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Our Lives at Risk: Drug Company Greed and Dangerous Vaccines

  • So, now we have news that this A/H1N1 virus is similar to the Spanish flu 1918 virus. I wonder why?? See :
    Researchers resurrect deadly ‘Spanish’ flu (2004)
    Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated (2005)
  • This is a bio-engineered virus! Many people are undoubtedly profiting from this. Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri writes :
    With the threat of a supposed influenza “pandemic,” the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a Level 6 [the highest level] alert on June 11. Despite the hype in our corporate-controlled mainstream news, there is yet no real evidence of a pandemic in the United States or worldwide.(2) There are many conflicting numbers; but so far, there have been relative few substantiated deaths actually attributed to the synthetic H1N1 so-called “swine” flu. However, there may be a far more sinister situation planned. What appears from numerous reports is: that this flu is not a natural occurrence, but rather one that has been manufactured/genetically engineered in some (bio-weapons?) laboratory and contains five different strains of flu that would not have come together naturally(3); that this vaccine supposed to protect humans from it is also quite unsafe; and that it may contain the toxic adjuvant squalene.(4) What is happening is that news reports have created a great deal of fear (originating from “official” sources) in the population at large. Engendered fear is a time-tested way to control masses ­most especially when populations are poorly educated. 
    Documents, however, do show that the WHO may have been responsible for and involved with illegally sending live vaccines on a passenger train in Switzerland. This put passengers at great risk. The vaccine packing materials exploded during transit on this train, “spraying the passengers with the biological agent.”(5) 
    On June 10 it was reported that Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian investigative journalist, filed charges this past April with the FBI in Austria, with much supporting evidence, stating that “Baxter’s A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine [Baxter AG is an Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International] and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria [produced] contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.”(6) Burgermeister has recently been fired for being a Whistleblower.(7) 
    Canadian doctor, Ghislaine Lanctôt (author of “Medical Mafia”) is quoted on July 10 as saying: “I am emerging from a long silence on the subject of vaccination, because I feel that, this time, the stakes involved are huge. The consequences may spread much further than anticipated.” She believes that there is a planned reduction of world population planned through a deliberately invented pandemic, “orchestrated by the WHO, an international organization that serves military, political, and industrial interests.” [quotes from this report at: There’s also a video link at this website.] Dr. Lanctôt’s comments appear to support Jane Burgermeister’s charges filed with the FBI. 
    In response to this officially created hysteria, “The White House is proposing vaccination for both seasonal flu and H1N1 flu, although the total number of US [confirmed] fatalities to date from H1N1” is quite small.(8) Federal legislation is already in place and State Emergency Medical Powers Acts now are forcing mandatory drugging or vaccination for every American over the age of three months to be injected with a harmful, untested, and potentially lethal vaccine. Three shots may be required. There are to be no exceptions. 
    The drug companies who will be supplying these vaccines are to be indemnified.(9) This means that if a child dies, if anyone dies, or is harmed from any kind of adverse vaccine reaction, the drug companies are not to be held accountable. Does this sound like more collusion between the US government and drug companies? There is a very long and dirty history of both drug companies and the US government using uninformed citizens as experimental laboratory subjects. What nefarious plans are afoot? 
    Drug safety studies usually are not conducted on any significant, long-term basis. This results in a completely inadequate time to realistically test for any kind of long-term side effects. What is the trade-off? It is always: profit versus human lives. We lose all the time. Sometimes, drug damage is not seen for years. Here are few examples: Look at the horrific consequences of the drug thalidomide. It was prescribed in 1959, supposedly to help pregnant women sleep better. The women who took it had babies born with horrific congenital abnormalities. 
    Then, there was DES [diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen hormone] used by millions of women. It was marketed for over three decades under more than 2,000 prescription names, supposedly to reduce complications in pregnancy. Clinical trials showed that “women who took DES had twice the number of miscarriages” and higher rates of hypertension. By the early 1970s, it was discovered that the children whose mothers took DES then were exposed to a type of cancer called clear cell adenocarcinoma. There is also the risk for developing breast cancer for both DES women and their daughters exposed in utero. 
    This means, long-term, that a second generation of women was also exposed to the deadly effects of DES. “Between 1940-1971, it is estimated that between 500,000-2-million women took DES, thinking it was another wonder drug”even though there was research going back to 1931 linking DES with cancer. Doctors continued to prescribe this drug; and “Squibb and Eli Lily continued to promote the drug as one that produced healthier babies.” The FDA did not intercede until 1971­40 years later!” [quote from my book: “The Uterine Crisis” pages 18-19] DES is still being used to fatten cattle and poultry. Is there still a cancer link? 
    Vaccine safety studies, too, are done on a short-term basis (several days to several weeks) Part of the 1976 swine flu epidemic also included the dangerous side-effects of the vaccine being promoted. The flu virus originated out of Ft. Dix, New Jersey. The US-mandated program to vaccinate every person was halted after 1,600 people died. Much of what happened regarding this unsafe flu vaccine was covered up. 
    There also was the earlier polio epidemic of the early 1950s. The polio virus attacked the central nervous system; and thousands of children died or were seriously crippled. The vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk, was supposed to be a miracle. 
    There was a rush to have the polio vaccine mass produced; and, in 1955, the US government mandated a polio vaccine program. Millions of children lined up in schools across the country to get a polio shot. It was supposed to protect them. [Another mass flu vaccination plan is now in the works for children this fall via school programs.] Did anyone question the vaccine’s safety then? However, by the 1960s, some researchers had discovered “that the polio vaccine distributed to certain states was infected with another virus called ‘Simian Virus 40 [SV40].'” 
    At the time, it was unknown that the SV40 caused brain and lung cancers.(10) This SV40 is a monkey virus not usually found in humans. Rhesus monkeys were used during the polio vaccine laboratory tests. The polio vaccine was grown on their kidneys, collected, killed, and then given to people. Humans who were given this dose of polio vaccine were then supposed to develop antibodies to protect them from getting polio. 
    Fast forward: 40 years. Some of this polio vaccine was tainted with SV40. It is only now that the long-term effects of this contaminated polio vaccine and its link with cancers are being researched. But most of this information remains in medical journals, and is not getting out to the general public. This is another historical reminder of the extreme importance of long-term safety trials on drugs and vaccines. 
    Fuentes notes that by “1963, the estimated number of tainted polio vaccinations was estimated of upwards of 98-million” and, further that “SV40 has appeared in 61 percent of all new cancer patients ­patients too young to have received the contaminated polio vaccineadministered 40 years ago.”(11) Fragments of SV40 have been isolated and found in human bone cancers at Loyola University; and in rhesus monkeys at the Institute of Histology and General Embryology, University of Ferrara [Italy]. 
    Does that mean that SV40 has now been transmitted to new generations? [The study of epigenetics deals with the transmission of diseases and environmental toxins from one generation to the next.] How many Americans have cancer today, or have died from cancer, possibly linked with the contaminated polio vaccine? Forty years later, there is still much research to be done. How much of any of this does the general public know? 
    We have never learned those vital lessons, because now we have a new generation of multi-national drug companies that are gearing up; and they are determined to make enormous profits ­again, at our expense. Are we going to continue to be their experimental laboratory rats? 
    These are only a few instances of a total lack of any kind of urgently needed precaution. They are vast reminders that in the huge race to give Big Pharmaceutical companies enormous and indemnified profits, we are all expendable. Profits are all that count. The inherent dangers in this new synthetic influenza combined with unsafe vaccines has the potential to cause enormous havoc ­here in the US and worldwide. Where is any Precautionary Principle? 
    Lest we forget, there are extremely serious issues in all this: (1) The drug companies stand to make millions, if not billions of dollars for unproven, untested, and FORCED medication on the entire [reduced?] population. (2) There will be no recourse for any American citizen who dies or is disabled by being forced to take these dangerous drugs. The potential for mass deaths cannot be discounted. (3) Non-compliance by any American can result in persons being abducted [by whom? US military? local police? or mercenary troops?] from their homes and sent to undisclosed detention center/FEMA camps. Where are these places located? “Camps” are where we send our children during the summertime to play. The term “camp” is a euphemism for prisons or possibly US death camps. This is what the United States did to innocent Japanese Americans during World War II. They were seized and imprisoned illegally for years! Will history is about to repeat itself? ­ only this time with the potential of even far more deadly consequences. 
    Forcing us to be vaccinated also means that every American becomes an uninformed test subject and a “slave” to planned and illegal laws. Our [now shredded] US Constitution prohibits slavery and indentured servitude. This is the deliberate destruction of the last remaining of our presumed liberties. Our Constitution is no longer upheld by those officials supposedly elected to do precisely that. As Professor John Kozy just wrote a few days ago: “A political-economic oligarchy has taken over the United States of America.”(12) Over many years, this has been done surreptitiously. POCLAD has been documenting this for years.(13) Now, there is no pretense. Yet, the overwhelming majority of Americans remain uninformed and very poorly educated about the enormous scale of what is happening. 
    What has not been mentioned in any recent reports is: what will happen to those whose immune systems are already compromised? What about millions of people with multiple illnesses? What about infants with immature immune systems? What about people already hospitalized? It is plausible that three injections of untested drugs can/will kill them? What about millions of Americans who are immuno-compromised? What about those already on prescription drugs, what about dangerous and unknown drug interactions? This then is a massive act of premeditated genocide. It is what the CDC euphemistically calls “A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF HUMAN WASTAGE.”(14) Do we want what F. William Engdahl calls the “militarization of public health”?(15) 
    The United States is a failed country, as many writers, including Paul Craig Roberts, Professor Kozy, and others continue to point out. There is nothing but stealth and deceit that pervade the beltway. The depths of depravity and greed that now engulf this country are at a scale that is far too reminiscent of the medical experiments perpetrated on millions of people by Nazi Germany. 
    Are we going to be silent and complicit in our own destruction? These vaccines are the modern day equivalent of the Greek Trojan Horse: that will come into our own homes/communities illegally and wreck complete havoc! Put bluntly: the government’s forced influenza vaccines will be the 21st century’s harbingers of death and destruction, as was the ancient Trojan Horse. This is the plan. Can we actually come to grips with this before there is nothing left? Do we care about our own safety? Our children’s? Our parents? Our friends? Do we want to make our own medical decisions? Further, the FDA is already threatening to “seize all natural products that dare to mention H1N1 swine flu.”(16) 
    We are already under daily and deadly assault with the poisons from Chemtrail aerosols, more than 60 undisclosed and Clandestine Weather Modification Programs, Brown Cloud pollution [now monitored by NASA], and toxic pollution of more than 100,000 other untested chemicals. Breathing the air is now unhealthy and unsafe. Environmental laws have been deliberately dismantled/gutted over the past nine years. The vast scope of the interaction of all these poisonous drugs/chemicals/carcinogens/hormone-disruptors is not being tested (because it means billions of different toxic combinationsa mathematical impossibility). What is known, however, is that we now have epidemics of cancers, genetic malformations in all species, and the medical list of multiple illnesses from which millions are suffering goes on and on. The damage to our immune systems is enormous. We are already gravely immuno-supressed. 
    As I have written in my last book, “The Uterine Crisis,” a corporation’s bottom line is profit –at any and all expense. This modus operandi is now completely out of control. Our well being and safety are not part of any corporate ethos. We are all expendable for corporate profits, and the evidence for this has been piling up for a century. This is where the United States of America is right now: being run into the ground and destroyed by corporations, the Federal Reserve (a private and very wealthy group of banksters), and other US officials. Profits for a very small group are going into a secret pool of untold trillions of our stolen taxpayer dollars, while there is no accountability. The ensuing demise of our financial base is evident everywhere. Except for the wealthy insiders. 
    Finally, there is absolutely no Precautionary Principle in place. There is tremendous suspicion of potential harm! There is significant scientific uncertainty! We are facing the reality that the public/common good is under siege. Real health concerns are irrelevant. 
    Sanity is out the proverbial window. Ethics are gone. Any semblance of rational behavior is nowhere to be seen. The “pandemic” we have is actually one of greed on an epic scale with the collusion of people supposedly “entrusted” with our welfare. Congress is complicit. However, given the Federal Reserve’s criminal grand theft of our taxpayer dollars and a lack of any accountability in their unconscionable destruction of our economy, it is all business as usual by these US “public” officials.  
    We must protect our own safety, because there is no official who will help any of us. This is the tragic reality. Nevertheless, it is in our hands. We live in perilous times. We can either stand together for justice, safety, and our Constitutional rights, or we can cower and be in denial. We do have a choice. With little of our freedom left, we can and must STOP THIS IMMANENT THREAT TO ALL OF US! 
    “These doctor’s conflicting corporate, scientific, and financial interests evidence criminal malfeasance. Killing dozens of people for publicity and duplicity in public health, to increase marketability of their new vaccine is best described as serial homicide to advanced genocide ­the mass killing for profit.” Dr. Len Horowitz. 
    almost 100 million Americans were exposed (to SV40) through government sponsored programs, but for over 30 years, there has been virtually no government effort to see if anyone’s been harmed by the exposure. The government will not fund science that makes it look culpable.” 
    Dr. Howard Urnovitz, microbiologist. Quoted in the Boston Globe. (18)
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