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Alan Watt: The Illuminati Are Making Their Move!!

  • The Illuminati elite are driving the world towards a 1 World Government, Financial System, Health Authority, 1 World Central Bank, 1 World Army, 1 World Currency….
  • Is this swine flu outbreak just a practice run for the Big One in the future?


May 2, 2009 - Posted by | Medicine & Health | , ,


  1. I thank the Lord for Alex Jones and Alan Watt for letting us all know the horrors the Illuminati will do for a dollar and for bringing us out of ignorance.But I live in the UK and I want to know what this government has in store for us Brits.

    Comment by keurgun | May 2, 2009

  2. Check out,/
    If you want things to change then look into Lawful Rebellion and know where you stand in the face of this fascist corporate entity.

    Comment by Jamie | May 2, 2009

  3. Keurgun,

    You wish to know what your gov’t has in store for you?

    Scientists much more learned than I agree this ‘swine’ flu was developed in Britain and that, in fact, the only lab in the world that has the ability to develop a flu with these properties is a Brit lab.

    The average Brit is very much like the average Yank. A pretty good and decent person with no idea what is about to befall him. The fact that you have become aware of what is real means you must prepare yourself and your family for the fight of your life. If you have children, make sure they are aware to not allow some sudden doctor and nurses showing up at their school telling the kids its terribly important that they be inoculated today! so they will be safe from the next flu! Make sure you and your family know where to meet should something sudden happen and you be unable to all get home. Educate those who will be educated. People who don’t want to hear it? Don’t waste time with them (there is not time to waste). We ALL need to understand that the PEOPLE – whether Irish, English, Japanese, Polish, American or whoever – don’t support or condone our governments! We recognize evil men and women have usurped our nations. They do not speak for us!

    If you don’t have rock-solid faith now is the time to start learning and listening to the word of God and prepare your soul for what is coming.

    God Bless,


    Comment by KPR | May 4, 2009

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