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China Should Buy Gold To Hedge Dollar Fall

  • China is already buying gold and a lot of commodities to dispose of their US$2T in USD denominated assets. What this senior researcher says is just the obvious official line. It is like a poker game. You only show the cards you want your opponents to see. So what other steps have they taken or are taking to protect themselves? The Chinese are bracing themselves for a collapse of the USD. Reuters reports :
    China should buy more gold because the dollar is poised for a fall and the metal is needed to support the greater international role envisaged for the yuan, a senior researcher with the ruling Communist Party said on Thursday.
    Li Lianzhong, who heads the economic department of the Party’s policy research office, said China should use more of its $1.95 trillion in foreign exchange reserves to buy energy and natural resource assets.
    Speaking at a foreign exchange and gold forum, Li also said that buying land in the United States was a better option for China than buying U.S. Treasury securities. ‘Should we buy gold or U.S. Treasuries?’ Li asked. ‘The U.S. is printing dollars on a massive scale, and in view of that trend, according to the laws of economics, there is no doubt that the dollar will fall. So gold should be a better choice.’
    There is no suggestion that Li, even though he is a senior researcher, was enunciating an agreed party line. However, a debate is swirling in China about how the country can reduce its exposure to the dollar and to U.S. assets in case America’s ultra-loose fiscal and monetary policy rekindles inflation and erodes the value of the dollar and U.S. Treasuries.
    To that end, China has said it will buy up to $50 billion worth of bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights, the International Monetary Fund’s unit of account, to be issued by the IMF.
    Chinese companies, at Beijing’s bidding, are also snapping up energy and commodity supplies around the globe to fuel its fast-growing growing economy.
    Sinopec, China’s largest oil refiner, agreed on Wednesday to buy Swiss oil explorer Addax Petroleum Corp for $7.24 billion in China’s biggest overseas acquisition.
    China disclosed on April 24 that it had increased its holdings of gold to 1,054 tonnes from 600 tonnes since 2003. However, China’s foreign exchange reserves have grown so fast over the same period that gold’s share of the stockpile, the largest in the world, has shrunk.
    Li cited the high share of gold in the foreign exchange reserves of the United States, Italy, Germany and France, to argue that China’s gold holdings, which account for about 1.6 percent of its reserves, are too small.
    China does not disclose the composition of its currency reserves, but bankers assume around 70 percent of it is held in dollar assets. China is the largest single holder of U.S. Treasuries, with $763.5 billion at the end of April, according to U.S. Treasury data..
    Analysts say this data set understates the true number as it does not capture paper bought through dealers in London or elsewhere. Li said a second reason for buying more gold would be in anticipation of the yuan one day becoming a reserve currency.
    The yuan is not convertible on the capital account, meaning it cannot be freely traded for other currencies for financial transactions that are not related to trade.
    This rules out the yuan’s use as an international reserve currency, for central banks would not be able to convert it quickly if necessary. But, in a very preliminary step towards that goal, China is paving the way for greater use of the yuan beyond its borders.
    The People’s Bank of China has arranged currency swap deals with six countries since December totalling 650 billion yuan ($95 billion) so that trade and investment with China can be conducted in yuan, not dollars. And China will soon allow selected firms in the southern province of Guangdong that trade with Hong Kong to settle their transactions in yuan, or renminbi.
    ‘If the yuan should go international or become a reserve currency, China needs more gold to back that,’ Li said. When the yuan does become an international currency, which Li acknowledged was a long way off, he said the composition of the SDR should be reformed to include the Chinese currency.
    Ideally, in the long term, the SDR would be made up of the dollar, euro, sterling and yen and yuan, each with a weighting of 20 percent, Li said. The SDR is currently made up of the dollar (with a weighting of 44 percent), the euro (34 percent), the yen (11 percent) and sterling (11 percent)
    The four currencies in the SDR, which must be convertible, are those issued by Fund members with the largest share of global trade. The weights assigned by the IMF are based on the value of exports and the amount of reserves denominated in those currencies.
    The composition of the basket is reviewed every five years. the next review is due in 2010.


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Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

  • This is interesting. Barbara Minton reports :
    As the anticipated July release date for Baxter’s A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.
    Summary of claims and allegations filed with FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009
    In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of
    bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.
    Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.
    The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the
    pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis. They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the “bird flu” virus and the “swine flu virus” in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S. This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.
    Burgermeister’s charges include evidence that Baxter AG, Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird
    flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four counties. She claims this evidence offers clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death.
    In her April charges, she noted that Baxter’s lab in Austria, one of the supposedly most secure biosecurity labs in the world, did not adhere to the most basic and essential steps to keep 72 kilos of a pathogen classified as a bioweapon secure and separate from all other substances under stringent biosecurity level regulations, but it allowed it to be mixed with the ordinary human flu virus and sent from its facilities in Orth in the Donau.
    In February, when a staff member at BioTest in the Czech Republic tested the material meant for candidate
    vaccines on ferrets, the ferrets died. This incident was not followed up by any investigation from the WHO, EU, or Austrian health authorities. There was no investigation of the content of the virus material, and there is no data on the genetic sequence of the virus released.
    In answer to parliamentary questions on May 20th, the Austrian Health Minister, Alois Stoger, revealed that the incident had been handled not as a biosecurity lapse, as it should have been, but as an offence against the veterinary code. A veterinary doctor was sent to the lab for a brief inspection.
    Burgermeister’s dossier reveals that the release of the virus was to be an essential step for triggering a pandemic that would allow the WHO to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. She lists the laws and decrees that would allow the UN and WHO to take over the United States in the event of pandemic. In addition, legislation requiring compliance with mandatory
    vaccinations would be put into force in the U.S. under conditions of pandemic declaration.
    She charges that the entire “swine flu” pandemic business is premised on a massive lie that there is no natural virus out there that poses a threat to the population. She presents evidence leading to the belief that the
    bird flu and swine flu viruses have, in fact, been bioengineered in laboratories using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies, among others. This “swine flu” is a hybrid of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come from laboratories according to many experts.
    WHO’s claim that this “swine flu” is spreading and a pandemic must be declared ignores the fundamental causes. The
    viruses that were released were created and released with the help of WHO, and WHO is overwhelmingly responsible for the pandemic in the first place. In addition, the symptoms of the supposed “swine flu” are indistinguishable from regular flu or from the common cold. The “swine flu” does not cause death anymore often than the regular flu causes death.
    Burgermeister notes that the figures for deaths reported for the “swine flu” are inconsistent and there is no clarity as to how the number of “deaths” has been documented.
    There is no pandemic potential unless mass vaccinations are carried out to weaponize
    the flu under the guise of protecting the population. There are reasonable grounds for believing that the mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases that are specifically designed to cause death.
    Reference is made to a licensed
    Novartis bird flu vaccine that killed 21 homeless people in Poland in the summer of 2008 and had as its “primary outcome measure” an “adverse events rate”, thereby meeting the U.S. government’s own definition of a bioweapon (a biological agent designed to cause an adverse events rate, i.e death or injury) with a delivery system (injection).
    She alleges that the same complex of international pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies that have developed and released pandemic material have positioned themselves to profit from triggering the pandemic with contracts to supply vaccines. Media controlled by the group that is engineering the “swine flu” agenda is spreading misinformation to lull the people of the U.S. into taking the dangerous vaccine.
    The people of the U.S. will suffer substantial and irreparable harm and injury if they are forced to take this unproven vaccine without their consent in accordance with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20, and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.
    In the U.S. since 2008, Burgermeister charges that those named in her allegations have implemented new and/or accelerated the implementation of laws and regulations designed to strip the citizens of the U.S. of their lawful constitutional rights to refuse an injection. These people have created or allowed provisions to remain in place that make it a criminal act to refuse to take an injection against pandemic viruses. They have imposed other excessive and cruel penalties such as imprisonment and/or quarantine in FEMA camps while barring the citizens of the U.S. from claiming compensation from injury or death from the forced injections. This is in violation of the laws governing federal corruption and the abuse of office as well as of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through these actions, the named defendants have laid the groundwork for mass genocide.
    Using the “swine flu” as a pretext, the defendants have preplanned the mass murder of the U.S. population by means of forced vaccination. They have installed an extensive network of FEMA concentration camps and identified mass grave sites, and they have been involved in devising and implementing a scheme to hand power over the U.S. to an international crime syndicate that uses the UN and WHO as a front for illegal racketeering influenced organized crime activities, in violation of the laws that govern treason.
    She further charges that the complex of pharmaceutical companies consisting of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi Aventis are part of a foreign-based dual purpose bioweapons program, financed by this international criminal syndicate and designed to implement mass murder to reduce the world’s population by more than 5 billion people in the next ten years. Their plan is to spread terror to justify forcing people to give up their rights, and to force mass quarantine in FEMA camps. The houses, companies and farms and lands of those who are killed will be up for grabs by this syndicate.
    By eliminating the population of North America, the international elite gain access to the region’s natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil lands. And by eliminating the U.S. and its democratic constitution by subsuming it under a North American Union, the international crime group will have total control over North America.
    Highlights from the complete dossier
    The complete dossier of the June 10th action is a 69 page document presenting evidence to substantiate all charges. This includes:
    Factual background that delineates time lines and facts that establish probable cause, UN and WHO definitions and roles, and history and incidents from the April, 2009 “swine flu”
    Evidence the “swine flu” vaccines are defined as bioweapons as delineates in government agencies and regulations classifying and restricting vaccines, and the fear of foreign countries that “swine flu” vaccines will be used for biological warfare.
    Scientific evidence the “swine flu” virus is an artificial (genetic) virus. Scientific evidence the “swine flu” was bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu virus of 1918 including quotes from Swine Flu 2009 is Weaponized 1918 Spanish Flu by A. True Ott, Ph.D., N.D., and a Science Magazine report from Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger
    The genome sequence of the “swine flu”
    Evidence of the deliberate release of the “swine flu” in Mexico
    Evidence as to the involvement of President Obama that delineates his trip to Mexico which coincided with the recent “swine flu” outbreak and the death of several officials involved in his trip. Contention is made that the President was never tested for “swine flu” because he had been previously vaccinated.
    Evidence as to the role of Baxter and WHO in producing and releasing pandemic virus material in Austria includes a statement from a Baxter official stating the accidentally distributed H5N1 in the Czech Republic was received from a WHO reference center. This includes delineation of evidence and allegations from Burgermeister’s charges filed in April in Austria that are currently under investigation.
    Evidence Baxter is an element in a covert bioweapons network
    Evidence Baxter has deliberately contaminated vaccine material.
    Evidence Novartis is using vaccines as bioweapons
    Evidence as to WHO’s role in the bioweapons program
    Evidence as to WHO’s manipulation of
    disease data in order to justify declaring a Pandemic Level 6 in order to seize control of the USA.
    Evidence as to the FDA’s role in covering up the bioweapons program
    Evidence as to Canada’s National Microbiology Lab’s role in the bioweapons program.
    Evidence of the involvement of scientists working for the UK’s NIBSC, and the CDC in engineering the “swine flu”.
    Evidence vaccinations caused the Spanish killer flu of 1918 including belief of Dr. Jerry Tennant that the widespread use of aspirin during the winter that followed the end of World War I could have been a key factor contributing to the earlier pandemic by suppressing the immune system and lowering body temperatures, allowing the flu virus to multiply. Tamiflu and Relenza also lower body temperatures, and therefore can also be expected to contribute to the spread of a pandemic.
    Evidence as to manipulation of the legal framework to allow mass murder with impunity.
    Constitutional issues: the legality vs. illegality of jeopardizing the life, health and public good by mass vaccinations. The issue of immunity and compensation as evidence of intent to commit a crime.
    Evidence as to the existence of an international corporate crime syndicate.
    Evidence of the existence of the “Illuminati”.
    Evidence as to the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and their involvement in the engineering and release of the artificial “swine flu” virus.
    Evidence that weaponized flu was discussed at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Athens from May 14-17, 2009, as part of their agenda of genocide, including a list of attendees who, according to a statement once made by Pierre Trudeau, view themselves as genetically superior to the rest of humanity.
    Media is keeping Americans clueless about the threat they are under
    Jane Burgermeister is a dual Irish/Austrian who has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, and American Prospect. She is the European Correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website. She has written extensively about climate change,
    biotechnology, and the ecology.
    In addition to the charges currently under investigation that she filed against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology in April, she has filed charges against WHO and Baxter among others concerning a case of exploding “swine flu” vials meant for a research lab on a busy IC train in Switzerland.
    In her view, control of the media by the ruling elite has allowed the world crime syndicate to further its agenda unabated while the rest of the people remain in the dark about what is really going on. Her charges are an attempt to get around this media control and bring the truth to light.
    Her greatest concern is that “in spite of the fact Baxter has been caught red handed nearly triggering pandemic, they are also moving ahead, together with allied pharma companies, with supplying the vaccine for pandemics.” Baxter is hurrying to get this vaccine to market some time in July.


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American Investigative Journalist: Swine Flu Is An Engineered Virus

  • No surprise to me. I still believe it is a bio-engineered weapon. Wayne Madsen reports :
    WMR previously reported on the genetic manipulation of the 1918 flu from tissue extracted from an Inuit woman who died from the pandemic in Alaska. On May 6, WMR reported: “WMR has obtained information from biological researchers that the 1918 Spanish flu genetic sequences were ‘manipulated’ in order to effect transmission capability.
    The current H1N1 virus, called ‘swine flu,’ is reportedly a combination of two forms of human flu, two forms of swine flu (North American and Eurasian), and avian or bird flu . . . Two bio-safety laboratories have been associated with the genetic reverse engineering of not only A-H1N1, the current ‘swine flu’ strain, but also the deadly Ebola virus. They are the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada.”
    WMR has now learned from virus researchers that the current A-H1N1 strain strongly appears tied to vaccinations for the seasonal form on influenza. The hybrid flu began in countries where seasonal vaccinations are commonplace and where A-H1N1 did not respond to the normal seasonal flu vaccination antibody, according to researchers studying the new virus.
    What has some researchers alarmed is that the engineers of A-H1N1 purposely planned to make the virus non-responsive to any available vaccine. There is also a suspicion by researchers that the A-H1N1 vaccine under development will trigger a more deadly mutated form of the virus for which the A-H1N1 vaccine will be ineffective.
    On May 19, WMR reported: “What researchers have told us is that as long as the current AH1N1 can infect humans, it will not try to mutate. Even though there have been deaths from AH1N1, most of those infected are sick for up to four days, take Tamiflu or similar drugs, and recover with immunity from the hybrid or ‘novel’ virus . . . However, with vaccinations, the AH1N1 virus will, of course, be rejected by human hosts and cases around the world will decrease. However, then, the virus will begin to mutate in order to successfully infect human hosts. And when that happens, the new, newly-mutated virus will become much more transmissible and more pathogenic. The nightmare scenario is that the new, mutated virus may take on the characteristics of H5N1 or the avian flu. The vaccines administered for AH1N1 will be ineffective against the new strain of H5N1 and the world may face a more deadly pandemic then the current AH1N1 outbreak. There are scientists at WHO who are aware of this scenario but their alarm has been suppressed by political and economic considerations.”
    Public health officials in Brazil are reporting that the A/H1N1 virus is now in the process of mutating, confirming our earlier reports. A new variant of the pandemic virus is showing up in patients in Brazil making treatment more difficult.
    On May 13, 2009, WMR reported: “Because of the rapid mutation of the virus and the fact that, unlike 1918, rapid global transportation is now the norm, scientists are predicting that the molecular clock of the A/H1N1 virus, coupled with modern transportation, means that almost all the countries of the world will experience an A/H1N1 outbreak within the next few months.”
    The prediction about the rate of global infection is being borne out by reports of the virus now being reported in many more nations, including South Africa, Yemen, Qatar, India, and Morocco, as well as uncontained surges in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Utah, and Argentina.
    In another suspicious turn of events, Ivorian national Konan Yao, a former researcher at the Winnipeg laboratory that has been involved in A/H1N1 research and who was arrested by the FBI at the U.S. border crossing on May 5 trying to sneak 22 vials of Ebola and HIV genetic material into the United States for his new job at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington, DC, was given his post-plea bargain sentence in federal court in Grand Forks, North Dakota, late last month: 17 days in prison which equated to time served and a $500 fine. Yao’s federal charge was “failure to present merchandise for inspection,” a lesser charge from the original “attempting to bring biological material into the United States without a permit.” Yao’s new job was at the NIH’s Biodefense Research Laboratory.
    The federal prosecutor who cut the plea deal with Yao is Lynn Jordheim, the assistant U.S. attorney in Fargo, who also happens to be the U.S. Attorney’s office representative on the Anti-terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC) and Crisis Management Coordinator for the federal jurisdiction and, more intriguing, the “Confidential Human Source Coordinator.”

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Dollar Faces Challenge As Reserve Currency!

  • More people are convinced on the coming demise of the USD. The Korea Herald reports :
    A leading economist said in Seoul yesterday that the U.S. dollar’s supremacy as the world’s reserve currency is facing profound challenges as the balance of economic and financial power shifts East amid the current economic crisis.
    “There is a slow-burning fuse underneath the dollar,” Gerard Lyons, chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank, said in the World Economic Forum.
    Underscoring the strengthening role of Asia, Lyons said that the depth of the global downturn drove key emerging economies, such as China and Russia, to cite the possibility of a new global reserve currency.
    The forum drew a group of leading figures from business, government and academic circles to discuss Asia’s role in helping to overcome the current crisis and shaping a future paradigm for the global system.
    “This is not just an economic crisis but also a social crisis,” Rajat Nag, managing director-general of the Asian Development Bank in Manila, told participants of the convention, referring to the worsened social conditions stemming from a rise in unemployment. “Asia has to start on a different paradigm,” the executive stressed.


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Banksters Love War: World War 3 At Our Door Steps?

  • What is the real cause of wars? The MSM will say: freedom, democracy, the right to our chosen way of life, for country, liberation from dictatorship …etc. The usual bag of propaganda. The true reasons are far from any moral righteousness. Wars are mainly started and fought for the profit $$$ of a few. Banksters make an obscene amount of money financing wars. This is a fact.
  • Historian Dr Paul Johnson :
    The Rothschild’s gained their position of dominance throughout the financial world due to Nathan Rothschild’s ability to finance Wellington’s Peninsular War against the French during the Napoleonic Wars and the financial coup that allowed the Rothschilds tremendous profits as a result of the events surrounding the Battles of Jena (1806) … and later Waterloo (1815).
  • Early Christian America website article :
    War Makes Money for Bankers: So Will World War III
    Let’s clarify something. War, especially the massive ones, accomplishes these four objectives:
    1.    War kills off whole populations…including the soldiers that fight the war. From a social engineering perspective, this means your country’s politicians know that they are publicly discredited (or soon to be) and in serious jeopardy of being replaced, i.e., “fired from their jobs”. This they know because they placed the economy in jeopardy through regulatory strangulation, financial mismanagement (inflationary spirals or deflationary fallout) and/or “kick ‘em when their down” taxation hikes, destroying savings of families, and profitability of businesses (which now fire people so as to “make budget”). Thus, they have too many mouths in the economy with dwindling resources. War is the only way out. It kills off the “mouths” while gaining (plundering) the resources owned by other nations (such as oil, for instance). Of course, such politicians must keep their pathway open to justifying a war. Could that be the reason environmentalists are used to keep us from getting at the richest oil reserves in the world, right here in the U.S. (while necessitating war-for-control over Oil in Iraq)?
    War kills your children: Those 18 and over are liable to the resultant, necessary draft demanded by the Pentagon repeatedly over the last 5 years. Incidentally, that includes your daughters as well. [Look at your state’s Driver’s License regulations and see if your son or daughter (and you) are now liable for the military Draft because they got a Driver’s License.] 
    2.    War temporarily redirects national resources so that capital goods (factory type machinery for production, tools, dies, equipment, etc.) get a hefty shot of financial adrenaline, increase production of newly desired “war materials”, stimulate employment and jump start an ailing economy. World War III will do all of that for this Obama Administration JUST AS WORLD WAR II DID for FDR and the GREAT DEPRESSION.
    3.    War rearranges Constitutional liberties and rights allowing for greater police involvement in your life, overriding constitutional protections (like Habeas Corpus, for example, the “bedrock” protection for individuals against being harassed by their own governments). Certainly, War is the greatest pretext for a declaration of Martial Law and suspension of the Bill of Rights. (This has happened in previous wars of the United States. The people DID NOT get their rights and liberties back. We got “privileges” in place thereof. 
    4.    Wars make money, especially for the bankers. J.P. Morgan made money on the First World War in as many as eight different ways (all the while pleading for peace while sending massive infusions of loans to the War). Wars tend to keep a nation permanently indebted and dependent upon banker lending power. Of course, if the banks make a nation dependent upon their loans, they hold tremendous capacity to dictate to people and toward policy. The lending “tap” was “shut off” to Napoleon III, who promptly fell from power.
    World War III: Obama Administration Courts Confrontation with Iran, North Korea
    Despite his pleas for economic soundness and fairness, Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with Bankers as his staff consultants and advisors. Of course, all of them are “appalled” at the rigged Iranian elections … and the North Korean sword-rattling. Well, of course, they are appalled. Such offensive actions and language means profits in an upcoming war. What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?
    Not surprisingly, Mr. Obama has INCREASED his military presence around the world. He is now courting confrontation with North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Venezuela, and Russia (Remember, the late confrontation with Russia over Russia’s neighboring Georgia?).
    He is surrounded by Bankers. Many of said bankers have ties with the very banking houses that have enriched themselves lavishly from the wars that cost us the blood of our children in Vietnam, Iraq, World War I and II, Korea, and many others.
    Next step in the money-making history?  The need for a Third World War. The Administrations foolish attempts at jump starting the economy are failing miserably. So the Democrats need another War to garnish power and wealth.
    Currently, the media is stirring the hatred toward Iran and North Korea. No doubt they both deserve it (the hatred, that is). But, we cannot afford the theatrics as an inducement to bloodshed.. and profits by the bankers.
    Don’t let the U.S. go to war. Put a stop to the contrived but bloody crises that keep pulling us toward conflict. Make the Administration accountable for its theatrics. Why are we funding these nations like North Korea and Iran (through IMF, World Bank and direct loans to them as with North Korea last year).
    Eventually, we will gain only one thing here at home: the loss of our children in the massive World War III staring us in the face and the freedoms lost as a result of same.
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