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Dr. Mayer Eisenstein: What’s in the Vaccine Shots?

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“Vaccines Do Not Work!!”

  • Alex welcomes to the show Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, a Chicago physician and author of Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate. Dr. Eisenstein has taken up the cause of protecting the public from government and big pharma schemes to vaccinate millions of people, including children, for the hyped H1N1 flu pandemic this autumn.
  • Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School. In his 33 years in medicine, he and his practice have cared for over 75,000 parents, grandparents and children. He is Board Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, American Board of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians. He is a recipient of the Howard Fellowship, Health Professional Scholarship, University of Illinois School of Medicine Scholarship, and is a member of the Illinois Bar. 
    He is the author of: Give Birth at Home With The Home Birth Advantage, Safer Medicine, Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate, Unavoidably Dangerous – Medical Hazards of HRT and Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy. His medical film “Primum Non Nocere” (Above All Do No Harm), a documentary on home birth, was an award winner at the Chicago Film Festival in 1987.

“Do Not Take the Swine Flu Vaccine!!”


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  1. […] Another link similar to the last, an interview with Dr Eisenstein, who is a follower of the late Dr. Robert Mendelson. Dr Mendleson was author of  “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” who spoke out about the dangers of many medical practices. One of which was vaccinations, but others included Ultra-Sound, Mammograms, X-Rays etc. An, enought about Dr. Mendelson, you can look him up. Very informative. […]

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  2. thanks for the info…..nice blog bro. plizz reply me too

    Comment by badro3n | September 4, 2009

  3. I appreciate all you do to educate us about vaccines. My grandchildren have not been vaccinated. They have been alert since birth and the first 2 were born at home. The last one was a C-section do to premature water breaking. It turned out be a blessing because the umbilical was only 2 inches long. My daughter and her husband were right there throughout her post delivery to be sure no vaccines were given. They do not do the eye drops. My daughter uses the first milking colostrum in the eyes.
    The babies held their heads up from birth. It is such a glorious way to bring children into the world.

    Comment by Dolores Sieg | October 12, 2010

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