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YouTube Free Speech Purge Accelerates, Infowarrior Channel Banned

  • Looks like the ruling elite is putting the screws on the alternative news media. There are plans underway to curtail and control free speech via the internet. There are plans to totally controlled the internet such that only the MSM views are aired. Paul J Watson reports :
    You Tube accelerated its aggressive purge against free speech today after the video networking website suspended the Infowarrior Channel, which was the replacement for the previously censored Alex Jones Channel.
    When attempting to visit the
    Infowarrior Channel this morning, one is met with the message, “This account is suspended.” Just as before, no credible reason has been provided for the suspension of channel. The original Alex Jones Channel was suspended because You Tube claimed that showing a computer print out of a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news article on camera constituted “copyright violation,” despite the fact that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette denied ever making a copyright complaint.
    The real reason for the censorship is of course
    You Tube’s move towards becoming nothing more than a corporate shell for big studio production companies.The company is hemmoraging money because its current format is not a sustainable business model. However, despite doing what any normal company would do in such a situation and accepting advertising, You Tube has decided to just hand over the direction of its whole content to corporate interests.
    According to communication we have had with You Tube employees, You Tube has abandoned any pretense of copyright claims and is now embarking on a blanket campaign to ban all Alex Jones videos from their website.
    However, You Tube’s decision to ban both the Infowarrior and the Alex Jones Channel has seemingly backfired, with more Alex Jones videos appearing on You Tube than ever before.
    general video search by date of the term “alex jones” on the You Tube website shows that You Tube users have met our challenge to fight back against Internet censorship, not by admitting defeat and abandoning You Tube, but by bombarding the website with more Alex Jones video uploads than ever before.
    Not only are there multiple times more Alex Jones videos being added to You Tube on an hourly basis, but they are being uploaded from numerous different user accounts, making it difficult for You Tube to target individual accounts for suspension.
    At time of writing, the first two pages of Alex Jones related videos, when one searches by “recently added,” have been uploaded by no less than 14 different user accounts.


May 13, 2009 - Posted by | GeoPolitics

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