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Steve Quayle: The Illuminati’s Fall 2009 BioTerrorism Depopulation Plan

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  • Should you trust WHO latest reassurance that the A/H1N1 swine flu vaccines will be safe? Absolutely not! The Satanic Illuminati elite rules this world. They are executing their eugenics depopulation plan, very likely, this fall. They have been publicly saying for many years that they need to bring the global population down by 75-90%. That is: 4.5 to 6 billion people need to be exterminated!
  • The A/H1N1 is a man made virus. These people are hyping it up and fear mongering so as to brain wash the sheeple into taking the deadly vaccines! This A/H1N1 swine flu is far less harmful than the seasonal flu. It has caused the death of less than 1,500 people worldwide, when seasonal flu kills 350,000 to 500,000 worldwide. So, why is the WHO pushing vaccine for it so aggressively? Don’t be taken for a ride. The WHO does not serve the needs of the people. It serves its owners’ requirements.
  • Steve Quayle highlights what is happening across America:
    – The Illuminati elite is deploying troops across America to allow them to implement martial law and forced vaccination easily.
    –  They have in hand vaccination ‘bracelets’ where those that have been vaccinated will be ‘tagged’ and logged into a computer database.
    – Many local police and law enforcement officials are being trained by the military to handle militia and civic rebellion. More than 80 eminent scientists, biologists, viralogists, doctors.. have died unnaturally in the past decade.
    – Many troops are already conducting exercises to ‘program’ the sheeple to fear ‘the pandemic’ and to submit to authorities.
    – A general in the military intelligence department has broken ranks and said “I will not be a party to the deaths of 25 to 50 million Americans!”.
    – Early trial test vaccines in Texas are showing negative side effects but are being hushed up. Officials are publicly saying no one will be exempted when the law allows exemption by signing a federal form.
    – The USD is heading for a collapse. Together with economic collapse, man made pandemic…. the Nazification of America has started. The government is asking neighbours to spy on neighbours. Criticising the government and police are disallowed and unpatriotic.
    Mass graves are already being prepared and more land are being prepared for graves.
    Weather weapons and chemtrails are being deployed against the people. Will there be a false flag ‘nuclear incident’ in London? If this happens in London it will very likely be repeated in America!
  • Spread the word ! People need to know and decide for themselves. Alex Jones and Steve Quayle are honourable guys and have decades of experience warning the public about the Illuminati New World Order. The shadow government intends to destroy America and Nazify the country and??? —>goto global war???


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  1. I’m aware of these fear tactics of w.h.o. and will not voluntary be vaccinated.

    Comment by Evan Breault | August 26, 2009

  2. Thank You for the awareness of the Vaccine and I’m aware of those tactics they’ve been doing. Thank You!!

    Comment by Vivi Gwee | August 29, 2009

  3. we are so close to martial law and the rise of the antichrist.
    civilians prepare yourselves to stand against the new world order.

    Comment by Evan Breault | February 14, 2010

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