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Kucinich: New Health Plan is a Swindle!

  • Wake Up America! This is a hoax! It is a swindle by insurance companies providing health care! Americans need to break the chains that these insurance companies have on America’s political process.


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35 States to Feds: Stay in D.C.!

  • The secessionist movement is catching on. More states are declaring their sovereignty. WorldNetDaily reports :
    A movement to reclaim for states all rights not specifically designated to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution is exploding across the nation, with 35 states already acting or at least considering such proposals – and one state lawmaker estimating the nation as a whole could save $11 trillion in coming years if it would succeed.
    WND reported not long ago when the number of states with lawmakers considering such sovereignty efforts reached 20. Now, according to the Tenth Amendment Center, such provisions have been launched in at least 35 states. They all address the Tenth Amendment that says: “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    South Carolina’s S. 424 is an example. It is titled: “To affirm South Carolina’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution over all powers not enumerated and granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution.”
    Essentially it’s a reminder that the United States is made up of individual states; it’s not a federal authority broken up into political subdivisions.
    Get “Taking America Back,” Joseph Farah’s manifesto for sovereignty, self-reliance and moral renewal
    In South Carolina, the proposals remains pending in the state Senate, where Sen. Lee Bright said he still hopes that it will be adopted this year. The proposal there notes specifically that the “federal government was created by the states … to be an agent of the states,” and the states currently “are treated as agents of the federal government,” many times in violation of the Constitution.
    Bright told WND the movement is spreading from state to state as fast as lawmakers discover it. Michael Boldin, a spokesman for the
    Tenth Amendment Center, said his organization has created a posting for all such proposals to be tracked.
    Among the states where such proposals at least have been considered are Louisiana, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, West Virginia, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Nevada, Oregon, Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Idaho, New Mexico, South Dakota, Virginia, Kentucky, Alaska, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Texas, New Hampshire, Missouri, Iowa, Montana, Michigan, Arizona, Washington and Oklahoma.
    In North Dakota, it passed the House and Senate both in April, with the House a short time later adopting changes made by the Senate. In South Dakota, it was approved by both houses of the Legislature and under that state’s rules does not need the governor’s signature.
    Just last week, Rep. M.J. “Manny” Steele, a Republican in South Dakota, wrote that he believes up to $11 trillion is being wasted in the coming years by Washington’s efforts “to duplicate and micromanage our states’ affairs.”
    He said states should manage their own affairs and not be dependant on a federal cash cow to make ends meet. Likewise with industries, he said, citing federal cash dumps on the banking, insurance and automobile industries.
    After all, he agreed, with enough federal money allocated to the industry, Americans all still could be listening to 8-track tapes in their cars, but would that really be the best outcome?
    Steele told WND his dollar estimate was based on what President Obama himself has allocated in the coming years to spend on stimulus packages, industry bailouts and the like. “If we would just let the market take care of these things,” he said.
    His letter noted that Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Carolina legislatures joined South Dakota’s in passing some statement on the Tenth Amendment this year. The results vary based on state procedures, however. In Oklahoma, the governor vetoed the plan and it was launched on its second trip through the legislature.
    “Over the course of decades, there have been increasing federal mandates and acts designed to effectively step in and legislate the affairs of our various states from Washington D.C.,” Steele said. “Federal usurpation into state affairs severely limits the ability of state governments to operate according to their citizens’ wishes.”


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America Threatens Trade War with China

  • With all the problems facing America, I am not sure it is wise to initiate any trade sanctions. I am of the opinion that the Chinese Yuan is undervalued, easily by 30%. The Chinese have not been smart enough to see the implications. They have benefited by making their exports dirt cheap relative to alot of countries. But now they are caught in a USD trap. They hold about US$2T of USD and USD denominated assets. If they had allowed the Yuan to revalue upwards more aggressively and stimulated domestic demand earlier, they would not be caught in this trap. Now, they are furiously trying to figure out how to dispose of their US$2T before the USD becomes toilet paper. 
  • Should America push for sanctions or revaluation of the Yuan, it will mean the collapse of the USD. So both countries will suffer. In my opinion, an USD collapse is unavoidable. So, in the coming months we will see the political blame game, as the USD collapses. The Telegraph UK reports :
    The United States government is planning to revive a bill that will punish China for artificially boosting its trade through “currency manipulation”.
    Members of the US Senate and Congress believe that China deliberately undervalues its currency by as much as 40 per cent so that Chinese goods remain cheap to foreign buyers.
    “By illegally subsidising its exports through the undervaluation of its currency, China has distorted their gains from trade, created barriers to free and fair trade, harmed US industries and destroyed millions of US jobs,” said a press release from the sponsors of a new bill.
    The bill is likely to be introduced today by senators and congressmen from both the Republican and Democratic parties. In Congress, the bill has over 40 co-sponsors. The legislation could impose additional duties on Chinese goods until China allows the yuan to revalue.
    Last year, while running for president, Barack Obama said he supported a Senate bill to tackle China’s manipulation. “The Bush administration has failed to act on China’s currency manipulation,” he said, adding: “This is unacceptable.” Hillary Clinton, the secretary of State, also supported the bill.


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US Marines Used As Lab Rats for Vaccines!

  • It saddens me to see alot of patriotic Americans who will die for their country being betrayed by their leaders. Time to make some noise to get to the bottom of this. Your sons are being subjected to cruel tests for the benefit of ?? Big Pharma??


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Cargo Ships Treading Water Off Singapore, Waiting for Work

Charles Pertwee for The New York Times. Sunrise in the Strait between Indonesia and Singapore, where 735 cargo ships were gathered Tuesday because of a sharp decline in global exports.

Charles Pertwee for The New York Times. Sunrise in the Strait between Indonesia and Singapore, where 735 cargo ships were gathered Tuesday because of a sharp decline in global exports.

  • Does this look like ‘Green Shoots’  the MSM is promoting? What ‘Green Shoots’? More like a false dawn. Those people still in the stock market better get out fast. The next leg down should be starting real soon! It will no doubt test the March lows and go even lower.
  • New York Times reports :
    SINGAPORE — To go out in a small boat along Singapore’s coast now is to feel like a mouse tiptoeing through an endless herd of slumbering elephants.
    One of the largest fleets of ships ever gathered idles here just outside one of the world’s busiest ports, marooned by the receding tide of global trade. There may be tentative signs of economic recovery in spots around the globe, but few here.
    Hundreds of cargo ships — some up to 300,000 tons, with many weighing
    more than the entire 130-ship Spanish Armada — seem to perch on top of the water rather than in it, their red rudders and bulbous noses, submerged when the vessels are loaded, sticking a dozen feet out of the water.
    So many ships have congregated here — 735, according to AIS Live ship tracking service of Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay in Redhill, Britain — that shipping lines are becoming concerned about near misses and collisions in one of the world’s most congested waterways, the straits that separate Malaysia and Singapore from Indonesia.
    The root of the problem lies in an unusually steep slump in global trade, confirmed by trade statistics announced on Tuesday. China said that its exports nose-dived 22.6 percent in April from a year earlier, while the Philippines said that its exports in March were down 30.9 percent from a year earlier. The United States announced on Tuesday that its exports had declined 2.4 percent in March.
    “The March 2009 trade data reiterates the current challenges in our global economy,” said Ron Kirk, the United States trade representative. More worrisome, despite some positive signs like a Wall Street rally and slower job losses in the United States, is that the current level of trade does not suggest a recovery soon, many in the shipping business say.
    “A lot of the orders for the retail season are being placed now, and compared to recent years, they are weak,” said Chris Woodward, the vice president for container services at
    Ryder System, the big logistics company.
    The cost of shipping a 40-foot steel container full of merchandise from southern China to northern Europe tumbled from $1,400 plus fuel charges a year ago to as little as $150 early this year, before rebounding to around $300, which is still below the cost of providing the service, said Neil Dekker, a container industry forecaster at Drewry Shipping Consultants in London. 


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Many Swine Flu Cases Have No Fever

  • This is somewhat anomalous and worth highlighting. Is this another sign that this virus is bio-engineered? New York Times reports :
    Many people suffering from swine influenza, even those who are severely ill, do not have fever, an odd feature of the new virus that could increase the difficulty of controlling the epidemic, said a leading American infectious-disease expert who examined cases in Mexico last week.
    Fever is a hallmark of
    influenza, often rising abruptly to 104 degrees at the onset of illness. Because many infectious-disease experts consider fever the most important sign of the disease, the presence of fever is a critical part of screening patients.
    But about a third of the patients at two
    hospitals in Mexico City where the American expert, Dr. Richard P. Wenzel, consulted for four days last week had no fever when screened, he said.
    “It surprised me and my Mexican colleagues, because the textbooks say that in an influenza outbreak the predictive value of fever and
    cough is 90 percent,” Dr. Wenzel said by telephone from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, where he is chairman of the department of internal medicine.
    While many people with severe cases went on to develop fever after they were admitted, about half of the milder cases did not; nearly all patients had coughing and
    malaise, Dr. Wenzel said.
    Also, about 12 percent of patients at the two Mexican hospitals had severe
    diarrhea in addition to respiratory symptoms like coughing and breathing difficulty, said Dr. Wenzel, who is also a former president of the International Society for Infectious Diseases. He said many such patients had six bowel movements a day for three days.
    Dr. Wenzel said he had urged his Mexican colleagues to test the stools for the presence of the swine virus, named
    A(H1N1). “If the A(H1N1) virus goes from person to person and there is virus in the stool, infection control will be much more difficult,” particularly if it spreads in poor countries, he said.
    Dr. Wenzel said that an unusual feature of the Mexican epidemic, which complicates the understanding of it, was that “in recent months five different influenza viruses have been circulating in Mexico simultaneously.”
    Pneumonia rates at one of the hospitals Dr. Wenzel visited, the National Institute for Respiratory Diseases, reached 120 per week recently compared with 20 per week during the past two years, suggesting a possible relation to the swine flu.
    The pneumonias that the flu patients developed did not resemble the staphylococcal lung infections that were believed to be a common complication in the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic, Dr. Wenzel said. 


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John Browne: Hyper-Stagflation Down the Road

  • John Browne of Euro Pacific Capital: America is headed for Hyper-Stagflation. He is right. There is no way out of this for America. The USD will crash and the economic depression will be far worse than the 1929 Great Depression.


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Trailer for Reflections and Warnings: An Interview with Aaron Russo


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