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Illuminati Controlled MSM Versus The Truth Movement

  • The plans are being put in place by the Illuminati to shutdown the internet as it is. It will be replaced by a greatly controlled Internet2 (ie 2nd Generation Internet). I have no doubts that some time in the future, all bloggers, all alternative media and the truth movement will need a licence to operate. Of course, the Illuminati will only allow their own corporations, shills and propagandists to operate.
  • The truth movement has made major in roads into the Illuminati controlled MSM domain. Truth prevails regardless. Bob Chapman writes :
    The Truth Movement has become a real thorn in the side of the Illuminati.  So many people are now finally catching on to their sinister plans that their usual strategies are not working.  The facts and predictions divulged to the public via the Truth Movement have proved to be too accurate for the Illuminati to counter with their usual bogus rhetoric because no one believes them anymore.  The public, via the elitist-controlled fane-stream media, has listened to Illuminist marionettes, Buck-Busting Ben Bernanke, Hanky Panky Paulson, Caligula (Bush, Jr.), Dead-Eye Dick Cheney, and now our “beloved” Emperor Romulus Augustulus (Obama) and Tiny Tim Geithner, continue to lie to them pathologically, make ridiculous predictions that never come true and regale us with inane platitudes and silly pep talks about things like “hope,” “change,” “we see signs of improvement” and “recovery is just around the corner,” when they know darn well that not only are things getting worse, these miscreants are doing everything they can to intentionally make matters worse by order of the Puppet Masters.
    People have caught on to the fact that the economic statistics produced by our government and its various agencies have no basis in reality, and that most of the so-called economists, shills, pundits and moronic talking heads on the fane-stream media are almost always wrong because being right means a trip to the unemployment lines, which are growing ever larger by the minute.  So the sheople are now finally starting to look to the people who have demonstrated more accuracy and integrity, and who are still miraculously given coverage by the fane-stream media, such as Jimmy Rogers, Peter Schiff, Michael Hudson, Joseph Stiglitz, Rick Santelli, Meredith Whitney and Elizabeth Warren, to name but a few.  These people are becoming virtual folk heroes because they are among the few people given wider coverage by the media who can still be looked to for some reasonable answers and explanations.
    The Illuminati now basically have three ways by which they attempt to discredit the Truth Movement, the third having been added recently because the first two have more or less fizzled out as the public wises up.  
    The first strategy to discredit the Truth Movement is to simply make direct attacks on the people getting the truth out and on the message they are disseminating. This is done by putting their professional Illuminist mouthpieces on media presentations to refute what the Truth Movement is asserting while they dig up dirt on the speakers for purposes of orchestrating character assassinations.  This is not working by the simple fact that most assertions by the Truth Movement have proved to be true while those of the Illuminist mouthpieces have proved to be false.  The character assassinations don’t work when the assertions of the speaker being attacked turn out to be true and the character assassins turn out to be the ones who are lacking in integrity.  It is like the pot trying to call the kettle black when the kettle is made of stainless steel.
    The second strategy is one where the Illuminati attempt to associate the facts and assertions of the Truth Movement with government operatives and disinformation specialists who are either media hosts or guests and who intentionally espouse crazy theories about things like space aliens, pseudo-science and New Age drivel.  These operatives mix crackpot theories with real “conspiracy theories” which we all know to be true.  As an example, they will talk about space aliens, and then move on to the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve and the New World Order.  The idea is to make it look like only crackpots wearing tinfoil hats and who also believe in Martians could ascribe to these ridiculous “conspiracy theories.”  These media hosts and guests are well paid via handsome salaries, off-shore bank accounts, generous advertising contracts and all the airtime and coverage they could hope for, while they also cash in on web site advertisements, books, tapes, CD’s and other items related to their shows.  Many of the so-called “callers” on these shows are also government “plants” who are used to “innocently” raise certain issues, which their host-operatives want to elicit.  The Internet is now so loaded with these masters of misdirection that you can hardly believe any of the content anymore.  That is why you need the IF, to help you separate the truth from the fiction. But once again, because the so-called “conspiracy theorists,” like us, are having their assertions confirmed so often now, people are able to separate the truth from the quackery.  The fiendish Illuminati went overboard with this strategy, and it has now back-fired on them because it is so blatant and obvious and the goofball theories being mixed with legitimate theories are simply over-the-top.
    The third strategy is relatively new and shows how desperate the Illuminati are now.  Their pathological lies have largely been exposed, so they have no alternative now but to try to hijack the Truth Movement and make it their own.  They are now using certain elements of the fane-stream media, such as its so-called “conservative” talk-show hosts, who are really liberal socialists and fascists playacting as conservatives, to embrace certain elements of the Truth Movement, while watering it down, leaving out salient facts and then injecting it with enough kernels of disinformation to throw people off track so they can’t get to the bottom of who is really behind all of this.  They will be coming up with all sorts of scapegoats now, just watch and see, who they will blame for all the problems predicted by the Truth Movement. People like Buffett and Cramer have already been doing this to some degree, trying to give you insights similar to what the Truth Movement is asserting, but that are usually somewhat off the mark to throw you off track, which they use to manipulate non-insiders so that the PPT and Illuminist insiders are able to enlist their sheople-sucker-dupe-investors to move the markets around in whatever direction suits them at the time.
    This third strategy for discrediting the Truth Movement is also very similar to what the US Illuminist oligarchy did to Ron Paul.  When he was on the roll and starting to win debates, drum up huge money-bombs and get some serious votes, they enlisted the pro-amnesty, so-called Christian Mike Huckabee, aka Huckleberry Hell Hound, to capture voters from the Christian Right, who could not discern the difference between the Devil and Mother Theresa, much less between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. Incidentally, you might note that the Evangelical Movement is now dead in the US, and will go the way of Europe, absent a miracle from God, because the Christian Right aligned themselves with Satan, aka Caligula, and will never live it down in the minds of most Americans.  Christians do not want to be associated with such a murderous, thieving, war-mongering, seditious monster, so they are becoming liberal instead, with New Age ecumenicist Rick Warren as their new Pied Piper and abortionist Obama as their new agent for “hope” and “change.”  Such a tragedy, and all the more so because it was totally avoidable if Christian leaders had exercised even the slightest bit of good judgment!  They probably still believe there is a difference between the Dumbo and Jackass parties!
    Now anyone who believes in or acts on the theories espoused by the Truth Movement, or who is a military veteran, is a potential radical and violent dissident, as disclosed by Janet Napolitano, or should we say Janet Napoleon, who is now head of the new Gestapo known as Homeland Security.  Ms. Goebbels should be immediately impeached for such an unjustified and blatant attack on the First Amendment and on patriotic Americans.  As this transpires, Emperor Romulus and miscreants Conyers and Frank plan to slam-dunk new hate speech legislation via HR 1913 to administer the coup de grace to the Christian Right and to Christians in general, as the ultimate disseminator of hate speech, God and His Holy Bible, are banned from public libraries while preachers bold enough to speak publicly against sin and perversion are hauled off to the “klink.”  This is what former Bush-kissing, Conservative-Christian morons can expect from the new Romulus Administration and your elitist bootlickers in Congress.  Get on the horn with your “representatives” about these atrocities and give them hell!
    If you want to get rid of the Illuminist blight forever, leave your government officials, who are nothing more than pathetic little puppets, alone.  Putting anything other than political pressure on those who are in office would play right into the hands of the Illuminati and give them the excuse they need to implement martial law.  The ones to go after are the Puppet Masters in the top echelons, who do not currently hold public office, and whose names appear on lists of organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Let them know in no uncertain terms that they, their filthy wealth, their dark influence and their seditious machinations to subvert our Constitution and implement world government are no longer welcome in the United States of America.  We leave the methodology up to the American public, and their limitless ingenuity.  Once the Puppet Masters are run out of town, their marionettes will fall to the stage floor in a heap of strings and wooden sticks as their benefactors are no longer there to support them with limitless amounts of cash, equipment, media coverage, brain trusts and human resources.  We can then start over and try to get it right this time like our Founding Fathers.  Simply applying the Constitution the way it was intended to be applied should prove sufficient for this purpose.


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Steve Quayle: Martial Law Coming This Summer?

Part    4    ,    Part    5   

  • I am not entirely sure what to make of this Orange Alert by Steve Quayle. I would not have posted this if it wasn’t from Steve Quayle. Alex Jones and others in the truth movement are also highlighting their concerns on the upcoming martial law. The debate is when and not whether martial law will be implemented.
  • Wakey! Wakey! Here is another warning: NLE 09: FEMA Takes Preparations for Martial Law to the Next Level.
  • Steve Quayle’s Orange Alert!  (paragraphs added for ease of reading) :

Orange Alert !

To all those who have taken an oath to defend the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic – BE ADVISED of the following:
April 22, 2009
Steve Quayle
Over the next 6 months, law enforcement and the military will be given unlawful and illegal orders to round up and purge all dissidents against the New World Order crowd. The purge is the systematic liquidation of all those identified as a threat against the Globalist Plan. Furthermore, all TEA Party participants have been filmed and their license plate information taken by all FBI Special Agents in charge at all the rallies. Consider the ramifications…
Since coming to office, the current regime has devoted massive amounts of money and Federal Spy Agency assets to identifying gun owners and those in the military who still love this Country and take their oath seriously. All former combat Veterans, Special Forces, Green Berets, Delta, and Spec operations personnel must absolutely change your physical location and TELL NO ONE!
With DHS having validated the Seek and Destroy Lists, their plans are now being set in motion! Does it not make you furious that men and women in the Armed Forces who have fought all these years for the principles that the Constitutional Republic ONCE Stood for, are now deemed terrorists by the DHS along with Constitutionalists, Christians, gun owners and those who speak out against the foreign destruction of America’s economy.
Domestic security is now defined as “quell all first amendment rights. Period!” Whether false flag or intentional acts of globalist terror incidents, the events will be orchestrated to blame the “DHS hit list people”. Whether you know it or not, by painting conservatives and people who are against the New World Order with such a “terroristic civil rights violating hit piece” you have not only been vilified but have been targeted for extermination. Anyone who would follow orders to take your guns away will not hesitate to BLOW YOU AWAY.
History has proven this time and time again! The Psalmist wrote “If the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do?” Our only Hope is to repent and cry out to the Living God and seek his personal direction and guidance. While we can not stop the hand of Divine Judgment, we can know our God and do exploits! Write your Senators and Congressmen and women — scream at the top of your lungs, write editorials; do all that you can do legally. But remember, very soon when they initiate their attacks, you will have no one to blame except yourselves while there is still a whisper of time to make a difference for Righteousness Sake.


  • Summer of Hell looks like coming true! Take care! Rainy day is here. The violent protests, tax revolts… Celente and a few others have been warning about looks increasingly likely. Destruction of America by the banksters is next! Fascism is on the rise in America.


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GM Defaults ! To Shut Plants for up to Nine Weeks this Summer!

  • As GM goes, so goes the nation. If this is true, it looks like summer of hell. GM is defaulting on its debts! Wall Street Journal reports :
    …. Also Wednesday, GM’s No. 2 executive toughened the company’s message to bondholders, saying it doesn’t plan to pay off $1 billion in debt due June 1 and instead will rely on an exchange for shares or bankruptcy-court protection to clear its balance sheet.
    Chief Financial Officer Ray Young, speaking to reporters on the sideline of a conference near Detroit, said the move comes even as the auto maker is finalizing details with the Treasury Department to receive an additional $5 billion in loans.
    By taking a tougher public stance on bondholders, GM executives are laying the groundwork for what promises to be a messy debt-for-equity offer that they expect to launch by next week. The car maker will offer to exchange $28 billion in unsecured debt for company stock that could be rendered worthless without a significant turnaround.
    GM faces a June 1 deadline from the Treasury to slash its debt and gain concessions from the UAW or face possible bankruptcy. Large GM bondholders were aware that the company was planning on missing a big payment, according to a person familiar with the thinking of a committee that holds just under half of the company’s bonds.
    “People should be getting the sleep out of their eyes and seeing it’s over,” said Marilyn Cohen, president of retail bond investment manager Envision Capital. “I would imagine they’re going to file [for bankruptcy] any minute… Not making a payment — it’s going to show them that this time, they mean it.”
    Mr. Young said GM is determined to get back on its feet soon, and it will right the ship “in court or out of court.” He said a trip to bankruptcy court is “probable” but indicated GM has the full backing of the government. “They want us to be a viable entity when we emerge,” he said.
  • AFP reports on plant closures:
    Troubled US auto giant General Motors plans to close some of its US plants for up to nine weeks this summer in a cost cutting measure to counter slumping sales, the Detroit News reported Wednesday.
    The embattled auto firm, which has been given 13.4 billion dollars by the US government, is set to shutter the plants as part of a bid to reduce production by around 170,000 vehicles this year. An announcement is expected Friday the paper said.
    GM spokesman Chris Lee told AFP the company would first announce any closures to staff, but refused to say whether it had plans to do so, describing the reports as “speculative.” “We have made not made any down-working announcements,” he said. Auto workers union representatives were not immediately available for comment.
  • Wall Street Journal adds:
    General Motors Corp. plans to idle most its plants for about two months this summer as the company races to cut costs and production to keep pace with sinking demand, said a person familiar with the plan. The car maker typically closes its plants for a two-week summer vacation. A GM spokeswoman declined to confirm or deny the planned closure.
    Such a production hiatus — one of GM’s longest in recent decades — promises to drain the company’s revenue stream, dealing another blow to its attempt to restructure operations. GM’s sales have tumbled in recent months, with declines topping 50%. United Auto Workers union members still receive most of their pay during such shutdowns.
    GM is saddled with a 113-day supply of cars and a 123-day supply of trucks sitting unsold on dealer lots as of March 31, according to Ward’s Automotive Reports.


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Bankrupt Banks and Corporations Bribing Washington Officials for More Tax Payer Cash

  • I could not agree more with what Mike Stathis says :
    When Does It All End? The Abuse Continues. – Trillions of dollars for the bailouts haven’t satisfied the banks and automakers. They want more, and they’re spending your dollars to make sure they get it. According to the Associated Press, the top 10 recipients of the TARP spent about $9.5 million on lobbying during the first quarter of 2009.
    Take a guess who the biggest spender was. GM of course; the company in the worst financial trouble. In just the first three months of 2009, GM handed over $2.8 million to lobbyists so they could bribe Washington officials for more taxpayer dollars. With already over $13 billion in bailout funds and much more on the way, spending $3 million is a very cheap price to pay to ensure billions in handouts, especially when these bribes have essentially come from taxpayer funds. The list goes on. See here !
    I don’t care if these companies raised lobbying funds from employees selling their blood. The fact is that all lobbyist activities must be completely banned if America ever expects to recover from this depression.
    This type of corruption is the exact reason why the banks and real estate industry were able to carry out their Ponzi scheme. This is a complete slap in the face of every single American.  These shameless, disgraceful companies continue to lobby because they know corruption is the rule in America. Americans should be stampeding Capitol Hill in protest.  I continue to be disgusted with this nation each and every day.


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Stock Market Bulls have got it Wrong, Warns Nouriel Roubini

  • I am still a bear, stock market is setting up for a big resumption of the downtrend all the way to new lows by summer. People always comfort themselves with: Don’t worry in the long run it will make money. Really? What economic law is that? Is there a law of God or nature that say this is so? I don’t think so! In the long run we are all dead. This is a certainty.
  • When faced with losses, the majority will tend to believe in their own propaganda and are not smart enough not to believe in their own lies. This is why it is always difficult to cut losses and keep your losses small. But it is easier to believe in propaganda: Things will be ok. Long run we will not lose. The majority have difficulty distinguishing what they hope/wish for and what is reality.
  • In the 1st Great Depression, it wasn’t until 1954 that the market recovered to its high of 1929. It took 25 years. If you adjust it for inflation, all the money you put in the stock market will not be anywhere close to their original value in 1929!
  • The bear market rally is coming to an end. Nick Clark writes :
    Nouriel Roubini, the so-called “arch bear” economist who predicted the current financial crisis in 2006, added further gloom yesterday after he wrote off recent rises in global stock markets as no more than a dead cat bounce.
    While an increasing number of analysts have in recent weeks urged investors to go back into equities, Mr Roubini, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business who has emerged as one of the most respected economic voices in the wake of the credit crunch, warned yesterday that he didn’t yet see a buying opportunity.
    He holds little faith in the recent market rallies, which prompted some to suggest a recovery was underway. “I’m still cautious and bearish,” he said. “I believe we are closer to a bottom in the stock market than a year ago, but this is a bear market rally.”
    Anthony Bolton, fund manager at Fidelity International, said last month that a bull phase had started, while analysts at Goldman Sachs have argued in recent weeks that “we are past the low point in the economic cycle”.
    However, Mr Roubini, dubbed “Dr Doom” for his warnings about financial meltdown, said there would be more bad news in the next few quarters. In particular, the economist warned of further dangers ahead for the financial services industry in the US. “I see financial shocks in the months ahead. Some financial institutions are in so much trouble we may have to take them over,” he said, before adding that losses in the industry could rise from $1 trillion to as high as $3.6 trillion.
    Firms from across financial services will go out of business or be taken over, he said, particularly focusing on the bleak future for hedge funds. Mr Roubini also disagrees with more optimistic forecasts for the US economy. In an interview published on yesterday, he said that the prediction of a 2 per cent growth rate next year was far too bullish. He called it at somewhere around 1 per cent. “So while we are going to be technically out of a recession, it is going to feel like a recession,” he added.
    He blamed weak recovery, deflation which would dog the US for the next two years, and financial shocks for the lower-than-expected growth. 
    Investors should stay on the sidelines, he cautioned, but added that there was light at the end of the tunnel. “I’m not a permabear. I believe that actually, if we do the right things, the US, Europe, Japan, but especially emerging markets can have a bright future of high economic growth.”
    Mr Roubini criticised market regulators, saying that while deregulation was positive “we took it to an extreme”. He added: “Even financial markets need laws, institutions, rules; otherwise it is the law of the jungle.” 


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Illuminati Banksters Implementing State of Permanent Siege!

  • Many still doubt that this economic collapse is engineered by the Illuminati banksters. Richard Cook comments :
    THE LEVEL OF PUBLIC IGNORANCE on the topic of the U.S. and world monetary system is astonishing. This is part of the plan, of course, because the monetary elite control not only the financial system but also the news media, the publishing industry, and the educational system. The blueprint for control was put together over a century ago by Cecil Rhodes and his friends, including British financier Nathan Rothschild, as documented by Professor Carroll Quigley.
    During the 20th Century the power shifted to the U.S., with the Rockefellers playing the dominant role as they continue to do today. It is no accident that J.P. Morgan Chase—the Rockefeller family bank—dominates the U.S. derivatives market; nor that Exxon-Mobil, the Rockefellers’ oil company, is the most profitable corporation in history.
    The basic plan was to place all of mankind in a state of permanent mental and emotional siege so that in the end we would trade all our liberties to the controllers in return for protection; even freedom of thought would be traded for physical safety. That plan is well advanced. The sheeple have been prepared for the final shearing.
    Meanwhile, every attempt at real reform has been strangled in the cradle. Past voices for monetary sanity like those of Congressmen Louis McFadden and Jerry Voorhis were silenced. Starting in the 1970s, functionaries like Kissinger, Brzezinski, and Volcker carried out David Rockefeller’s plan to outsource manufacturing to China and eliminate the U.S. as the world’s greatest industrial democracy, replacing it with a financier oligarchy.

    Barack Obama obviously works mainly for the financiers, as did Bill Clinton before him. The job of the Democrats is to keep the sheeple quiet by now and then implementing some “reforms”; the Republicans were a more blatant gang of looters.
    During the 2008 election campaign, Ron Paul called for the end of the Federal Reserve, the bastion of financier control, but no one effectively organized the millions of people who responded to his call or had a viable plan to put in place.
    With the financial crash of 2008-2009, the noose is tightening everywhere in the world. The International Monetary Fund is announcing, “The current global recession is likely to be ‘unusually long and severe, and the recovery sluggish.’” (BBC News, “IMF Sees Long and Severe Slowdown,” April 16, 2009.) In reality, as the IMF knows, it would be possible to put every nation in the world on the road to recovery by allowing them to prime the economic pump through sovereign control of their own monetary systems, with freedom to utilize their own natural resources.
    The IMF announcement is in fact the start of a worldwide program of genocide similar to what was done to Russia in the 1990s, with crushing poverty, slashing of incomes, reduction of benefits for the poor and elderly, rising levels of disease and malnutrition, and reduction of life expectancy. We in the West will view the carnage with alarm from our own stripped-down economies but remain docile out of fear the same will be done to us.   
    Awareness of the hideous evil of the financiers’ plans to destroy the soul of humanity is growing. This is being accomplished through the internet and the work of a number of writers who understand what is at stake. I doubt this channel of expression will be available indefinitely. Already alternative websites are being isolated and marginalized. But the fight must be waged.
    Destruction of human consciousness is the real goal of the financiers and their minions. It is lies above all that do this. The financiers’ power is the biggest lie of all.


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