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Brace Yourself for Pandemic

A quarantine officer puts up a poster directed to travellers from Mexico and the United States, advising those who have influenza symptoms such as fever and cough to go to the quarantine station, at Narita International airport in Narita. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

A quarantine officer puts up a poster directed to travellers from Mexico and the United States, advising those who have influenza symptoms such as fever and cough to go to the quarantine station, at Narita International airport in Narita. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

  • Reuters reports :
    HONG KONG – A CHINESE virologist who helped fight Sars and bird flu warned on Monday of a possible swine flu pandemic that the most populous countries in Asia, China and India, would be ill-prepared to handle.
    ‘We are counting down to a pandemic,’ said Guan Yi, a professor at the University of Hong Kong who helped trace the outbreak of Sars in 2003 to the civet cat. 
    ‘I think the spread of this virus in humans cannot possibly be contained within a short time … there are already cases in almost every region. The picture is changing every moment.’
    Prof Guan, who has been studying and tracking the spread of the H5N1 bird flu virus ever since it was discovered in people in Hong Kong in 1997, said there would be ‘many problems’ if swine flu reached China and India, ‘where populations are so dense and health infrastructure is still insufficient’.
    The virus, which carries swine, avian and human DNA and the designation H1N1, has already killed up to 103 people in Mexico, infected 20 in the United States and six in Canada. There are many questions surrounding this virus, such as why it appears milder in the United States and deadlier in Mexico.
    ‘It may seem weaker for now in the United States, but we do not know if it will get more virulent when it goes to another place as it mutates constantly,’ said Prof Guan. ‘When it goes into a place like China, there will be very high transmissibility among people.’
    Microbes like viruses mutate all the time and can swap or mix DNA with other viruses they come into contact with. And nobody knows whether they could become more or less deadly, experts say.
    Prof Guan said the swine flu virus was very different from theseasonal human H1N1 flu virus. ‘It is almost a new subtype,’ he said, adding that as it was already transmitting efficiently among people, the world already had a pandemic on its hands.
    Currently the World Health Organisation classifies the virus as a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ that could become a pandemic, or global outbreak of serious disease.
    The current phase of alert is 3 on a scale of 1 to 6. A full-blown pandemic, level 6, denotes sustained human to human spread over many countries of a new and serious virus. 


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Dr. Bill Deagle & Dr. A True Ott on Pandemic Swine Flu


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Alex Jones: Swine Flu Pandemic

  • Broadcast on 26 April 2009.


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Bloomberg Confirms Swine Flu at New York City School. Ohio has 1 confirmed case!

  • Ohio Swine Flu Case Confirmed :
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — State health officials confirmed that the swine flu has made it to Ohio.
    Agents with the Ohio Department of Health announced that a 9-year-old boy from Lorain County has been diagnosed with the disease. 
    Doctors said the patient has a mild case of the flu and that he is recovering at home. Because the latest combination of the influenza virus is still being analyzed, health agents are asking resident to take extra precaution against exposure.
    The ODH said that as with other emerging flu strains, there is no vaccine for the swine flu yet. “I urge Ohioans to be alert to information about this new flu,” said ODH Director Alvin D. Jackson, M.D. “In addition, the tried-and-true saying about washing hands and covering one’s cough remains sound medical advice.”


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Swine Flu Epidemic & Avianized Flu Pandemic

  • Is this person crazy? I was warning about Pandemic Avian Flu (in my blog) since early March this year and mid last year to some of my friends and colleagues. The ruling elite has a de-population agenda, a mass culling of the sheeple. In summary, Dr Deagle says in Phase 1, the disease may not be that deadly. But from Phase 2-3 onwards, the virus will morph, re-combine (H5N1 & H1N1?) and become very deadly.
  • How much of what Dr Bill Deagle say is true, I leave it to you :
    Recombinant Preparedness Alert
    Zoonotic Vectors of Swine and Avian Flu
    Dr Bill Deagle MD DABFP AAEM A4M
    The swine flu is common in the agribusiness, and antibodies to swine flu are present in 20% of vetenarians and 5% of pig farm workes, and rarely kills pigs. However, this swine flu that has presented in Mexico, Texas, California, Queens NYC, London, Italy, etc. has genes of swine, avian, human, and asian flu. This is without any doubt a pandemic flu with a current case fatality estimated at 10 % plus, and rapidly is leaping across North America and to Europe.
    Since 1997, the H5N1 flu has spread to all continents. Genetics showed that six strains had high pathogenic case fatality rates in the range of 70% average from 25 % to 100 % case fatality rates in humans, with some clusters of human to human spread, with close physical contact. Defiencies in two amino acids needed to allow rapid attachment to human cells was found in all strains, but can be acquired by recombinants with H9N2 or H7N3 or H3N2 etc. endemic human stains that can also coinfect pigs, birds, agricultural animals, and animals in the wild. Until fall 2008, the avian flu did not optimally replicate unless it was at 106 degrees or higher, but now it has acquired the capacity to replicate easily at 98.6 Farhenheit.
    Drug resistance to Amantadine, Tamiflu also are the predominant strains. The current swine flu is analagous to a early 20th century steamer trunk, with stickers showing the visited countries and coastal cities. It has stamps from Asia, North America, Avian, Swine and Human genetics. This is a “Lab Creation”.
    Now, we must understand that this virus is behaving as if it is more lethal per case that usual flu, and can recombine in pigs, wild and domestic birds, and other animals and can thus acquire PB2 deletions, NS1 gene polymorphisms, and the polybasic six amino acids that allow it to grow in brain and CNS as well as any other target organ in human and animal hosts. The NS1 deletion of four amino acids bypasses IL4, and thus is much more lethal with massive cytokine release at end stages.
    Because Avian H5N1 and the 1918 Swine Flu targeted young healthy people, the release of cytokines was more violent in the most healthy. This first wave is likely to recombine and after Phase 1 gene to population insertion, Phase 2 will result in new superstrains with additional genetic polymorphisms allow transfer efficiently to humans. Phase 2 is the bioreactor phase. In the emergent or Phase 3, new viral Clades of Swine /Avian hybrids will then have more efficient spreading and higher spontaneous lethality. 
     … They were in process of obtaining gene fragments from deceased whalers in Alaska with the CDC and Natl Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, supercomputer remodeled and bioengineered resurrection of the 1918 Swine Flu. They planned to insert into the genome Avian genes and spray into Asian bird populations, which would later be a gene pool when spread was complete to all continents for a new Swine-Avian Flu Pandemic.
    We now see the H1N1 flu in Mexico, Canada, UK, Italy, USA and perhaps other locations, rapidly evolving. This wave is quite lethal, but with the H5N1 genetics in the wild, it is likely to come in future waves with yet more lethal genes and more rapid spread. Certainly, in the next 7 days, the presence in multiple countries, US Pandemic Flu Alert, WHO raised from 3rd to 4th level, and the pronouncements for a decade plus of coming Pandemic Flu, this was totally a UN WHO plot to release a virus that would cull the human herd.
    Martial law will come with this or future waves in the next several months. This is the Final END GAME of the Global Elite, to fulfil Global 2000, NSSM 1974 population threat alerts, 1996 UN Population control documents, all calling for massive reduction in World Human Populations.


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Flashback: Panasonic to Fly Home Workers’ Families “Well Ahead of Possible Confusion at the Outbreak of a Global Pandemic”

  • 103 people dead in Mexico and counting. Confirmed 6 cases in Canada and 20 cases in USA. How did Panasonic know? AFP reported :
    Feb 9, 2009
    TOKYO (AFP) — Panasonic Corp. has ordered Japanese employees in some foreign countries to send their families home to Japan in preparation for a possible bird flu pandemic, a spokesman said Tuesday.
    Family members of Japanese employees in parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, former Soviet states and Latin America will fly back to Japan by the end of September, Panasonic spokesman Akira Kadota said.
    The firm decided to take the rare measure “well ahead of possible confusion at the outbreak of a global pandemic,” he said. Eight people have contracted the H5N1 bird flu virus in China alone this year — five of whom died.
    “The bird flu cases reported so far are infections from bird to human, but once an infection between human beings is reported, things can get chaotic with many other companies trying to bring back their employees,” Kadota said. “We wanted to take action early before it gets difficult to book flight tickets,” he said.
    The company did not say how many family members would return to Japan. Employees and their families in North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore will not be affected.
    The H5N1 strain of the virus that is most dangerous to humans first emerged in Asia in 2003 and has since caused nearly 250 deaths, according to World Health Organisation figures.
    Bird flu, or avian influenza, kills mainly birds but scientists fear it could mutate to jump from human to human, sparking a global pandemic. Panasonic said last week it was cutting 15,000 jobs and closing dozens of plants worldwide as it braces to fall deep in the red due to the global economic crisis.


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US Declares Public Health Emergency For Swine Flu

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Swine Flu in UK. Emergency Declared in USA.

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Suspected Swine Flu Cases Rise / Countries Prepare for Onslaught

  • 6 confirmed cases in Canada. 2 suspected cases in France. 3 suspected cases in Spain. Local Mexican news reporting 200 dead. (Need confirmation).


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Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!

  • I am no expert on vaccines or any disease. But I just do not trust Big Pharma when it comes to vaccines. Remember thimerosal: ethyl mercury, that is still being used as a preservative for vaccines. Many believe mercury poisoning is the real cause of autism. The symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism are remarkably similar.
  • Draw your own conclusions. Dr Patricia A. Doyle advises:
    I am making a plea to everyone who reads this, please, please DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE THAT IS PURPORTED TO ‘PREVENT’ THIS FLU.
    Remember 1976 and the so called Swine Flu outbreak that was purported to be a coming pandemic? It only infected recruits at Ft. Dix. Why? Because I believe that the so called Swine Flu virus infected the recruits due to the vaccines they were given. Whether the government developed the Swine Flu 1976 virus and infected the recruits as a means to test the public to see if people would comply with a call to take vaccination against Swine Flu, or the recruits became infected via contaminated vaccine they were given as part of the recruit regimen, that outbreak was as phony as they come. I was one of the people duped into taking a Swine Flu shot and it made me so sick. I was sick in bed for three months after taking the vaccine. 
    Do not take seasonal flu vaccine if you are told that it could help prevent this brand new Swine Flu variant. It won’t do a thing to prevent this flu. What it will do is serve up new genetic material to the Swine Flu virus that I have dubbed Spanish Flu 2, the Sequel. The Spanish Flu variant will use the gene sequences in the vaccine in humans to develop more of the changes that make the virus more readily infect humans. We do not want to give this virus more human genetic material so that it will infect humans more readily person to person. This is what vaccinated individuals do for pandemic strains. 
    There is also a safety issue in any experimental vaccine, much like the one in 1976. Some people even feel that such a vaccine for pandemic strain might require more than one vaccination which could actually be a binary set up. The first shot might just add some genetic code that stays dormant in the body until one gets the second vaccine shot which then serves to only cause infection. It could trigger Guillain-barre syndrome, Typhus or some other condition. 
    An Influenza vaccine does not protect or prevent a person from contracting flu. It is purported to, maybe, prevent some complications of flu and maybe shorten duration. I am not even sure it does that. Personally, I feel the vaccine weakens our immune system and also sickens us due to contaminants in the vaccine. I feel that people can better protect themselves by washing hands often and thoroughly. People should also use protective gloves when out and about during epidemics. Don’t be afraid of “looking odd.” I would not be ashamed to use a mask and gloves. I see that the Mexicans are using them.  
    A big problem during a pandemic is that these simple supplies will become extremely scarce awfully quickly. Stock up now. Medical supplies. personal hygene supplies and don’t forget fido, or any other pet. Once a pandemic hits, it will be too late to stock up. Water, too. We may lose clean water and electric power, so be prepared. 

    Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics Univ of West Indies. Please visit my “Emerging Diseases” message board at:

    Also my new website: Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa Go with God and in Good Health


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Swine Flu Was “Cultured In A Laboratory” !

  • Watch the video above. Is this swine flu man made? I am inclined to think so. Too many people in power has sold their soul to the devil for money. Paul Joseph Watson reports:
    Clues that the virus may be a synthetic creation are already manifesting. According to reports, the virus is  a “never-before-seen form of the flu that combines pig, bird and human viruses” which consists of an intercontinental mix of viruses from North America, Europe and Asia.
    “CDC officials detected a virus with a unique combination of gene segments that have not been seen in people or pigs before,” according to an
    Associated Press report.
    “This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified,” said Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director (
    video clip here).
    Alarming reports are now filtering in about people catching the illness who have had no contact with pigs whatsoever. These include a man and his daughter in San Diego County, a 41-year-old woman in Imperial County and two teenagers in San Antonio, Texas. In fact, in all U.S. cases, the victims had no contact with any pigs.
    Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego County’s public health officer, told KPBS “We have had person-to-person spread with the father and the daughter,” says Wooten, “And also with the two teenagers in Texas, they were in the same school. So that also indicates person-to-person transfer.”
    “Dr. Wooten says it’s unclear how people were exposed to swine flu. She says none of the patients have had any contact with pigs,”
    according to the report.
    Although the situation in the U.S. looks under control, panic is spreading in Mexico, where 800 cases of pneumonia in the capital alone are suspected to be related to the swine flu and the virus has hit young and healthy people, which is very rare with an flu outbreak. Despite the danger of a pandemic, the U.S. border with Mexico remains open.
    “Mexico has shut schools and museums and canceled hundreds of public events in its sprawling, overcrowded capital of 20 million people to try to prevent further infections,”
    reports Reuters.
    The WHO insists that the outbreak has “pandemic potential”
    and has been stockpiling supplies of Tamiflu, known generically as oseltamivir, a pill that can both treat flu and prevent infection, according to officials. As we previously highlighted, those that have a stake in the Tamiflu vaccine include top globalists and BIlderberg members like George Shultz, Lodewijk J.R. de Vink and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
    Indeed, Rumsfeld himself played a key role in hyping an outbreak of swine flu back in the 1976 when he urged the entire country to get vaccinated. Many batches of the vaccine were contaminated, resulting in hundreds of sick people and 52 fatalities.
    The fact that the properties of the strain are completely new, that the virus is spreading from people to people, and that the young and healthy are being hit worst, has disturbing parallels to the deadly 1918 pandemic that killed millions.
    It is unclear as to why, if the virus is a brand new strain, that public health officials are so confident programs of mass vaccination, which are already being prepared, would necessarily be effective.
    It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that deadly flu viruses have been concocted in labs and then dispatched with the intention of creating a pandemic.
    When the story first broke last month, Czech newspapers questioned if the shocking discovery of vaccines contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus which were distributed to 18 countries by the American company Baxter were part of a conspiracy to provoke a pandemic.
    Since the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible, this leaves no other explanation than that the contamination was a deliberate attempt to weaponize the H5N1 virus to its most potent extreme and distribute it via conventional flu vaccines to the population who would then infect others to a devastating degree as the disease went airborne.
    However, this is not the first time that vaccine companies have been caught distributing vaccines contaminated with deadly viruses. In 2006 it was revealed that Bayer Corporation had discovered that their injection drug, which was used by hemophiliacs, was contaminated with the HIV virus. Internal documents prove that after they positively knew that the drug was contaminated, t
    hey took it off the U.S. market only to dump it on the European, Asian and Latin American markets, knowingly exposing thousands, most of them children, to the live HIV virus.
    Government officials in France went to prison for allowing the drug to be distributed. The documents show that the FDA colluded with Bayer to cover-up the scandal and allowed the deadly drug to be distributed globally. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.
    In the UK, a 2007 outbreak of foot and mouth disease that put Britain on high alert has been originated from a government laboratory which is shared with an American pharmaceutical company, mirroring the deadly outbreak of 2001, which was also deliberately released.


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