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Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012

  • Solar cycle 24 just got started a few days back. The sun announced it with a major solar flare (Big Flare Portends Beginning of Solar Cycle 24). 
    Solar flares rise and fall on an 11-year cycle, and last year marked what scientists thought was the solar minimum. But through the beginning of 2009, the sun stayed unusually quiet. That changed yesterday, when a major sunspot appeared on the backside of the sun, where it was captured by NASA’s STEREO instrument.
    “This is the biggest event we’ve seen in a year or so,” said Michael Kaiser, research scientist with the heliophysics division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. “Does this mean we’re finished with the minimum or not? It’s hard to say. This could be it. It’s got us all excited.”
    People have been counting sunspots since Galileo first observed one in the early 17th century. Through the 28 cycles that have been well-documented, stretching from 1745 to today, the average cycle length has been 11 years, but shorter and longer cycles have been observed. (The polarity of solar storms also alternates, so technically, a full cycle is 22 years.)
    For unknown reasons, the current solar minimum has lasted longer than normal. “It’s been a long solar minimum, the longest and deepest one through the last hundred years, but not out of the extreme ordinary,” Kaiser said.

  • The next solar maximum is in 2012. Will we see Corona Mass Ejections (CME) like that of 1859? reports
    Scientists are finally beginning to properly understand a historic solar storm in 1859. One day, the storm, which was the most potent disruption of Earth’s ionosphere in recorded history could happen again.
    Newly uncovered scientific data of recorded history’s most massive space storm is helping a NASA scientist investigate its intensity and the probability that what occurred on Earth and in the heavens almost a century-and-a-half ago could happen again.
    In scientific circles where solar flares, magnetic storms and other unique solar events are discussed, the occurrences of September 1-2, 1859, are the star stuff of legend. Even 144 years ago, many of Earth’s inhabitants realized something momentous had just occurred. Within hours, telegraph wires in both the United States and Europe spontaneously shorted out, causing numerous fires, while the Northern Lights, solar-induced phenomena more closely associated with regions near Earth’s North Pole, were documented as far south as Rome, Havana and Hawaii, with similar effects at the South Pole.
    What happened in 1859 was a combination of several events that occurred on the Sun at the same time. If they took place separately they would be somewhat notable events. But together they caused the most potent disruption of Earth’s ionosphere in recorded history. “What they generated was the perfect space storm,” says Bruce Tsurutani, a plasma physicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
    To begin to understand the perfect space storm you must first begin to understand the gargantuan numbers with which plasma physicists like Tsurutani work every day. At over 1.4 million kilometres (869,919 miles) wide, the Sun contains 99.86 percent of the mass of the entire solar system: well over a million Earths could fit inside its bulk. The total energy radiated by the Sun averages 383 billion trillion kilowatts, the equivalent of the energy generated by 100 billion tons of TNT exploding each and every second.
    But the energy released by the Sun is not always constant. Close inspection of the Sun’s surface reveals a turbulent tangle of magnetic fields and boiling arc-shaped clouds of hot plasma dappled by dark, roving sunspots.
    What transpired during the dog days of summer 1859, across the 150 million-kilometre (about 93 million-mile) chasm of interplanetary space that separates the Sun and Earth, was this: on August 28, solar observers noted the development of numerous sunspots on the Sun’s surface. Sunspots are localized regions of extremely intense magnetic fields. These magnetic fields intertwine, and the resulting magnetic energy can generate a sudden, violent release of energy called a solar flare. From August 28 to September 2 several solar flares were observed. Then, on September 1, the Sun released a mammoth solar flare. For almost an entire minute the amount of sunlight the Sun produced at the region of the flare actually doubled.
    “With the flare came this explosive release of a massive cloud of magnetically charged plasma called a coronal mass ejection,” said Tsurutani. “Not all coronal mass ejections head toward Earth. Those that do usually take three to four days to get here. This one took all of 17 hours and 40 minutes,” he noted.
    Not only was this coronal mass ejection an extremely fast mover, the magnetic fields contained within it were extremely intense and in direct opposition with Earth’s magnetic fields. That meant the coronal mass ejection of September 1, 1859, overwhelmed Earth’s own magnetic field, allowing charged particles to penetrate into Earth’s upper atmosphere. The endgame to such a stellar event is one heck of a light show and more – including potential disruptions of electrical grids and communications systems.
    Back in 1859 the invention of the telegraph was only 15 years old and society’s electrical framework was truly in its infancy. A 1994 solar storm caused major malfunctions to two communications satellites, disrupting newspaper, network television and nationwide radio service throughout Canada. Other storms have affected systems ranging from cell phone service and TV signals to GPS systems and electrical power grids. In March 1989, a solar storm much less intense than the perfect space storm of 1859 caused the Hydro-Quebec (Canada) power grid to go down for over nine hours, and the resulting damages and loss in revenue were estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


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        Comment by nwabueze eleke | October 26, 2009

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  3. That’s another natural catastrophic events who looms ahead. We should prepare ourselves for it, with only a few years in advance. At we work to find solutions, tools and skills for this and also for the consequneces of global warming

    Comment by Alan G Fox | May 12, 2009

    • Dear Sir/Madam

      I want to know about the planet-X what is this he is comming on earth it will be happend in 2012.

      there are many website and siencetist and astrology said that something do in 2012 what will be happend in your point of view.

      Comment by Saurav sharma | January 29, 2010

    • You are stupid and wrong you idiot.

      Comment by Big T | April 29, 2010

      • Let’s be civil. Or I will delete.


        Comment by mosesman | April 30, 2010

  4. change is going to happen

    Comment by sam | May 13, 2009

    • Vc falou tudo, o homen está se auto destruindo, ele precisa descobrir o amor que sempre esteve com ele e esta com todos mas adormecido.

      Comment by Marcio | January 4, 2010

  5. Apocalipse capítulo 22 versículo 16……Jesus é a estrela q irradia na manhã-Sol
    Apocalípse7 versículo 5,6 e 7…..144 mil selados para a salvação….12 mil de cada tribo…..
    isso tudo é o equilíbrio Apocalipse 13 versículo 9 e 10….aquele q mata com espada assim será morto…….talvez esse super aquecimento causado pelo homem ao planeta refletirá a ele com a mesma intensidade……
    Coríntios I capítulo 7 versículo 31 —–cuidar do mundo porque sua aparencia muda com o tempo
    o que somos? se não uma mágica……uma Luz?….como explica-se os sentimentos…e a vida e a morte? simplesmente sumimos quando morremos? então o que eh as incorporações em centros espíritas e os milagres das igrejas se não uma intervenção de algo diferente do que os olhos conseguem ver? “tem pessoas que olham e não enxergam”
    a solução mais lógica para tudo isso é perdermos a nossa arrogância e seguir o único mandamento deixado-O AMOR- essa é a verdade! a verdade que todos buscam,”Se buscar a verdade a verdade vos libertará” é para aprender isso que estamos na Terra, Quando nosso espirito evoluir o suficiente para fazer irradiar essa luz teremos cumprido nossa missão aqui e poderemos voltar á Luz de onde viemos.

    Comment by Priscila | May 20, 2009

  6. This is such a clear case of NASA fear mongering, It is my contentions that the 2012 thing is very very good for those that seek a world government, I would out those at the highes levels of NASA in that camp. I blogged about this in a blog titled “Audio commentary on recent solar flare articles from NASA” here:

    Comment by fluorideisbad | June 10, 2009

    • You are wrong. NASA is now trying to backtrack and they are claiming that no cataclysm will happen in 2012. They evern set up a website with that propaganda. As far as World Govt., I agree that there are elitists trying to create such a govt., however, you are in denial about the ramifications of the solar storm and therefore cannot see that they will not benefit. In fact, the whole global warming hoax IS such an attempt at totalitarian world govt. But if it is as bad as is described here (or as bad as the solar storm that DID occur in 1859), there will be no infrastructure that would allow government. There will be no satellites, no computers, no telephones, no radios, etc. It will be as if a giant electromagnetic pulse weapon were fired at the earth. This is the last thing that the elitist, globalist, totalitarians want. They will not be able to control people at all because they will lose their entire control grid. As for the movie, who cares? It’s a movie. What they do with movies is actually the opposite of what you claim. They publicize and dramatize something that could happen or is happening and it makes people think that it is not real and is just a story and couldn’t happen. After all it was in the movie. I saw the movie and it was bad. They were dishonest or they in denial about it too. At the end, after the whole world has been hit by every disaster imaginable (including a flood that reaches the summit of Everest?), the arks use satellite systems to locate land! Well forget satellites! There won’t be any. Forget everything that has electricity.

      Comment by David | December 10, 2009

      • the power grid will be affected by the magnetic solar flairs
        2012 is not a joke,the gov is trying not have a collapse but if you really want to know the build-a-burg where world leaders gather are planing for their survival, but my point is i work for p.p.l in jersey shore ,pa
        it really looks like we will lose our power world wide and word from higher up was told to keep a tight lip on it.
        if you watched the show consperacy with jessy the govaner .i cant spell but any way fallow the show you can put 2&2 together.

        Comment by shane | March 1, 2010

  7. I think that I’m a-scared to leave the house. I’m scared to stay home too. I think that I need to go to the hospital or something.

    Comment by IndianaJohn | July 15, 2009

  8. Science cannot explain Origins of life. So I’m guessing end of life is not in its control too. So relax..

    Comment by Sreekanta Prasad | July 22, 2009

    • I don’t know what to do, I am just so worried every minute now knowing this :(. Every where I go its in my head ticking, not to believe it or to believe it?

      Comment by Steven | July 23, 2009

    • if our protective magnetic field has holes- yes- we can be fatalistic – but if we retain shielding, there are things to do. Prepare for a likely scenario-Get off the grid and have a way to live without reliable electronics for a year or two or longer. The vulnerable societies are the high tech ones with this- not the subsistance farming societies. The Amish may have been right all along.

      do you have a garden,food stores, water filter, non electronic means of transport Bike? power off grid, solar oven etc? This stuff is useful in any major event- earthquake, etc. Anything that disrupts our way of life for an extended period.

      Most natural disasters become catastrophies by not planning for likely scenarios.

      Comment by 1111cb | May 11, 2010

  9. There is no use in being scared about something you cannot change. There are only ways to prepare for it- however, the largest way we can prepare is through our government taking action on preparing our current Power Grid and Satellite detector for this event. These systems wouldn’t suffice for such a solar maximum, and NEED to be updated immediately. The government does not want to publicly face this subject due to the relations with the Mayan Theories. What the government needs to know is that when they sun, a natural occurring force enters our ozone- we’re toast. the most we can do is have a good power grid, and update our satellite ( which Obama is TRYING to pass the funding for ). The more of government pushes this aside and continues to press unimportant petty subjects- the more danger we’re in. Come on government! don’t pretend you don’t know this is going to happen. ITS SCIENCE, FACTUAL BY NASA.


    Comment by Jackie | August 6, 2009

    • I do agree with you that we should prepare, however, I come to a different conclusion. When we, as a people, come to a point where we cannot take care of ourselves or our families, we no longer have an identity. There is something majorly wrong with the idea that I will not be able to survive or get through tough times without the aid of my government. With rumors and news of eventual catastrophes coming our way, our instinct should be to prepare OURSELVES and OUR FAMILIES for those events. Not rely on and look to our national government (or our president) as the savior and protector of our lives. My reaction (and what yours should be), is to depend less and less on handouts and begin to re-learn those basic instincts that our great-grandparents and further generations took as basic elements for life. How to plant a vegetable garden, how to cook, how to forage and the biggest one of all… HOW TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES! We need to learn how to take care of ourselves and not pass the responsibility of OUR families well-being into the hands of a more-than-willing, greedy government. WE have been given responsibilities by Our Creator (families, jobs, friends, property, abilities… anything) to take care of and, as such, we should care for those things and “cultivate” them, so-to-speak. We should excercise our abilities as rational, emotional, physical and spiritual beings in order to be ready for unexpected, and even expected, events such as these. Stop waiting for the government or Obama to do something! Take some initiative of your own and get out there and become what you were made to be! Learn once-again how to be a self-sufficient human being.

      Comment by Mark | October 13, 2009

  10. I was wondering how much damage a super solar flare would cause if one hit?, could it destroy all life or would we be able to come back from such devestation? Do you think this has a connection with the Myans Calender and how they predict the massive change on earth in 2012?

    Comment by Anthony Perez | August 20, 2009

    • Anthony, you seem like one of the most genuine and intelligent people on this post site. You ask questions worth answering but too long for this post.

      Here is a link that will provide you with some real answers.

      If you need more ask for them at my 2012 email account: and I will try to provide resources to enlighten you.

      Comment by Sandra Elizabeth | February 23, 2010

      • Thought you might like to know…NASA’s latest published report says that the sun is absolutely queit. In 2007 the minimum was fiesty and it looked like a “doozy” of a solar max storm was in order…but in 2008 it began to clear up and according to the newest report, the sun is in the 24th phase but the solar minimum is the queitest and clearest in over 50 years. They are now projecting that, because of the totally clear sun, the solar maximum that ensues will probably be the calmest storm in sever 11 year cycles and they are now projecting it’s peak to occur, not in 2021, but in May of 2013.

        So, if the sun continues to follow the course it is now on, and the storm that comes in the form of Solar Max is as they are now saying it could be, there will not be enough junk and particles to reach the earth to melt the transformers!

        Things can change, but for now that is what the publication says. It closes with, “tentatively mark your calenders for May 2013 for the calmest solar storm in decades.

        That does not mean we are not going to have to face hardship…but if the sun stays true in this time, it will not be from solar maximus storms.

        Comment by Sandra Elizabeth | March 1, 2010

      • sorry for the mispells and typos..was in a hurry to get this posted and get back to work. The march 1 comment should read like this:

        ■Thought you might like to know…NASA’s latest published report says that the sun is absolutely quiet. In 2007 the minimum was fiesty and it looked like a “doozy” of a solar max storm was in order…but in 2008 it began to clear up and according to the newest report, the sun is in the 24th phase but the solar minimum is the quietest and clearest in over 50 years. They are now projecting that, because of the totally clear sun (very few if any sun spots on the surface), the solar maximum that ensues will probably be the calmest storm in several 11 year cycles and they are now projecting it’s peak to occur, not in 2012, but in May of 2013.

        So, if the sun continues to follow the course it is now on, and the storm that comes in the form of Solar Max is as they are now saying it could be, there will not be enough junk and particles to reach the earth to melt the transformers! It will be a mild storm in the maximus.

        Things can change, but for now that is what the publication says. It closes with, “tentatively mark your calenders for May 2013″ for the calmest solar storm in decades.

        That does not mean we are not going to have to face hardship…but if the sun stays true in this time, it will not be from solar maximus storms.

        Comment by Sandra Elizabeth | March 1, 2010

  11. Well, this is a predicament. We all can’t live without our Wiis, Blackberry’s, and i Pods, right? Or can we? Like, seriously, people, just shut everything down for the time being and just restart the tech era! Or in other words; think of how people lived BEFORE all that stuff: we lived through it, right? So we can live through it as well, even if it’s only for a while ’til re can re-wire everything after the so-called doomsday…

    … Let’s just hope Cellphone addicts don’t go loony all because they can’t twitter their BFFTTEOT any more. Really, that would be just shameful for the 21st century. Think: TECH ISN’T NECESSARY FOR LIFE! (Have I ranted long enough?…)

    Comment by PengyFlare | August 26, 2009

    • you’re speaking of only entertainment devices. We can all survive without those. But this can wipe out everything. All electricity, all satellites. Our whole society relies on these technologies to function. Hospitals would not be able to do their job, thousands of people will die without the proper machines they use to keep them alive. Sewer systems would not work, you would not get water to you’re house. you will not be able to flush your toilet. Sure people before survived, but they didn’t have all the luxuries, and technology that we have today. Are you willing to walk every few days to the nearest body of water to get water to drink and shower, and some water for you’re laundry which you have to do by hand. Can you boil water to clean it every day and then wait till it cools down before drinking it? Imagine walking to work everyday or biking, because gas pumps are all electric. If this was the 1800’s and we never had any of this, we wouldn’t worry at all, in fact we would never have heard about it. Unfortunately however, this is not the case.

      Comment by sibs | August 12, 2010

  12. Anthony Perez, of course we could live with no tech, but think about it. We live in the 21st century, where almost everything we do has something to do with tech. Could you live without it? of course, but you would be a hell of a lot unhappy;)

    Comment by Snorri | September 1, 2009

    • whoops, didn’t notice that the name in UNDER the comment, so i meant PengyFlare, not Anthony Perez

      Comment by Snorri | September 1, 2009

  13. i have heard many things about the end of the world one is nibiru the second is a meteor storm and now i know about a solar storm what if all of these things happen at once it would be like resident evil coming to life but much worse there would be no zombies or life as we know it and most probably no water or anything maybe the world would become like mars or a desert maybe it could be stopped some how maybe we could survive maybe power wouldnt go out but i dont know yet the most devistation would be nibiru because we would be crushed by a flying planet. until 2012 comes goodbye you will see what i mean by until when 2012 comes.

    Comment by Daniel | September 19, 2009

    • Wow, that is one long sentence. Made me out of breath reading it in my head. 🙂

      Comment by Mark | October 13, 2009

  14. Oh you better believe it folks. All this talk of 2012. There are just to many facts now, coming from scientists (just look at Youtube and online articles, even NASA warns of Solar flares etc)- For those of you who are scared -and all in general -who read my comment the best you can do is be PREPARED NOW <—- now as in NOWWW. Even if something bad does NOT happen- it's not wrong or stupid to be prepared anyway, just do it. FORGET THE GOVERNMENT YOU GUYS- rely on yourselves! during 2012. And take care of your loved ones. The government barely talks about 2012. And they sure as hell never talk about "preventing" solar flares, or asteroids hitting us. And if they haven't done this yet, what makes people think they ever will.. until something does happen and there is not a world full of people anymore, or their left scratching their heads, due to the lack of doing something about this to begin with. This should be the most important subject to be talked about nowadays, yet we are still talking about human to human war. It's PATHETIC. The news should be filled with informative information on how to survive catastrophic events more so.

    If there is no power in 2012. People won't be working or going to school, every store, bank EVERYTHING is down. People will raid the streets, or stay in their homes due to being scared, or for safety. Oh yes. It is going to be a lot like 28 days later. Minus the rage/zombies. But insert normal everyday hungry folks, mad, and or confused scared people. Time will tell. LOL. we only got 2 more years to see what really goes down. So best prepare even just…a little.

    Recommended this site for people who read this. (BEPREPARED.COM) don't be embarrassed to buy some of the kits! you can buy it in the privacy of your own home. 😉
    The years ahead will be all about survival times 20 compared to how it is now. One GREAT indicator of that is- the fact that our earth has not been through any kind of catastrophic disasters for awhile. Which gives all the reason for a disaster to hit AGAIN …and soon.

    Comment by arch-angel | September 27, 2009

  15. there is only one thing that you need to do, That is prepare yourselves spiritually, the Bible tells of these things coming to pass, but those who are resting in Jesus as their Lord and Savior have nothing to fear. He is coming back soon. If you have not done so yet, say the prayer of salvation and turn to Jesus and stop fearing the natural
    Say: Dear Jesus, I believe that you are the son of God that you came to the earth, suffered died on the cross for my sins, was buried and on the third day rose again, and are seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for me. I confess that I am a sinner, and I ask you to forgive me right now and come live in my heart and be my Lord and Savior from this moment on in Jesus Name.

    Now you are heaven bound, get in the Bible and learn the protection promises and safety that Jesus promises for all who believe and have received Him. Start with the gospel of John. Read Psalms 91 it will give you great peace.

    Remember God promises He will be with you even to the end of the age.
    Do not fear but only trust in the Lord and the power of His might. He will give you the peace that passes all understanding. God Bless

    Comment by Barbara | October 6, 2009

  16. Anyone who says that 2012 armageddon were not true, then they are piece of shit. Wicked will continue to be wicked.

    Comment by Aleph | October 8, 2009

  17. […] We know that Sun is pivotal to the Universe and particularly for earth; Human existence of life on earth is largely because of Sun. weather on earth and for that matter our universe are mainly dependent on the activities that takes place on Sun. it emits large amount of radioactive and magnetic layers to universe and pattern of this emission is called solar cycle. Currently we are in the solar cycle 24 and Nasa predicts in 2006 that the peak of this cycle is expected to reach around 2010-11 and solar activity around that time going to be most intense of all times, so it's called this as Super Solar Storm. […]

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  18. The government is making all this hype so people can be prepared for a disaster that will never happen. They will cut the power on everyone and down all but government satellites (they might even set off EMP’s to kill all civilian communications). Everyone will think it is the solar storms but it is our government. Then they will impose Marshall law and start to disarm civilians. Next they will start herding all the sheep’s to the fema camps where they sorted and cremated. This is all part of the New World Order’s plan for population stabilization. Wake up people. Don’t believe everything you hear. look up fema camps on youtube. look up the cap and trade bill. Don’t trust the government.. They want to work us till we die.

    Comment by The Truth | October 27, 2009

    • well the way there evil minds work you might be right my friend id rather see the storm and there dimize.power to the people

      Comment by glen | September 10, 2010

    • i mite add i come from australia and there has been not one mention of a solar storm in this country but people in goverment have been selling their assets and shares and putting their money in trust accounts which only they can access

      Comment by glen | September 10, 2010

  19. haha J/K

    Comment by The Truth | October 27, 2009

  20. It does not matter really…the end of the world will happen sooner or later….for everything there is a beginning and a end….we are born….we live…and we die.
    So should we be last people to live on this earth. Let us finally unite in peace and goodwill….let now be the time when humanity shines brightly…….be good to your friends and families….even show kindness to those who done you wrong inspire them to great things while we have time left and if this be the end let us all go out with dignity.

    Comment by truthsayer | November 1, 2009

  21. If worst case scenario happens and we get hit with a super solar storm,and ALL power is down,i think the best way to survive is to get away from large towns and cities. Think about it, the water to our homes is pumped by electric, without water think of the sanitation problems, disease, no food in the shops, no electric gas pumps, (no travel), the financial structure will break down, society will break down, there will be rioting, people will be stealing for food and water, then killing for food and water, law and order will break down, and marshal law will be enforced.If you are dependant on your town/city to survive it will be hard. And all this is, if only the power structure goes down. What if, added to this, was severe weather permutations brought on by the solar storm?.

    Comment by cleanshirt | November 3, 2009

  22. Taking all into accountability past present future, the conclusion is this… The prediction of 2012 is emminent some how something will happen regaurding the earth around this time within a three year period that will change the face of the world as we know it the effects of witch wont completely finish for twenty plus years. Solar flare up has been predicted by multible cultures and predictionists for thousands of years… That math works without question it has for a long time. The real question is what will happen to the earth because of it. Cultures and predictionists have also pointed at the fact of world government depleating into a one world order this is “nearly” a definate thing, as far as the government setting us up to do this is false, they wont need too, they will make the idea a very strong possibility just before emminent chaos, after the biggest waves of destruction come all government will revert to this, going around picking up the people and the peices of what is left… (and all this without a single vote outside themselves)
    They will try to contain the the masses for the safety of the masses the whole time the new order government is assembling. “side note most all mankind involved in this government ideal want to be considered gods and want to reign as higher archs” The government of the world over knows the history for the most part of mankind the earth and the solar system but like many other things believes that your everyday joe ninty five iq wont be able to fathom the depths that all of this truely goes too. Honestly they dont even want to come to realistic terms with it themselves, but they do have all the knowledge and proof they need to put two and two together, its just that none of these governments want to admit the inferiority of humankind. In my own oppinion toppographical charts of the earth need to be studied by all people with extreme commonsense know your elevation, be strong and believe in yourself. The Hopi believed that this will be a time of complete spiritual convergence where man must face himself.

    Comment by soothsayer | November 5, 2009

  23. The only question that remains at all about any of it is. Will this new government give people the choice to live or force them to live to such a degree with violence being the method of control? Do you think that the best way to save a species is to shoot them if they dont do what you tell them too? Does a spider spin a web per a bosses order of for its own need. The new world government will want to control all with nazi like control including the spider if they can.

    Comment by soothsayer | November 5, 2009


    Comment by hubert | November 7, 2009

    • Fortunately I have a tent, a bbq and other camping gear. This will not even last more than a month, so I think I will be fine.

      Comment by Elise | June 12, 2010

    • if it does happen the crazy will eliminate the governtment and the good people far out way the crazys power to the people

      Comment by glen milgate | September 10, 2010

  25. And I thought the chemtrail crowd were wackos… yikes…!

    Comment by Roger Ball | November 12, 2009

    • yet here you are reading everyone comments

      Comment by glen | September 20, 2010

  26. i’m not really worried about electricity beein paralysed but more about the destrcution, i mean if it will wipe out all the united states that is crazy because the united states is the second biggest country of the world, but he was more concerned about the elecrticity power beeing gone so i think no such disaster is not going to happen, i hope not :O

    Comment by Samer Shaalan | November 15, 2009

  27. […] […]

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  28. I really dont know wat is goin to happen to our world. The only thing is that ,no matter wat we have to prepare ourself and be safe . Care our love ones god is with us….

    Comment by Daniel sangma | November 17, 2009

  29. There is a group of people that live here in the United States who will have less difficulty then most others. The Amish. They use no electricity and no technical gadgets. They do not use automobiles…horse and buggy. They raise all of their own fuel and animals. They use wood stoves…even for cooking. Having visited their communities in Pennsylvania and read much about their culture, it appears they are very happy people. Perhaps we can consider their ways and prepare. They are also people of great faith.

    I have begun to make preparations, calmly and purposeful. Obviously if their is great calamity most will not survive. But for those who do, you can begin now to put your house in order so to speak. Live simply and consider the things that are really important, your family, your friends. Give thought to where you are spiritually. Make peace with God. Begin to pray more for all those you love and ask for strength, grace and peace of mind.

    We did not create this earth and we cannot keep it together. If it’s time for it to end then so be it.

    Comment by Louise | November 23, 2009

  30. I believe that 2012 will be an absolutely successful year, no matter what´s gonna happen or not.

    Comment by Stormrider99 | November 23, 2009

  31. some of us high schools tudents have palns for our future, i graduate in 2012 and now im afraid…what if the stprm comes before then. another question arose in my head. what technology and what can the government do to stop or prevent this?
    for our kids and the future generation of this world…please dont let it go down in fire…not just yet

    Comment by emily | November 23, 2009

  32. Interesting post. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.

    Comment by Solar Panels For Homes | November 28, 2009

  33. nothing will happen…………..

    Comment by nirbhay singh | November 29, 2009

  34. dont be fear..

    Comment by nirbhay singh | November 29, 2009

  35. You people amuse me, with your ” IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN” OR 2012 WILL BE COMPLETELY FINE” and you know this for a FACT HOW? you don’t know one does. Really people we just all have to wait and see when 2012 comes. Almost every culture has said a thing or two about that date of this 2012, and now we have scientists who think something is going to happen. Doesn’t hurt to be prepared, or mindful that something really might happen in the time frame of 2012.

    Comment by Henry-etta | November 30, 2009

  36. Ya know not to scare anyone, but I hope to god we do get a huge solar flare in 2012. To speak the truth living without power, I’ve had it happen to me for long long months. Not years but pretty long months and it was great. Oddly I’m involved in certain areas online where people constantly bitch each other out, and it makes me sick of the way others treat you, or you friends online. So if all power dies for a very long time 4 years or more as said about the solar maximum that hits us. GREAT!!! I’d love to see the world go into anarchy too, since I’m anarchist! It would be a new world of survival. And I’m all about surviving the worst.


    Comment by yee-hoo | November 30, 2009

    • power to the people

      Comment by glen milgate | September 10, 2010

  37. This is not an issue of “fear mongering” or encouraging people to panic. The point is for the powers that be to get off their butts and prepare for it. No one is taking it seriously enough, and indeed more multi-million dollar new satellites are scheduled for launch in the next months. This is impertinent, to put it mildly.

    More people in the general public need to be aware of this issue in advance so if, for example, power grids need to be shut down temporarily in order to protect then from permanent damage, people will be on board with the plan, and willing to cooperate. So far, given people’s responses to the issue…I don’t see this happening.

    Comment by Barbara Thurlow | December 4, 2009

  38. this is totally bakwas world not gonna end by this cheap disaster,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Comment by appu kumar | December 6, 2009

  39. can’t believe I’m working on a saturday. Supposed to be working, anwway. Thanks for the diversion, much more interesting stuff! have given thumbs up on Stumbleupon, thanks, bp 🙂

    Comment by envelope printing | December 12, 2009

  40. Viva Y2K! .. think about it

    Comment by chardo | January 2, 2010

  41. Ifind these comments all very amusing, and interesting.

    Heres what you do: You should all have unwaivering trust in your government that they will fix the problem, they will protect you, and they will provide for you. You should stay in your cities and wait, the government will be your salvation. And trust your fellow man. Just because there is not food, water, heat or medicine, they won’t slit your throat to get what you have.

    As for us, we have already prepared by storing plenty of dry goods, stored water and fresh water springs, emergency wood stove, candles, kerosene lanterns, and a network of like-minded neighbors who armed to the teeth so we can fend off predators and thieves.

    Speaking of that. The one thing this president has done that I view as a positive, is that he has not only single handedly increased gun ownership in america, but he has given those gun owners the incentive to fill their pantries full of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

    2012 will be interesting, but this will begin well before that. The solar storm is going to ramp up to the maximum, you won’t have years to wait. It could be just a matter of months.

    Be safe! Stay in your cities. Trust your government. Trust your police. Trust your neighbor. But when shit hits the fan, don’t trust me; I’ll take what you have to save myself and my family.

    Have a nice day!

    Comment by SoDak Man | January 7, 2010

  42. …………and toilet paper. A very, very important thing to have stored up. It took us two years to use up what we had stored up for Y2K. Wife still laughs about that, but she is the one wanting to head to Sam’s Club to get stocked up for 2012.

    Comment by SoDak Man | January 7, 2010

  43. […] Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012 « Socio-Economics History Blog […]

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  44. god help anyone with a pacemaker

    Comment by Zer0 | January 13, 2010

  45. There is no possible way that we as a society are going to be able to rely solely on our governments in an event such as these solar storms of 2012. We saw first-hand the effectiveness of our own government during hurricane Katrina. I’m not here to slight any presidential administration at all, nor am I here to back-hand our government. Simply put, we as human beings can only fully rely on ourselves.
    We are individual creatures. The government does not dictate to you when you take a shit or with which hand to use when wiping your ass. You do it because you know you have to do it. It is an instinct. As such, use your instincts when preparing for these coming solar storms. Begin making your preparations now. I will be more than happy to provide information on supplies and other skills should you so desire.
    I believe that modern technology has both greatly assisted our society and done a huge disservice to us. We’ve become too reliant upon technology to the point that we go through “DT’s” if our cell phones go down for a few hours or we lose an internet connection. These crutches have caused this modern generation, as well as the up and coming generation to be socially retarded. There are very few people who know hot to effectively communicate with another human being face to face.
    In addition, our merchants will be so crippled that they will not know which end is up. Three years ago I was at a Wal-Mart in Jackson, TN having my car serviced when their computer system went down in the auto bay and havoc ensued. The people couldn’t figure out which type of oil to use in my car. I’m not kidding. Furthermore, the cashier absolutely could not count back change. It was both sad and entirely frightening to see what our society has DEVOLVED into.
    People, wake up, smell the Solar-Roasted Coffee and get busy making yourselves prepared. Even if this does NOT happen and we are proved wrong, wouldn’t you rather be prepared for it just in case? I know I certainly will be.

    Comment by Grayson | January 14, 2010

  46. […] occur.  The last time this kind of large-scale storm occurred was 1859.  NASA recently released a report related to their tracking of the timing of these storms and have predicted that the next one will […]

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    Comment by rasputin | January 18, 2010


    Comment by rasputin | January 18, 2010

  49. I want to see this world end. I want to witness this event. I don’t want to die a normal life. Please, god, end the world in 2012. What a terrific sight it will be. Oh I am so excited this morning. Finally, the end is coming and I am a lucky bastard to witness the event.

    Comment by Nautanki | January 25, 2010

  50. i just hope that if a super solar storm does hit that it sends us back like 10 or so years instead of killing us all…. 😦 i realy wanna live past 15 …..

    Comment by krazowa | January 26, 2010

  51. if all of this is really gonna happen, then what is the point in going to college??

    f*** that sh**!

    partyyy timee!

    Comment by Nano.Ok | February 3, 2010

  52. i really dont think anything will happen real bad cause god said no one will know when the world will end

    Comment by chad | February 6, 2010

  53. Hi There, I swear I am not a loonie, I have been raised in a science based household, and I continue to be skeptical about most things that I encounter, but I must share my story now. When I was about 14yrs. old I was out playing behind our garden in a small stream in Ohio. We lived in the flight path of the Akron-Canton Airport and one day I looked up at a jet screaming overhead and I said, “I wish that all this would just stop”, and yes, a voice, loud and clear said,”During your lifetime all motors will stop. Pay attention to nature and you will be fine.” Pretty freaky, huh? I thought so too. I didn’t mention it to anyone, but remember thinking about how this could never happen, until lately. Over the past 20 or so years I have found myself living in a low population density area out west and have studied nature extensively. I can hunt, fish, collect native plants for food and medicine, mostly done with my family for recreation. I have studied how the native americans got by for thousands of years, and I know it can be done. I am here to help my family and friends get by these upcoming difficult times. It amazes me how people in this country look down on those who choose to think about difficult times ahead, with their heads buried in the sand. There are things that we can do, and ways to do it without freaking ourselves and others out. By the way. I have never heard a voice like this since. I am now 42. Take this as you will, and good luck…

    Comment by Chip | February 8, 2010

  54. When the Illuminati talk maybe they have the answer.Walter E.
    Haas comments for Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon at Search page 1-2 my comments are not a joke unless
    they are?Leo Zagami at You Tube has many topic interviews as Google Search does.What is funny is it will not be funny when
    21 Dec 2012 has solar flares that may flare you up with electromagnetic influences that shut down technology maybe.
    Weather change if it continue to get worst is sign it is for real.Of course the weather is not changing?Buy a submarine and go underground.What a joke,or is it!


    Walter E. Haas Search page1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 23, 2010

  55. Are people afraid,or covering up Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon.So much cover up like the Tea Pot Dome Scandal
    Search would be motive to cover up.People who cover up must have something to hide.The truth is not what it seems when spin is in.If you persist with being a fool everyone will know you are one.Some never learn.


    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | February 24, 2010

  56. Thank god their are some people with a brain.Comment made about cover up by elite should be word from wise is sufficient.The weather will prove it maybe when it is to
    late Chile and Haiti are a fore warning of what may be coming for the world.The truth is the lie and the lie is the truth.The normal is abnormal and the reverse normal. Observation is not good unless Fox says so.Smile,Hello.

    Climate change is not true,but the poles say the opposite,so they are lying.Worst weather in world history means weather is getting better.If it is good it is bad.Gay is joy.Why can’t we have joy and be gay all the time.There is no right,or wrong.Whatever you think is okay.You are the only one that counts.Mom and Dad are obsolete.

    I am gay and full of joy,and I want you to be the same.

    Definition Gay: Lively,Merry,Cheerful,Bright,Given to pleasure,etc.

    Have a gay day.

    Walter E. Haas Search page 1-2 God Bless America

    Comment by Walter E. Haas | March 2, 2010

  57. I think all this talk of solar flares is really exciting! If you want, you can get information on solar decking lights from a trusted web source.

    Comment by James | March 28, 2010

  58. Whether you believe, or disbeleive, we only have about 2+ years to see what happens. Me, personally speaking only, would find it quite delightful to see the entire world’s power grid knocked on it’s ass. Talk about reducing population numbers in days; and all the political shenaigans, and corruption issued would be a moot issue immediately,…because everyone, including the elitists, will be scrambling to stay alive. And if in fact those elitists ahve their secret cave, pity their elitist asses when they finally crawl out of those caves, as they one day will have to….they’ll meet some very anngry folks who will no doubt reduce the population even more.

    Comment by Rick | March 29, 2010

  59. The government will prepare for the minimum (not maximum) to suffice, because they cannot fund for something that might not happen. There reputation would be on the line. I also read somewhere that any electrical equipment that is turned off will not be damaged, only electronics with a connected circuit will be damaged.

    Comment by colby | April 8, 2010

  60. Definitely 2012 not the end as yet. Whatever is to happen in 2yrs time or more lets just praise God for He is heeding us ahead of time to turn to Him while we still can. The end times might last longer than what we perceive. Jesus Christ will return some day. Reverence and honor be to the Lord J.C

    Comment by peacemaker1019 | April 8, 2010

  61. LOL! Are you serious? This whole topic is hilarious.

    Comment by Andreas | April 12, 2010

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  63. All this information is very interesting to me. Is the 2012 activity going to pose a threat to the volcanic world? Any other disturbance such as earthquake activity. Thank you

    Comment by John | April 18, 2010

  64. 难道真的是世界末日吗????

    Comment by prodijal | April 24, 2010

  65. Pulease, nothing is gonna happen, just settle down. Millions of years on Earth and every generation thinks the end of the world will happen in THEIR lifetime. Don’t be so arrogant to believe that. This world will be here for a long, long time. I’m sure the people 2,000 years ago thought THEY’D see the end of the world too. It’s all Sci-Fi, so just grab the pop corn and enjoy the movies.

    Comment by Common Sense | April 26, 2010

  66. At the end of the day, say thank you God, in the morning when you wake say thank you God and be happy with what you are given. You really don’t have any choice you will either be happy with what is given or not its up to you. So don’t worry about what you can not control and be thankful at what you can and do have. Learn what you can, work when you can and live life to the fullest you can it can be taken away in a second or given for as long as 120 years. Your next breathe is not under your control, the universe is just a place where we either live or don’t. Your Joy is up to you!

    Comment by John Koonce | April 27, 2010

    • GOD?… -looks up-… -shakes head- NO GOD.

      If you are getting mugged at knife point, wheres your saviour.

      Comment by Justin | June 1, 2010

  67. Well, if solar flares doesn’t toast the Earth dragging it back into the stone age, then the predicted global economic collapse (ie global depression) of around 2012 will !
    Either way, mankind WILL be in a very bad way within 2 years.

    Comment by Rodney McLagan | April 29, 2010

  68. […] Humanities in Action BlogKeeping the conversation going outside of class?Friday, May 14, 2010Solar Storms in 2012This is a video from fox news, reporting about NASA and its findings. Apparently there are predicted to be huge solar storms from the sun, which would shut down almost all of the electricity in the world, knock out satelites, leaving us in the dark for months to years. go to this link and watch the first video : […]

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  69. I believe that the solar peak for this cycle, estimated around late 2011 or mid 2012, is predicted to be slightly lower than the previous cycle.

    Even so, I think that with the increased reliance on radio, satellite, GPS and overburdened power grids, that it could cause significant chaos.

    Check out some updates on recent solar activity including “zombie” satellites:

    Comment by Alan | May 15, 2010

  70. This is definitaley a possibility, if you think us humans are protected from everything ‘out there’ think again, were as fragile as an ant on someones fork. Nothing is forever, but thats the beauty of this whole thing, call it what you will…If this happens it will most probably cause major disruptions n our communication systems, but we really have just left ourselves vulnerable in that way, we’ll go back into the dark ages for a while, nothing wrong with that, just gotta have a bit of survival skills tucked away in the back folder of your brain for when the lorries wont be able to bring your ready made lasagna boxes to the supermarket.

    Comment by K | May 31, 2010

  71. See, the problem is… even if you are prepared to live without power, running water, no cars, no electronics the cost of prescription meds would skyrocket due to the scarcity that would occur. This means that you would need to stock up before the event. So lets say that only 25% of the worlds population “stocked up” sufficiently the other 75% is going to go nuts trying to find food, water, shelter, prescription meds. I know I will do no stocking up so I will be one of the ones out there killing people for my essentials. Like asthma meds, I would kill for that in a second if there were no sources…

    Comment by Justin | June 1, 2010

  72. A. Wow, people need to stop believing in fairy tales. (Like the religious stories and the end of the world).

    B. It’s just electricity get over it.

    C. 2012 the movie (I thought) was just a funny way for Hollywood to make fun of and dramatize idiotic notions.

    D. If you think I’m stupid, then you probably have never taken any liking to logic and critical thinking. At least I’m not drinking the cool aid.

    Comment by Elise | June 10, 2010

  73. my heart is totally paced with a medtronic pacemaker. is there any thing that i can do to protect myself ? from everything i have read it looks like anyone who is totally paced will just fall over dead.

    Comment by Judy | June 10, 2010

  74. I am super scared. Will we die?? I am a Christian so I won’t die. Because God has a plan for me. I will live forever but if it is the end of the world God will come down to earth and wrath us up and we will be in Heaven.

    Comment by Faith | June 10, 2010

  75. SCARED TO DIE?! I’m busting a gut and blowing my O-ring, and ripe to throw a pinch a *loaf*! Hell, I don’t give a f–k if there’s life after death. I eat *black holes* for breakfast! I once drank the *Devil* under seven tables. Yes, I can drink more wine and stay soberer than all the heathen *Hindoos* in Asia! YEEE HAW! I am too *intense* to die, I’m insured for acts o’ God *and* Satan! The Devil’s hands are my *ideal* playground!

    *Come and get me, come and get me*! I’m *armed* and *loaded*! When the Rapture comes, I’ll make ’em wait! They’ll *never* clean *my* cage! I kidnapped the future and ransomed it for the past, I made *Time* wait up for me to bleed my lizard! I ran ’em out of Heaven and sold it to Hell for a *profit*! My infernal breath wilts the Tree of Life.

    Who’ll gouge with me, whose candle will I fart out? Whoop! I’m ready!* So step aside, all you butt-lipped, neurotic, insecure bespectacled slabs o’ wimp meat!

    |@@@@@@^ ~^ @ @@ @ @ @ I ~^@@@@@@|
    |@@@@@ ~ ~~ ~I @@@@@|
    |@@@@’ ‘ _,w@< @@@@|
    |@@@@ @@@@@@@@w___,w@@@@@@@@ @ @@@|
    |@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I @@@|
    |@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@*@[ i @@@|
    |@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[][ | ]@@@|
    |@@@@ ~_,,_ ~@@@@@@@~ ____~ @ @@@|
    |@@@@ _~ , , `@@@~ _ _`@ ]L J@@@|
    |@@@@ , @@w@ww+ @@@ww“,,@w@ ][ @@@@|
    |@@@@, @@@@www@@@ @@@@@@@ww@@@@@[ @@@@|
    |@@@@@_|| @@@@@@P' @@P@@@@@@@@@@@[|c@@@@|
    |@@@@@@w| '@@P~ P]@@@-~, ~Y@@^'],@@@@@@|
    |@@@@@@@[ _ _J@@Tk ]]@@@@@@|
    |@@@@@@@@,@ @@, c,,,,,,,y ,w@@[ ,@@@@@@@|
    |@@@@@@@@@ i @w ====–_@@@@@ @@@@@@@@|
    |@@@@@@@@@@`,P~ _ ~^^^^Y@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@|
    |@@@@^^=^@@^ ^' ,ww,w@@@@@ _@@@@@@@@@@|
    |@@@_xJ~ ~ , @@@@@@@P~_@@@@@@@@@@@@|
    |@@ @, ,@@@,_____ _,J@@@@@@@@@@@@@|
    |@@L `' ,@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|

    Comment by Frater O.S.S.O. | June 11, 2010

  76. why as the predicted electrc storm in 2012 not main news ?

    Comment by peter broom | June 20, 2010

  77. why arent it on the headlines ??? if were gonna die or the world will end then why doesnt the news warn us and keep updates on it???? why?? because the goverment wants tokeep it quiet so we wont go on a rampage !!! and also so in the end they will surprise us by saying were all fucked and all.. to be honest i couldnt give a fuck if it ended i me my family will survive it and i hope all you do to…if we survive i got tibs on being the new god !!! lol 😀

    Comment by we are all in 4 a treat | June 28, 2010


    Comment by I AM | July 7, 2010

  79. In a world without electricity Conan the Barbarian rules. Imagine! Nothing works. Cars, cellphones, and the factories that produce them will all cease to exist. First there will be riots, and when all the canned foods are eaten – yeah! – the people will get hungry; and what will they do when they’re hungry? They will eat each other. Between the ruins and skeletal remains of skyscrapers cannibals will roam the empty streets on ancient motorbikes (the real thing, without computerchips and USB) looking out for spare parts, fuel, chicks, haha, and ofcourse human flesh.
    It will be fun! All adventure! Sharpen your sword!

    Comment by Devious | July 9, 2010

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  81. Great website!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by nicole | August 8, 2010

  82. The bible clearly says that knowone not even Jesus knows when the end will come. It also says that the earth will stand to times indefinite. With that being said I have no fear that the earth will self destruct, has endured for millions of years before humans and this is God’s possession so it isn’t going anywhere. BUT!,.even though the earth isn’t going anywhere there are some people who will be removed Psalms 37 1-11. Not to get all religious on folks but some people are so entrigued by the end they miss the meaning of it. You should want to see the end of suffering, you should want to see the end of a unrighteous governments who dont care about the people. Daniel 2:44 even says that Governments will be destroyed. Why? because human governments have done more to hurt mankind than anyone.
    For evolutionist, No knock towards you because you are entitled to your opinion as well. People have a right to want to see proof but you cant just ignore the exist of God just to do it. Look at yourself for example. When you see a house you dont just say it came to be out of knowhere do you? You recognize that it has a creator, the same as a watch has a creator, car, cellphone, and etc.

    For Atheist: You have a right to believe what you believe as well. Most of the people who believe there is no God is because they see alot of suffering and wonder how could a just God condone all this suffering but you need to know the issue that was raised to God. What issue? The issue that no human would serve God out of love and whether humans have to the right to govern themselves or not. God has allowed human governments to rule by themselves for close to 7,000 years and what has been the result? Bloodshed, famine, suffering,warfare to name a few. So who is better at ruling ourselves? Humans or God? Think about the issue and search for the truth.

    Hope everyone has a good day. Well with the exception of the headline! 🙂

    Comment by John | August 17, 2010

  83. […] convinced the world has turned on its side.  Not because the axis if flipping or because the solar flare storm coming around 2012 is early, but because of all the weight cell phone texting seems to carry these […]

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  84. scary. When i read these comments I can’t decide but for real they might happen anytime, anywhere. I’m just scared it will all be gone. Not that we people will die(i’m not scared to die. It’s the matter of life dumbas*es) Anyway solar storm will happen because there’s proof. A secondary ice age might be on the way and we can survive

    Comment by Larly_Yang | August 22, 2010

  85. im 17 year old and i don’t no what to believe there are so many thing being said and i just don’t know i already have anxiety and depression and a high stress level but i want to know the truth i need reassures that things might be OK. i have know problem with there being know electricity but is the world really coming to an end?

    Comment by sharne wedlock | August 27, 2010

    • Your comments struck a chord in me. I’m a mom who believes that SOMETHING is happening. Whether it’s the “end” or not, well, no one knows for certain. What I can tell you, is to live each day as if it is. And expending so much (very needed) energy with the anxiety and stresses is totally unnecessary. When you feel yourself start to have that anxiety…stop it dead in it’s tracks. Knowledge (I believe), is power. No one but YOU can decide on how your life will be. Surround yourself with love and positive people. Good luck! 🙂 ❤

      Comment by Kris | August 27, 2010

      • thank you kris i have taken your advice and im doing my best to push my limits thank you.

        Comment by sharne wedlock | September 24, 2010

  86. That is funny. I went to nasa FRQ on 2012 and this is what is says

    Q: Is there a danger from giant solar storms predicted for 2012?
    A: Solar activity has a regular cycle, with peaks approximately every 11 years. Near these activity peaks, solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communications, although engineers are learning how to build electronics that are protected against most solar storms. But there is no special risk associated with 2012. The next solar maximum will occur in the 2012-2014 time frame and is predicted to be an average solar cycle, no different than previous cycles throughout history.

    Comment by Brian Whittington | September 6, 2010

  87. i wonder what side of the earth will bear the brunt of such a solar flare if it happens and will the leaders of the world be in the space station on the dark but safe side of the moon cheers

    Comment by greg | September 7, 2010

    • they better be but i dont think theers much room

      Comment by glen milgate | September 10, 2010

  88. if we have a solar storm the magnutide of 1859 or greater and that one shut dowm our telephone system and caused fires it will destoy our current system which took over fifty yrs to build what do you think the people in jails and the people of this planet that have been torteuded, the morjority of them no anglosaxons not to mention the people who are mentaley disturb will do to the people in power of this planet when they loose their rein of power i think the only safe place for them will be in outer space god help us all .i think the bible is a reffernce to power and christ could only be reborn:ie us when technolgy court up and the sun removed that power giving it back to its rightful owners the people of this planet who will follow the ten commandmets and not make their dissision based opon greed. greed is the root of all evil

    Comment by glen milgate | September 10, 2010

  89. […] in 2012 Trigger Crustal Pole Shift? North Magnetic Pole Is Shifting Rapidly Toward Russia!  Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012  Source: […]

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  91. […] 2012 might be bad for us after all… I have heard on the news that in 2012/2013, there is a very real possibility that the Earth could be hit by a solar flare that will cripple electricity and things like satellites and communication – to all intents and purposes, sending the Earth back to the Dark Ages. Here is an article about it: Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012 Socio-Economics History Blog […]

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  92. if the solar storm isn,t comeing why are australian politicians cashing in there shares in the stock market and putting there shares in trust accounts and why did the state of victoria just spend 100 million dollars on a solar plant.if i had money invested in the stock market i would be doing what they have put your money into a trust account where its betting the other 4 states will follow suite and install solar plants glad i dont live in america.

    Comment by glen | September 21, 2010

  93. Please, do not be scared by nothing! Is a repetitive situation during Earth history, and still is life on Earth!
    To protect electronics, any electronics, is enough to buil a Faraday cage: any metalic container (like those used for oversea transport) electricaly Grounded wil protect against any EMP. The same you could cover with metal sheet (could be really thin( less than 1mm) any room (beter in basement) and to ground it corectly (should have electric continuity) will protect yourself. Of course some networks based on wire will colapse. But wireless system, could start fast.
    So, prepare some provisions (probably some disfunctionalities in supply chane, bank system, insurance will appear; mostly of them used by the owners to “cloud” some aspects of their affair) and enjoy the show! Of course carefully wraped in sheets (“arabian” style) with sun-shield lotion and UV googles (sky tipe are OK). See you.
    P.S. I think Mayans stop in 2012 with counting because they where bored to calculate so much for nothing!

    Comment by Stonehenge Druid | September 22, 2010

    • only a politician would beg and plede for people not to worry mister stonehenge druid .

      Comment by two bob- planet earth | September 23, 2010

  94. australian schools go solar government buildings go solar get your money out of the stock market sell your investment propertys an put your money into atrust account that is the safest place for have nothing to lose except for your money

    Comment by two bob- planet earth | September 23, 2010

  95. I am not scientific so this may be a dumb question: If everything is turned off when the flare hits, will there still be the same damage? After all, if a wire is not charged perhaps there would not be a reaction or a short circuit or whatever.

    Comment by Allan Hirsch | September 23, 2010

    • its the transformers that that will be overloaded regardless of the power been on or not

      Comment by two bob- planet earth | September 24, 2010

  96. herald sun newspaper in australia reports under the freedom of act more politticians selliing their shares in the stock market and putting the money into trust accounts on the 26/9/2010 read it yourself herald sun

    Comment by two bob- planet earth | September 26, 2010

  97. Hello people,
    My name is George Crystal (artistic name) I am Canadian (Czech born) professional psychic, in Prague EU (
    Present time I am involved in the ancient studies /archeology remote sensing of pre flood societies, and advance propulsion concepts non men made UFO technology.
    We are all psychic least you surrender your talent or self as slave – fool to some authority.
    My advice is this: early July 2011 get your self a food supply in % volume /form of all type of dry soup mixture beans 40% , rice 40%, rest as flower, salt, sugar, fish in cans, 7 days of water or 10 l and seeds of all kind including basic tool. Burry these containers for 3 years of supply in such a way if land is flooded you will be able locate it later when water recedes. Electronic locator tracer of your re floating container which had salt in bags as weight as well is not expensive.
    Have several for your self throughout land 3 days of walk from each.
    If you live by coast then purchase at construction supply type of plastic container which you hand mix in concrete, being extremely durable black color plastic. It is not expensive and you can construct sort of catamaran platform with several on left and same amount on right to be resembled within minutes. Same are the plastic tall garbage cans with water lids. You will avoid scenario as your family stuck on rooftop, no one to rescue you, water will be rising; dark night of the soul. Sorry I cannot recommend regular boat. Purchase special rain coat hood type the one which is used in fighting of the forest fires.
    Purchase inexpensive paper disposable dust face masks 100 in box any drywall / or construction supply.
    Sorry, I cannot give you advice if you goanna be in the area which mend to be licked by solar flares – melting surface to glass to depth of 2 feet or so or gust wind of 328 miles per hour or in area of India or Iceland.
    If you have money please construct your self a non electrical propulsion space ship, launch in to orbit – stay in geo orbit of shadow of Earth for 7 days.
    In ancient time only homeless people survived, because they got out of way to safety in time. These poor bastards had nothing therefore took nothing end up living – witnessing all.
    Destroyer of the worlds is coming, reinstating freedom to all which stayed human.

    Comment by george crystal | September 30, 2010

  98. See all like this: planet Earth is not really that far from immense fire ball this huge furnace call our Sun, where one force wants to blow all apart and the other the opposite force call mass and gravity contra balance just continues to keep all together.

    And now watch out, here comes “planet X” ancients called: “Destroyer”. Star nothing like our own sun,
    but not so dead as well. Discovered in 1983 this out of our time line phase Sun relative, ready to sling trough our solar system causing expected chaos from 2012 -2014?
    Well really who wants to talk or write about this if you know throughout the history that it done nothing good is capable of wiping out even most advance civilizations.
    This is our solar system debt, planet X house call as it in variety of ways done as same every 3600 years. Own worlds as they turn and cuts trough our solar system.

    Take this like this: till you see other terrestrial bodys filling 1/3 of your night sky you cannot really
    talk to anyone about it. Furthermore you have to keep it to your self if you are in trusted position as leading scientist or politician. This is the reality of keeping in balance our human sanity, therefore freedom.
    You may want to dig few underground basis and store some seeds in basically useless vault. As far I know
    the higher dose of Neutron particles which pass trough Earth its effect on life specifically human brain cells results is: cellular disintegration.
    As for the lower dose this as well will cause death; state prior results is: “total madness”,
    (please see the files on population behaviour about 1600 BC the Egypt Old kingdom).
    Consider this: focused steady stream of super heated plasma descending on the Earth’s surface as it revolving around its axis.
    On the one ocation in our ancient history this Sun Coronal mass ejection was so immense that it strip surface of Earth’s Moon of all the air and all the water. I mean it took everything off including volume of the seas and lakes. Yes our Moon one time was life producing mini world. NASA couldn’t keep lid on this one or the fact that there is the Ark on the other side of Earth’s Moon. They thought it was huge spaceship or mother ship at
    (it is about 5 km long 525 meters wide). Poor Moon Noah he thought his world will just flood, but in this Moon’s Bible story they lost it all.
    In other 3600 years cycle of planet X visit it rain down fire stones or soup of super heated plasma particles, like the sparkling firework of mini meteorites.
    (see the evidence in India of what they think was nuclear explosion in ancient times).
    (Super heated plasma consists as well of splittted super charge particles never before encountered.)
    In different 3600 year cycle it transformed fertile Sahara to total wasteland; drained ice / water lake covered North America in to the seas.
    Aztecs calendar does not just talks about planet X, but it just states that time era will end. In new era thoughts in link of our outside centrifugal reality matrix
    its manipulation will finely become understood.
    Like it was in the ancient times about 1 million years ago and throughout time by other previous advance civilization in which one of them was Atlantis. All this one more time?
    Reality of men as Gods over nature reinstated? Imagine this humorous thing: Project: “Blue Beam”, mishap ending in total disaster in one example this 230 kg single older house wife choked this men after lying upon what she later stated was thoughts desiring provision in form of dream, just appear on her bed, her thoughts created / materialized men on regular basis. Well end up to be next guy who got back late night totally drunk missing the apartment right door. Someone pull the plug on super secret ELM low frequency waves generator project,( that night).
    Thus men one time slave of calendar or time will not need it any longer so why bother in its style continuation.
    Hey you- Time travel is around the corner. Do you want prove of time travel? I have it and I can mail it to you in e mail in the form of zip. files which shows modification in variety of the futures. Files are empty of any data, naturally since future has not happened yet, but for some reason numbers remained. I have no clue how I got them.
    If you want propulsion for your home made spaceship? Why not. Ya, you are missing the engine?. No problem type in or other search engine word: “zachystal” and see my invention USA 4884465.
    For the second generation of same principle use plasma flow instead of trajectory of rotating antigravity initiating mass.
    (from scientist: “George Zachystal”,

    Comment by george zachystal | October 2, 2010

  99. on a different subject globle warming a question everyone should be asking your politicians is if the oil inside the earth is there to cool the earths core what happens to the core and the earth when you extract it.other than the people of this planet pay a carbon tax

    Comment by two bob- planet earth | October 6, 2010

  100. follow the leaad of politicians and get your money out of the stockmarket or u will be left with nothing.

    Comment by concerned | October 9, 2010

  101. this is quite something…….we are going through an “event” that last happened before the last Ice Age…approximately 26,000 years ago……so make the most of it folks as the next time this planetary alignment happens homosapien sapien might be a distant memory (for the cockroaches)

    Comment by stephen andrew persaud | October 11, 2010

  102. […] See also:   Dr. Richard Sauder: Underground And Undersea Bases And Facilities! Lucus & Dr. Jaysen Rand: The Return of Planet X! D.U.M.B.s And The Ruling Elites’ Preparation For Global Disaster! Richard Sauder: Deep UnderGround Bases (DUMB) and Black Budget! Jesse Ventura: Secret Underground Military Bases! ‘Designed For 2012 And Economic Collapse! Denver Airport?’ Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.)  The Illuminist Population Reduction Plan Via War, Famine, Disease, GM Food, Vaccines…. Underground Bases Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget – Phil Schneider Andy Lloyd: Dark Star, Planet X, Nemesis, Nibiru. Planet X Special Report No. 01: Where is Planet X? Flyby Scenarios ! Jason Martell: Planet X Nibiru Lecture. Planet X: Search On For Death Star That Throws Out Deadly Comets! Patrick Geryl: World Cataclysm In 2012 ? Coast to Coast AM – Catastrophic Earth Changes ! The Horizon Project: Ancient History and Cataclysmic Geographical Pole Shift. Will Galactic Alignment in 2012 Trigger Crustal Pole Shift? North Magnetic Pole Is Shifting Rapidly Toward Russia!  Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012  […]

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  103. australian electricity prices go through the roof .the government installs a seperate solar plant to the one built in victoria but wont say what it is for?there prepareing for somthing.

    Comment by concerned | October 15, 2010

  104. australia is prepareing for something wilsons transformer just won a 500million dollar contract to produce transformers and a 365 million dollar wind farm to be built at ararat produceing 247 megawatts

    Comment by get ready | October 24, 2010

  105. if the powers that be say the storm will not affect this planet and astrolagists say the satilites and the power transformer and the stock market will be affected then the australian government is putting it self in a good position they are installing a masive solar plant in victoria a masive wind farm in new south wales have just awarded a 500 million contract to willsons tranformer ,james packer has just invested heavely in free to air television and now they are talking about selling the australian stock exchange and not one mention of the incomeing solar storm in this country looks like they want to be the the next super power

    Comment by bob | October 27, 2010

  106. Great read mate, like your saying its all been said for a long time now but maybe just maybe they got it right ? God I hope so ! For one it will stop the world game going on ?

    Personally I hope it fries the planet, yes I’m happy to go. I’m sorry to all you good people out there but bad rules the world and what better way to change it than burning it all.

    Comment by John | October 31, 2010

  107. cant we just shut down our power grids for the storm to keep them from getting fried? not haveing power for a few days is way better then a few months or possibly years

    Comment by michael smith | December 14, 2010

  108. All your comments are most interesting indeed yes I enjoy reading them all. However I find the ones addressing the solar properties of our sun to be the most intriguing by far. I honestly don’t know what to believe in relation to that 2012 catastrophe jazz. An obscure date strangely embraced by many who relay highly intelligent well thought out theories in place of concrete facts.

    However, thee fact of the matter is before our very eyes now if only one chooses to acknowledge it? Our technology is exactly were it was meant to be. Especially at this particular point in our current history. Those satellites are up there for a very good reason & it’s not so a godless lawless lost generation can watch nothing but X-rated or R-rated filthy pay-per- movies on demand.

    In the book of Revelation two witnesses appear on the scene. Some believe these to be Elijah and Moses visiting our earth at the time of Antichrist. These two flesh men will be given great powers to bring some of the harshest judgments our world has ever known. After 3.5 years both will be killed. Yes,they will lay face-up in the streets of Jerusalem while the whole world watches. Thus, the whole world simultaneously sees these two dead men lying in the streets. Now the only way for this prophecy to be fulfilled was with the development of a technology which we pretty much now take for granted? Yes, satellites beaming down high-frequency microwave energy from space to this earth is “the footprints in the sand”. Thus, if a 2012 doomsday is upon us. one can rest assured that no solar flare of biblical proportions will be released from that solar blast furnace until these two witnesses have been here and returned back to he who sent them to this earth.

    Now from what you have just read you have probably already surmised that I’m a religious person? No, you would be dead wrong on that account.I’m not a religious person. However, I do believe that there is something > man out there.

    As for the prophecies of 2012 and that doomsday associated with this date,who can tell what catastrophe could befall this earth, in a time such as this where the first shall be last? “Generation wise”

    Comment by Professor West | January 2, 2011

  109. OREMUS:

    Nostrum Abbas in Olympus ,
    vestri nomen exsisto honored,
    your regnum adveho ,
    Vestri ero perfectus in terra ut is est in Olympus.

    Tribuo nos hodie nostrum cotidie panis ,
    quod indulgeo nos nostrum debitum ,
    ut nos ourselves have venia nostrum debitum.

    Quod operor non plumbum nos in tentatio ,
    tamen vindico nos ex malum,

    Our Father in heaven,
    your name be honored,
    your kingdom come,
    Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us today our daily bread,
    and forgive us our debts,
    as we ourselves have forgiven our debtors.
    And do not lead us into temptation,
    but deliver us from the Evil.,



    Comment by Reverend Howard | January 5, 2011

  110. Hello to all,

    I am not a Catholic priest or associated or deal with such an Religious Organization.

    I am not a mindless sheep, but a Leader.
    do not be part of the “HERD EFFECT” from Sociology.

    I am a Priest of God Amighty.

    I could be correct yawl.

    The Rapture will take place before the storm surge, but the Book of Revelations is not specific at how long before or shortly before Electrical Surge is going strike this planet Earth.

    I am terribly saddened for those who are not Raptured, due to not participating in a relationship with God.

    God told me He’s in the Forgiving and Forgeting Business.

    This is not written for an argument or debate, it is only my opinion.

    Remember don’t ever have a Religion with Christ.

    Remember to have a relationship with Christ.
    This is my opinion and all grammatical errors are the ownership of this writer.

    Respectfully yours- Reverend Howard
    See yawl on the other side of the river PTL

    Comment by Reverend Howard | January 5, 2011

  111. Read well and study on your own after you have read this.

    This is not a game or joke our Sun gives off a Solar Wind all day year round if you live in the

    State of Alaska you see it in the sky above what a sight it is going through our Earth’s Magnet

    Polls of the North and the South, North Poll. Its Called the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis.

    Our Sun’s UV Rays will get stronger as each passing day go’s by, read and i will tell you why.

    The Great big forest have be striped from most of the Earth for Greed of Money by the Wicked.

    The trees our are main source of Oxygen on this Plant.

    The Forest trees scrubs the Pollution out of the air and makes Oxygen from the rain and dirt that it grows in.

    The Pollution and CO2 carbon dioxide go into the bark as a sheild from most bugs so they do not eat the tree.

    Less Forest less Oxygen this is why the moon. That has no Oxygen is very cold on the side with out Sun Light,

    And hot as ever on the side with Sun Light. Way too cold and too hot to live there.

    With no blank of Oxygen to lessen or reduce the Sun’s UV Rays and Solar Wind they are deadly there on our Moon.

    Every Mt. Climber and Aircraft Pilot knows the higher you go the thiner the Oxygen and colder it gets.

    Just spend a night on a Mt. top above 13,000 feet with no SunLight and you will see or should i say feel

    the cold stinging any of your exposed skin. The Astronauts and the Cosmonauts and Fighter pilots that i have

    been with for years know this very well, and the Radiation hazards to humans at High Altitudes.

    Soon the Sun’s Solar Wind and UV rays will be way to strong for most to go out in the Sun light

    for even a short time. The Geomagnetic Storm to come and the Bad Weather Storms well you have

    not seen nothing yet and the Sea Level is Rising.

    They will get even bigger and worse less Oxygen the more UV Rays to the Earth and more Water molecules will

    evaporat and go up into the atmosphere. Less Oxygen the colder with out sun light and hoter with it.

    The Sky full of more water vapor molecules, more snow in the winter and more Flash Floods in the Summer.

    If every living person on Earth were to plant a tree today we might have a chance.

    The Earth atmosphere blanket surrounding it protects life on Earth as Our Lord and GOD will all that seek Him.

    Then it is written when the tree is full it is harvest time. All the Earth will someday burn away.

    This is all Foretold in the Bible Read it

    The Lord’s little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott KI4-AEX


    2 Peter 3:10

    But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and

    the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up.

    Comment by Paul Felix Schott | January 12, 2011

  112. There are so many things to read here and try and understand its quite confusing
    on 1 hand we have nasa saying 1 thing and on the other hand we have all the sceptics saying another .

    We all live in differnt places on this planet so what ever happens will affect each other in different ways.From a logical point of view
    I should listen to nasa they have the technology and the science to back them up.
    But from logical observation of mother nature, the mysterious ways in which she can sometimes work and the relationship between everything in the universe and our planet and how it at times affects each and every one us, and from reading substantiated fact,I have to say that over the last few years a feeling has been growing inside of me that something is going to happen and this of all things gives me the conviction to sit here and write this .

    There is so much information out there that to most people its just too much, so they dont want to know, (the governments will tell us what to do) will they though ,and even if they do, nothing is as strong as mother nature “NOTHING” if she wants to rearrange this planet.
    So to all of you who may have this “gut feeling” whatever you want to call it, trust it, its probably the best survival tool you have and it will lead you in the right direction

    Comment by des | February 6, 2011

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  114. Hi All,

    I have predicted that the world will come to an end on 21 Sept 2012.

    There is nothing we can do, just wait for the final day.

    Enjoy the world while you can.

    Comment by Daven | February 8, 2011

  115. World will not end in 2012 -2014 from some kind of catastrophe. Let us not scare to death our youngest readers or loose respect in self killings of all the hopes.
    If we look at the Chinese calendar cycles, these come every 12 years. 2012 belongs to the Water Dragon. Yes kids – it’s bath time.
    Logically we can assume it is the year of; “test of challenge of own ignorance” for low land areas means: “swimming endurance test”.
    In order for Mega tsunami to flash out our civilization in to extinction planet Destroyer will have to cut trough our solar system pretty close to us. Gravitational tides may stir some chaos, therefore decelerate various comets and meteorites junk, redirecting trajectory towards our world. Basically it is like playing pool table or golf. Our world as lucky shot, end of the line hole? You may say this: “never will happen”.
    Well, I will not be so sure about this statement. (please see in Antarctica in middle of land, not mountains, but frozen mega tsunamis).
    If these gossips are true, then there should be the Space Shuttle standing by. Up and ready with nukes to kill this future’s horror. Instead of us, rather those tiny comet buggers, blasting them right to nothingness. I do not think that de population “Death Wishers”, actually understand, what immense destruction just one small comet can do. Future’s war no longer soldier’s hope, if comets strikes, this time it is the pure genocide.
    Underground military shelters are quite useless to the reflected earthquake waves call: “scalar destroyers”. I am talking about every individual mountains or hill crack and separated in to slabs according to the immense core reflected frequency. It will be like knife cutting trough bread, each slab re arranged 45 degree or less, piling like frozen sea icebergs. Imagine prospect:” buried alive in underground military bases which are slowly turning in to your kids aquarium”. All safe beneath ground, you have survived collapse of the ceiling, but now you must get out. You may manage to use elevator shaft or vent pipe. As you crawl out and look up, there is no up, just pure blackness. In distance, this tiny burning red horizon. As your flashlight shine at distance all around just one grey color. You may think to your self:” is it snowing or did it volcano blown up? One week later you will have to dig out your self from about 100 feet of true snow, perhaps all this in middle of summer! No seasons at all, just rebirth in Nazi anti transubstantiation state. Human desperation, homelessness, evolution in to animal accented state. Consequences of this kind of enlightenment: “Zombie recession reality”. Question: “ just how will you reach all those frozen corpses”? Mainly who is goanna do all the work on “us” – now? Oh no, how could we let this happen! We had time to do something and done nothing! Words, words, words, like some old granny’s complaining and no action. I wonder what happened to the Congress Supermen?
    I assume “Pentagon” Generals still remember how to play that old video game call: “Asteroids” . Now it will be good time to do this happy test all those wonderful Star War toys!

    To our youngest scientists: it is ACME – make your own Scalar waves.
    Fill ½ of bath tub with warm water about your fist height and stir in one cup of table food salt. Now use your palm of hand and smash the calm surface. You will notice creation of waves, hitting walls of the tub and then reflecting back. This reflection calls:” the Scalar Wave Stage”, passage trough the Nucleus of mater. As far we know there are 7 types of these Scalar Waves. In the next progression of your great bath tub experiment, use three flat wall surfaces (bricks/tiles on top of face cloths will do), evenly standing, facing flat side centre core. Use few drops of dark color juice (or only kids safe green highlander pen). Measure the temperature changes of water. See when, how and where it will have effect on hand held (the tiny old style light bulb type) small flash light inside of the water tight plastic bag, with inexpensive wrist watch, placed at “the timeless Target Zone”.
    After you grow up to be scientist, you may remember this and do as same inside large sphere plasma chamber. You never know, you may get lucky and spark the” Photon Torpedo” like the one at the Star Trek.

    Comment by George Zachystal | February 14, 2011

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  119. This article is hogwash. Go to NASA’s site-there is NO big solar storm that is predicted. We are entering a cyscle where solar activity picks up-just like it always has in the past. The friggin media & it’s idiot types just like to sell news, mags, articles and such….and there are the idiots who buy into this stuff. Geez….get……a…… life.

    Comment by katanaguy | February 27, 2011

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  121. i dont think any one in this world can predict when this world will end. you have to have a believe in GOD. else you can die by just crossing the road. and when you time is up no one can stop you,and when its not time all the forces in the world cant kill you.

    Comment by | March 9, 2011

  122. I am scared but will it really And will it
    Kill people or destroy earth I hope it doesn’t happen and I’f we die I hope there is a afterlife for us to have because I am only 10 it’s 2011 I just am looking at this stuff. Hopefully it does not happen and no one dies and if it
    Does happen god and Jesus will make
    Us survive.

    Comment by Tom | March 12, 2011

  123. Lane Tech is Accredited in making or Produceding more PhD.s Doctor of Philosophy then any other School on Earth. All that go there and that have gone there know why it is called the School of Champions. For more then ten years i have helped student there at Lane and i am very proud of it. My father and older brother and me also went there. My Mother holds six PhD.s The News Papers said bearer of five PhD.s so they were one off. For All you City Dudes and thinkers that are still a little off, i am asking you to just open your eyes and do a little search for knowledge and to look for the Truth. That is very easy to do today as to 50 years ago.

    SOLAR ENERGY has more then Doubled this last year. Solar energy is now one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and the World.

    You want to help plant a tree or two and cut the power to the power grid and install solar Energy on your home office and car ports. If to poor to do so encourage others to do so and tell your Government Leaders to use it on all new Government buildings. Solar and Wind and Renewable Energy.

    Every body needs a little Encouragement from time to time or now and then. Do not be Bitter be helpful to others.

    GOD Bless you all

    Adviser to Government Scientist

    The Lord’s Little Helper

    Paul Felix Schott

    P.S. when i was in high school i would play three or four people a game of chess at one time on three to four chessboard and always won every game, even if they were Science and Mathematics teachers. School of Champions. My Father was at many things.

    Comment by Paul Felix Schott | April 6, 2011

  124. M A Y 21, 2011=JUDGMENT DAY/RAPTURE,100% FROM KING JAMES BIBLE! GO H U M B L Y TO GOD;HE RESISTS PRIDE! FREE DOWNLOAD PROOFS from WE ARE ALMOST THERE: family radio dot com EXACTLY 7000 YEARS FROM FLOOD OF NOAH; NO 2ND CHANCES. ”GOT SALVATION?” church age ended 1988;satan now rules ALL churches of world; GOD ONLY SAVING OUTSIDE OF CHURCHES! 1 Peter 4:17, 2 Thessalonians 2, and more in TRUE GOSPEL= THE KING JAMES BIBLE. !!!! MAY 21 2011 no more salvation EVER!!!


    I don’t think so!


    Comment by Karen Katz | May 6, 2011

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