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COMEX Gold Price Manipulation Stress Near Breaking Point !

  • Gold is about to explode upwards! With North Korea breaking the armistice agreement with South Korea, another war is brewing! North and South Korea never signed a peace treaty. They only agreed to a cease fire. The Israelis will be undergoing a major war exercise starting tomorrow 31 May. This seems to be in preparation for a greater middle east war. I still see more wars and a strong possibility of World War 3. Is the shadow illuminati power starting all these wars to maintain their control over the world? Their financial system is crumbling and Asia is threatening their hold on the world money system.
  • Unfortunately (or fortunately), all these developments bode well for Gold. Jim Willie highlights behind the scene moves of the hidden financial war.
    It has come to my attention that several private parties have accepted contract assignments to neuter the COMEX and London Metals Exchange, to render ruin to its gold market. That bears repeating from the rooftops. MUTLIPLE HIRED HITMEN HAVE ASSIGNMENTS TO KILL THE COMEX GOLD MARKET. That is the lynchpin to control the USDollar, the USTreasurys, and the corrupt mechanisms used by the New York and London syndicates. Their clear criminal behavior is beyond the reach of law enforcement, but they are not beyond the reach of hitmen. The USDollar has been in violation of the US Constitution since 1971, perpetuated by a renegade series of administrations.
    The global creditors for the USTreasury Bonds are so angry at the past suffered losses, the prospect of deep future losses, and the corruption laced throughout the US financial system, that they have hired third parties to kill off the US$-gold platforms, to destroy the burdensome banking ballast dominated by protected entrenched fraud experts, to lay waste to the vehicles used by the US-UK bond trafficking syndicate totally saturated with corruption, dishonesty, and collusion, replete with greed, totally absent conscience. They have systemically been dismantling the COMEX pillars and levers over the last several months, quietly and without fanfare, surely without publicity. If gold investors knew of their actions, they would become much bolder. Some want the bankers in their gunsights not to be warned. They await their fate with the Financial Grim Reaper. Their executions will be as swift as brutal.
    The HITMEN have been hired, with highly lucrative contracts and wide berth in methods to be put to use. Their assigned task is to castrate the levered family jewels from some of the major players who illegally keep the gold price and silver price artificially low. The targeted victims know their awaited fate, and are presently defecating in their skivvies. A short list of banks facing the firing squad is already known, …. This will be an evolving story, with new chapters soon written.
    The executions will be sudden.
    The missing US-UK levers will be immediate. Since last autumn, the global powers have aligned against Wall Street, even if the central bankers have supported it. If one wants to destroy a building, then weaken its pillars, cut a few support beams, then rush in a crowd of people, and wait for a turbulent storm. In the case of the COMEX, the wicked players will crowd the corrupted building. They will sink into ruin and then oblivion. They might become objects of mockery when they make noises from prison.  …..
    The financial cartel dominated by the United States and United Kingdom is soon to suffer some serious blows. The list of their financial crimes is as magnificent as it is long. Its list of victims is as prominent as it is long. The harbored resentment is great by many global players. They waited patiently for the Obama Admin to install a new group, but the old group remains due to a revolving door from the same smoky club, dominated by Goldman Sachs once more. Their influence, if not bribery, of the USCongress is in continuation, sufficient for unwanted obsequious approval. The regulatory agencies are from the same encrusted chambers replete with stench. The Coup d’Etat of the USGovt financial offices has not changed with Obama, who sounds like a refreshing leader but who is actually a marionette under control by those who selected him, favored him with publicity, then enabled his election. Nothing has changed except the rhetoric of change and the pace on the path to bankruptcy for a few icon firms like General Motors and Chrysler, if not the desperate cries from the 50 states suffering from insolvency. More prominent failures will follow, since nothing has been remedied. The channeled funds directed to Wall Street firms continue unabated. The bread crumbs to Main Street and the people continue unabated. ….
    Some might wonder what was the turning point that resulted in hired hitmen to be under contract against certain US financial markets. Some might say the failures of Lehman Brothers, American Intl Group, and Fannie Mae. Not so! In my opinion, it was the invasion in the South Osettia region of Georgia in August 2008. The events around Georgia, with the United States Military deeply involved, along with a certain tiny mischievous ally nation, lit a fuse that set off a chain of events. In time, events led to orders given by high level powers, for the US fraud kings on Wall Street to swallow the medicine no later than first thing Monday morning on September 15th. When the Jackass inquired as to the nature of the urgency leading into that understood stated deadline date, no answer was given. The guess of the Bank For Intl Settlements was submitted by me, and it was confirmed.
    Other sources, the USTreasury Bond creditors, also applied the pressure, it was told. Rumor was thick that death threats had been delivered to certain Wall Street executives, such as Paulson. Thus the pressure passed on to the USCongress for passage of T.A.R.P. funds. The disbursement of those funds have not been made public partly because Wall Street (read Goldman Sachs) does not want the US people to be aware of payoffs for bond fraud under death threats. Also, the Congressional Inspector has cited a few dozen recommendations for criminal fraud investigations of the same T.A.R.P. funds. The US financial sector has become a den of vipers, no longer the bastion of gentlemen, but rather of syndicate bosses.
    Sources from GATA (the Gold Anti-Trust Action committee) report growing distress for participants in the COMEX gold contracts, where a commercial party is very short and in deep trouble. They have sold more gold bullion than they can deliver. They are likely one of the big banks who violate the law with impunity, with USGovt sanctioned protection. By that is meant they routinely do not post 90% of the metal as collateral that they illegally sell. This is naked shorting by any other name. There are reports of grave concern over the upcoming June gold option expiration.If too many deliveries are ordered, then the commercial shorts would be under stress for exposure for naked shorting. They will eventually be caught in a bind and default on contracts. The important loaded monthly contracts are March, June, September, and December. The COMEX has tried to limit the ability of buyers to take delivery, running them around in circles, and entangling them in red tape, all clearly restraint of trade endorsed by the USGovt. Such rules are not in effect for cotton or soybeans or crude oil or pork bellies. After all, a financial crime syndicate has taken control of the USGovt, ever since Robert Rubin took charge at the USDept Treasury in 1992. ….
    Background inventory strain has come from unexpected sources. The Germans have demanded that gold bullion held in US custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to Germany. The Dubai bankers have demanded that gold bullion held in London custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to the United Arab Emirates. They are following the hired German counsel. In all likelihood, neither US nor London sources are in possession of all the gold held in those custodial accounts, since at least some of it probably was improperly leased. By that is meant without owner permission or knowledge. So an uproar could come soon with charges of gold bullion theft, or at least failure of fiduciary responsibility. Theft is a simpler description.
    China is the biggest gold producer in the world now, but none of its output is directed to the open market. Russia is a significant gold producer also, but none of its output is directed to the open market either. A near default occurred in early April from a close call to Deutsche Bank on 850 thousand ounces of gold. The tarnished bankers at D-Bank dug up over a million ounces on the quick from the ready Euro Central Bank mine shifts in the nick of time. Never ignore the basic fact that COMEX lies through its teeth about the gold bullion in its vaults, since audits do not occur, some is leased (replaced by paper certificates), and some is committed in some fashion to very wealthy parties (unavailable). Far less gold bullion rests in COMEX vaults than is advertised.
    All signals point to serious strain in COMEX gold supply.
    The gold price is on the verge of a breakout to new nominal highs. The chart demands it. It needs only a trigger, in a land where potential triggers dot the charred landscape. A gold event will be unavoidable. Its chronic strain has derived from the extreme disparities between the physical market mired in shortage, versus the paper market with unlimited supply. The tail is wagging the dog here, as it has been for years, soon to end. The silver price will easily recover to the 17 level in a flash. It has already surpassed the February high. It is loading up for the next little surge to resistance that awaits at the 17-19 range. The potential sling shot momentum boost for silver will be powerful, enough to send its price to 30 with ease. Think pendulum.


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Peter Schiff and Marc Faber on Hyper-Inflation

  • Interesting interview on the Glenn Beck show on 28 May 2009. Will inflation be the problem? Or will deflation win out?


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Pentagon: Preemptive Nuclear First Strike on North Korea Likely?

  • With American forces bogged down in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, will Obama move towards a preemptive first strike on North Korea? This could mean the employment of tactical nuclear war heads to destroy military objectives. This piece by Turner Radio Network is probably highly speculative. But who knows? 
    North Korea yesterday withdrew from the Armistice that halted the Korean War. Today, official Washington is abuzz with not so secret “Top Secret” plans for the United States to make a limited nuclear first strike to wipe out the North Korean threat in one fell swoop.
    Russia has been alerted to “make plans” for radiation fallout in its eastern border area. In consultations with China, the U.S. Ambassador to Beijing was said to be stunned when he was told by the Chinese government “Kim Jung Il is out of control and dangerous. He has become a serious liability for China. Do what must be done, but please do it in a manner that minimizes risk to China.”
    China was then briefed about US plans and asked to prepare its southern population areas for radiation fallout. It is expected that prevailing weather patterns will disperse fallout over the sea, causing it to thin out dramatically before moving over land.
    Worst development since World War 2
    Our source in the State Department explained today why this situation got so bad, so fast. “The Korean War legally never ended.” he said. “There is no peace treaty, there is only an Armistice, a formal cease-fire. When North Korea officially withdrew from the Armistice yesterday, it automatically brought us back into a hot war. “he continued.
    Speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media, the high ranking state department source told Turner Radio Network (TRN):
    Of all the scenarios involving North Korea, withdrawing from the Armistice was the one thing we thought they never would do. Since the War, everyone has known that withdrawing from the Armistice means the cease-fire is over. Today, that cease fire is over; we are back at war with North Korea and this time, the outcome will not be negotiated. Withdrawing from the Armistice was the last mistake North Korea will ever make. Their leadership must surrender now or they are nothing more than dead men walking. It’s over for them” he finished.
    Pentagon: Nuclear first strike “Likely”
    Early in the evening on Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave permission for the US Military to airlift “Patriot Missile Air Defense” systems to South Korea and additional units to bolster 16 systems already in Japan. Those systems were airborne hours later and arrived in South Korea and Japan today.
    The model of Patriot Missile systems sent is “PAC-3” and they were accompanied by M-901 control stations and AN/MPQ-53 phased array radar. Sources with acute knowledge of the plans for North Korea have confirmed to TRN that a US nuclear first strike is going to be launched.
    The first strike will be carried out through submarine-launched, BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles, model TLAM/A whose explosive payload can be “dialed” to be anywhere from 100 kilotons to one point five megatons nuclear yield per missile.
    There will be no warning. North Korea will not be able to track the incoming cruise missiles via radar. The only way they will know the attack is taking place is when they see a blinding white flash as the temperature rises to ten thousand degrees and the wind gusts to 650 miles per hour.
    North Korean troops along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) will be hit first to prevent them from invading south Korea. Multiple cruise missiles using Time of Arrival (TOA) control will detonate simultaneously along the DMZ, wiping out over one million North Korean troops in seconds.
    Minutes later, after the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) confirms that the North Korean leadership has been told by their own command structure that their troops at the DMZ have all been killed, Kim Jung Il will be contacted and asked if he is willing to surrender. It is expected he will not.
    At that point, a B-2 Stealth Bomber will be sent in to deliver the final blow. Pyongyang will be hit with a surface detonation of a massive nuclear bomb, wiping out the entire city and the entire government of North Korea.
    As soon as that surface detonation takes place, several hundred additional cruise missiles carrying conventional payloads and launched from land, air and sea sites, will hit every North Korean military facility in the entire country, instantly crippling their entire command and control system. Carrier based Aircraft will then fly in to clean up whatever resistance remains.
    It is expected the war will be over within one or two days. Korea will be reunited. It’s Capitol will be Seoul and its government will be democratically elected.
    One strike, two purposes
    This difficult decision to make a nuclear first strike was arrived at because the threat of North Korea invading South Korea once hostilities resume was too great a danger to world stability. The world does not need or want another large, lengthy war.
    The decision to use a nuclear first strike serves another purpose as well: sending a clear message to countries like Pakistan, India and Iran about what they can expect if they continue traveling down the nuclear road.
    The thinking in Washington, Beijing and Moscow is that the world needs to send this message and there will not be a better reason or better time to send it than now.


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Kim Jong Il’s Provocations To The West May Hide a Rational Purpose

  • Who can understand what this madman is thinking? North Korea is a big enigma. It is a totally closed society with the people bordering on starvation. We can only speculate what this fellow is upto. The Times UK reports :
    The most common analysis is that it is an effort to capture the attention of the Government that matters most to North Korea — the US Administration of Barack Obama. Mr Kim wants one thing more than any other — a comprehensive peace treaty, with guarantees of North Korean security, in place of the flimsy armistice, and all underwritten by the US. It is towards this end that all his mischief-making, and his nuclear programme, are bent; and he will have eagerly noted Mr Obama’s inauguration promise to reach out a hand to America’s antagonists.
    He may by now be wondering why he has not received more attention from the US, which has been far more focused on Afghanistan and the Middle East. Part of North Korean thinking is undoubtedly to force itself on to the US political agenda, and put itself in a position of strength in advance of the inevitably tough negotiations ahead.
    It has worked in the past — even the temperamentally uncompromising Bush Administration gave in and agreed to bilateral talks with Pyongyang, and removed North Korea from a blacklist of terrorist states. There is something about the speed and tone of the current development — a sense of acceleration and a manic quality, striking even by North Korean standards — that leads one to suspect that there is more to it than the usual urge to affront the outside world.
    The answer may lie in that element of the North Korean enigma least accessible to outside scrutiny — the internal power politics of its leadership. The signs are that Kim Jong Il is in complete control, but close examination of recent internal developments leads many Pyongyang-watchers to the conclusion that he is leaning towards military hardliners, and away from the more reform-oriented advisers he favoured in the middle of the present decade.
    Reports, unsatisfactorily filtered as always through unsourced leaks to South Korean journalists, suggest that old aides have been dispatched to labour camps or even executed, and replaced with hardliners. In February the vice-marshal of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Yong Chun, was appointed minister of the National Defence Commission, and General Ri Yong Ho was made army chief of staff. Both are hawks, associated with the North’s first nuclear test in 2006, the kind of old fashioned ideologues who would always favour confrontation over compromise and who would glory in the prestige of membership of the nuclear club.
    Why does Kim Jong Il need such men? The best one can do is speculate, but the answer is almost certainly connected to the stroke that he appears to have suffered last summer, which put him out of action for weeks. Other snippets of information suggest that he is wisely contemplating his end, and preparing one of his sons (probably the third and youngest, Kim Jong Un) for power. Any such transition will be highly uncertain and will require powerful supporters. In the absence of the Dear Leader, the only power that will count may be that of raw military force.
    Finally there is the most obvious motivation if all — the military one. North Korea has been on a war footing all of Kim Jong Il’s life. Comparatively recently, President Bush pronounced his Government to be part of the Axis of Evil — shortly before invading Iraq. Whatever you think of Mr Kim, it is entirely understandable that he should want to protect himself as effectively as possible — and history suggests that nuclear weapons are a potent guarantee of being left alone.


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