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Bioweapons: Biological Threats to Canadians and World Citizens

  • True or False? Draw your own conclusions. Canadian Action Party :
    The Policy Committee of the Canadian Action Party has recently passed a motion concerning the threat to Canadians of bioweapons being introduced into our society, as flues and viruses or other biological weapons; and the further risks posed to Canadians by any enforced inoculation programs which might be instigated after the release of such viruses and illness into our society. The eugenics and population reductions of the so-called elites are being exposed world wide, and Canadians need to become informed of these issues and how best to protect themselves and their children concerning these immanent threats.
    In an effort to form a body of experts and consultants to inform CAP members and the Canadian public, we have asked a number of medical researchers and truth activists to assume a consultant role on an advisory committee to CAP, to share their expertise and research results. Firstly, the proposed policy for CAP is presented below. We invite commentary, criticisms and suggestions. This policy has yet to be approved by CAP leader Andrew Moulden or by the CAP executive board and is under continued revision and refinement.
    Whereas :  The global elite, including Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, the UN and other “think tanks” operated and/or influenced by the elites, propose population reduction as a means of preserving life on the planet and ensuring the use of the world’s resources for the self-selected elite. Further, biology labs are used to create all kinds of new viruses and influenzas, using recombinant DNA methodologies and gene splicing. The threat of global pandemics is now very real as the elites perceive such flus/viruses as the means by which they might effect, in part, a population reduction. AIDS has now been proven (Dr. Len Horowitz Emerging Viruses, Aids & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional 1996) to have been created and dispersed into the populations of sub-Sahara Africa and the homosexual communities as such a ‘weapon of mass destruction.’ Such biological diseases are also spread as a means of reducing food supplies and have led to the mass culling of livestock around the world to stop the spread of such illnesses. The most recent H1N1 influenza is itself suspect as the product of the biological weapons industry.
    Whereas : Not only are threats posed by such engineered biological bacteria/viruses, but further, the outbreak of such pandemics might also be used as a pretext to impose martial law, restrict population movements and to introduce programs of enforced inoculations. Such enforced inoculations may themselves constitute another “weapon of mass destruction” to be used against the civilian and non-civilian populations. These inoculations are introduced without adequate testing and research, and the corporate pharmaceutical companies obstruct the objective scientific evaluation of their inoculation products while consistently denying negative effects and research.
    Therefore : CAP demands criminal investigations and open public inquiries into all eugenics programs of the global elite, the research being done in biological labs within Canada and the immediate investigation of all inoculation programs. We oppose any enforced inoculations and would ban any media propaganda used to influence and/or convince the populace into submitting to inoculations or other preventative methods which are not clearly and unequivocally documented scientifically to be safe and effective. CAP favours the use of voluntary home quarantines, natural medicines and detection test kits as the primary method of containing such outbreaks. We reject the use of any Canadian facilities to participate in designing and/or creating any biological weapons of mass destruction. CAP also calls for the removal of personnel and funding of joint ventures with non- Canadian companies and foreign countries engaged in such biological warfare activity. Lastly, we demand criminal investigations into the possible corruption of Health Canada and the inordinate influence and control exerted by the major pharmaceutical companies over our elected government officials and public agencies.


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PITT STUDY: Accidental Release Blamed In Swine Flu Outbreak!


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Brazil Eyes Non-Dollar Trade With India

  • Apart from an agreement with China on non USD trade, Brazil has been talking with Argentina and now India. The USD is in trouble. Many are abandoning ship. Wall Street Journal reports :
    Brazil is considering using its own currency when conducting trade with India, the local Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper said Monday. Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles met with Indian banking officials in Europe at the Bank for International Settlements meeting over the weekend to discuss the move away from the dollar in trade between the nations, Estado reported.
    Brazil and China are also conducting studies on how to shed the dollar in trade, according to Estado. A move away from the dollar could eventually do away with currency volatility. Although the dollar is considered the benchmark currency for trade and commodities pricing, many Brazilian companies have lost hundreds of millions over the last two years due to dollar weakness.


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Man Made Global Warning is a Hoax. It’s the Sun !

  • Man made global warming is a scam. It is the elite’s plan to use it to institute a global tax for their One World Government. The reason why temperature oscillate is because of the sun. The sun’s intensity varies and oscillate over time.
  • Global Warming Hysteria reports :
    Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Mars are ALL warming
    The sheer weight of evidence of warming via solar activity across the solar system is becoming impressive. 
    Photographs of the merging of two red spots on Jupiter, evidence of warming on Neptune’s largest moon Triton, warming on Pluto that is “puzzling scientists” and, of course, the already documented warming trend on
    Mars all add up to convincing evidence for increased solar activity across the entire solar system.
    Of course, the one exception to this solar system trend is…the earth…which alone among the planets, according to the Greens, is warming for a quite different reason (source: Planet Gore).
    In addition the evidence from ice cores for a distinct correlation in the past between solar activity and warmer temperatures is outstanding (see below).

  • See also :
    The Great Global Warming Swindle !


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