFK against Vietnam war and his and brothers death should make things clear.Warren Commission phony.9/11 commission phony.Depression,bailout of banks phony.FED unconstitutional.Wars illegal.Laws of U.S not enforced.Are the American people stupid.

    Two movies that tells you everything are Oliver Stone JFK and JFK-Executive Action and you can add 9/11 In Plane Site a Power hour Production all on DVD.Michael Moore Films DVD.The International bankers,Pentagon,corporations,private sector business,universities support the new World Order.TREASON.

    Class War at YOU TUBE Norm Chomsky.The enemy is within.

    The information I have given is almost conclusive and would stand up in court of law that was just for conviction of the U.S government and its supporters who want to overthrow the United States OF America,and this includes U.S. military personnel.

    Who controls the world and The Reece Report alone are sufficient to know the truth.The private business sector is conservative and it only thinks of profit.Therefore it support the NWO sometimes without realizing it.Greed overrules judgment.Private investment in China tells the story.What happen to America and western Europe.Illegal immigration,outsourcing,depression.

    Mac Carthy hearings.He was right it was communist,but he did not know the fascist aspect.Tragedy&Hope by Carrol Quigley states that international bankers play all side against each other.State DEPT and CFR.Are they one.What does their record indicates.Mao connection communist infiltration.War mongers,internationalist NWO.BUSH NWO.Israel first.America last.

    Please change reality. Israel said it could in Gaza.

    Read all my comments at Back Type Socio-Economic History Blog at search type in my name.In right corner you will see RELATIVE AND OTHER.Select other for all comments.Please for give any mistakes as they were not intended.No offense is intended to innocent parties gentile or Jew.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 30, 2009

  6. The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System.
    This is comment 6 for this topic.Please read entire topic,or 4,5,6 to understand context of subject.

    Vatican Assassins Topic, Jesuit-Rule CFR.Vatican

    The Ugly Truth About The CFR

    You should be able to access these titles through search

    James Warburg,son of CFR founder Paul Warburg,and a member of FDR’s brain trust testified before the senate Foreign Relation Committee on FEB 17, 1950.”We shall have world government whether or not you like it—

    Russia and China may incorporate the U.S..Eustice Mullins and Ralph say war and other actions are staged
    they are not by accidents.Would it not be interesting to find out that the elite are creating the oil conflict for competition and that really they by economic destruction of U.S. through war,etc will make western world third world,and controlled by the NWO.China has been financed by the west at the expense of the west.In the Reece report it is stated the elite will merge America with Russia.This is the intent.It is proven by how the U.S. government is operating in my opinion.Israel,Iran,North Korea are props.The Report from Iron Mountain search

    The information I have given in 1-6 for this topic exposes the NWO.The CFR is a main player.Reece Report and Who controls the world with the CFR information provided is sufficient evidence.

    The American people are brainwashed,and the majority will not respond.They do not have the will to act.This was true in American revolution.The Ugly Truth About The CFR is fact that cannot be refuted.It supports what I have said and many many others.If one researches they come up with same answers unless they are suffering from brain damage.

    Back Type, Type in my name and read all comments for topics.Not just relevant.Top right corner select all.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 1, 2009

  7. The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System article dated 3 Sept 09.This is comment 7. for my comments for this article.

    The following information gives the most pragmatic sources in condense form that I have ever seen available.It is my opinion all are privileged who have the references that follow.There has been much confusion on the New World Order, Globalization,Free Trade,Open borders,Outsourcing, Immigration,War,Over population,Climate change and who is responsible for it.These references convict the American government, International banking,Pentagon,CIA,defense, industry,the houses of congress,supreme court,FED,etc.The Reece report is fact.Reports on CFR are fact.Other presentations are fact,or with circumstantial evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt generally.My rating for this information is 97 percent correct.This is my opinion:

    New World Order Monetary System video with this article.

    Who Controls The World,Jesuit,Bilderberg,Church… 43 min 11 March 06 Video Mercury Presentation.

    Illuminati Exposed video by Dr.Pierre ordinaire-my space video.

    The Hidden Agenda for World Government.An interview with Norman Dodd 51 min. 26 May 06 video

    Hidden Agenda Transcript (intro)Norman Dodd.Rowan Gaither was at time was president of the Ford

    Vatican Assassins-Topic Jesuit- Ruled CFR.Vatican

    The Ugly Truth About The

    Michael Moore FAHRENHEIT 9/11 DVD

    9/11 IN PLANE SITE A film by William Lewis A POWER HOUR PRODUCTION DVD

    Version of events surrounding attacks of 9/11.

    Aninconvenienienttruth A Global WARNING by Al Gore DVD

    Michael Moore Film SICKO DVD.

    Search Google for titles.Make sure you get right reference.
    Do not trust second hand information.Same name for different tiles is done for spin tactic and to discredit?
    Always use original sources when possible.

    Please circulate this information.It is to hot for some to handle.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 2, 2009

  8. To Whom it may concern I can be contacted at leodragon 97@hot message is in regard to one sent to me by same means.

    Walter E. Haas

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 9, 2009

  9. The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09 comment 9.This is additional references including additional videos for series.This information follows:Under Hidden Agenda For world government interview Norman Dodd.Antony Sutton interviews on the Order Skull&Bones,The Best Enemy Money Can buy at You Tube.Please research these interviews are available at YouTube. Not 10 minute videos.Entire interviews 1 to 4,etc
    Carrol Quigley Interview 1 to 5 on Tragedy&Hope You Tube

    Next History of the New American Century- David Icke: Last Days of the New World Order at Socio-Eco-His-Blog Back Type.Type in My name and select topic.Topic Zionism the Real Enemy of the Jews. I state my opinion about them.Topic United states To Send Up To 45,000 Troops to Afghanistan I state my opinion about the gentiles.

    The following list is important to understand the opinion and positions of factions in American history.

    References You Tube and view of history.NWO, lectures You Tube.
    Epperson states America Is A Fascist Obliarichy.His statement is proven by interviews in these references.

    Joseph Mc Carthy hearings 1954 videos at You Tube.Communist
    Infiltration in U.S. government.He was right but fascist were using the communist and covered up the conspiracy.Communist fascist run the U.S. government today?
    Antony Sutton exposed the fascist and their TREASON.

    Charles Lindbergh Speech against war You Tube.

    Huey long speeches You Tube.

    MC Fadden speech against FED.YT

    Eustice Mullins book NWO and interviews,You Tube.Mafia FED and its history.YT

    Eisenhower speech Military Industrial Complex YT

    JFK Speech Secret Organizations YT

    JFK Executive Order 11110 YT

    Research Executive Orders.Bastard Orders for abuse today.

    The Founding Myths of Modern Israel-Roger Garaudy

    The Dare To Speak OUT- Topic Israel lobby U.S. by Paul Findley.

    The New Jerusalem-Zionist Power in America by Michael Collins Piper.Also JFK Murder,Bobby,etc.

    Two movies historical reference O.S.JFK and JFK-Executive Action.Both based on information of the,Jew,

    Class War at You Tube Noam Chomsky YT

    Please be advised I am a determinist as the philosophers Schopenhauer,Hume,and other believe.There is no free will as it is impossible.You do what you do from compulsion.You do not know what you subconscious thinks.You did not select your DNA which includes your IQ and character.Environment has influence on how you are developed.Only at the quantum level may there be free action.In our world once cause there is continuous effect.All thing happen as the result of the atom which is the sun of God and is he.What will be will be,but since your are not conscious of the will that drives you you think your free and you are in the perception of most people.Further you are responsible for you actions even thought you are not responsible for them,for who is if you are not.The state tries to enforce conformity.If it fails you go to jail.You cannot be other than you are.The proof you can’t change your character or your IQ.You cannot be other than you are whether you like it or not.You can only actualize your potential.Further you will not kill yourself or run in front of the car,or commit suicide unless it is in your nature.If your are tortured and you can kill yourself to avoid the pain you if you have the will will otherwise not.

    Now the ethics of J.C. and Buddha are for right living.Those that follow the dictates of the beast are the beast.God does not have to exist for these rules to apply.Those who feel God does not exist so I will do what I please pay the price of that position.The fact is Bush can be no other way than he is as Obama is a puppet of cause and effect as we all are.

    Materialism with credit has destroyed America because America and its people fell away from what which made them great.The patriotism and nationalism and American history is gone.
    In its place God is Greed and I am for me only.This is a result of inferior education.The the universities that conspired with the elite and rich upper classes for what exist in America today which is sellout for a fascist state for their security are responsible.Who is responsible if the educated are not.Who has the responsibility to keep America secure from its enemies.The people who represent us are the enemy.The proof the condition of America and the illegal FED which still exist.

    Authur Schopenhauer thought hell is earth and he is right,and we are all going to burn in hell from nukes or weather change,war because we can’t change.To corrupt to have the will to do what is right.This is the nature of man.It can not be other than it is,or will be.By compulsion what will be will be.Passion rules the world.How could it be otherwise.Look at results.A monkey is kin to an ape.Hello.

    May you have the will to over come the fascist and restore the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and be nationalist again including brotherhood.Pray to God this is the determined outcome for America,and by your will you will create it.For God is your perception of him as it is your reality.Conviction comes through the fixation of belief.The power of thinking positive positive,not positive negative which is destructive.Greed for example.The pragmatic view is not logical as it is flawed.Reference Charles Pierce-The Fixation of Belief.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 20, 2009

  10. Zionist Israel’s Terrorist Root! 24 OCT 09 at Socio-Economic History Blog-BackType Type in my name Walter E. Haas and in right upper corner select all then select Topic from list.This topic should be read with The Satanic Central Banksters and my comments.

    Please correct anything I have stated incorrectly as my desire is truth over lies the fools,racist portray that sell it.Expansion moves slower than constriction.Truth is best example.Woe to those who sell the lie for oppression, for in the end they get what they serve compounded.

    I do not serve special interest only truth As I know it>Pain results from looking inward.Pain seems to leave best impression.Liberation is acknowledgment of your sins and your desire to rectify them,for you are forgiven in the second you do.Thomas Hobbes made similar statement.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 27, 2009

  11. Khazar Empire,Illuminati and The New World Order 24 Jan 09 at this Blog with my comments 50,58,59,60,71.

    Long Live The Khasaria Empire-Not!By Karl Schawaz http:www.rense/2183/ title at search read addendum to this article.

    The Thirteenth Tribes-The Khazar Empire and its Heritage.

    flickr- Where do the Achkenazi jews come from-flickr from yahoo at search yahoo,google?

    It has been verified that Rothschild is dominant controller of central banks of the world.Turkey is number 1 trading partner with Israel.Until last Gaza war they allowed Israel military training in turkey air space,etc.Jews have been in Turkey since the 4th century A.D.Turkey is Islam.Khazar Empire Jews.Russia and Khazar enemies of yesterday and today.??? What connection!WW111,Iran,Afghanistan,Iraq,Russia
    Lebanon,Syria,Maybe Egypt in future,etc.

    A conglomerate of Aryan,Turkic tribes wiped out by force of Genghis Han.Those left migrated to Poland.This is the (Ashkenazim)Jewry.Cryto jew is Turkish jew.The bulk of modern jewry is not of Palestinian,but of caucasian group.

    With Soviet help the autonomous Republic of(Okrug) was established in 1934.Official language Yiddish,Russian.As autonomous Republic to this day,offering the only historically legitimate area for Ashkenazi!

    It is obvious world wide that the Zionist have immense power in the world,for Israel could not lie and commit war crimes,Holocaust and genocide and get away with it without such power.The Gaza was filmed on international TV and other filming took place..Lebanon they got away with it.Israel was partially founded by Rothschild.FED Rothschild,World Bank,IMF,CFR,TLC.UN.EU>
    Rockefeller other out of the closet,others not.Gentile fascist are equal to Zionist.People who will not defend their rights will not have them.Fools talk without actions.
    Please don’t forget Goldstone Report.

    Who controls the credit and money of a nation controls the nation.The FED will not allow a audit.Greenspan FED outside power of U.S. government???not exact quote.Jefferson stated the American people would be enslaved if they let private bank rule.The FED is Private sector world central bank.Jackson said the bankers were a bunch of vipers.The bailout and bonuses prove it.They are supported by congress.America is in a state of TREASON according to the U.S. Constitution which is null and void.The people are void of their enslavement,but will know it soon!

    The international bankers and their puppets rule the world Which they created with their Hollywood pervert puppets,etc.The Chamber of Commerce needs to be put in a chamber without bail.

    Iraq war for Israel and oil fascist.Afghanistan is a defense industry want to be replay war Vietnam.Israel wants Iran war.Let the IDF do the fighting for a change without U,S. military and tax payers paying.The wars will end.

    Skull&Bones and the Zionist and their partners in Europe run the world.I have named them,and they have convicted themselves.How long will their false front last now.

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Montery Enslavement System-answers all question with my 10 comments,etc.What I have stated with information can only be elaborated on, but not exceeded except to fill in the solutions.

    Norman Dodd,Antony Sutton,Carrol Quigley,and other interviews and videos,transcripts,articles leave no room for spin by zionist,jews,or gentiles.The fascist international communist have been exposed.Mc Carthy in 1954 communist hearings was right,but he did not include the fascist none jews.The American government is communist fascist only to use communism to create the NWO.They are really fascist internationalist.This is their history.Norman Dodd Reece Committee,Hidden Agenda You Tube interviews and Antony Sutton The Best Enemy money can Buy,The Order- interviews You Tube are as conclusive as is possible in a fascist World Government.The U.S. government is a slut in my opinion.The people who support Treason are too.

    Please be advised these are my opinions.You must judge their validity.I support The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.The Declaration of Independence states you right to change this government if it violates your security and fails to uphold the Rules of The U.S.Constitution..What is the state of our nation.All betray our nation who will not fight for its and our liberty.

    Of late people have written books on Thomas Paine who was hated in his time for representing the people and their rights.He wrote Common Sense.The schools don’t talk about him generally because the wealthy fear his writings.These are the people who have and are ruling America.Who is the enemy and Un- American-You know them by their actions.They oppose the people and their rights.90 percent of wealth U.S. controlled by 1-5 percent of its people.Class War at You Norm Chomsky.No unions,no nationalized medical,outsourcing,30 percent unemployment in the future,illegal immigration,legal immigration not needed.Depression,war,and no end of it.Who is the enemy??? Open borders world wide and globalization free trade no regulations.No protection for the people.Hello third world-North American Union.They cannot replace jobs lost in industry in western world.They don’t have solution even if they say otherwise.Yes there is one Nuclear war using baby nukes.Doesn’t that make you feel secure.Maybe you will be bonded to a nuke and why not you pay for them for your destruction,or somebodies.How can a beast be anything else.

    There are gentile and jew internationalist NWO fascist.Not all of either group are racist are the enemy unless they are NWO.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 27, 2009

  12. I would like to make it clear that I try to be objective as I have no desire to accuse gentiles or jews, yet both have allot to be desired.Certainly we could classify the Bush team as the most outstanding gentile family in America ever and that is saying allot if you know what I mean.The jews that believe in the Talmud are a problem for gentiles maybe.Michael Hoffman thinks so, and he is a jew.Henry Makow,Norm Chomsky,Goldstone Report same message,so something is not right in Israel and elsewhere pertaining to jews and their lobbies.Of course the gentiles are no better and they have lobbies too.

    The problem is competition and no rules that go with it.We all know Israel has and is committing violations of humane rights and has committed war crimes and it persist with it with the consent in the closet of its allies.Racist calling everyone else one is no longer effective.This Israel will learn to understand with jews world wide.

    The jews a small minority historically have been expelled from many countries world wide for thousands of years.The Talmud and competition is the reason,and being racist as many are today who deny it.We know what the Talmud says about the truth as Michael Hoffman has lectures on it.Many people have examine the Talmud and they understand its reality of the hatred of gentiles-animals.I am not a racist,but if one knows the ideology it is dangerous for both gentiles and jews.

    I do not believe in the Holocaust as it is sold to brainwash the worlds people to oppress gentiles,and cover up for gentiles war crimes that would be charged with treason if the facts be known.I do not believe Hitler was any worst than what Israel has done in Palestine and Lebanon as the policies of Hitler have allot in common with Israel’s policy in Palestine.Concentration camps are the state of Palestine.Torture of woman and children is common practice by Israel.Yes America and its allies behave in same manner.How much influence does the Zionist mentality have on governments of the world.Why is America called Zionist nation.Israel lies and those lies are supported by gentile world governments.Seems strange.Would a jew turn on his own.Authur Schopenhauer said they would not.He said allot more about jews.He was not a racist.

    Why would I lie and say these things.What motive.I accuse the gentiles who support racist doctrine and genocide and war crimes.I do not lie for them.They are filth and betrayers of mankind when they sell false doctrines.
    The world is in state it is in because of betrayal.

    The Founding Myths of modern Israel By Roger Garaudy cannot be disproved with facts so it is illegal to read in many countries.History of holocaust is not allowed to be talked about in many countries.Why because the jews a minority with their gentile supporter criminals don’t want the truth known.Why would one want to cover up these events.Because the truth is not what is stated.All we have to do is research all facts available and then draw conclusions.As I said before this is opposed because a lie has to be protected to save the criminals like Hitler.

    Propaganda with emotional overtones continuously for over 50 years and you have convince gentiles it is true.What is true that we know is that there were concentration camps and that people were worked and starve to death.The Nazis did not like the jews because they sold out Germany for Palestine,and Hitler and many Germans knew it.Competition and betrayal,Israel and Palestine,jews and gentiles.The truth is shaped to support the victors.Iraq another example?

    There were no gas chambers in Germany used.Jews in concentration camps and work camps was not 6 million according to revision history that uses facts available.The jews and their supporters block the truth.What are they hiding.They are hiding their criminal involvement in criminal acts in war and, the Zionist use holocaust as political weapon to destroy the gentiles will with the support of gentile elite.If the facts prove the holocaust a lie and the western government including Russia covered it up they are all criminals.50 million gentiles were killed.Do they count.Hitler put all terrorist in concentration camps, gentiles and jews.What makes jews special.Israel is racist and commits war crimes and lies.How can one believe Israel as how can they believe Americans that supports Israel.Yes concentration camps,persecution and displacement of people is terrible.Yes for jews or gentiles.What if they are responsible for their enslavement.Then it is still terrible,but competition for land and resources are the life of a people,for to not have them they are lost.The history of the jews.The Talmud,refuse to change,superior, chosen of God,racist,competitive in all nations and dominating retaining Zionist ideology.Two and one half percent world population.The Jews know their history and historians do too.There is no solution,so manufacture a way to overcome the majority by using Holocaust.The Holocaust Industry.Cambodia probaly had more killed in genocide than jews killed in Nazi Germany?Prove otherwise with facts.Where are the gas chambers.What do you do with dead people.Do you cremate them.To be killed is to be killed.Gassed is better than being cut to death if it is slowly.It is not logical.Death by violent means is just that.It is horrible.No jew is more important than a gentile.Only to the jewish group are they more important.Since jews are racist in Israel by to days standard they are terrible.
    Further what are gentiles to think knowing what the jews say happen to them in Germany and are today being committed in Israel, and for over 50 years committing same acts as Hitler in Israel.The policies of occupation,taking homes,destroying olive groves,schools,hospitals,controlling utilities,killing woman and children and expansion west bank.Gaza enslavement.Killing people defending their homeland.Degrading the People of Palestine.Same as Hitler.

    Taking assets.This is only some of policies of Israel in Palestine.Is Israel a Nazi racist nation.Wars for security of Israel and war monger fascist.

    This is what jews have accused gentiles of.They imply all have sinned against the jews.It goes both ways.They live in Germany now.How can they live with the Nazis after what they did as how can those of Palestine live with the jews.
    Jews live all over the world,but you have to be racist jew to live in Israel and, be citizen of Israel if applying now.

    I need not say anymore because this is a disgusting subject because of its hypocrisy and and it is an insult to the intellect of gentiles.Only brainwashing would allow one not to question and solve a riddle with such implications.

    No I will not close without references.Let the jews explain with facts and evidence which they cannot:

    Benjamin Freeman speech against jews at Willard hotel Washington D.C. 1961.Norman Dodd Reece committee investigator.Interviews and transcript.Antony Sutton interviews and books,The Order,Interview on Skull&Bones.The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.The Founding Myth of Modern Israel
    by Garaudy.Eustice Mullins book The World Order and topic Tell It like it Is at You Carthy hearing 1954 You Revolution and NYC international bankers sponsorship of communist revolution.U.S. State Dept>
    NWO communist fascist.Collective economic system with capitalist efficiency.Norman Dodd stated this and that the organization of the workings of the U.S. system had been fixed to the degree they could never be put back in place,and that they were going to blend the U.S. with the Soviet union.Not quote but same meaning.They said,who was they.Who controls the central banks of the world and the world bank.

    How could this information be available and no action taken.My opinion communist fascist run America.That is what the evidence indicate by their own admission and evidence.
    Farrie statement in Oliver Stone movie foreign nation taking control of U.S..JFK NOV 22 1963.Jew,, please research for facts.Who is that foreign nation.American citizens support communist fascist internationalist NWO.This is my opinion.

    I have written comments for the topic- Coming in December 2009:World Government.I state more opinions and fact about the jews.28 OCT 09.I am not a racist but what I know about jews make me apprehensive of them.The Talmud and my personal experience leave much to be desired concerning them.All jews do not follow the racist line.All are not racist,yet those who are bring hell to pay to those that are not.Gentiles that support racist to destroy their nation are the filth of filth.

    I have books and evidence to support my views.I do not use spin and blame only jews.I hate gentile betrayers of their own.Jews who hate gentiles I can understand.I avoid association with them.I consider them dangerous to mankind as gentiles are who are racist and haters of life.For they are the enemies of the world..They must be exposed and controlled.

    Socio -Economic History Blog-Back Type- Type in my name and select all right upper corner then you will get list of my comments and the topics

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 30, 2009

  13. Zionist Israel’s Terrorist Roots 24 Oct 09 at this blog. I give more references for research.Please research and prove they are not true.Prove everyone is a racist,or who is.Are you sure?You may be one.You are responsible for the problems in Israel as you do not understand.When will you learn.Israel is always right as the Jews that support it are.Gentile are stupid if you question the chosen of God.Accept the truth and be set free.Please prove I am a racist and stupid.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 30, 2009

  14. Khazar Empire,Illuminati and New World Order 24 Jan 09.Please read my comments and references for this article for research and debate.Comments 50,58,59,60,71,75.I really don’t care what people think as long as they think.Racist welcome.I want to be informed even if the truth hurts racist and criminals and the honest.The Good the Bad and the Ugly.Smoking Aces.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | October 30, 2009

  15. If only the truth were not the truth.Please read the following for a flash of light in the darkness.For educational purpose only.Please prove this information incorrect. Truth About the Talmud By Michael A. Hoffman 11
    12-8-07.Please type in name at search.Also search internet.

    The truth will set you free.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 1, 2009

  16. The Mass Media As Human Pesticide By Henry Makow Ph.D 17 Oct 09.I have given the references and list of videos that are a education better than a masters degree in political science in public Universities as it is truth versus the lie.If it is untrue prove it.If what I say is true why has this information not been lumped together before and taught in the open.If knowledge is closed what is the motive oppression???

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 1, 2009

  17. I have made a mistake Michael Hoffman is catholic.In comment 12 I said he is a jew.

    It is very simple to know how the elite rule the world,and then to understand how wars and everything else are created to create one world for its enslavement.

    Iraq,and Egypt and the secret philosophy that game from it are the roots of the New World Order.The concept has been around for thousand of years.This philosophy traveled to Greece,Rome as philosophers traveled and acquired knowledge.

    The secret organizations who control the world through their members are sworn to secrecy.This is why JFK assassination was not solved,USS liberty,9/11???

    Hegelian dialectics is the formula that is being used to create The New World Order.

    America and China are example.America opposed China and communism.There is conflict and war between the two countries.Eventually they become one.Thesis,anti thesis,synthesis.This is predetermined by the world secret
    government.It is a controlled conflict.The two parties of U.S. Congress are one,yet the voter thinks their vote really counts,yet they can select only one who has been created to be elected from both parties.Both are controlled by the secret government.Rules of engagements are control to manage conflict.Support both side at same time, and at different times in same campaigns in war,etc are additional examples.Vietnam had rules of engagement which allowed the communist protection and resulted in continuing war..U.S. military could not bomb,or attack certain roads,ports,etc.WW 11 military supplies supplied to enemy by western industry and finance to prolong war for profit and synthesis.Conflicts are planned and staged.North Korea,Iran???Russian lend least 5 years plans and finance for industry.China finance present resulting in America and western decline.This is predetermined.

    Because of brainwashing in education and news media people do not comprehend that the reality is an illusion.Israel said they would change reality in Gaza.War is best way to change reality.Why are there terrorist.Who is right.How do you know you know the truth.How do you know the truth is not a lie.Who told you the truth.Is truth relative.Do You think other than you do.

    JFK in his speech on secret organization was not kidding.The joke is on those who don’t believe him.
    The state of America proves it.

    These statements are only my opinion and subject to a different interpretation.It is my intent to point out that there are different points of view.You be the judge.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 2, 2009

  18. On Israel Preparing Public for a New War(Genocide)in Gaza!
    5 Nov 09.How wonderful it is to know the truth without having to do the research,or think.I am an atheist,but J.C. said don’t throw pearls to swine,or something like that.I don’t know what he was talking about.There is another saying you can take a horse to water,but you can’t make it drink.These are crazy statements.Some people say they hate the messenger.

    The message in The Satanic Banksters’ and 18 comments cannot be true,for how could it be,and no reaction.It is easy to prove with facts and evidence because 2 plus 3 is not 6.Overwhelming circumstantial evidence is grounds for conviction.What did Brook Adams say about judges in The Theory Of Social Revolutions.What does Degradation of the Democratic Dogma mean by Adams.Letter to History Teachers by Adams.What was he talking about.These people are all nuts.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 7, 2009

    • We seek a free flow of information…a nation that is afraid
      to let the people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation afraid of its people.

      John F. Kennedy

      Where the truth is stated and it is removed, and it is removed out of fear exposure leads to downfall.Light removes darkness.A final notice.

      Walter E. Haas God Bless America

      Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 13, 2009

  19. JFK Assassination: The Garrison Tapes part 1 You Tube.A half glass of water is not full.The bankers are blotted.Is it a satanic secret organization system,or is it your imagination.
    It takes two to tango.What do all those symbols mean.Why is video removed.Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System and 20 comments?.*.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 13, 2009

  20. No the video is still there.Thank you for the exposure of you know who.What will be next move???

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 13, 2009

  21. Israel Preparing for New War(Genocide)in Gaza 5 Nov 09

    Khazar Empire and New World Order 24 Jan

    Friday the 13th is good day to read these two articles with my comments.You may be surprised by content.Don’t leave the house.

    The truth is found in the strangest places.One is all and all is one.You cannot make something out of nothing.

    Fixation of belief freezes you.

    Man is a terrorist ???

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 14, 2009

  22. Khazar Empire And New World Order video not available dated 24 Jan.

    Golden Sachs continues with excessive bonus system.FED still in business and no audit.England Banking same story.How can the regulator criminals regulate themselves.Answer by deception.JFK Executive Order 11110 was intended to remove FED from being private banking system.Article 1,Section 8 U.S. Constitution.FED illegal.

    Israel preparing For New War(Genocide)in Gaza 5 Nov 09.:Reference for following information follows:

    My apology.I said mayor in Dallas had relative in navy.General Charles Cabell was in the Army and CIA.
    The mayor changed route JFK took in Dallas.

    JFK fires CIA Director Allen Dulles,Deputy Director General Charles Cabell and Deputy Director of Planning Richard Bissel.

    William Colby Chief CIA quote.The Central Intelligent Agency Owns Everyone of Importance In The Major Media.
    Google search:Definitive JFK Article-History and Historiography 27 Dec 91.The CIA and the Media from Rolling Stone 10/20/77 By Carl Bernstein’s in Famous article.(How many members of CFR are in news media???)NWO

    The Jim Garrison Tapes JFK 1/10 at You tube leaves no doubt that the media is in the control of the elite.9/11 proves this without doubt as reporting was untrue.Further enbeded journalist with military can report only what is allowed.

    Every effort is made to discredit the truth.All means are used in all channels of media today as yesterday are used for this purpose.Jim Garrison went through this with the U.S. government.Iraq war no weapons of mass destruction.

    This goes as far as removing sentences and having similar articles that try to discredit facts.This has been done with Executive Order 11110 JFK and the FED that is not Federal.Jim Garrison said he got tired of this deceit.These people expose themselves by their actions.They are criminals
    and the enemies of the American people.They support TREASON.

    America is not a democracy.The Constitution is null and void.The FED founded in 1913 proves it.1963 U.S. government became police state.Warren proves it.Secret service in Dallas prove it by stand down in protection of JFK.9/11 no air defense to stop attack proves it.Phony stories is their answer.

    Immigration law is not enforced.War by executive action.Wars illegal.Oil,Pentagon,International banking,business sector run America.

    Jobs lost will never return.China, APEC number one.Communist are good for you.You will love the communist model.Both parties love it.Believe it or not.

    How can you have a democracy and the Patriot Act.A congress that does not read bills, but approves them.No law in rules of engagement.Who makes decisions unknown.Who is responsible is unknown.The rights of the people are denied.

    Tax payer and FED and bailout and illegal FED. Consolidation of international banking at US tax payers security but war and third world status for the American people.

    The Jim Garrison tapes 1/10 You Tube.

    Walter E. Haas God bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 16, 2009

  23. To know how the fools cheat and play all sides just like the other satanist because they are suckers that have fallen in the pit for a buck read David Icke:The Global Awaking 19 NOV 2009 and all my comments for The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System.One shows their self by their works.You will know how media of all kinds operate to rip off sheep.The tactics they use are as common as they are.These people are what capitalism is made of.I have no account with them now and I deleted the 8 last reviews.Power is relative.My E-Mail is leodragon97@hotmail .com.How can you have access to a named account that is closed.Would you are your bank OK it.This is satanism in the open.Tragedy&Hope by Carrol Quigley was stolen by publisher.1/5 reviews You E. Haas Profile and Reviews.I stated no Account.Account closed they added ‘s on account.This is common method they used.I want to thank them for their fine foiled example.The harvest will take care of everything.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 20, 2009

  24. David Icke:The Global Awaking 19 Nov 2009.Read my comments for this article to understand what kind of people run Amazon Books and how Google and Yahoo are in conspiracy with them.The fact that they are advertising Books using my name is the proof.I have been informed by Amazon customer service they will remove Reviews and Profile with my name in several days. I have E-mail stating this.Amazon closed account but there still is access to account closed with my name as one can see at Google and Yahoo.Yahoo shows (How The World Really Works) with my name at Amazon Books. .I have informed Amazon Books I want no association with them,and they do not have my permission to advertise their products using my name.Public information on internet is not covered for this libel.When I officially closed account with Amazon Books the account should have been completely closed.Amazon Books customer service has stated I was not in good standing with them,yet they want to advertise using my name.
    They would not allow me to comment to reviews I had done in response to comments by others.They had removed 10 or more reviews after being on line for long period of time.They have removed sentences in my reviews also.I removed 18 reviews?

    It is my opinion these people are Illuminati and Masons as the media is controlled by these groups as the American government is.

    They feared what I had written and removed it.Then they exploited it.This is common practice with these groups.Factions may or may not exist.Communications in all forms generally is controlled by the elite as I have proved by their conduct in my case.The evidence is the proof.

    The Two Plus Two poker Forum I have had no association with or ever made any comments for.That is at Google search Walter E. Haas.Yahoo search Walter E. Haas.

    If there was not profit in my comments and reviews they would not exist..What internet provider can do by right is another matter.I want my name removed In Reviews and Profile as I have no Account With Amazon Books as it is closed officially stated by Customer service Amazon Books.

    The Satanic Central Banksters,Monetary Enslavement System and my comments explain how the secret organizations work.Amazon Book company is good example with proof of how things are not what they seem.Reality is you perception.

    I am not Hitler or a racist or anti jew or gentile.If the truth is called by these names so be it.A racist is a racist, jew or gentile.Racist calling everyone else one is a joke.This is what many jews have done and are doing.Not all jews are racist.Not all gentiles are racist.Many people at Amazon Books that make comments are jews.They did not like the truth I stated.They are in denial.Look at Israel today.
    War crimes,human rights violation,illegally occupying Palestine.No solution for Gods Chosen people.Our gentile American government supports Israel.What does that say about the American government.WW111 for Israel.

    How can you deal with a company that deals with customers in this fashion.You can’t.

    I deleted Michael Hoffmann’s book Secret Societies first to give them the message I know who they are.Then a few days later I deleted 7 more Reviews.Then I requested account be closed.Since Socio- Economic History Blog is listed at Google and Yahoo at Walter E. Haas Search the two are related.Topics and comments. There is association.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 21, 2009

  25. Run For Cover and take your perverted trash with you as you always do you fools.If you can fool me once you can’t be fool again.Our dear leader BUSHMAN made this honest statement.The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System needs update.Do not be fooled by foolery,dupes,simpletons,absurdity,
    silly?,stupid,dunces,puppets jesters,caps of fools,fools caps,etc.
    Is the American government foolish and stupid and fool hardy with a bunch ill-considerate fools running it into the ground with you laying on it.Some people say talk to me dirty it turns me on.How dirty can you get.Far hung low.Is this the state of American affairs??? The world could turn into a great ball of fire,or great balls of fire.

    Some reminders for topics from this blog with my comments follow:On The Federal Reserve Surreptitiously Buys Half Of Last Week Seven Year Bonds- On Shadowy Bilderberg Group Meets in Greece.Final plans For One World Government-Israel Soldier Admits War Crimes In Gaza WAR-Ron Paul On Federal reserve Audit-Hacked Climate E-Mails.World Believes In same Style Lies About Iran.Vatican And E T Exposure-David Icke And Global Awaking!UFO Disclosure May be Imminent-, ETC.

    The company has removed comments from the Satanic Banksters” because they got caught.The rear end of a mule has no other option.There are faction together or not,or sometime or always??? Fool is Fool does.The criminals are obvious from their actions.This is only directed at criminal parties as other have no choice in the conspiracy.
    The media is controlled by elite to extreme degree.Israel propaganda proves my statements true.Those who serve its agenda are beyond truth or redemption.They are exposed finally at last never to be effective in cover up again.The internet is their downfall with a force greater than theirs which are materializing now.The power that be will not be.They have already been notified.Of course great balls of fire in exchange can solve the problem permanently.Yes all can go as far as it takes and get what they give.Stand down,or be out fools.The cost is your personal security.This message is for gentiles and jew who are committing,or serving for the act of TREASON. Fair distribution of wealth will be..Benjamin Fulford and Bill Deagle, Leo Zagami and Henry Makow,David Icke and Walter E. Haas are messengers.Thinking makes it so with superior force,or option no existence.Play and pay.Bluffing time is over.

    Socio-Economic History Blog-BackType Walter E. Haas comments.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 30, 2009

  26. Please be advised that any individual or organization may be under the influence of an intelligence agency and presenting a false front to manipulate the group or individual.I myself and any other person I have mention may be an operative.The best spies are never caught because they are the most deceptive.The elite create and infiltrate most organization whether they be environment, birth control,population control,etc.Do not trust anyone representing social reform ?????????????????????????????
    before you have research their background.There are very popular people that are serving special interest that do not serve the security of the people.They proclaim they are opposed to elite when they work for them.They only attack certain interest not all who are responsible for the conditions of America.You know these people names some of them.I will not mention the names of those I know who are doing this at this time.Some of people I have mention may be Rockefeller supporters,etc.Keep in mind the secret government has agents in all sectors of business,military,
    government,private sector,Media,Insurance,etc.This is how they keep control using secret societies with oath to secrecy.JFK speech on secret organizations.I do not claim responsibility for any individual I have mentioned in terms of knowing what are who they represent other than what they state.I question some of them myself.Most people can be bought one way are the other.Blackmail,dope,sex,etc.Please research and use good judgment before you draw conclusions.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | November 30, 2009



    11-28-98-HTTP:// D. Schauf search


    This is the information that is needed to save America from the new world order.It exposes all players for what they are with names and details.It prove the conspiracy of silence by news media,congress and business sector.This is why this information is suppressed.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 5, 2009

  28. The Satanic Central Banksters article is in conjunction with the video of Ron Paul statements on Fox News and my comments for Ron Paul Video title Ron Paul: Obama Preparing U.S. for perpetual war 5 DEC 09.Require Fox news,CNN and all other influenced CFR media,etc to expose the FED with Mr.Thomas D.Schauf article The Federal Reserve Is A Privately Owned Corporation that IS privately owned by U.S corporations that has shares in ILLEGAL FED with other international parties.

    Based on conspiracy evidence which must be researched the president is groomed by elite.There is one party in U.S..Hegel Dialectic is used to control the Herd,Cattle,Sheep,Animals.

    As the Fed is illegal the U.S. Constitution is null and void.Corporates control the U.S. government in secrecy.NWO.

    They create war,etc.They create the problem and then the people beg for them to create the solution the elite have already decided as the choices are given by the God elite.They cannot lose because they control all sides they think.NWO.

    Only because the herd are brainwashed and conditioned by phony education and media of all sorts can they rule as knowledge of truth proves the truth of conspiracy.U.S. history proves it in the case of Andrew Jackson Second Bank of U.S. Lincoln and finance for civil war.JFK Executive Order 11110,etc.The Federal Reserve Act is illegal as the FED is under Article 1,Section 8 U.S. Constitution.NWO.

    Only none educated and brainwashed would permit TREASON.When a nation looses it history and belief in nationalism, and its God and looses its past values it can be defeated from within.Exercise in school and learning U.S.history dates and facts when memorized by repetition guarantee cohension of American history,civics.This was required in American schools when treason was not in action.
    Charles and Mary BeardC.NOT all jews think this way.Gentiles are also trying to destroy America by using these tactics.LOOK at the perverts in public education, and how parents are fighting school boards over it.PARENTS TAKE YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF SCHOOL AND DEMAND REFORM.Have these PEOPLE removed from their official position by all means.That will be a message.Universities,students research text books and methods of teaching prior 1963.In particular research history books and civics.You will see the conspiracy before your eyes.
    Education is being use to make you fools as you have been made animals, herd cattle,and that is what you are by your actions.Is the alien part animal reptile mixed gentile and jew,and pure gentile.How can you think as a ROBUT???

    Please prove me wrong on civics,and U.S.history.A high school student in education in 1963 in public school was better inform and better educated than many with BA today.They were also smarter as only 50 percent graduated.
    How can you think when your brainwashed.Not all students are schools are stupid.Class plays big part.All are brainwashed in degrees and that includes me also.I am a animal part alien if I believe it,and it is possible otherwise.JIM MARRS book about alien history and you and me says???YES??? the bible may say so???..Is MARRS a fool.Why is his name MARRS.Research is background to find out if he is qualified.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 6, 2009

  29. Do not remove this material.I have print of what I write.You will be exposed.You are looking for trouble.The American schools prior 1963 were 90 percent European and only 50 percent graduated.Charles and Mary Beard,Hendrick Van Loon books and text books are available.Nationalism and belief is what makes a nation cohesive.In America prior 1963 these values were prominent.History and civic were taught by repetition,memorization.Not multiple choice test,but written test.(Charles And Mary BeardC.)the paragraft

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 6, 2009

  30. Paragraph has been removed with all information on Jews and Israel.What I stated was About Charles and Mary Beard and Hendrick Van Loon who are famous American historians was removed and information about jews and Israel.The all jews think this way is out of context as other part has been deleted as soon as it went on line.What I said was the Jews and others that have conviction know their history.That since jews are the chosen people of god,and so intelligent,and know their history we gentile should follow their example for American history and civics.The jews prove the importance of knowing your history by their using their version of it, for their patriotism and propaganda in Israel and elsewhere which facts indicate are different.This being said the point is without nationalism and faith,and history a people are lost as they have no cohesion.This is the problem in America.The values and morals are lost by those destroying the Christian Religion and Christ and the culture..This includes the corporations.This is deliberate in universities and in the private and corporate sector.If there is no culture the nation is lost.The jews are racist in Israel as the leadership has stated Israel is jewish state.Logic says this can only mean it is racist.
    I say know your history as the jews and others know theirs,so you can have belief in America.Terrorist have conviction do YOU.Jews in Universities have strong influence and lobbies.Most of them support Israel.They do not want open debate on Israel,etc.This is brainwashing whether by gentile or jew, professor,instructor,or teacher.For analytical thinking logic is require. You have to debate for summation.This is why it is not allowed generally.It is Brainwashing.Text books present distorted information to confuse and dumb down students.U.S. History and civics are example in public schools generally. This is not always the case in private and rich community schools???.Class programs their own.

    I am not against jews anymore than gentiles.If they oppose America and its historical culture,and commit TREASON to destroy America they are my enemy.Not because they are jew or gentile.

    The Federal Reserve Is A Privately Owned Corporation- BY Thomas D.Schauf and
    Please Copy And Distribute With No copy cach.Search P.S. Full Context for these comments- The Satanic Central Banksters’Monatery Enslavement System 3 Sept 09 Socio- Economic History Blog-BACKTYPE.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 6, 2009

  31. This is added to The Satanic Central Banksters’3 Sept 09(Afghans Want To Be Saved from us,Not by Us.7 Dec 09 as it goes with Ron Paul topic Preparing For Perpetual War 5 Dec 09, and my comments.Socio-Economic History blog-BackType.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 8, 2009

  32. Congressman Dennis Kucinich states it all in Afghans want to be saved from us not by us dated 7 Dec 09.Read topic and my comments for truth for a change.Ron Paul:Obama Preparing for Perpetual war 5 Dec 09 both with my comments.

    Save America.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 8, 2009

  33. You had better read The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09 by me with 33 comments.I made comments today you will not believe.Others don’t want you to read them and have tried to cover them up as they are not posted.That should be all the proof you need.Believe It Or Not

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Socio- Economics History Blog-BackType Dec 12 09

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 12, 2009

  34. The Satanic Central Banksters’.The answer at last as to why the illegal unconstitutional none Federal Reserve exist.The U.S. is still colony of England as result of the Jay Treaty
    1794 when we double cross the French for Britain.Then the Treaty of Paris 1783 which acknowledged America a colony of England^^^One should keep in mind that the American revolution was a gentleman war as masons were on opposing sides and English were fighting English.Also who controlled banks as a result of the French Revolution.The America Revolution was a war between Aristocrats who considered the heard sheep.3 percent fought in American revolution for the rich to settle their conflict of interest differences.Since the rich got what they wanted in America no tax on them and control of business interest they said America as British colony okay as so many benefits came from it and security.Washington was hated because of the Jay Treaty.Treaty of Paris finalized America as U.S. colony as prior to American Revolution.America should have sided with the French as without them we could not have won the war of independence.
    Many people including Jefferson were sympathetic with the French in America.Jefferson did not know that America was a British colony after the revolution.Thomas Paine did not either.Adams, Madison,Franklin,etc did.Many Americans ran to Canada in the revolution as they sided with England.Ben Franklin had son who died in England as result of taking English side.The Americans have always had problem with the elite as Shay and Whiskey rebellions prove,etc,and Andrew Jackson stand against the bank and the eastern establishment.The fools reduced the value of the money and took land by deceit and cheated the people in every way they could.Jackson put them down.He was the first president that represented the have not by his actions.I am not discrediting Jefferson.There were faction within the aristocrat group.This resulted in conflict of interest.
    The FED is Unconstitutional,but has existed because of the faction that had always been loyal to England and still are.

    If Article 1 Section 8 of U.S. Constitution is violated then the U.S. Constitution is null and void.If any part of the U.S. Constitution is not enforced the U.S. Constitution is null and void.If The U.S Constitution is Null and Void the U.S. government and congress are in state of Treason.Why
    because government official who take oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution have violated their oath.This includes the U.S Supreme Court.

    Article 1,Section 8 To coin money,regulate the value thereof ,and of foreign coin,fix the standards,weight,measures.(Read complete)?

    Article 1,Section 8,Clause 17.Congress shall have power to exercise legislation in all cases whatsoever over such districts as may be come the seat of government of the U.S..’Which means Washington D.C.Proposals made to constitutional convention by James Madison.^^^Ralph Epperson lecture on this issue Ralph,

    War 1812 banking war for intent to control the bank of U.S. and to destroy records of amendment 13 of U.S. Constitution
    removing nobility from rights.This clause removed^^^???

    14 Amendment of U.S. Constitution.We are citizen who live by government granted privilege.Social Security card makes you slave.Federal income tax voluntary.No law requiring IRS. Rule not law.Rules apply to U.S. citizens???^^^This is open to debate and interpretation.What is legal fact???

    The Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Act are unconstitutional.Ratification by three forth of congress???^^^

    USA A British Crown Colony at YOU TUBE-, and

    USA not country,but corporation.The president is the CEO.

    U.S. is a British Corporation 1 and 2 You Tube.Also The Secret Rulers Of The World^^^The United States Is Still A British Colony-search

    Please be advised that I copied part of this information from the internet at search book Unseen Hand.Other contributors I abstracted from their statements.I added information that I have knowledge of.This information is a brief.It is intended to make known in simple terms the state of America and its government.There is no intent to lie ,or spin as facts prove the substances of the case.Thomas Paine was hated by elite of America.One of Americas greatest patriots.
    Jefferson had to bring him home>He hated G.Washington.He stated the U.S. had gone back with England within 30 years of the American revolution.Some say Washington wanted to be KING.Revision history and conspiratorial history may be as close to truth as is possible.Certainly those that design history would not want one to know they produced it.

    The Anti Federalist Society of Chatham County georgia-Constitution Null and Void-Was not available as it was removed every time I tried to read it on line???
    USA not country, but corporation.

    Do not be deceived.The U.S.Constitution if violated by fraud is still valid in sense that it can be reinstated by its enforcement.The people have been duped by elite who rule.If this is a fact America is in state of TREASON,and the enemy is within.As Jim Garrison stated it goes to highest level.Shaw was an untouchable.

    For reference Ralph Beard Basic History of U.S..Hendrick Van Loon- The Story Of America,Oxford History Of the American People.The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson.

    Please read these books unabridged.The enemy changes sentences resulting in different meaning,and they remove entire topics.The media is controlled by the FED as everything else is,and now you know why maybe.The FED will not allow audit and has more power than U>S government.It is above the American government.Is America a British Colony by deceit^^^

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 13, 2009

  35. How The Federal Reserve Runs U.S.Part 2.Federal Reserve Controls The U.S. Video-The Money Masters-How International Bankers…Topic at And You Tube.

    As has been stated the FED controls America. As result of this statement the topics that follow must be related to it by corporate connection.

    Norman Dodd Reece Committee.Charlotte Iscrbyt-Deliberate Dumbing Down Of the World.YT.

    Planet Nibiru NASA 2012 Info Dooms Day

    21 Dec 2012 Solar storms.Changing poles and land mass research. You

    Philip Schneider Top Security Clearance.Engineer Topics at You Tube and research and read all material on Mr.Philip Schneider a true American Patriot.

    Underground Cities For 2012.The Alien Agenda 1/7-Underground Cities 1/12 some parts missing???

    I have made every attempt to inform the American people in simple terms how the world really works in all aspects.I have stated before that I compiled this information from my own knowledge and from contributors on the internet.Special interest are that resulting in subjective view of interest.There can be no logic unless one is objective.For to right a wrong one must acknowledge a problem and the responsibility assumed by parties committing offense.This is not the way of the world.Power corrupts totally especially when consolidated.Man is corrupt by his nature proves it.Who has not sin.Who is innocent.If you are I had power would we be different than elite.Most would be the same as elite.Selfish interest rules.We serve our own interest at the expense of others.History indicates that the nature of man and is history are totally destructive resulting in wars and destruction of civilizations.The Roman Catholic Church ruled after the fall of Rome in the west and still does as other factions of elite do.With knowledge we know the church of Rome has twisted and turned to preserve its power.All is relative and there are no absolutes.Morals and ethics are diplomatic and a front for confrontation under control.Might is right and power is retained by this means.International banking and defense industry are examples of perpetuation of institutions by any means.
    This being said explains the state of the American government today.Secret organizations rule the world for interest of the Crown and committee of 300 which are not and never were democratic by choice and never will be.Fear keeps all in check.It is better to be feared than loved is fact to keep power.Bloodlines would retain them by these means.Fear and greed rule the world.

    The dumbing down of the American people and their lack of knowledge of U.S. history with no ethics,morals,or God?,and the lack of nationalism has almost destroyed America.

    Norman Dodd and Charlotte Iserbyt exposed the criminals and what and how they have corrupted education for the New World Order.The universities both private and public have supported this corrupt distorted method of teaching which involves destroying belief,loyalty,conviction,etc.This includes grades 1 to 12 in public schools.

    I understand that there are no absolutes and that all is relative and that reality is my perception, and God may not exist,yet I know I believe in my perception and my perception is generally like everyone’s in degrees.Rules are working generally.I know they may change,but usually they function as I perceive them to.We have to go with what we perceive.We must have conviction and belief to be individuals.To think requires knowledge which in turn requires diversity.Diversity is the way of nature.
    Globalization is not diversity it is fascist communism for the elites to rule the world.

    God is what I perceive him to be.What makes me feel good about believing in God is my right.If I do not believe that is my business.As long as your God does not hate mankind he is probably okay.Treat your brother as yourself.

    Difficult times are ahead and the elite and their puppets may go underground to ride out the storm.As 2012 Dec 21 approaches we may see weather changing in extreme.The underground cities and aliens are real in my opinion.

    In closing Admiral Byrd? the explorer who went to the pole a 1oo years ago said there was advanced nation of aliens living underground with advance technology.This was in book that circulated for many years.

    This is what Philip Schneider said .He said aliens underground and they are may take over if you don’t stop them.If you go to Google and You Tube and hear his lectures
    you may be very surprised and concerned for your well being.Also 21 Dec 2012 radiation disruption causing earth change.You Tube and and shift shaping could be result of mixed blood,or by other means.I have seen Bush change momentarily.A reptile form appeared in mist form from his body and then blended back with it.I know this sound crazy as it is hard for me to believe.Maybe I was seeing things,and power of suggestion was at play.I have never seen this phenomena before,or since.

    It is indicated by Philip Schneider that the time to act is now.21 Dec 2012 approaches fast if underground cities have been build and alien are underground this should be reason for concern one would think.

    Merry Christmas,God Bless America,Walter E. Haas

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 18, 2009

  36. Hello Golden Sachs and Federal Reserve not Federal, but private central bank, and unconstitutional.Article 1,Section 8 U.S.Constitution.

    Federal Reserve Runs America at video and The U.S. Constitution And Federal Reserve…The video The U.S. Constitution is good brief,but I must point out a few things.Columbus was out for gold and land possession and shot cut to Asia.Hamilton was puppet of international bankers.FDR was controlled by the secret government.Obama is not following the rules.The video taking these factors into consideration is good for the uninformed.The U.S. Constitution must be enforced.Propaganda spin for NWO takes many forms.

    This is continuation of same topic from 18 Dec 09.

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd born 25 Oct 1880.Explorer North Pole and South Pole.11 expeditions starting in 1928 and ending 1955.His secret journal.Under the earth a few miles deep there is a huge city with millions of inhabitants,a city which is called Agartha.Those who populated earth 100,000 years ago have moved underground.There are many cities underground in several parts of the world,but Agartha is most important.This is abstract>They have advance tech and can live until they desire death.They have tube transport that goes at extreme speed.War caused them to go underground.Two alien groups at war high tech>>>This is from the article(The world Inside The Earth) at
    or type in title at search The Dogon,the Nommons and the Mystery of Sirius B.>>>^^^Alien Ruler,Prince,Amen Ra^^^

    Philip Schneider Underground Bases,The Alien Agenda lectures on video at You Tube and through Search Planet Nibiru NASA 2012 info Dooms Day

    Leo Zagami^^^video,You Tube.
    Leo Zagami,the 2012 Armageddon.

    Riddle of the sphinx.Leo Zagami in this video discloses much and opens the window to the future Maybe^^^

    What follows is only intended to create imagination.It is not absolutely correct.Mistakes and conclusions may be incorrect.I am a messenger.It is for those who read the message to interpret it as they see fit.

    What follows is abstract.18 Dec 09 comments must be read to understand full implication.All references must be examined.

    The three hundred year illusion.The aristocrats,bourgeois,
    peasants.Bourgeois have ruled 300 years?They are no good. Aristocrats will rule as they have been exploited with peasants.Aristocrat 1000 year reign.Hitler 1000 year reign.The blood of Jesus Christ Leoni? Family of Italy to Scotland Royal Families,Alchemical bloodline to royal Family England and House of David to Judea, Israel.

    I am Messiah of the Jews.NWO New Sacred Roman Empire. I am not of pure jewish blood,but I am the messiah of the jews.
    Christ is me.The Holy Grail,grail,seed.Jesuits will protect me.Prince of Sirius is king.Amen,Amon Ra the sun my father,God is man.I created 9/11.I am connected to Ben Laden Islam connection.1776-2012 NWO.Trials and tribulations 2012 to 2019.Great suffering mankind this period.If you believe in me you will survive.Leo Zagami of Zion.We will bring you back to reality.Great kingdom of God.Corrupt in the hands of the devil.Christ is me and I am Christ.Why do you try to crucify me.The same as two thousand years ago.The order brings you back.I am in a net,but I will soon fly as like an angle from this net.Knights of the Temple.I broke Vatican code and proved I am he.

    The above is abstracted from Leo Zagami the 2012 armageddon
    video by title at search Google and You Tube.

    There is no intention on my part to make fun of what leo Zagami has said as if interpreted as a riddle it makes complete sense.I admire Leo Zagami whatever side of the fence he is on.He has explained everything one needs to know about the NWO and the secret elite and their organizations and corporations that rule the world.In the Satanic Central Banksters’ I used is reference- Illuminati Exposed:Video by Dr.Pierre ordinaire-My space Video- comment 7 for The Satanic Central Banksters’.Truth is stranger than fiction.The language of truth has many dialects.

    Please see video- Hell On Earth 1212 Doom Day the expressions of Oliver North and others under investigation.Questions involved removal of U.S. Constitution in national Emergency-Martial law.

    Do Not be deceived by false bearers.Retain your arms.Do not kneel down.Know you position and protect it.Have exit strategy.Know terrain.Beware of ploys and decoys.Do not accept bait.The profit may be false God.The long way can be the short way.Know the way.Beware of False flags.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 20, 2009

  37. Open Parachute-Word Mind Doesn’t Work If It’s Closed.Topic The Global Warming Conspiracy.

    Robert G.Williscroft,PhD

    I fear you may be for real,Walter E. Haas-OGM!At the south pole,we had a 1930s something UCLA doctoral thesis about hollow earth and the aliens who live there.The way into the place was,according to this PhD candidate,at the south pole.The more things change,the more they stay the same.

    Blog at Word Press-Theme:Cut line by Chris Pearson

    Mr.Robert G. Williscroft is a none fiction author and can be located at search and at

    The Mind Doesn’t Work If It’s Closed.

    I was not allowed to respond to Mr.Williscroft’s reply as cut line applied.I am sure he will find this amusing.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America conspiracy)

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 21, 2009

  38. The following are comments I made which Mr.Williscroft replied to which are stated in comments 38.

    Has anyone considered that 21 Dec 2012 may change the weather and everything else,and that since there is much evidence leading to this possibility why not wait.In fact this has happened.The Copenhagen Accords have failed.Of course this resulted from imperialism.Giving the NWO power is not solution as what they have done proves.I think my comments for topic The Satanic Central Banksters’ at search may be closer to the truth than one desires.Underground bases and The Alien Agenda by Philip Schnieder at You Tube and may be true believe it or not.Maybe finding a bunker is more important than HAARP,or phony climate data.20 Dec 2009 at 11:05 A.M..Topic Global Warming Conspiracy-Open Parachute-Word Press.(Cut line)

    You know character by its action.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 21, 2009

  39. Illnois
    12 Dec 2009…Walter E. Haas.Climate change person Biographical Entry.Jump to section…Walter E. Haas//
    Dec,2009 at 10.

    This can be found at Walter E. Haas search
    When it went on line it showed comments between me and
    Mr.Williscroft.The Topic was The Global Warming Conspiracy.

    Why was it changed.Cut line why have My name if not my comments.Mr.Williscroft is correct in statement The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    What is the concern about 21 Dec 2012 climate change and aliens,undergrounds bases,cities,etc.Certainly the weather does not lie.If the weather does not continuously get worst as 2012 approaches then why worry.If it does maybe there should be concern.Why would people be disturbed by silly comments that are fiction.Everybody likes a scary story.Fiction is that if it is not otherwise.

    Walter E. Haas Merry Christmas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 22, 2009

  40. Why would information on JFK assassination be removed.
    Evidence was overwhelming.The part were I point out JFK had no security at time of hit have been removed.4 shots recorded by motorcycle police officer riding near JFK at time of Hit.Change of route.FBI notified of intended hit.Top people fired by JFK.Eisenhower started putting troops in Vietnam.CIA lied to JFK about Bay of pigs.>Comment 22 my apology mayor changed route???.CIA Coby talks to much.CIA chief and other fired by JFK.
    Coby CIA chief died wild swimming at night which he never did before?Coby talked to much about Warren commission,etc.Why would this information be removed.Who the hit people were some of them.Shooters names,confession,etc.9/11,Roswell,Iraq,Pearl Harbor,Afghan.

    The security police protecting JFK got off the car he was in and drop back.One Security officer shows disbelief to this order by waving his arms in the air.You will notice no security to shield JFK from hit.Witnesses saw fire from grassy knoll.Witness testimony destroyed.Witnesses told you did not see what you did by FBI and other police.Research You Tube.Bush speech they don’t want you to hear at You Tube.He is joking,or really telling the truth.Look at audience of wealth and applauds.Could this be true attitude of elite.

    The fact that the security agents protecting JFK were not on car to protect him proves conspiracy at highest level.

    Autopsy done in D.C. not Dallas was against the law.Papers torn up on autopsy.Brain matter lost.

    Ruby said he did not want jews blamed for hit?Ruby drove one of hit men to grassy knoll.

    Fairrie said foreign nation taking over??? with hit of JFK.
    Oliver Stone JFK,JFK Executive Action- movies on DVD.

    What happen to my information on this subject.As with others removed.

    If you can locate this information please notify me.

    America is in condition it is in because fascist took over America with JFK hit.1913 and 1963 are connected by Executive Order 11110 JFK.Total corporate control of America.International banking,Defense Industry,oil dominant factions. JFK would have withdrawn from Vietnam.JFK was opposed to Israel Nukes.He backed down U.S. Steel.JFK speech on secret organizations in combination with Eisenhower speech on Military Industrial Complex says it all.Who protects the FED?If you can’t stop the FED you can’t stop the fascist because they are all one.America is international corporation for the Crown resulting in the destruction of the U.S..Why else is America in decline.Why is there poverty and unemployment,outsourcing,free trade,globalization and third world education in U.S. public schools.Wars without end.FED out of control.

    When are people going to wake up.The reason our nation is failing is because the business sector is not regulated.For an economy to be successful it must have checks and balances.The government must rule not the criminals.Criminal have no right to be in government.Why has nothing been done to the FED and Wall Street and the private business sector that have destroyed America.Because the people who run the government are the private business sector.The professional classes have created our criminal system.250,000 a year and more.If what I say is not true who sold out America the sheep.They love war for profit.It has always been this way.Why were insurance companies opposed to sheep having nationalized medical.Because they are sheep and that is how profit is made.A sheep is only good for profit.Let them starve in the street if no profit made from them.They the sheep can only be what they are as they have proven.They deserve whatever they get because their stupid fools.Fool is Fool does.What other explanation can there be for them being in a garbage dump full of slime.
    Pigs love garbage because sheep don’t know when there in it.

    If our nation is in slime who caused it. Fools,Sheep.

    Not all of any class are responsible.Only those who are are.Where are those intellectuals in the universities.There in the elites pockets with all the other puppets and slime balls.If your not one what is your excuse.Brain damage.If your innocent why worry about slime.America is disgusting as a result of slime.You can’t wash the smell off.Of course I am joking.If people are smart and lucky and the family has money why worry.The others just don’t want to work.They are no good trash.White trash is the worst.Trailer trash.

    Walter E. Haas- God Bless America and the Sheep in slime.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 27, 2009

  41. My apology this is information on JFK I thought had been removed.Please read and research information.

    Israel Preparing Public For New War( In Gaza! 5 Nov 09

    Walter E Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 28, 2009

  42. Why is reality covered up.Why is information removed that is available to the public at,etc.

    Vanunu Confirms Israel’s Global Thermonuclear Blackmail.
    An Interview With Hesham Tilla W.,PhD. 12-18-9

    There is also a technical paper written on history of nukes and who help Israel and why in developing them.Norway,France
    South Africa,England,America,etc.This includes strategy for using them and creating mini Nukes.I will give title for this information.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 29, 2009

  43. Israel Nukes paper listed by several titles.

    USAF Paper On Israel Thermonuclear Blackmail Of America.

    Zionist Israel Thermonuclear Blackmail Of America.
    From Lili 2-26-3

    Please be advised this is technical information.It is based on history of Israel and its wars and other players involved.The information can be researched for validity.It is time to face facts for a change.

    Other information follows on Israel and JFK assassination.
    One topic is not intended to connect the other.

    JFK comments 21,22,Satanic Central Banksters’

    Israel Preparing For War(Genocide) In Gaza Comments 1-7

    Topic Israel: Khazar Empire,Illuminati and NWO comments 50,58,59,60,71,75,83,86,87.

    JFK The Guns Of Dealy Plaza.By John S. Greg.Gary Shaw and John Stockwell:JFK&Assassination 1to6.John Stockwell former CIA-Bush connection-Skull&Bones.-Research John Stockwell CIA

    The Mouser In The Texas Book Book Depository.

    7.65 Mouser on rifle stock.Two weapons found at book depository.Sheriff blown up in car accident told to stand down-no protection for JFK.Jim Garrison 1 to 10 JFK Assassination.

    Much of what I have written on JFK I have not found.The JFK hit changed America and is reason America is in decline today.

    The Reece Committee,Mc Carthy Hearings,Anthony Sutton book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.Skull&Bones by Sutton and communist in State Dept with today’s circumstances leave little to question.Charles Lindbergh Sr.,Jr.Huey Long,Binjaman Freeman and Eustice Mullins Tells It Like It Is -on the FED and the his book NWO leave little to question
    All reference are available at,You Tube, and many topic at Socio-Economic History blog-Back Type indicate things are rotten in America.

    There is no intent on my part to belittle any group,or discredit them.The information and reference speak for themselves,and stand are fall on there own merit.

    The truth is pain.What is worst than pain is to not correct cause of it.Infection get worst without treatment.America is dying.Those who support TREASON will fall victim to it.
    There are no rules at the top and anything goes including you.Those who really rule are no part of you.They can move,you can’t.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 29, 2009

  44. What follows is my opinion about the Joe Mac Carthy hearings 1954.What follows is brief,abstract,and maybe flawed.First Facts.Norman Dodd investigator for Reece Committee 1953?Mac Carthy Hearings 1954?.Dodd said the bankers said they would blend America with the Soviet Union.The bankers also said they had screwed the American system up to degree it could not be fixed.This information is available at You Tube and transcript at Mac Carthy said communist had infiltrated into The Vanona Papers prove there were communist in the U.S. List Of American communist In Vanona Papers.Proven Communist.

    My opinion follows:First Stalin was opposed to Jews in the Soviet union.The Hearing were between 1913 and 1954.The book War Is A Racket by Gen. Butler 1930s.This book tells about the conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Constitution by U.S. Corporations,Banks, with international involvement.

    The fascist gentiles left the door open for the communist many being jews to gain power in U.S..This resulted from social injustice.Example industrial revolution and Depression of 1929.

    What was not known about was the secret international Banking Cartel that really runs the U.S. Government with Skull&bones and elite shareholders of FED.

    Further the NWO doctrine was unknown to the majority.We know the bankers involvement in the Russian Revolution,and we know From Anthony Sutton in his book The Best Enemy money Can Buy that the bankers and corporates played all sides in these wars and the building up of the soviet union by 5 year lend least plans,etc.Jew,,
    Socio-Economic History blog,etc.

    Jim Garrison in 1 to 10 JFK Assassination You Tube states how the U.S. government agencies lied and covered up evidence,and this included civilian police agencies,and private sector business.The fact that JFK has no security when killed proves they lied.No security on car to cover him.Same with 9/11 no air defense,why?

    Joe Mac Carthy went through the same ringer,but it was much worst than Garrison experienced,and Garrison was put through hell.This proves how NWO operates and who the players are.Is the government run by secret organization,and the business sector as well in many cases.

    Leo Zagami exposes the secret government and its offshoots.
    You Illuminati and Freemasons,etc.

    With the information I have just given if one does research on references they can form their own conclusions.Beard Basic History Of U.S. Unabridged and Van Loon The Story Of America unabridged give outline of American History.The Story Of Mankind unabridged by Van Loon is good basic history of the world.

    The Rothschild are the richest banking family in the world.
    Rockefeller is at the top.Queen of England,etc..Elite Exposed.Leo Zagami and my references,etc.

    Who is responsible for American and world conditions.You be the judge.

    In closing I want you to know that there were people who were communist that had good intent.They wanted a better world.There are communist today who are just in their desire.This involved many Americans.The problem these people were used by the NWO to overthrow the U.S. Constitution in many cases.There was infiltration of the State Dept,and other government agencies by communist fascist NWO.They were many Jew puppets in this operation as the Vanona papers prove.Gentiles puppets also.

    Joe Mac Carthy was fighting communist and fascist gentile and jew.They were NWO. The famous statement- Do You Have Any Common Decency- in my opinion was stated by one committing TREASON.As the Warren Commission it was proved a joke.What was motive.Answer COVER UP.Warren Commission was proved incorrect in its findings?and how evidence was,or was not used?Testimony of witnesses prove it.How can you believe the American government,or its representatives.

    I support the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Freedom of Speech Amendment one.DO You.

    I have not mentioned spy’s who gave info to the Soviets,Scientist also.Are there factions resulting from foreign influence in U.S. government yesterday and today.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | December 30, 2009

  45. Happy New Year

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 1, 2010

  46. These are references to support my statements in Comment 45.

    Stalin Intended To Strike Hitler First By Henry Makow PhD 1-28-07

    Bush Treason Exposed By Smedley
    By The Business Plot By John Burl Smith Nov 09.

    The Hidden Agenda For World Government-Ed Griffin Interview With Norman Dodd In

    Comment 44 JFK,etc.

    The facts and truth are in the open.Are the people blind.
    Are they also without will.No history no memory-Norman Dodd?

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 1, 2010

  47. This is continuance of Comment 46 and contains the following references:Joe McCarthy Was

    Ralph Epperson Latest

    Anthony Sutton Interviews You Tube.

    Water Flowing Eastward by Colonel Lee La Lane???

    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon.Marxtrisma Marxtrama,Marx at Google,You Tube be advise Leo Zagami is talking in riddles,so therefore one could assume that he is speaking for the orgaization and its actions,Leo Zagami has exposed the secret organizations as no other has done.He may in fact stop intended actions of said groups as counter forces are rising.One must listen to all his interviews and topic to understand he is for real.No matter who’s side he represents he must be given credit for is good deeds.No one is perfect.Ego is required to step away from the crowed.He speak automatically without hesitation.He has extensive knowledge of subject naming parties.He is spontaneous in reply to questions.This indicates telling the truth.Do not sell Leo Zagami short.Leo Zagami says much more than what he says in Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon.Remember you are dealing with magic mystery schools that control through its members.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 2, 2010

  48. There is no conspiracy.In comment 36 you will notice inconsistency.The topic jumps from Norman Dodd to Planet Nibiru.The topic started with topics How The Federal Reserve Runs The U.S. Part 2- and The Money Masters-How International banks…Topic How The Federal Reserve Runs America Part 2 has been removed.When I typed in Title is shown,but not topic video.The 2 videos originally ran together at Google

    Columbus,Madison,and Hamilton were given as example of people who wanted to free the world from tyrants.In comment 36 I stated Hamilton was puppet of international bankers. Columbus’s God was Gold,enslavement of natives,and conquer of assets plus short route to Asia.Madison according to Ralph Epperson – Madison overthrew the U.S. Constitution.He has lecture on this topic Article 1,Section 8,Clause 17? Please research for facts.Ralph Epperson Latest Conspiracy Catalog at indicates what I say true regarding these individuals?

    I also pointed out in comments that the topic was good except for these individuals,and that one could be mislead by such statements.Why was topic removed,and why does it look like removal of some comments in comment 36 as I pointed out.

    Now I could be wrong.Why would I remember the topic and the topic be fragmented in jumping to different topic and topic being removed.Maybe it will come back.

    Why do I think topics and sentences are removed.Has it happen before?

    Maybe you should read what I have written as some people may be concerned.

    Please research all that I say and prove it is wrong.Maybe you should copy what I say because it may not be available.The references are important.

    My intent is to inform and not to lie and use spin.One should always research what others say,so they can prove they lie.You can make a fool out of them.What are you waiting for.

    Please forgive me if my memory has failed.Good intentions are my intent.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 3, 2010

  49. I have made a partial mistake.Comment 36.The Federal Reserve Runs America at is available by title,but is 404 not found when you click it.In comment 37 The comment I said was not there 36 comment is regarding Columbus,etc.It seems statements fragmented and out of context.If this is my fault I assume responsibility for it.

    As there has been effort to remove my comments to topics and I have had sentences topics removed which is a fact and
    can be proved.It may be that I am becoming Paranoid.This in no way discredits what I say as research will prove the point.When under attack one sometimes acts faster than they think.Sometimes this is positive and sometimes negative.It is always best to keep your composure.I should have researched first not later.My apology.Better late than never.I will research all details in future before I make statement.I did research but did not reread all comments over again.When I did I found my mistake?Proof Read before action.

    Ralph Epperson Latest Conspiracy

    Leo Zagami the 2012 Armageddon-Google,You

    Charles and Mary Beard,Hendrick Van Loon Great American Historians

    Do not judge a book by its cover

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 3, 2010

  50. To understand the Satanic Bankers one must have a basic knowledge of American history.Historians I will give reference to lived in America in an earlier age and are closer to the American tradition than what has materializes since 1963 as our nations morals,culture,and beliefs changed with the Vietnam war.The saying if you do not know your past you are subject to repeat it is fact as history proves.

    For all individuals and U.S. citizens to be good citizens they all need to understand and know their nations history.
    When people over 50 look at America today it is a shock for many to see the extreme changes that have developed.

    It is my opinion the historians who best describe America are prior 1963 are those I will Mention.They were closer to older history in America and can better judge than those that were not born at later time.I state this as a generalization.It is a relative statement.Nevertheless I believe the history taught today is flawed in the extreme.

    To prove this a false belief one can read the books I suggest and find out for themselves.Of course there are many bad historians and a few good ones in all time periods.

    History is written by the victor and is half truth and half lie and much is left out and never known.The truth is suppressed in many cases.It is also used as a form of brainwashing.

    Hendrik Van Loon The Story Of America,also Hendrik Van Loon The Story of Mankind.Charles and Mary Beard-A Basic History of U.S.1944-The Rise of American Civilization 1-2 1927,etc.
    Oxford History Of the American People in one volume by Samuel Eliot Morison.Ralph Epperson-The Unseen Hand- Book Conspiratorial View Of History.Ralph Epperson Latest Conspiracy Catalog at Google

    Read all these books unabridged.

    You will probably find a different U.S. History than the one taught today.It may be these books are much closer to the truth.If they are who is the deceiver.
    Ralph Epperson Latest Conspiracy Catalog at Search. and Realph

    Believe it or not 15 good books could make you well verse if you knew what the names were.These are a few of those books.I know many of the others.They are not new books.Some have been taught for 100s and thousands of years.So much time spent with so little reward and knowledge why.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 3, 2010

  51. Who finances black ops.Does congress,or the FED control the purse.Do you have access to the amount of cost of B-OPS,or can you get it through congress.Can the FED be audited without the Defense industry okaying it-Which the FED and they have not agree to.Is the FED a government bank.Do they get your money free and then charge you compound interest to barrow.Is the treasury associated with Exec Order 11110 JFK.
    Why did Jackson,Lincoln,JFK,etc not like the International bankers.Who is the power who really rules America.Are you free,or owned by the Crown.Do you care one way are the other.Is credit enslavement okay and you can go third world.

    Dennis Kucinich”This Is Threat To Our National Security!Jan 4,2010-On Alex Jones Bilderberg Club,Depopulation and the NWO-Jan 4,2010.

    NASA’s Project blue beam-NWO-(Part 1-2) You

    Leo Zagami in the Armageddon 2012.Google,You Tube

    Holographic Projector-Mind Control,Earthquake,etc control- war weapon-alien illusion-real? 1 million WATTS HAARP-Frequency mind blower.Holographic Second Coming 2012???

    Half Truth Half Lie???

    A New World Religion to conquer the World.Martrisma-Marxma.?

    You have got to be kidding and insane.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 5, 2010

  52. The Satanic Central Banksters’

    Peter Schiff,Charles Coyette ON Dollar Meltdown!70% Devaluation in 2010.Date 6 Jan 2010.

    George Soros proves me right about the decline of the west and why.All those people who have suppressed and removed my topics and comments should be a shame of themselves,but maybe they don’t have any common decency,or common sense.Of course they are NWO and TREASON Violators,Racist,etc.So educated and deficient- a paradox.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America P.S Research my References for the Satan Bankers.There is no NWO,or conspiracy,and there has never been one.There are no secrets clubs.America and its people are always right even if their wrong.Third word is good because we deserve it because we are full of greed and corruption and stupid with no will,or emotion.Is it caused from HAARP candy bars,or the water for five a bottle.Inflation is good.Your money will be worth nothing and what does that say about you.

    Walter E. Haas Part 2 God Bless America and George Soros

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 6, 2010

  53. Marc Faber Outlines the Final Collapse of World Economy Due to Proficate Government!6 Jan 2010.

    Soros:China Will Lead New World Order 28 Oct 09

    Soros:China Must Be Part Of New World Ordder 28 Oct 09

    Prison By Paul Joseph Watson-video,transcript.

    How can the lie exist with the truth in the open-Brainwashing and mind control.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 7, 2010

  54. On 12 Warnings From Dr.Doom for 2012 7 Jan 2012.

    As I made comments about this topic, and it is about the illegal FED and Wall Street,K Street and all the other corporate,and private business crooks it is appropriate that I place it with the Satanic Banksters’.

    Paul B. Farrel abstract follows.

    1.Secular decline

    2.Historical meltdown

    3.FED,Wall St=Crisis

    4.Financial industry capture market.

    5. Who’s the culprit-The FED-credit Bubble-easy credit

    6. FED Reaganomics=Rob the system and no regulations.

    7. Soros Meltdown,new paradigm equals excessive greed banks.

    8. Hedgers,hedge funds,cheap money.All of them crooks mafia.

    9. Financial meltdown=Financial optimism=Subprime meltdown.

    10.Derivatives,hedge funds,computers okay establishment mafi

    11.Break down of civilization

    12.Peak,decline= GREED NO WILL INTERNATIONAL BANKING MOVED TO ASIA WITH THE TAX PAYERS MONEY=FED Unconstitutional and destroying the United States and the western world for NWO.
    This is with the support of the business sector supported by the educational system.Norman Dodd.The Reece Committee.
    Antony Sutton in his book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy sums it all up.Corporate rule with no loyalty to any nation.

    People brainwashed and don’t care enough to act against oppression.Maybe the Aliens will clear things up after the storm 2012 to 2o17?Nibiru approached Planet X the tenth planet.Ten dimensions.If aliens are real and are returning
    the ultimatum will be their way are no way.

    War with Iran=World War three.Of course Iran will not react.
    The window closes in 2010 to stop Iran from Nukes,so it is said,so if Russia said okay in deal, and scientist that was kidnapped from Iran spilled the beans why not blow up Iran.

    Israel controls 78% of land of Palestine and of course this leaves Palestine with 22%,yet Israel keeps expanding settlements and Egypt is placing metal barrier under ground to stop smuggling through tunnels.Israel is occupying Palestine land illegally,yet persist in land grab.Throwing people out of their homes in east Jerusalem,etc.

    Israel does not know why the people of Palestine do not want to talk to them.Hamas is the cause of all the problems.
    If only Hamas would do what Israel wants there would be no problems.

    Goldstone Report answers the Question that Israel does not want to hear.There is no solution.Israel has boxed itself in because of security.It can’t get out of the box.Palestine will never be free.It will be slave of Israel.There will be no two state solution.

    The aliens do not care about blackmail as they have the power to do it their way,or the world will not exist.

    Since the world weather may be in chaos in 2012 why not start the war now in Iran.The economy world wide is no good.The people are ready to rebel,so why wait.War will distract the people from thinking,and it is the best way to change reality.This is always the method used,so why change.
    You have those cities and bunkers underground.

    Aliens are only solution,but which way will they go,and who do they support.Underground bunkers,cities,aliens in caves.Planet X Nibiru.Lord of Sirius.The star is a planet X.It comes now.Is it a hologram are for real,or a combination of all of the above.Nibiru is 10th Planet?.

    What say you.Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon is telling the truth as a riddle.He is speaking for the aliens as he is one.Lion of Zion.Amen Ra-God is man,The Lord is from Sirius-Nibiru,Planet X.Leo Zagami has exposed the creators of America,so why not believe him.God works in strange ways.

    Time will tell as 2012 comes fast.Weather keeps getting worst be concerned maybe.Maybe HAARP is solution.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 10, 2010

  55. The American Establishment And its Puppets Are Exposed.

    Oliver Stone: Adolf Hitler was Enabled By Western Bankers’!
    Street and The Rise of Hitler Jan 27 2012

    HAARP Has Deleted Its Records Jan 27 2012.

    So much effort to conceal the truth in the media and communication industry,universities,business sector,government,defense industry,intelligence agencies,and by the percent that benefit from our nation being in state of TREASON.

    Why is it not stated that the business of America is business and always is.Business dominates over all other issues.It controls the government through the private corporations and their lobbies.The private business sector is no different in motive which is to expand profit and markets and international borders.It wants no restraint and will use any means to force through its policies denying the people their rights to unions,or fair living wages,or socialize medical.All for greed and power.Not any concern about the security of America.No brotherhood,or Rights of Man.It has always been this way.Why change.

    These parties pretend they support the people,but in reality only support their class.Look at what business supports.No taxes or regulations for them, but enslavement through taxes and credit for the majority of American people.I will prove my statements and ask those who disagree to prove I am incorrect which they can’t with facts to support their spin.Capitalism is a criminal system because it profits by deception.The classes keep their rule by keeping the others stupid and brainwashed.Addicted to materialism.God cannot exist unless it is a capitalist.All means are used to convince all that capitalism is good.It is good for the elite and classes that benefit at the expense of everyone else.Noam Chomsky at You Tube Class War sums up the truth.1 to 5 percent control 90 percent of wealth of U.S..Now I have stated this in my comments for over 5 years.The American people are enslaved to credit and paper money that is worth nothnig if the banks don’t honor
    it.They inflate the money to make it worthless and to keep you in dept.Andrew Jackson hated the Eastern Establishment
    bums,criminals,and other low life who rape the people of their land and livelihood.The same things are going on today.

    Education and family ties as monopoly to exploit and make share croppers of the American people.Profit and expansion at the cost of the western world resulting in its enslavement.Obama in his address to nation said the business sector has to invest in America.The NWO wants to destroy America for NWO.The upper classes evidently are on the band wagon as they only object to regulation and their status qou position being threaten as the socializing of medical has done to their gravy train.You see how they vote.It is for their interest.Not for security of America.Do they hate America,or just don’t care.Drug addicts
    on materialism and a buck.They are so far gone there is no help for them,and unless they are regulated they will take down the American Nation with them as free trade and immigration have proven.NWO for elite and the duped.Use all against all to centralize power,and then liquidate the competition.There can only be one king FOOLS.Patriot Act is Police Act and indicates the hatred for the U.S. Constitution.Create the problem then let the Sheep ask the fox to solve the problem the fox created,so the fox can harvest the wool.

    I am sorry to say in plain English the business sector is totally corrupt and the entire American system is corrupt because of it.Our lovely educated are the worst criminals.The police will tell you how bad white collar criminals are.They make normal criminal look inferior in the extreme.Some of them kill millions not 1 are 2 when they have the power, and say it was for the best.They are forgiven by their peers.Blare,Bush are fine examples.They represent English and American imperialism.They have been supported by our educated over 250,000 a year income.War if you have shares is big profit.Weather change is good for profit if you have right investments.Fox News people know all about business those darling cute things.They have criminals on all the time telling you how to solve the problems they created.Clinton surplus,Bush greatest national dept in U.S.
    History.They are going to fix the problem with no tax on the rich and high income group.What kind of fools would tolerate this kind of boot without a counter reverse roundhouse kick to a vital part.Sheep are stupid,and the educated know they can do it again and again because sheep are sheep.Some hate sheep but pretend to love them.Check their record to know the truth.Look at your congress.Look at your leaders.What find examples.

    Okay Sweden has a good form of government.It allows immigration which will destroy it.NWO influence,cheap labor.
    France was good,but to many immigrants for cheap labor.NWO
    is destroying France.The educated don’t like tax structure and unions and socialist those dirty pigs.They want a piece of the pie.Only the rich should have cake.Stupid fools don’t want to work for third world wages.Will show them.We will open all the borders and everyone except us can work for a dollar a day.Immigration will take care of everything.We can create fear and they will do what we want.
    War can change reality.The fool sheep can’t remember.The stupid fool sheep.Brainwashing from our effort has been successful.Public schools are not functional.This is our greatest success.They think unions are bad.They are and that is why we have outlawed them.The sheep will never be organized because we have infiltrate all their avenues of organization.We keep the classes against each other with capitalism and hatred of any belief but capitalism.They are so stupid they don’t realize we are a small minority and rule by deceit.Even when they know we are criminals they do nothing.What a harvest of sheep we will have as we always have.

    The Fed is unconstitutional. U.S Constitution-Executive Order 11110 JFK.Get Rid Of Illegal FED.

    Iraq war illegal.Prosecution for war crimes.BUSH,etc.

    Free Trade and no regulation with outsourcing made America number 2 in the outhouse.Who is responsible.Who has the power.

    Illegal immigration and open borders.Illegals getting tax payer benefits.Legal immigrants not needed for cheap labor.
    Amendment 14 U.S. Constitution..Any person born in U.S. U.S. citizen.Repeal.Outsourcing and immigration have destroyed the workers employment.Is war only solution to reduce the sheep.The elite have no solution,but they caused the problem for NWO.

    Israel racist nation and violator of human rights and war crimes.Above international law.U.S. Tax payer is funding a nation that has policies like Hitler did.Then uses Holocaust for political manipulation for political gain.
    If it commits war crimes how can anyone feel sorry for Israel.Hitler took jews assets and enslave them.This is what the jews are doing in Palestine and Israel to the people of Palestine.How can they use this propaganda with their record of war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.Provokers of war with Iraq and Iran.Why would western nations support Israel unless they are as criminal as Israel is.Goldstone Report.The U.S. Congress should be in Jail.Bush,Saudi,England.What a joke.

    How can anyone believe in this fascist American government.
    The Declaration Of Independence has the solution form new government and enforce the U.S. Constitution.Send the communist lovers to China.Put them in the work camps and execute the criminals.The Chines execute the corporate
    criminals.Contaminated milk for a start.Baby Killers.

    Obama said Supreme Court giving way to international corporates.The Supreme Court is totally corrupt.Bush election proved it.Americans voted for Bush knowing he was a criminal.War monger and lover of the rich.This is what our leadership has done to America with the fools who are so selfish they will be hanged with the rope they sell the communist.A large percent of the American people are the enemy of the American people.Business is GOD.They care nothing about right and wrong.The Insurance Industry for example and the rest.They can suck a lemon try with the pulp.Eat meat raw.Wimps deserve what they get,or should I say sheep mutton raw.

    I do not say these things for enjoyment.The truth is what it is,and I have proven it in The Satanic Central Banksters’ Monetaty Enslavement System 3 Sept 09.Our government and the corporate are the enemy of America.
    If they are not why is China number one and we are in constant state of war.Why is the FED in existence.Why are the borders open.Why did America lose its industrial base for cheap labor.Why didn’t the American people come first.
    Why do they lie about 20 percent unemployment maybe more.Who do these fools think they are kidding.The business sector for greed and expanding markets became fascist communist which they always were anyway.Norman Dodd,Antony Sutton,Lou Dobbs,Ralph Nader,Ron Paul,JFK,etc.Why do they say the things they have.The criminals and fools say they lie.How can America survive with criminals and addicts and no will to say we are wrong and to survive we have to reinvest in America.Do you have any common decency.Were you educated and conditioned to be a pig.Have you been conditioned to love the suffering of others for profit.

    Obama’s address to nation stated this message with tact.Sneers from those who were present showed their true color.Red and Fascist,and I don’t give a damn.We will continue business as usual.Yes there were some who really want America back,but so many want the NWO.America is a sinking ship with communist fascist NWO on board.

    If you are not involved in the overthrow of the U.S. constitution and you are a just business person who tries to do the right thing when peer pressure wants you to be criminal then I understand you are a product of the market and you have to serve its desires to survive.I am not accusing all only those who are criminals.Is deceit to take what is not yours by right just,and is it okay to use all means to fleece sheep.The law of the jungle says anythings goes.When you look in the mirror do you see a baboon.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 29, 2010

  56. Fear of the truth takes many forms.Flooding the market to divert from other issues can only last so long.When point is made that is the point.

    Every one should read The Satanic Central Banksters’ and read my 57 comments and see the videos and research the references..

    Further to support what is said about HAARP,Project BlueBeam
    one can go to search Google .com and type in my name.Page 1 and 2.Leo Zagami the 2012 Armageddon is very interesting and other information.

    There is much effort to stop the information I have given from being available.For this reason it is indicated it is valid.You be the judge.You do not have to agree.

    The information in condense form that I give in The Satanic Central banksters’ to my knowledge has never been available before.There are many contributors with videos and references.

    Please prove what I say with references incorrect by producing facts that statements and references are wrong.If what I have produced is right you should realize the sad condition America is in.The enemy is within.

    Unless the American people stand up and complain to congress,boycott,protest and put pressure on the corporate state America will be destroyed from within as is taking place now.The FED is the major issue.It is unconstitutional meaning the U.S. government is in state of TREASON since 1913.The U.S. Constitution prohibits a private central bank controlling the tax payer money.The FED is Not Federal.This proves it is illegal.Article 1 Section 8 cannot be changed by the Federal Reserve act which is illegal.Three forth of congress did not approve of the Fed being established.The constitution would have to be amended to cancel Article 1 Section 8.JFK Executive Order 11110 proves the point.Ralph Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 please research.Is the American government in a state of TREASON and the congress takes no action to put it in force.The evidence indicates the U.S. Constitution is null and void and ruled in secret by the Crown?

    Research and prove the U.S. Constitution is in effect and you are not a slave of the Crown.America is a colony of England maybe!

    Walter E. Haas Search Google .com God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 29, 2010

  57. Your In A Net And they the fools have tried to keep me in one
    also.56,57 are new comments for The Satanic Central Banksters’

    The problem the people who have shares in the FED and the people who have international shares plus the business
    sector and all the other players don’t want to admit they are responsible for America being in state it is in.Fools and criminals who call themselves respectable,but rip off the system don’t want to confess.They want to continue business as usual.Sheep are stupid and deserve to be taken to the cleaners,so the exploiters can live in luxury.Look at the division of income in America between the professional class and the sheep.Bankers Bonuses and business is good for expansion in Asia while America becomes third world..

    The establishment caused the depression and they are going to fix it.They want free trade,open borders,no regulations,
    in addition to no unions, or social benefits for the workers.

    They are trying to work it out where they can make money with international expansion,and at the same time invest no money in America.They don’t want to invest in the west,but they outsourced all the jobs, and brought in immigrants and as result the sheep are getting upset and they are worried the sheep my rebel and stop their gravy train and NWO.

    They want gradually to reduce the standard of living in the west.Once they have accomplished this America will eventually be like Haiti and this includes Canada.

    World history proves the fools can’t control their addiction.The sheep are sheep.They don’t have the brains to organize.This is what the fools count on.

    The fools think their intellectual,but in fact they are retarded and fat from materialism.They kept changing reality until they lost it.They are in dreamland and doped up on greed.No one believes the fools anymore.Even sheep know their fools.

    Invest in Asia to make America better.Open all borders and let every one compete equally.The communist system is better because the sheep have no phony democracy.

    The rich monopoly has the money and assets from the sheep,so they don’t suffer in depression and they can move to Asia,India,Hawaii.The corporates are international and they have sheep everywhere to eat.

    How is the west going to compete with the slave labor of the east.This will eventually hit the educated classes as 300 million in China are wealthy and equal to America now?
    In the future 1.6 billion China,India over one billion consumers.How is the west going to survive in a open market.They are not.Sheep are stupid.The tax payer money was invested in Asia and our industry was shipped over there.We already know what the problems in Mexico and central and south America are.WTO says keep going with expansion and free trade and no regulations.

    As I have said before they can’t replace jobs for workers because they gave the jobs to cheap labor for excessive profit in foreign nations.That is why America is Number 2 in the outhouse.The bankers no the sheep are completely stupid as they finances the unconstitutional FED.America is a monopoly of the rich and always has been.We need Andrew Jackson to hit them where it hurts.The tried to kill,but failed.Jackson called the bankers vipers.The business sector in his day was robbing the poor as usual.History Of Second Bank of U.S..Sheep are uneducated because the elite educated them that way.

    Class War Norm Chomsky You Tube.

    The sheep are being exposed to a great deal of knowledge that has the elite and status quo very worried.The internet is taking the elite down at the knee.The knowledge of the vaccine rip off was very effective in stopping God only knows what.HAARP and weather manipulation,war for profit,and all the other scams of the business sector are being exposed.

    Sheep have to realize the establishment is responsible for
    the economic creash.They now want the American people after the bailed out of the criminals to allow them to reduce whatever the sheep have and cut any benefits they have.The bankers and corporates,business sector just get fatter.

    Were are the union to represent the workers of America.The criminal business sector destroyed them,and controls those that exist?

    The way to make profit is to deceive and keep the sheep stupid.

    What hope is there without action to put a stop to this carnage.The fools can’t stop.They must be stopped for the survival of America.

    Who are the fools.Are they baboons and phony actors and parasites.Fools and sheep technology is going to take you out.

    Please prove with facts all that I have stated is untrue.Give examples of how the business sector serves the interest of the people if they don’t make profit.Show how the protect the labor of the U.S..Do they use illegal labor.

    Were are the unions that are not company run.Where are the social benefits for the people.Why is America not like Sweden for social benefits.Please research.

    Why would people be scared about me.Please go to Search and type in my name.You can see video Leo Zagami
    in the 2012 Armageddon and other items I have wrote.Everything I say is fiction.For entertainment.How could what I say be true?Why worry-HAARP,Project Blue Beam.
    The weather is good and getting better and better.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 30, 2010

  58. For your Sunday entertainment go to Walter E. Haas Search and see Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon.Also
    best shot film for best Producer,Director,Actor and Screen Play see- Martial Law Plans Revealed- Vodpod,or type in title at Google 8791 John Haller Rep. Penn.12th District.Martial Law Plan Revealed-Twitter for audio.The Humaniti?This film is a trip to hell.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | January 31, 2010

  59. Yes The Satanic Central Banksters’ 3 Sept 09 has allot of unknown answers,but you have to read topic and comments,and see videos and research references.Believe it or not it is for real.Leo Zagami is used as one of references.He states the chain of command of elite and their offshoots.Prove him and me complete fools with all the contributors.Please prove information a lie.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 4, 2010

  60. They Can Run,But They can’t Hide.

    Those who show a false front,yet deny it,or try to conceal
    truth Whether a person,group,or institution who support the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution by concealing,or obstructing truths which threatens the well being and security of America,and are citizens of U.S. are the enemy within.To obstruct,or change,or delete fragment,use out of context,or imply meaning that is not intended,or remove,blackball,deny disclosure of truth shows true character of who they are.To commit these type of acts shows contemped for the Bill of Rights.How can this be tolerated in a society called a democracy,for truth is that which binds to uphold democracy.Special Interest serve their own not American interest. Eustice Mullins Passes On-2-2-10.The following is extract from this article.A protege of the imprisoned poet Ezra Pound Mullins compiled a well researched a ralf
    of work that detailed the passage down through time of a hereditary group of banker killers who have essentially ruled the world from behind the seen since Ancient times.

    Eustice Mullins was the greatest political historian of the 20th century.

    Secret Political secret of the last 400 years.

    Eustice Mullins exposed the mafia FED.He also Wrote a book title The New World Order.At rense,and You Tube,Google his interviews can be seen.-Tell It Like It Is- by Mullins at video interviews about FED.He was a lecturer,and well known.

    The truth is in the open and covered up at all cost.Spin is used to conceal it 24 hrs a day by the communication media in all it forms.Eustice Mullins and many others prove this by the effort to cover their statements and writings up.
    The FED should not exist.Article 1 Section 8 U.S Constitution.Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 Ralph Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09.Walter E. Haas Search page 1 and 2.So must talk that is trash,and no action,but cover up.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 6, 2010

  61. So Much Talk That Is Trash,And No Action,But Cover Up.Communication industry pumps out trash 24 hrs a day for purpose of brainwashing.

    Eustice Mullins Passes On-2-2-10 Mullins-Tells It Like It on mafia FED.

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System- 3 Sept 09 Walter E. Haas Search 9 pages of topic comments.

    Why would the truth be denied for the lie and sellout of America.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 6, 2010

  62. So Much Fear Of The Truth.Keep trying to cover it up.The more you do the more we know who you are.So common down low.What other excuse is there.

    Eustice Mullins Passes On-2-2-10

    Tell It Like It Is about FED video interviews

    Why would people want to show themselves for the things they are by cover up.Your going down,down,down in the pit of hell.We know what you are by your actions.Here is looking at you fool.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 6, 2010

  63. Believe it,or not the first amendment of U.S. Constitution states freedom of speech.It says nothing about protecting criminal actions of special interest especially when those actions threaten are violate the U.S.Constitution.If freedom of speech does not exist democracy cannot.

    Shows all results from socioecohistory.word press>> search
    Walter E. Haas Search page 1 and 2 for reference.

    9 pages of topic comments by Walter E. Haas.Please prove all comments incorrect, and Walter E. Haas is a right, left, central winger.Is he a communist fascist internationalist.
    Could he be Hitler.Is he a racist?Who are the racist.Who covers up the truth.Does Walter E. Haas lie and cover up the truth.Is he a fool that knows nothing about U.S.history,or anything else.Are some people scared about him.Is he the same Walter E. Haas?

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 7, 2010

  64. Hiding the truth is the way to enforce it.When it is in your face it is like getting kicked by a mule even if your
    I am retarded you are retarded and some are more retarded than others.If this is not the truth how is it the truth is
    denied. If America is corrupt the educated made it that way.If America has failed the educated did it.Who else is responsible those in poverty the poor and the working class.
    Noam Chomsky is not liked for telling the truth>Class War is always prevalent with racism, power and greed.What has the FED and wars and greed done for you lately.Of course I could be Hitler for saying such things and racist and elitist.I also could be NWO.On the other hand I may be a national Democratic Socialist.Maybe Sweden is human to its workers and America is not.A pig wants all the pie.

    Please explain the constitutional right of FED.Please explain 1 to 3 percent having 90 percent of U.S. wealth,and a minority of one and one half percent having 50 percent of other wealth.

    Please explain why immigration is allowed for the corporate to be subsidized by the tax payer to destroy America for the greed of the business sector.Please explain the poverty in U.S..Did tax payers pay for illegals and legal to give up their jobs.Why is China number 1.Who paid to finance it,
    and is.Why is Marc Faber a Dooms Day man.Should he lie?

    Please explain what happen to industry and jobs and decent wages.Why has there been decline in wages at rapid rate over last ten years.Who profits from greed the workers with no unions and medical care ,and what they do have is going to be cut to save the business sector and our corrupt government and the not FED FED not.What has happen to America with all our educated people there, so smart and brave.They fight in the wars because they have investments in them and want to do the right thing, right.War is not for profit.Terrorist just don’t like anybody,so they have to be taught a good lesson as BUSH,Blare,Obama have and will teach them.Fox News has all the answers.Look at people that have been under investigation that are always popping up at good old Fox.Some people like Fox hunting.Dogs like Fox in more ways than one.A dog knows who to take care of.

    Yes Class War has almost destroy America for greed and no intellect except that is in the gutter.If you don’t have the will to clean up the mess.Where in the hell do you think your going to a TEA Party.

    Noam Chomsky Class War You Tube.

    Is Hitler running the U.S.,or is Marx.1984 one could not tell the difference between a pig and a farmer.What is the message.I am just asking.I am RETARDED.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 9, 2010

  65. Banks don’t want to lend.Greece is in UPRISING as they have unions.UNIONS are hated in America for that reason.The rich in Greece like everywhere else don’t want to pay tax,and don’t because of loops in the tax game.EU wants the workers to pay for the economic crisis that was caused by the people that run the governments which are the corporates international.China is result of corporate,and private finance.This is a conflict of interest regarding the security of America and the western world.Brain drains on nations depletes the nations most value resource,and reduces the need for citizen workers as cheaper labor is foreign.Immigration world wide proves this statement. UNIONS BENEFIT THE WORKERS AND THIS IS WHY THE BUSINESS SECTOR OPPOSES THEM.Being reduntant is to make a point.FOOLS BELIVE THEY CAN BARGIN WITHOUT A LAWYER.WHY DO CORPORATES RETAIN THEM.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 11, 2010

  66. So much effort to cover up the truth by phony ploy that they are otherwise.(CNBC Jim Cramer: Illuminati Exist And Is Not Bad!)Why would effort be made to cover up what a retard is saying unless those trying to cover it up are retards.You be the judge.Please read my comments for named topic as they don’t want you to.Who are they.They are in the open.I know they know I know and could tell you!

    That all men should be brothers is the dream of people who have no brothers.Charles Chincholes,Pensees de tout le monde,1880.

    Walter E. Haas Search page1,2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 15, 2010

  67. The Satanic Central Banksters”Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09 goes far beyond Gen.Butler and his book War Is A Racket.FDR took no action against the conspirators as he was controlled by the secret government.Communist and fascist factions that were really fascist internationalist were in conflict over who would rule U.S..Mc Carthy hearings resulted in communist fascist internationalist take over of U.S..Marc Faber has said the U.S.may become like Soviet Union.Norman Dodd Reece Committee said bankers said they would blend U.S. into Soviet model.China is communist.State Dept.Communist infiltration a fact. Vanona report names of communist.This information is conceal to cover up the communist and fascist.Mc Carthy was right.He did not know it went to highest levels in U.S.government.
    Look at the period 1953 Korea,1963 Vietnam and rules of engagement.

    Opposition to China communist and now U.S. allied with China
    communist with U.S. outstanding debt to communist China.
    China is number one???RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

    Do not be deceived.The rulers of the world are the Illuminati which consist of richest royal families of the world, and the corporates.Then you have the secret orders who’s members are puppet for elite.You must go to the root to know the growth of origin.Illuminati and Masons rule the world and keep power to themselves by secret brotherhood which is monopoly of power as they serve each other in acquiring power.This is how England and America,etc are really ruled.It is a closed shop and not democratic.It is NWO.This is why the west is in decline without reform.

    The lack of knowledge of the history of nation will enslave it.Please research Norman Dodd interview 43 minutes on Reece Committee.The truth is in the open.Also Antony Sutton
    You Tube.The Best Enemy Money can Buy interview,etc.

    A.Spontaneous Combustion Fires A New Party.Early in 1827,
    prior to town elections,village committee began to pass resolutions declaring Freemasons”Unfit for any office of confidence.” By the end of the year,to an unprecedented extent in the United states,popular conventions had nominated candidates and the Antimasons had elected town and country officers all over western New York.Chapter 11 Atimasonary Goes Political.Popular indignation erupted shortly after Morgan disappeared.JFK Speech on secret organizations.Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon. Search Walter E. Haas page 2 video.Leo Zagami You Tube.

    Reference The Concept Of Jacksonian Democracy,by Lee Benson
    Originally published by Princeton University Press.
    In my opinion a conservative view.

    If you want the answers to how elite are organized and rule read my comments complete in Topic The Satanic Central Banksters”.Do not allow decoys to mislead you.A arm is not a body.Know the whole not just the part!

    What I state is my perception of events and reason for effect based on knowledge as I understand it.I may be wrong.
    I have no motive to lie,or spin information.I support the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech.

    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 15, 2010

    at back Type Socio-Economic History Blog 15 FEB 2010,and
    Search Walter E. Haas search topic.

    Yes what is stated is abstract,yet to the point.It is up to the individual to research and draw conclusions.Who else has stated the information in condense form.Special interest will not.Factions serve themselves by spin and the
    lie,character assassination,blackmail,drugs,you name it.Perversion is okay if you play ball.If not you are perverted.Criticize the individual even if the topic is the security of America,and you are telling the truth.Do this for special interest.This type of conduct is TREASON,and they are the enemy of America.Yes we know them by their statements and actions.Are they filth,trash,pigs,and a disgrace as American citizens??? Do not be deceived by the deceiver,and the phony patriot.Thomas Paine would approve me saying this.Book- Common Sense.(Sunshine Patriot).The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System and Illuminati: the Hidden Agenda For World Government!Are the Answer in my comments.What are the solution as cause has been exposed.Thomas Paine-Book- Common Sense.The Declaration Of Independence has the answer.Form new government

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 16, 2010

  69. Khazar Empire.Yes jews seem to control the world through
    the control of the central banks by Rothschild.They also control media,publishing,and allot more as is indicated in the book The New Jerusalem-Zionist Power In America by Michael Collins Piper American Free Press.They also have lobbies world wide,and they and the gentile elite lie about Israel and Palestine in terms of who is the terrorist for Israel and the lobbies,so who owns who is a legitimate question.Propaganda is what runs the world.The Founding Myths of Modern Israel a book by Roger Garaudy tells the truth about Israel.It also exposes the allies,and their cover up of the truth.No one has proved book incorrect,but they have tried to banned it.It is in many countries,why?

    I really think the Crown rules with the Vatican and central banks.The bloodlines seem to be mixed,and this makes things cloudy.As I have explained with others in The Satanic Central Banksters,Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09 with references,videos and the contributions of others who runs the world. I am not going to be redundant and repeat what is available.Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon Google,You Tube video and other interviews.(Vatican)(Crown)?

    I have stated that what is available in The Satanic Central Banksters in condensed form has never existed before.The comments are a classic as a historical description of this period and what lead up to it from a sheep point of view who has also been called racist,Hitler,stupid,etc.

    No history book,or commentator has stated in one topic all I do with explanations and evidence.I say this as I have never found such book,and I have read a few books,and looked on the internet.Circulate The Satanic Central Banksters with my comments to all the universities,so Hitler will be exposed once and for all.

    I explain how the world works.Who the player are,and how they cover up their crimes.You see them everyday!JFK Speech on Secret Organizations,Eisenhower speech on Military Industrial Complex.Congress should have been added.Totally Corrupt.Hitler says so.Cut all benefit to U.S. citizens to pay for what the crooks created to get your assets.Tax Payer money.How did China become number one is answer to who crooks are.Where did financing come from for America to be in the toilet.

    I have done this as I am an American patriot,and believe in the U.S. Constitution.I want all American citizens to know the truth.You can prove me wrong if you can.

    Do not be fooled by special interest,class,power and greed.
    The lie is perpetuated because it is class war.Noam Chomsky
    You Tube Lecture.How can one admit criminal ways to retain status quo.Thomas Paine was hated for telling the truth by elite, and classes that have monopoly.The same today.How can one say capitalism is deceptive system that takes advantage of the uneducated and those without money.Each class only wants to protect its own,and lies and cheats to do so.Deception is deception.Of course I am stupid, and this is not true.Maybe I am Hitler.Why is our government totally corrupt if the classes are not corrupt.Why is there immigration that is not needed for cheap labor and to destroy America.Because this is how elite control sheep,and always have.Sheep are to stupid to know when they see it.I am a sheep,but an exception.Maybe Hitler caused me to be stupid.Rome has same problem with cheap foreign labor.

    I can prove what I say by history examples.I must be totally a moron.Evidence also.Hitler lied.I must be Hitler.

    What history.Third world public schools U.S..Depression.
    illegal immigration,borders open,Banks own America,drugs,
    poverty,unemployment extreme.Fox News and CNN.Illegal wars supported by establishment for shareholder profit.Tea parties for who sponsored by who?

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavements System with my comments will give you the answers, so you can research for truth.You have to read all the comments to know the content.I cannot read it for you.I did everything else with the others I used as reference.We have done our duty.Now it is up to You.

    Comments for topics at Back Type and at search Walter E. Haas you can read all my comments for search page 1-2.

    If one and one half percent of world population rules the world,or part of that group do.The gentiles are stupid.
    Knights of Malta,Order Of St John,Military wing,Jesuit intelligent wing,Rothschild Finance Wing.Leo Zagami stated chain of command of elite.Nobility,Black Pope,Committee of 300,300 private shareholders FED gentile and jew.Elite serve their own.CFR,IMF,WB,WTO,E.U.TLC,RIIA,etc.Skull&Bones

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System with my comments should be a text book for students,and interested parties,so they can prove Hitler Wrong!How many Hitlers are there now?

    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 19, 2010

  70. Every Canadian politician uses thesame jargon with regard to the government(so called Canadian Government ) using the Bank of Canada to create money.The stock answer is the government can,t create money as it is inflationary.What bilderburg BULLSHIT.

    Comment by jake webster | February 27, 2010

  71. The Satanic Central Banksters in comment 7,give names of
    videos that prove beyond a reasonable doubt conspiracy involved in 9/11.

    The owner of the Twin Towers stated demolition was use to take down building 7.Demolition experts and engineers are in agreement that military explosive was used in demolition of buildings and caused the melting of metal support structure.Toxic material caused illness and death to many involved in rescue.Oklahoma FED building had unexploded bombs.Cover up of information.9/11 In Plane Site.

    Failure of National defense to intercept planes.False information about details by news media and changing of stories opens door to conspiracy.

    Testimony by police and fireman,etc.Were told not to talk.
    Evidence not used,covered up,or destroyed.Pentagon Film of
    missile,or small jet plane.Indication of remote control type
    planes being used of military type to take down Towers.Schedules of plane arrival and departure discrepancy.

    Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11

    9/11 In Plane Site A Power Hour Production

    Zero- An Investigation Into 9/11 Presented By IPF TELEMACO

    Some of those accused as terrorist of 9/11 were not terrorist.There identification was used.They are still alive
    This is proven in TELEMACO Presentation.

    I have mention the DVD 9/11 In Plane Site for 6 years in comments.Why has this film and the others not been responded
    to.They are not publicized because evidence they present is difficult if not impossible to counter.How is it possible that building 7 was taken down by demolition for a fact,and still it is not acknowledged.General public does not know.

    This proves cover up as evidence is available.New Media has not shown these films,or mention them.New Media denies conspiracy,and play down reference indicating conspiracy.

    Overwhelming Circumstantial evidence in court of law is grounds for conviction.That evidence is available in videos
    I give reference to In comment 7.

    Those involved in the conspiracy, and their brothers in secret organizations are not going to expose,or convict themselves,or allow evidence to be presented that can convict them.JFK,USS Liberty,Gulf Of Tonken Vietnam,Iraq war,Pearl Harbor,etc prove cover up!

    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | March 1, 2010

  72. People want to cover up.Do not read comments to this topic.

    Walter E. Haas Search Page1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | March 2, 2010

  73. Riots In Athens As Thousands Protest Against Cutbacks!
    March 11,2010.

    There is much fear of what I say,yet what I say is said
    every day by others.Fear of the truth is more feared than
    the lie.Anything to support status quo.

    How can there be change with convention that is stagnant stating it mildly.Logic.Iraq war illegal.War torture war crime.Forth Geneva Convention a joke.World Court a Joke.
    International banking and other business sector a joke.
    No regulation.Run it into the ground.Go fascist communist
    internationalist in the open.The sheep say okay


    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | March 12, 2010

  74. Collapse of the American Empire:Swift,Silent,Certain!
    March 15,2012

    This should be read in concert with other references I refer to.

    For those not educated I fill in lose ends.The educated are beyond help.To save your nation you must know its history.

    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | March 16, 2010

  75. Strange But True.

    As I want students to read my topic comments to prove what a
    robut I am, I think they should have access to my 53 topic

    If you will go to search Google and type in show all topic
    comments for Walter E. Haas the topics will appear. As
    you observe topics you will see show more results from
    Socioeco History.Word it changes with more
    topics it will say show all results from Socio History.
    word>>as I said there are 53 topic comments.

    As what I say is not logical it will be easy to prove me wrong.My topics are for entertainment because they cannot be true period.Nevertheless they may be rewarding?I hope
    you benefit from them.False concepts prove themselves
    False.The truth stand on its own.Lies need spin.

    Knowledge unknown is wasted,or by deliberate intent concealed is for fear of the truth.Democracy requires
    educated thinking citizens.Freedom of speech is life
    blood of democracy.To know history of your country is to preserve it, and its security.America will die without
    knowledge of its past.Let freedom ring by the light of

    Walter E. Haas search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 6, 2010

  76. Fear Of Truth.

    Go to search and type in show all comment for Walter E. Haas.When they appear you will see show more results from
    Socio- Economic History.word they appear it will say show all results from socio-Economic History.
    Word Press.53 topic comments page 1 to 6 maybe more.
    Topic comments are for entertainment, and not true.They
    cannot be true.Please prove they are false.

    John Birch Society,OATH

    Walter E. Haas search 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 6, 2010

  77. Cover Up By Deceit.

    The sheep are fools.The NWO is in the open and members of
    Federal,State,County,City government are members,and this is
    the situation world wide.The intelligent agencies know this,
    but do nothing.In references 6,7,8,9 in The Santanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System 3 Sept 09 the
    NWO is exposed with reference supplied by myself and others.
    This is second time I am typing this info.My computer????? deleted it today,so here it is again?

    Illuminati Conspiracy Archives.Topic NWO.Congressman Louis
    T. Mc Fadden Speech On The Federal Reserve.(Total indictment
    charges Against FED)Search

    War Is A Racket, book by General Butler and speeches.G,YT.
    Charles Linbergh,Huey Long speeches.Chicken in every pot.Google,YT.

    Norman Dodd Reece Committee 53 minute interview on the bankers.G.YT,and transcript research.

    Antony Sutton books The Best Enemy Money Can Buy,Skull&Bones
    interviews search YT,

    Eisenhower speech Military Industrial complex.G,YT.

    Benjaman H. Freeman Speech 1961 complete 1 to 8 YT.Google?
    Zionist revolution and war topic.Research JEW Watch.

    JFK Speech on secret organization research complete speech.
    He states who the NWO is.Who has power over bank of the people of U.S..JFK Executive Order 11110.A 1 S 8 U.S. Constitution. Ralph Epperson U.S. Constitution null and void.Article 1 section 8 Clause 17???

    Bushes stated New World Order.Is that clear enough.Expansion
    and constriction in monetary system makes the world go round

    The U.S. dollar implicates itself.The New World Order
    Ralph lectures and books.

    Follow the money.Man against man is natural state.Might is right prevails.Vice president Biden.Topic implanted chips
    is NWO total control, and enslavement of the American people.No chip you can’t exist as you cannot survive with
    a implanted chip.No funds like credit card cut off.Members of congress want to pass this bill.NWO

    Iraq war illegal,Afghanistan war,9/11??????????????????????

    Eustice Mullins books and interviews on the FED.Book NWO.Google,YT,The Rense Program,

    The Case Against Free Trade by Jerry Brown and Ralph Nader.
    The truth about globalization and free trade.Research.

    North American union and illegal immigration,free trade,
    globalization will destroy America.No border security.

    Please circulate this information by all means ASAP.Notify
    Those who know you know.Governors,Mayors,Universities,
    military personnel,police,fireman,citizen.Form organization
    with this evidence I have Presented.Boycott the enemy,and those committing TREASON.

    I have been blacklisted.Every effort is made to control
    access to what I say.Special interest pro and con.Hegel Dialectics.The truth can be spun,but deceit deceives itself.
    Factions always exist as law of nature.Man is always in state of war.Diplomacy is false front.Motive of power and greed is drive.The natural state of all living things is conflict.Might is right in all forms.(The Report From Iron mountain)Research

    New World Order Exposed!Factions always exist?

    Circulate this information by all means ASAP.The Satanic Central Bankers,etc.

    Walter E. Haas Search 73 topic comments.also
    page 1,2

    Noam Chomsky books (Hegemony U.S. imperialism),Class War,YT,

    (Who Controls The World And Its Assets)Joan Veon) Search corporates control the world.Bankers control shares dominant.Of course there are three wings.Leo Zagami
    in the 2012 Armageddon and other interviews.G,YT.
    The beast is for all to see NWO.

    Rothschild family member statement.Not quote.It is not who controls the government,but who controls the money that has real power.

    Ralph Conspiracy view of history.War is created by elite.Hegel Dialectics.Book The Secret Hand.

    John Birch Society,OATH stop illegal immigration, and legal work permits.Get illegals out of U.S.
    Let the corporate pay not the tax payer.

    The Satanic Central Banksters,Monetary Enslavement System
    Walter E. Haas topic comments 76.Topics Search my name and topic.Also all topics 73 comments Walter E. Haas search page 1-2 Bless America.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 9, 2010

  78. Walter E. Haas 78 comments on this topic should answers some questions if not most.Evidently they have not been read.

    Walter E. Haas Search 76 topic comments and page 1-2 God Bless America.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 10, 2010

  79. If I had read as much as other men.I should know no more than they.Thomas Hobbes reported by Aubrey,Brief Lives.

    The journey for truth is unending and always around the next corner.When you meet it,it does not stay long as memory
    is short.As with U.S. Constitution it must be protected from
    those of deceit.When Treason is exposed it is silent.

    The Satanic Central Banksters”monetary Enslavement System
    3 Sept 09 in brief explains to sheep how they are ruled,
    and factions that rule them,and what means of deceit are used.Every effort in the open has been made to suppress the
    information which I and other give reference to.

    JFK in his speech on secret organizations exposed who rules
    the world.The dollar bill makes it plain.

    Nobility,intelligence,Finance,Military are wings of power.
    Who controls the money of the world controls the world.
    Oil control nation,food control people,control money of entire world,and control world.Statement by Kissinger stated by William Engdahl.FED controls America through power of wings.London is the center of world banking.

    Zionist are worlds best in finance and are accountants for
    the FED,enter center of London and the Vatican.

    The new world Order is gentile and jew.There are two schools of thought.Zionist rule,or Vatican rule.My opinion
    is all is one.Hegel dialectic is means of control.The sheep
    are brainwashed,through floorride in the water and repetition and mind control by all means.Status quo supports the NWO whether they know it,or not.

    The Zionist,and christian partners of them with other gentiles and jews have been ignorant,or in state of deceit
    about truth.Truth is pain.A lie that has produced extreme
    harm to gentiles exist.The result of this lie has demoralize gentiles and under minded them.Nations have supported this lie because they have committed war crimes
    and human rights violations,and still do.Israel,America,
    England are in forefront of operations?

    The two following statements by Zionist sum up the truth as they were the highest official of Israel.No one would make these statements for a joke.They are racist and anti gentile.Gentiles are inferior and will be their slaves.
    The jews will rule with rod of iron.A jew will rule the world.Hitler could not have out done this speech.

    ” Our Race is the master race.We jew are divine gods on this planet.We are as different from the inferiors as they are from the insects.In fact compared to our Race,other Races are beast and animals,cattle at best.Other Races are considered human excrement.Our destiny is to rule over the inferior Races.Our earthy kingdom will be Ruled by our leader with rod of iron.The masses will lick our our feet,and serve us as our slaves.

    New Statesman Magazine June 25 1982 Menachem Begin.

    ” Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and that…I want to tell you something very clear:
    Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel.We the jewish
    people control America,and the American people know it.

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,Oct 3, 2001

    The Founding Myths of Modern Israel book by Roger Garaudy,
    and the book TREASON- The New World Order by Gurudas are
    true and an indictment against America and its allies.

    The Zionist and Neo Cons,christian,gentiles,jews support NWO.I refer to factions not all of these groups. Benjiman Freeman speech 1961 and Eustice
    Mullins interview on the New World Order leave little
    question.Norman Dodd interview YT,Google backs up what others name had stated.

    The Zionist in Germany betrayed the Germans for Palestine.
    Zionist involved in Russian revolution fleeing came into Germany and were allowed to stay.Germans had won world war
    1 in 1916.Zionist said to English give us Palestine and we
    will help you defeat the Germans.Zionist provoke U.S. into
    war.Wiemar Republic was dominated by jews.After betrayal
    of Germans the jews wanted same rights back in Germany.They wanted Hitler fired so they could rule again.Hitler and the German people as result were boycotted by jew world wide
    resulting in financial crisis in Germany.No employment for Germans resulted.This is why Hitler and the German people turn on the jews.The holocaust and the Nuremberg Military
    Tribunal was corrupt as the Versailles Treaty was.The allies because of England not being able to compete with Germany caused ww1,and it brought the allies into the war.
    It resulted in WW 11.

    Israel is result of phony deal.This being said two state solution is solution,but Jerusalem and expansion make solution impossible.Benjiman Freeman states the progression
    of ww1,ww11,ww111.World domination by Zionist and allies?
    Divide and conquer.Last man standing.

    Please research all references and prove they wrong.

    Walter E. Haas 78 Topic Comments by title search
    Search Title The Satanic Central banksters”Monetary System
    and my 80 comments?Google,Page 1-2

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 13, 2010

  80. Do Not Be Deceived:

    In this topic comment references 7,9 are sufficient
    to understand who controls the world.

    Leo Zagami gave the chain of command of elite in Illuminati
    Exposed Video by Dr.Pierre Ordinaire-My Space Video

    Leo Zagami video in the 2012 Armageddon states bloodlines.

    The Hidden Agenda For World Government An Interview with
    Norman Dodd explains intent of elite in video 43 min,and

    Congressman Mc Fadden Speech against FED and indictment.

    Eustice Mullins interview New World Order.

    Benjamin Freedman Speech against Zionism 1961

    Antony Sutton The Best Enemy money can Buy,Skull&Bones
    interviews and books.

    Transcripts are available for some of these topics.YT,Google
    have interview videos.

    Keep in mind the videos and access to these topics is
    manipulated.The videos may not be complete,or part of
    interviews may be deleted.

    The enemy uses all means to confuse.The information is not intended for sheep unless it is fragmented and illogical.
    Distraction to other topics are present to bait away from
    subject.Spin is used and similar titles to confuse are
    common.Discredit fact by con logic as the fox uses.A wolf knows its target and will not be deterred.Follow the wolfs example.I speak from experience of ambush tactics.Your friend is you enemy,your enemy is your friend?Do not allow bait to bait you.

    The war Against Iran and why is stated by Benjamin Freedman
    in 1961 speech and transcript.One billion christian”s against one billion Islam,Arabs?Middle east war for Zionist
    rule by divide and conquer?Gentiles Neo Cons,etc.Also!

    Norman Dodd America will be blended with communism.What is obvious is the U.S.,China,America will become one as
    globalization and international investment are the means
    to create the NWO.The west will be communist fascist.
    North Korea and Iran are controlled by China,Russia?
    Ralph Epperson,Eustice Mullins,Congressman Mc Fadden have
    stated the manipulations of international banking.The wars
    are created for profit and power,greed which is innate in
    man.If you control the money of the world you control the world.Follow the money.We see the Neo Cons gentile and jew
    pushing for war with Iran.Israel has nukes,but Iran does not.What has Israel done in Gaza and Lebanon.How much money do bankers make from war.A few people control the world and its assets.These few have controlling shares in the banks and corporations.They control the governments of the world.
    They are communist,Fascist,Internationalist,Democratic,etc.
    Whatever will get the job done.Hegel Dialectics.

    World finance is in chaos created by the bankers,Wall St,
    K St.,Mani St.,and stupid brainwashed Americans and Europeans.War without end.Over population,depletion of world resources,and the environment is being destroyed.
    This is fact.What is solution.WW111 is solution.Have 1600
    AD population and start over.War for reduction of population
    and to replenish the environment.Over population at rate it
    is becoming cannot produce profit.The world now has more poverty,human slavery,black market goods,mafia,drugs,etc than ever before in world history.Globalization is destroying nations and their people.It is displacing farmers that go to cities ????????????????????????????????
    to live in poverty.Illegal immigration slave labor meaning
    they are locked up and can’t get away is common and in U>S.
    This is world wide problem.Capitalism in the raw.The corporations have lied about over population and most everything else for profit.Illegals everywhere in U.S..
    Prostitution trade on all levels.The world is a prostitute
    for profit.

    All this talk about NWO. It is here.It is supported by the business sector.The educated laugh when they here people
    talking about one world.They support it for profit.Not all the majority.They don’t care about the U.S. it is just their security they care about.Me only.Look at expansion of
    business world wide.

    What is solution.Have you noticed all these programs telling you how bad it is,but they have no solutions.
    Isn’t that strange.Your drowning,and there is no straw for
    your rescue.Running like chickens with their heads cut off.
    Chickens when you cut their heads off,or ring their necks
    jump around with no head sometimes.Blood spurting everywhere
    like a shower.Maybe not!

    The problem is lack of organization.Unions.Mandate of what is needed to secure America against the business sector,FED and defense industry,military,etc.Martin Luther nailed propositions to the church door.Your government needs notification with hard love.Throw the congress out and the rest.The government is ROTTEN.They are phonies.a few make
    effort that is over ruled.It is one party believe it,or not.

    Now all organizations are infiltrated by the enemy.No member
    should be allowed that belongs to secret club that is threat
    to the security of U.S..Code Red should be in effect for these types.No one can completely be trusted as they are subject to change as you can’t step in the same river twice.
    Love is best example.You always hurt the ones you love the
    ones you should not hurt at all.It hurts so good.Pain is love.Yes the way of the world.Without pain life would not exist.You must love pain.

    All organizations that support the U.S.Constitution should unite in federation with single mandate of demands.They do not have to agree with each others ideology other than they agree to enforce the U.S. Constitution.When the U.S. Constitution is enforced then they can fight each other about ideology specific.They can remain separate,but united.
    As the states they will be independent of each other,but united in defense to preserve the U.S. Constitution.Stop talking and start acting with force.

    John Birch Society,OATH TAKERS.ORG,Minuteman
    These three groups and others should have conference for
    mandate and strategy to check communist fascist internationalism from destroying America.How else can the enemy be countered.

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is to be commended as a
    patriot.Arizona Sheriff uses smuggling law to put illegal
    immigrants in jail.Fox does not like him and business sector does not either.Do not the fascist show who they are.
    Our government will not secure the borders,or enforce immigration law.This proves the corporate own the U.S. government.Cheap slave labor to under mind America for profit and the NWO,North American Union.

    Walter E. Haas 80 topic comments Search and page 1-2 search Bless America.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 13, 2010

  81. Do Not Be Deceived:

    Comment 81 was suppressed.That means it is effective.Only
    a glass half full.Have of comments did not appear at BackType

    Who would want to not circulate this information.It is the
    truth.or is it. Research to prove it is wrong.References.

    Walter E. Haas Search 81 topics and page 1-2
    God Bless America.P.S.81 comments for this topic.W.E.H.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 14, 2010

  82. National Democratic Socialism And The Fox:

    The Fox is rabid with tea parties as bait to entrap.Norman
    Dodd stated the bankers had fixed the American system where it could not be fixed,and would blend it with the Soviet
    Union meaning communism.Russia,America,China=NWO as UNION.

    The Fox says nail mandate to door to enforce the constitution.I said this a few days ago.(ORGANIZATION)
    Who owns the Fox.Who is for illegal immigration.Who still wants Bush for president.Who was totally blotted with egotism.The FOX the Wolf and the PACK.

    When they had total power.When their true character came out.Who caused Americas highest deficit.Who supported free
    trade and says nothing about the outcome of Globalization.
    Who supports perpetual war.Who is oppose to nationalize health care.Who is oppose to unions.Who hires illegal immigrant for slave labor.Who allows illegals to have bank accounts and car licenses in U.S. and no law enforcement to
    throwout the illegals.Who gives work permits to foreigners to work in U.S. so the value of labor U.S. is driven down.
    Brain drain on nations in poverty using their doctors,etc.
    Denial of unions for the people, destruction of U.S. history
    unless it is distorted.Generate foreign influence to divide
    the American people.All means of communication an hypocrisy.
    Brainwashing.Open borders,North American Union.Corporate
    fascist rule.FOX shows its true self by the stupid lies.The others follow suit.U.S. full of drug addiction legal and illegal.Support any nation that supports U.S hegemony
    world wide in phony wars for NWO one world.

    Prisons subsidized by FED to private contractors as with defense industry result in increase of illegals and people in jail as it is profit not morals,are ethics that count.
    This is what the fool Americans are paying for.This supports capitalist fascism.War is greatest profit,and best way to change reality?Norman Dodd.War Is A Racket.Gen.Butler

    NWO is not to benefit the people of the world.It is for increase profit and control,and to enslave the people of the world,so elite can rule forever.Factions will make this impossible,and will be its downfall.The elite will turn on each other until last man standing.Technology is its downfall.The elite have created hell,so they can function.
    Eustice Mullins NWO interview.21 DEc 2012,IRAN war.

    How stupid the American people.How selfish.Yes this is the nature of man.Yes this is why the bankers control with the other corporations.Norman Dodd Reece Committee.We know the
    upper classes and their shares and international investments
    with middle class investment in international stocks,etc
    is conflict of interest and breeds TREASON.For the fools who read this you will have to tell George Washington he is a communist fascist because he was opposed to foreign ties
    that involved TREASON.George Washington’s Farewell Address
    was abridged by government agency.They said it was to long.
    Yes it took them to the house of TRUTH.

    George Soros has stated and I documented his statements that
    America was in decline and China was number one.Step aside west for Asia.Norman Dodd,Benjamin Freedman,Antony Sutton
    prove these people right.General Butler did also War Is A Racket.You see liars are liars and the enemy.They smile and they are cute.With spin and false doctrine they are enslaving mankind.They say protect The U.S. Constitution.
    They never have as what they say proves.

    The two parties of U.S. congress are one.The deck is stacked
    and fool knows this.Look at the actors,so phony.

    (Now National Democratic Socialism) not NWO fascism is real solution.The rich and middle class that still exist with
    financial crisis have not learned.They want business as usual.

    status quo they want globalization for profit.They want old [protection to fleece the sheep} as usual.Free trade and
    globalization that side steps U.S. Constitution is okay,
    but do not change our greed status with excessive profit.

    Norman Dodd.Corporates have fix America where it cannot be fixed has no meaning to fools.Can you imagine the elite and how much contempt they have for the American people.Can you blame them.Yes I know the people are brainwashed,so it is
    not their fault.Well look at where you are at now.You can’t
    see the light for the wool is to dense.You people are not educated.You are morons,and retards.You are special robuts.
    No I did not mean robots.If you sell yourself down the river
    expect to go down the river to the cesspool.Don’t bother you can’t clean the dirty brown stuff off,and the smell is beyond description.You and it stint.Do you get the drift.

    My dear morons don’t you know you have to have regulations
    and price fixing for the people not the dirty hogs.LOoK
    at the financial crisis.You know who caused it YOU.You
    where not guarding the hen house and the FOX and WOLF got
    together and created the NWO which has been in process for
    thousands of years.Dollar Bill EyE HELLO.

    Now my darling sweet things.Bartra in The Book The Great Depression Of 1990 has the way to get the pigs in order>
    He also has other books of WISDOM.Also the professor At
    Columbia University, so internationally respected,but please
    don’t talk about his IDEAS.How DARE HE. Ph.DJoseph Stiglits
    Economist.Maybe I spell his name wrong?I think he is an alien because he has intellect,and the solutions for hope
    even with the corrupt.Iran war,21 DEC 2012.Hello.Yes Michael
    Lewis The Big Short so cutting edge.

    Price and wage control.Money back by something of value.A real national bank controlled by the people not the mafia
    and regulation of the corporations and universities the devils den are necessary for turn around.Draft Military
    private dictatorship.All have to fight cowards run, profit
    corrupt lost, and power base finished.Vote by majority.No life term for judges.No electronic voting machines.No immigration unless really needed.No open borders.No sweatshops.Wages will increase with by cost of living gage.
    All workers FED private will receive same benefits.Governmen
    officials will be shot who commit TREASON.No corporate
    in U.S. Government.No mafia in U.S. Government.Free education based on ability of student.No credit loans for education.No interest rate charges across the board.

    Fools Michael Moore in Film SICKO Provers the greed of
    U>S. industry at expense of the sheep.Fools Sweden good model for U.S. government system except the immigration
    policy for NWO.No the China communist model is good for elite,but not for you unless you are a big fat PIG.

    Your cute its.I know all about capital and labor.AFL and CIO and the other labor movement in U.S.I know about the industrial revolution.I know what producer have done to the sheep and still do.The corporate and business are the enemy of labor and always have been in history of the world.
    Every filthy tactic has been used to destroy any organization of workers.That is why few unions exist in U.S.
    Capitalist brainwashing and the lie to preserve slave labor.
    Divide the classes to rule.Unions and organization of the people sheep is the downfall of elite.Capitalism is deception and has created a nightmare for mankind.This
    is what the FOX and wolf support in the open with the lie,which will over time will be their demise as well.

    Owens socialist and other I will not go into because the sheep are to stupid to learn,Flooride,in the water has got
    you on the floor in the filth.

    National Health and car Insurance should be mandatory.How
    does unregulated capitalism exist with regulation as it is
    system of deceit.It cannot.Part of middle class rely of theses industries and other for employment and those involved in business sector.Conflict of interest.The BIG LIE
    is big business.Tea Parties of sheep and deceit.

    How does middle class and small business live above its right with fair distribution of wealth.How does business sector operate with regulated prices that prevent stealing.
    Now is law enforce for justice and not corporate and rich.
    Professionals and outrageous incomes.

    Yes prove I am wrong.We have to have sheep for us to be
    pigs.It has always been this way and all ways will.I understand.I understand the Wiemar Republic and bread for 4000 dollars a loaf.What is the relationship Robut?

    Look to Sweden in the past and present for model,and France prior to the Czar war monger,NWO,phony in my opinion,and yes
    union buster,and cheap wages and long hours to enslave the people.No the French know about revolution as Greece does.
    He will not be reelected.Even fools when slapped in the face feel it.He supports Iran war,Israel and he is a Jew.

    Only fools do not know the history of Rome.Immigration and war,slave labor,corporate farming.Enslavement interest rates
    resulting in unemployment and lost of property and enslave of landholder as now the PIGS.Julius Caesar and Augustus
    where outcome.Secret organizations think the have overcome this possibility.JFK example,9/11,Iraq,Afghanistan???

    Immigration is used to destroy nations and culture for NWO.
    This is why loop holds are prevalent in most nations.The enemy is within all nations.Is it You?If you remember insects Rome when it divided half went to Turkey.Yes
    the new order is England,U.S. Russia,China as one NWO.

    So much ado about nothing.

    Walter E. Haas Search 81 Topics comments and page 1-2.Deceit is used as they cannot counter my truth.
    They can’t learn because God is beyond reality.
    God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 15, 2010

  83. The Truth At Last.

    I want to thank Lindsey Williams for spilling the beans at
    last.Jonathan May testimony is logical and the events that
    have transpired prove the consequence of the international
    bankers and their secret member organization that permeate
    the world.For the proof of the intent of international
    banking and the creation of the NWO through consolidation
    of world Banks under the NWO,And also the ownership of all
    nations as is taken place now Greece being the example.
    Lindsey Williams explains with Jonathan May methods that have been used and are being used.

    You will know why FED and U.S. establishment is out of order.Lindsey Williams is a true patriot.Jonathan May also.

    Immigration illegal is another example of stupid logic.When you go to airport you go through security clearance.If you
    have identification no problem unless you are terrorist?
    The people saying no check because of labeling is stupid
    how else are you going to get illegals out of U.S..This is
    what kind of logic is used across the board.The establishment cannot speak with logic.Floorride in the water maybe?Profit and open borders is result of no regulations.This is NWO and is used world wide to destroy borders for NWO.Governor of Arizona is correct with her supporters.By stopping immigration elite lose power.They are being used to produce the New World Order.Regulate free
    and regulate Globalization.The business sector is opposed.
    Immigration legal and illegal now is threat to security of
    U.S..Arizona is best example of what NWO intends.North
    American Union-Canada,U.S.,Mexico,etc open borders.The lack
    of control by U.S. government proves statement true.Obama
    is resisting restraint of illegal immigration as other are?

    You Tube- Syndrome of Control-Testimony of Jonathan May Presents-Lindsey Williams presentation 1/7.YOU TUBE

    The Satanic Central Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System
    With my comments and references of myself and others has
    exposed the entire NWO in basic form for the first time.
    Certainly there is no end to information which could be
    used.All must research and draw their own conclusions.There
    is little time.Lindsey Williams,Walter E. Haas,etc have
    made effort to inform the American people as many other have, and do.The more you know the easier it is to know the
    future.It becomes crystal clear.Probability Rules!The unknown factor does too???-???????-???????.*. .*. .*.
    *^>*.Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon ^ YOU TUBE…

    Syndrome of Control-Testimony of Jonathan May
    presentation by Lindsey Williams 1/7.You Tube.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 28, 2010

  84. No Confusion!

    1/7 Syndrome of Control-Testimony of Jonathan May presented
    by Jonathan May formally worked
    for the International Monetary Fund in England in the early 1980s he came to…

    1 year ago 2,473 views 9/11 TruthNC Dot Org

    “Lindsey William,’Jonathan May”Results 1-14 You Tube

    You Tube Listed 1/7 Syndrome of Control-Testimony of Jonathan May presented by…

    Jonathan May was sent to Federal Prison U.S..His testimony
    is recorded from prison on tape which Lindsay Williams gives
    additional meaning to in explaining methods of international bankers in enslaving the world.

    This presentation is as education in itself in banking economics for real.All you need is a brain to understand it.
    Free are slave is question?It is your nation and freedom in
    the balance.Will you rise are yield.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 28, 2010

  85. Bod Woodward Deep Call-Mel Gibbson 666 Exorcism Movie with
    many well known characters as bit players.Let Mel know I
    want him for my movie script .Ending is all smoked up.

    1/7 Syndrome of Control-title at Google and You Tube sums
    up the whole story.Hello IMF,WB,FED,and other central banks.
    Yes many other players.You are not alone.Those shareholders.
    Fractional banking,credit expansion and constriction.Stipulations with loans,and
    assets and resources for credit that was
    created by deliberate intent to own the store.
    Creditors call Greece.People of Greece not sheep
    they should be complimented.Those who created globalization and free trade created the financial crisis.Let them pay.

    Lindsey Williams presentation-(1/7 Syndrome of Control)Google and You tube by title.

    You be the judge.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | April 29, 2010

  86. Marc Faber:U.S. Government Will Go bankrupt!Feb 6,2010 was
    removed because I added information on IMF.This is the kind
    of fear of the truth that exist.There was additional information on “1/7 Syndrome of Control” at Google and You Tube.Also Mark Twain on topic on Jewish finance at The Rense
    Program.Article by Henry Makow April 29 2010 stated that the Mark Faber article with “Syndrome of Control”With Satanic Central Banksters” is how world is

    Search and You Tude,and The Satanic Central
    Banksters’Monetary Enslavement System together explain how the world is working.Topics were changed at Google after
    I completed comments for Marc Faber topic.

    Deception exposes itself.If you don’t want my comments remove all of them rather than use deceit.All know who
    you are by time line.What is motive TREASON?Can’t take the heat!

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | May 2, 2010

  87. Any mistakes I make I apologize for as they are without intent.I have been informed by computer specialist that
    the fragmentation of typing is controlled by outside
    source.If I use another computer and use my Hotmail address
    the typing lines are disrupted.Long lines,and short lines,
    and spaces,and drops of letters to next line.You have notice
    this in my comments.As I have been attack by Trojans,etc,and
    topics have been removed,sentences changed,and I have been called Hitler,anti,racist sometimes I get angry and act very fast.This can cause misjudgment.Yahoo has topic,”Marc Faber:U.S. Government Will Go Bankrupt! Feb 6,2010.”1/7 Syndrome of Control”Google,You Tube should be read with
    The Satanic Central Banksters’ and Marc Faber article mentioned with 1/7.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | May 2, 2010

  88. “1/7 Syndrome of Control”

    Please see videos “1/7 Syndrome of Control” at you Tube and Google.A course in real economics 101!

    The Devil temps men to be wicked that he may punish them for being so.Samuel Butler Prose Observation,1660-80

    Lindsey Williams and Jonathan May topic IMF?Testimony?

    Presentation by Lindsey Williams.You be the Judge.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America P.S. call your congressman.W.E.H.

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | May 3, 2010

  89. The Truth At Last.

    “I/7 Syndrome of Control” Lindsey Williams and Jonathan May.

    “Truth about middle east and Israel”Jordan Maxwell-YT-G

    “You are property of the Rothschild”Jordan Maxwell-YT-G

    According to Jordan Maxwell you are owned by Rothschild.This
    can be proved by your Birth Certificate.You are listed on
    New Stock Exchange?Red Number?

    According to Jordan Maxwell there is secret connection between America and England.Could it be road to Jerusalem
    as described by Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon?Royal

    Maxwell is a Hollywood insider.He is interested in occult Hidden Knowledge.He says strange unknown connections,and
    false representation are the real story between U.S. And

    He says the real reason for relationship is Drugs,Money,
    diamonds,gold,trade,oil,commerce.All roads go to Jerusalem
    it seem to be center of world money machine,etc.Startegic

    There are no morals are god involved in cover up using religion to motivate the sheep for war.The American Sheep.
    Maybe 17 billion a year goes to Israel at U.S. tax payer
    expense.The lord seems to be power,greed,etc.Does Jesus
    Christ advocate this philosophy?Many who say they love him do?The truth of why Israel has power is stated in truth.
    Thank you, Jordan Maxwell.

    “1/7 Syndrome Of Control” has exposed all the players.Why is FOX and other media not up in arms?Do people realize
    the formula for their enslavement is exposed.System 2000.
    The people who control America and the world have been exposed.The methods they used are explained.Corporate enter
    Nationals with FED and Pentagon,etc control the U.S.Chase
    Manhattan negotiated with Iran.Nigerian oil,Pentagon
    official with other government officials.Shah assets frozen
    by international bankers.Hunt,Connolly,JFK Executive Order
    11110.Establish new national bank.Hunt brothers file for
    bankruptcy,but had 16 billion.Texas oil business goes
    broke.Jonathan May testimony.Fractional banking compounded
    at 22 to 1 with turnovers being used again and again.
    Credit enslavement.International banks break nations and own
    their assets and resources making them slaves as Greece,etc.
    Break the third world and U.S.etc then buy up corporations
    cheap,farmland,etc.NWO and sheep with no money, but Debit
    card and SS number controlled by star wars computer.What is
    condition of America and illegal immigration.The crash will come, and your enslavement is near.Don’t forget 2012.Chaos
    may rule.Out of chaos is harmony for international bankers
    and other elite.The America people are fools!

    “1/7 Syndrome of Control” You Tube,Google Search.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | May 4, 2010

  90. Do Not be Drawn By Bate!

    “Truth about middle east and israel” -You Tube
    Jordan Maxwell Expose the illuminati
    by daressalam 2006 2 years ago 28,069 views

    “Jordon Maxwell-You are property of Rothschild family”
    sold into slavery in 1932 by trekster 1 year ago
    282,805 views.-You Tube

    “Syndrome of Control”Lindsey Williams and Jonathan May
    Testimony,Topic International Banking,IMF,NWO.You Tube

    Effort is made to guide one away from truth for the lie.

    Notify your Mayor,Governor,Chief of police,News Paper
    and congressman.Circulate this information.Inform
    military personnel.If what is stated is a lie prove it.
    If it is the truth.What is the state of America.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | May 4, 2010

  91. Deceit IS Without End.

    Do not remove correct title by name again.”1/7 Syndrome of
    Control”You people never learn because you are fools who
    only fool your selves.Do not bite the dog that feeds you.
    He may be a Leo Dragon.Good cop bad cop are the same.One
    playing two parts.1/7 Syndrome of Control.Marc Faber article
    Why was it moved.To much heat if other than select read it.

    What intellect.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | May 6, 2010

  92. Update references follow.Please be advise the information
    is significant.I know of no other source where in condense
    form the answer to who rules the world are available.

    References follow: in order they should be examined.

    New World Order Monetary System video

    “Hail Caesar!Queen Gives Marching Orders To U.N.”By Joan
    Veon Yahoo- for Title

    Who Controls The World And Its Assets-Joan Veon-Search Google.

    Illuminati Exposed

    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You Tube

    Who Controls The World-Jesuit-You Tube

    The Hidden Agenda For World Government-Norman Dodd-You Tube

    The Committee Of 300 Conspiracy 1/10-You Tube.John Coleman.

    “1/7 Syndrome of Control”Presentation Lindsey Williams-You search.

    Antony Sutton-The Best Enemy money can Buy-You Tube.Skull&Bones-A.S.-You Tube.

    The Report From Iron

    War Is A Racket-General Butler book and speech You Tube.

    The truth about middle east and Israel-The Illuminati-Jordon Maxwell-You Tube-You Are Property Of The Rothschild-
    Jordan Maxwell-You Tube.

    Leo Zagami interviews You Tube-Camelot Interviews You Tube.

    Ralph Tube lectures-Revision history research.Conspiratorial view of history.Nothing happens by
    accident???Ralph Epperson lectures on secret societies-You

    The Military Industrial Complex Speech complete-Eisenhower
    You Tube.JFK Speech on secret Societies-You Tube.

    Rothschild and Rockefeller are not the apex of power.England
    is home of the NWO.Cecil Rhodes-Joan Veon reference.John
    Coleman reference.Rothschild Finance wing of elite.Keep in
    mind the 3 wings of Illuminati.Intelligence-Knights-Finance.
    Enter city England-Washington D.C.-Vatican.Illuminati Exposed.Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You Tube describes
    the path of power at top.Bloodlines fit elite together.Gentile and Jew intermarriage of elite.Royal Blood.
    All seems to be one at the top.Israel-US-England interconnected by bloodlines-Special Arrangement.Is America
    a colony own by England?Research internet?Joan Veon Topics.

    Comments 7-8-9-have more references.Use 7-8-9 comments as
    guide.Best also read entire topic comments.

    I have written 64 Letters at Salon.-Reference Yahoo-Google search and also over 90 topic comments this Blog
    on different Topics.

    It is not my desire that one agree with my opinion or references.The intent is to point out a different view
    than conventional.Keep in mind reference are presented
    by others as well as myself.

    If there is any hope for America the truth must be exposed
    to correct the wrongs of the American nation.Action must be taken to right wrongs.Will is necessary.May God Bless

    Walter E. Haas Search

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | July 26, 2010

  93. The original video for the Satanic Central Bankters’Monatery Enslavement System has been removed.The structure of the Crown
    and Illuminati 13 families connected to the enter city of
    London was explained.If you did not see the original video
    my comments could confuse as they to a degree are not in context with present video.To clarify comment 4 explains
    the Crown in enter city of London.Further comment 7
    Illuminati Exposed-Video By Dr.Pierre Ordinaire-My Space Video
    explains chain of command of elite.Dr.Pierre presentation
    with The Committee of 300 Conspiracy-John Coleman 1/10 You
    Tube.It also shows triangle of power from apex.Chart with very small letters shows degrees of power by branches and names them.

    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You Tube also explains
    the path of power to the top.Also in is other interviews-You

    The Camelot interviews-You Tube extend knowledge associated
    with this topic.

    Walter E. Haas Search
    God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | July 26, 2010

  94. Top Secret:For you eyes only-shred after reading.

    Illuminati Exposed:Video by Dr.Pierre Ordinaire -My Space Video-Also Google Videos-Same title.Search Zagami was adviser for
    this presentation.The Illuminati consist of 3 wings-Jesuit Intelligence-Zionist Finance-Military Knights of Malta and
    St. John.Black Nobility-13 Families-Venetians.The Crown is
    The enter city of London it is a sovereign state and is center
    of banking.Washington D.C sovereign state.Vatican Sovereign
    state.The original video for Satanic Central Banksters’
    explained these details.Video now does not. video now
    cutout functioning of the Crown which is state unto itself.
    Comment 4 of this topic I describe the outline.

    Google Videos-“Who Controls The World:Illuminati-Jesuit-Bilderberg-Church-Skull-Religion” 43:10 Minutes

    A look in to the groups and secret societies that control
    the world.Also a look at Religion-Symbolism-Occult-and
    Satanism.This is what producers says about this video.

    Dr.Pierre Ordinaire-Illuminati Exposed is out standing
    as is “Who Controls The World:Illuminati-etc is.

    These two videos answer the major questions of who controls
    the world.You are privileged to have opportunity to see
    them and gain this knowledge.

    “1/7 Syndrome of Control”Lindsey Williams presentation is
    out standing-You Tube as is Norman Dodd-The Hidden World Agenda.Benjamin Freedman Speech-You Tube-The truth about middle east and israel-The Illuminati-Jordon Maxwell is
    outstanding-You Tube-The Committee of 300 Conspiracy-John Coleman-You Tube explains in details the real world conspiracy.New World Order.Antony Sutton-The Best Enemy Money Can Buy-You Tube-The Report From Iron mountain-Search
    Yahoo-Google.War Is A Racket book by General Butler-You ;tTube.

    This is the best information on the NWO in condense form.
    Most people take years to acquire the knowledge in these
    presentations and books.Most don’t know.News Media-Government won’t tell on itself.Educational system part of
    major conspiracy.Statement Norman Dodd You Tube.

    In closing a few quotes from significant individuals follows:

    “It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism has not spread
    in the United States.On the contrary -no one is more satisfied of this fact than I”George Washington-1798

    George Washington’s Farewell Address unabridged talks
    about foreign intrigue and factions within U.S.Government
    which would may try to overthrow it.Fascist.Contradiction
    Change of Mind???

    Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation-and I care not who writes the laws-Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1828

    “The real truth of the matter is-as you and I know that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson.FDR

    “In politics nothing happens by accident-if it happens you
    can be sure we planned it that way.”President Franklin Roosevelt.

    You see the conspiracy is in the open-New World Order!

    Illuminati Exposed-Who Controls The World-All You Tube-Yahoo research.Circulate this information far and wide.

    Walter E. Haas Search
    God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | July 27, 2010

  95. Up date:

    henry article follows in abstract:

    Topic: Queen Elizabeth Fronts For Rothschild-July 27 2010.

    House of Winsor Temple syndicate within the city of London
    England corporation.The head signatory of the Crown Temple
    syndicate is Elizabeth(Queen Elizabeth 11 of England.

    This Washington D C private corporation Federal Estate is actually owned and controlled by the London Crown Temple syndicate.

    To change the subject but show how all fits together in the
    corporate state the information of E.C.Mullins should be

    “Death By Injection”E.C.Mullins-You Tube.

    To understand that the corporate controls by monopoly of
    elite.That profit motive exceeds the sheep.That technology
    is in the safe that is beneficial for profit.What does this imply.To make profit you make things that don’t last.That
    you prevent cures and increase suffering for profit.That you
    use energy source that is not needed to perpetuate industry
    that is obsolete. You produces obsolete energy source to retain power and status quo.VW bug 1930 40 miles to gallon.

    What does this have to do with Satanic Bankers-Answer
    A few people control the world and its assets.How do they do this.By holding dominant shares-etc.

    Rothschild riches family in the world?Joan Veon”Who Controls The World And its Assets”Search

    The Queen of England may be richest in world.Jordon Maxwell
    at You Tube talks about Russian Coat Of Arms.Benjamin
    Freedman Speech-1/5 You Tube shows America-Israel-Russia in
    alliance.Is this the NWO-where is China???

    Greed WTO is bushing west to Russia-China-India.Over population for capitalism is profit by expanding markets.
    What is result to American markets-jobs-and security including other western nations.The FED and Treasury have
    no answer to how to deal with job lost in America and west.

    Unions and civil service are being destroyed to allow profit for elite which results in lower wages and benefit
    through no regulation and influx of EU open boarders.
    Opposition to restriction on immigration same motive to
    integrate the world with no borders for NWO enslavement.
    Elite buying up Government assets cheap.IMF stipulations
    enslave nations.Greece a good example.Secret agreement
    of secret agreement
    maybe.North America Union in progress.Foreign trucking
    in America-Fright-drugs-illegals-terrorist-Bank dirty
    money cleaning?Oil-Corporate U.S.and Mexico sweat-shops-
    cheap illegal labor.Is this for business sector U.S. and
    New World Order???

    If the upper classes and rich can live well-why do the sheep have to be trashed.Pigs are pigs.This reality is obvious yet greed is progressing because of greed addiction.

    No regulation-no tax-private sector will produce jobs.They
    caused the financial crisis because of greed and NWO.

    The banks are not regulated.The loop holds still remain.
    The FED is illegal A1 S8 U.S.Constitution.3/4 vote
    did not approve FED.Federal Reserve Act illegal.16th
    amendment Taxation illegal Maybe???Crown Rule-Royal Blood
    and offspring rule the world.Rothschild-Zionist finance wing of the Illuminati-Intelligent Jesuit-Knights of Malta and Saint John military-CFR-TLC-RIIA-WTO-IMF-FED-Treasury???
    ETC.Illuminati Exposed-Reference-The Committee of 300
    Conspiracy-You Tube1/10-John Coleman-You Tube-Norman Dodd
    The Hidden World Agenda-53 min. interview-You Tube.

    The Best Enemy Money Can Buy-You Tube- Antony Sutton interviews and books.Corporate conduct and bankers manipulation to bring Germany down-Russia Lend Least-
    Who is in bed with who really.Oil-1/7 Syndrome of Control-
    Lindsey Williams-Pickens Natural Gas-200 yr.Supply U.S.
    prior to oil crisis.The Air Compressed Engine MDI France.
    Hydrogen-Hemp-solar-Wind-wave-anti gravity-water as fuel.

    America and the west are being de-industrialized for redistribution to finance the NWO which has broke the west
    for the elite and rich with bond holders international and other investments.Cecil Rhodes New World Order-Research?
    Joan Veon reference this topic.

    Benjamin Fulford-Camelot Interviews-East Mafia forces elite west to redistribute wealth or international banksters ploy
    to break the west.North Korea and the west what a story.
    Is it for real or to fool you.Iran seems to be target.
    U.S. State Department does not have good record-Hiss-Mao?

    Will Russia and China sellout Iran for completion of New World Order.Reference Benjamen Freedman Speech-You Tube 1/5
    WW 1-2-3!

    Norman Dodd”The Hidden World Agenda”You Tube said the
    international bankers said they has fixed America where it could not be fixed.Factions and greed as bank bonuses indicate as example.They would blend America with the Soviet
    and Maybe China as world model.Sweden is best model without
    unneeded legal-illegal immigration retaining its sovereign
    nation status.The rulers seem to be NWO by immigration
    in to Sweden.This is the action world wide of the New World Order.

    Walter E. Haas Search
    God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | July 28, 2010

  96. Mafia international banks and their BP Global shareholders.International shareholders and 40 percent being U.S.investors.Fed debases the phony U.S.currency.Federal
    Reserve Illegal but no objection by congress as they are puppets of the secret world government.Enter city of London controls the banking of the world and gold prices.This is only the foundation of U.S.establishment corruption.It is TREASON.

    Immigration legal and illegal is profit for bankers and shareholders international through their investments in corporations international because the payer pays
    the cost of welfare for these criminals.What do I mean.
    Insurance-housing-education is profit for shareholders who have shares in companies that have contracts with the government for tax payer money for the
    benefits of illegals.Further the illegals and work permit
    legals drive down the price of labor for American citizens
    which drives up profit for the business sector.This way
    the status quo retain control of the Monopoly which controls the stupid sheep.The Report From Iron Mountain???

    Capitalism has sold America for Asia and is destroying the western world for power and profit.Business is addicted
    to profit without concern of security of their nation.This is why we are in depression.This is why China and India are
    where western investors are going-Russia also.The North American Union-Research-TREASON.

    Small business cannot pay decent wages and make profit.Large business wants to eat small business as WALMART
    is example.Banks don’t want to give credit to small business
    they want to own all assets.Consolidation of banking proves this.The FED shareholders are the richest families in U.S. and international.FED private central bank a violation of U.S Constitution.It is not Federal.Joan veon-Who controls The World And Its Assets-Queen of England Topic.Bilderberg
    group is who rules in secret with their puppets CFR-RIIA
    TLC-WB,IMF,Corporates,news media,Universities,etc.NWO.
    The NWO Conspiracy is gentile and jew.System 2000???

    Now you understand in simple terms who the con artist are.
    You understand why illegals and legal work permits.Now
    you understand why The north American union is in process
    covered up by U.S.Congress.The CFR-HR Dream Act is to erode the U.S.Constitution for open borders from Canada to Brazil.

    The enemy is within.JFK Speech on Secret Societies is why America is being destroyed.Norman Dodd Reece Committee investigator exposed the international bankers gentile and jew who are NWO who formed conspiracy to overthrow the U.S.
    Constitution for one world government.Norman Dodd interview
    The Hidden World Agenda-You Yube”.1/7 Syndrome of Control”
    Lindsey Williams presentation exposes the oil conspiracy.

    What is connection between Bush and General Butler in his book War Is A Racket-Conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Constitution by U.S based corporations.FDR took no action against the conspirators???There was investigation.

    Queen Of England Owns BP-The Queens holding in RIO TINTO ZINC(RTZ)was first discovered through a leak at the bank of England to Andrew Morton.Forum Prison Topic 172467.0 Cached-Search

    Who Controls The world?Illuminati,Jesuit,Bilderberg,Church,
    ,Skull,Religion-Title Search

    Illuminati Exposed:By Dr. Pierre Ordinaire-My Space Video
    Added Dec.2008-Search and My Space video.

    Norman Dodd interview 43 min-Yuo Tube-Topic international bankers.

    “1/7 Syndrome of Control”Lindsey Williams-OIl Conspiracy-You Tube-Google search.

    The Committee of 300 Conspiracy-1/10 by John Coleman-You tube-Google Search.Structure of elite from apex indicated
    on chart.

    Jordon Maxwell-Matrix Of Power1/7-You Tube

    The truth about middle east and israel-The Illuminati-You Tube.

    Benjamin Freedman Speech-You Tube WW1-2-3.

    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You Tube

    FK speech on Secret societies-You Tube

    Eisenhower Speech-Military Industrial Complex-You Tube

    Vanona Papers-Mac Carthy hearings 1954-communist in U.S. Government.He has been proven correct-Research

    You Are Property Of The Rothschild Family-Jordon Maxwell-
    You Tube.

    Jordon Maxwell-Queen Of England1/5-YOU TUBE.

    Do not be deceived it is class war_Noam Cromsky -You Tube.
    The elite and rich have destroyed the U.S. as other classes have to retain corrupt mafia capitalist system.I do not say this for fun.The coming depression is result of profit over security of the American nation.The Corporations control the world and the puppet presidents.Fed,Wall St,K St.Main St.Totally corrupt-no regulations.The Book The Big Short.
    The FED is Illegal-The U.S Constitution is void.The Patriot Act has remove the Bill of Rights-Fascist internationalist
    NWO.FEMA-Homeland Security-What democracy???

    This has been proven by BP Global and the collusion of U.S.
    government which is a Crown Colony of England.The Committee
    of 300 Conspiracy-You Tube-John Coleman 1/10 proves this
    correct as “1/7 Syndrome of Control”You Tube does.Norman Dodd interview-You Tube 43 min continues to compound the
    lies of U.S.Establishment.Jordon Maxwell-Matrix of Power1/7
    You Tube also confirms the false reality.Ralph Epperson history-Conspiratorial history.

    124 topic comments this 80 letters-The Occidental Observer-Topic comments.Research Search Google
    .com page 1-2-Walter E. Haas.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | August 22, 2010

  97. Update:The Occult Part 30-The Committee of 300-A Dark Horse Production-You Tube.This is concise elaboration of The Committee of 300 Conspirator’s Hierarchy 1/10.Dr.John Coleman.

    Jordon Maxwell-Queen of England Exposed-You Tube

    The Occult Part 30-The Committee of 300-You Tube is 10 to 15 minute video that is to the point.

    It is in context with original video for the Satanic
    Central Banksters.The video was changed and now is removed??? Sept 09

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 8, 2010

  98. Update;Please be advised that the “Khazar Empire,Illuminati and New World Order”-Socio Economic- 24 Jan 2009 Search E. Haas is relevant to “The Satanic Central Banksters”.The two together in abstract are profound in references and information.

    Nowhere else that I know of is this information available
    together with references in condense form.I have said this before and I will say it again.You are privileged to acquire
    this knowledge without you effort of research.

    You can prove I am Hitler and hate gentiles and jews.You can prove I am a racist.You can prove that all I give reference to is a lie.As the result of being a moron and to compound it a retard with a 50 IQ I want you to know I did actualize my potential with a 50 IQ.

    CNBC- Jim Cramer:Illuminati Exist And Is Not All Bad!30 Jan
    2010-Socio.Video 3:13-3:21 second statements.

    Have a little trust in Benanke.Geithner Okay.1937 depression war solution.Paulson Tarp.People think Lord Goldfine and Goldman Sacks own everything.

    AIG,Goldman Sacks,Illuminati,Trilateral Commission,Queen of England not all bad!Jim Cramer said it???

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 8, 2010

  99. Update:2012 Nibiru World War 3 Obama Martial Law Conspiracy.
    You Tube-A most profound and passionate speech of the first order by Lyndon La Roach.

    The cost of liberty is will!

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | September 9, 2010

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