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Robert Welch 1958 & 1974 Speech: How Insiders Plan to Destroy America!

  • I have said many times that the shadow Illuminati rulers want to destroy America and merge America into a new United Nations 2.0(League of Democracies??). Is this really that far out? America will be turned into a militarized monster to conquer many countries and finally be destroyed and morphed into a One World Government. We are entering this phase of world war. The current order will be destroyed and the New World Order will arise from its ashes.
  • Listen to Robert Welch’s speech above. What he said in 1974 has happened exactly. All the points he brought up on how this secret cabal intended to destroy America have come true. Do you really believe that things happen by accident? There has been a deliberate long term, many decades, plan in placed to drive America to the New World Order, One World fascist government.
  • Take note of the solutions he mentioned to thwart this evil plan. They are right along the line of what Ron Paul is saying.


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  1. It is time now to set the record straight on capitalism,communism,socialism,fascism in simple terms.For technical definition research.

    Capitalism says the rich the smart and the lucky can rule by deceit.The people that are stupid deserve to be robed.Might is right.To the strongest by any means.

    Communism is total control by the government to serve the people.It does not work because man is corrupt and capitalist oppose it.They also create it for profit and destruction.

    Socialism is partial control by the government.It sees to the welfare of the people and gives tax breaks to business that serve the interest of the nation.Maintaining employees for example.Socialize medical and other benefits necessary for the protection of the people.A regulated economy.Sweden,Norway,France?Iceland destroyed by international bankers.US only industrialized nation not to have nationalize medical benefits.England,Canada do and are not getting rid of them.Capitalist hate socialism unless it is their monopoly.Sweden and France are being degraded by the NWO.Immigration destruction of social benefits and unions.France as a specific.NWO does this slowly.The people are condition to have less.They call it globalization.

    Fascism is a lawless nation which the US is becoming.No regulations and controlled by the corporate,international banking,Pentagon,CIA,etc.

    In general terms the fight over socialize medical sums up the capitalist criminal system.50 million do not have insurance.Part of middle class do not have insurance.The criminals play all sides using our crooked congressman.Some special interest support nationalization of medical benefits most do not.Illegals get benefits and capitalist are paid by US tax payer.Further money is invested by Insurance industry for new technology in medical field that benefits the rich at the expense of everybody else.The excess profit results in people paying and not using service.This is how profit is made.Tax payer pays.

    People are brainwashed by the rich to hate unions and nationalized medical because the criminals would lose money.These town meetings are in some cases provoke by the right or left for political gain of pro or con.All these people saying nationalize medical is no good are ignorant and brainwashed.The proof Canada and England,etc. have socialize medical. Doctors,lawyers,Pharmacy,corporations,private business sector benefit from private system at tax payers expense.If someone does not care about the welfare of the people and can profit by denying them medical benefits are they criminal for doing so.Answer they are logically speaking.Of course since capitalism only wants profit it is okay for them,but probably not for you.

    Man is corrupt by his nature.Only the best of men should rule.This is not the case.The worst rule and the good are corrupted by the worst of mankind.Only the few have the ability to overcome the attack of the criminals.Capitalist consider everyone a sucker.Sales training involves any method that will work to fleece the public.These people have no regard or compassion.They consider feeling weakness.This is the character of the elite and their puppets.Are there exceptions?some reconsider their acts and try to atone for them.What I say is proven by the mortgage housing problem,G.E.,The elite news media,FED,
    corporations,etc.It is the nature of the beast.Man the worst of all beast.Thomas Hobbes said this.Why are there laws.Answer to protect us from each other.Buyer beware?

    Independence for U>S is impossible.Bank of England may own FED and you.Rothschild,etc control gold supply?

    50% government employee removal.If they remove the criminal employees.Less government is not the answer good government is.

    Military U.S. soil.Gen.Butler book War Is A Racket.In this book he states with evidence a conspiracy by the corporates,International banking and other to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.This is Fact.You think they would not do it again.Same corporations still in U.S..FDR did not take action against these criminals.Was he one of them?

    U.S government with constitutional guidelines.How can this be done if International bankers own the FED with the other corporates supporting them including the Pentagon.We know what kind of work the CIA does.They work for these people.

    The sooner people realize the American government is corrupt and they are corrupt because they have been brainwashed by the elite media,commercials and consumption and
    Education which produces ignorance about history and your culture and makes you internationalist with no knowledge of your roots the sooner there will be hope.

    I suggest you read all my comments for topics on this subject and prove them wrong as it will be relief for me if you do so.If I am right what does that say about you.

    If the middle class and workers will stand up with conviction you can check mate the criminals as from within their circle there will be apparent cracks which are appearing now.Have a mandate and be unified in supporting it.The elite win by dividing and conquering.You can win by this same tactic.Pick out a specific target and hit it by boycott,marches,city hall protest,etc.Have hometown organizations united but independent of each other meaning same mandate.Leaders can be removed.With all as leaders you win they lose.Believe it or not.

    Walter E. Haas search God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | August 26, 2009

  2. Follow up to above topic.Capitalism if regulated by laws that are enforced is tolerable.Restricted capitalism is not pure capitalism which is anythings goes which is now what exist.I do not accuse all capitalist of being crooks.If they obey the law they are legal.The question is are they ethical.This is the conflict of capitalism.Since it is competitive all means are used to survive.This results in unfair play.This results in doing what you can to win.Excessive interest on loans and manipulation of credit being available adding inflation,etc do not serve the interest of the people.Slave labor to serve the ends of the few versus the many is not just.It creates corruption.
    Sweden does not have the problems the U.S. does because the people are treated fairly.Crime rate in America is one of highest in the world.Illegals working in US is a crime.Now they are less needed.Supply and demand.Nevertheless the illegals show what capitalism produces.The U.S government will not comply with the laws of U.S. on illegal immigration.Slave labor for business sector.Purpose of slave labor more profit and to reduce the value of labor.

    If all of my comment for topics are read you will under stand my criticism is against the unfair practice of capitalism.I have stated most business people follow the law.Temptation is ever present.

    Capitalism exist because man is corrupt.It is the preferred system for that reason.Naturally the corporations want to rule the world and then they will destroy each other?

    Most people in business work hard and deal with the environment they live in.One has to do what the others do and be better at it to prosper.Criminal business are those who break the law.

    I am an atheist but I do not support the enslavement of the people for the profit of a few.I believe in being thy brothers keeper.JC considered charging interest a sin.Islam countries do not charge interest in banking,etc.In the past in the west same rule applied.No excessive interest.The catholic church changed the rules.Did the capitalist buy the pope.Just kidding.Yes we are in state of flux.Organisms come and go decline and cease to exist.The cycles of nature.
    All things have a beginning and end except the stars that are reborn forever.The American star is burning out by its own corruption.Capitalism is destroying it.

    Anyone who deceives the people for destructive ends and gains threaten the people and the security of their nation.

    1 to 5 percent control 90 percent of wealth of U.S..What does this indicate.You be the judge.

    Walter E. Haas God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | August 26, 2009

  3. He never mentions the Illuminati specifically. Just communism. I realise there may be a link, but this doesn’t do much in the way of proving that link.

    Comment by Lyn | July 17, 2010

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