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H1N1 Cases “Decrease Significantly” in England

  • Is A/H1N1 swine flu hysteria justified? I think not. Governments around the world have announced billions of dollars of vaccines purchase. 12,000 children volunteers are being called for to become guinea pigs to test these vaccines. These are clearly unnecessary and fear mongering. Cui Bono ? Big Pharma. Reuters reports :
    The number of deaths from H1N1 flu in England jumped by nine to 36 in the last week, but the number of new cases “decreased significantly” with no evidence the virus is mutating, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) said on Thursday.
    In its weekly briefing update on the pandemic the agency said the estimated number of new cases had fallen to 30,000 from 110,000 in the week ending July 26.
    “There will still be quite a bit of flu out there, but it’s certainly not anything like it was a month ago,” England’s chief medical officer, Liam Donalson, told BBC Radio. “And it gives us a welcome bit of breathing space so we can even plan even further for the big surge we are expecting in the autumn and winter,” he said.
    It was a similar picture in Scotland with estimated numbers falling from 1,500 to 1,050 according to government figures. The HPA said: “There is a clear indication that the number of cases in England has decreased significantly in the last week.” In addition, it said there had been a fall in estimated cases in all age groups and across all regions of the country.
    “The majority of cases continue to be mild. There is no sign that the virus is changing. It is not becoming more severe or developing resistance to anti-virals,” it said. It said the disease was proving severe in only a small number of cases.


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