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Warning: Insider Selling Jumps to Highest Level Since 2007

  • The smoke and mirror continues. Stock market is rallying. Let’s be optimistic and let the casino continue right? We have a hot hand here!? The pandemic flu will not affect the economy materially right? I don’t think so! Bloomberg reports:
    April 24 (Bloomberg) — Executives and insiders at U.S. companies are taking advantage of the steepest stock market gains since 1938 to unload shares at the fastest pace since the start of the bear market.Gap Inc.’s founding family sold $45 million of shares in the largest U.S. clothing retailer this month, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings compiled by Bloomberg. Daniel Warmenhoven, the chief executive officer at NetApp Inc., liquidated the most stock of the storage-computer maker in more than six years. Sales by the co-founders of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. were the highest since at least 2001.
    While the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index climbed 28 percent from a 12-year low on March 9, CEOs, directors and senior officers at U.S. companies sold $353 million of equities this month, or 8.3 times more than they bought, data compiled by Washington Service, a Bethesda, Maryland-based research firm, show. That’s a warning sign because insiders usually have more information about their companies’ prospects than anyone else, according to William Stone at PNC Financial Services Group Inc.
    “They should know more than outsiders would, so you could take it as a signal that there is something wrong if they’re selling,” said Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC’s wealth management unit, which oversees $110 billion in Philadelphia. “Whether it’s a sustainable rebound is still in question. I’d prefer they were buying.”
    Insiders Sell
    Insiders from New York Stock Exchange-listed companies sold $8.32 worth of stock for every dollar bought in the first three weeks of April, according to Washington Service, which analyzes stock transactions of corporate insiders for more than 500 institutional clients.
    That’s the fastest rate of selling since October 2007, when U.S. stocks peaked and the 17-month bear market that wiped out more than half the market value of U.S. companies began. The $42.5 million in insider purchases through April 20 would represent the smallest amount for a full month since July 1992, data going back more than 20 years show. That drop preceded a 2.4 percent slide in the S&P 500 in August 1992.
    The index rose 1.7 percent to 866.23 today after the Federal Reserve said most banks that underwent stress tests hold enough capital and companies from Ford Motor Co. to American Express Co. posted better-than-estimated results.


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Dr. Russell Blaylock on 1976 Swine Flu and Current Outbreak

  • Dr. Russell Blaylock, is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. An expert on nutrition and vaccines, he is also editor of the widely distributed Blaylock Wellness Report. He comments :
    I was in the military during the first swine flu scare in 1976. At the time it became policy that all soldiers would be vaccinated for swine flu. As a medical officer I refused and almost faced a court martial, but the military didn’t want the bad publicity. Despite the assurance by all the experts in virology, including Dr. Sabin, the epidemic never materialized.
    What did materialize were 500 cases of Gullian-Barre paralysis, including 25 deaths—not due to the swine flu itself, but as a direct result of the vaccine. At the time President Gerald Ford, on advice from the CDC, called for vaccination of the entire population of the United States.
    Today, some 33 years later, we are hearing the same cries of alarm from a similar lineup of virology experts. The pharmaceutical companies are busy designing a vaccine for the swine flu in hope that this administration will make the vaccine mandatory before another vaccine-related disaster can ruin their party.
    And as before, a number of equally qualified experts are calling for calm, based on a number of carefully conducted studies. To no one’s surprise, they too are being ignored by the media and government planners.
    According to science reports, this current strain of flu is H1N1. It can be forcibly inoculated into pigs, but it has been shown not to spread among the pig population. This means that the danger of a swine-based epidemic is small.
    There are several strains of this flu virus however, including H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2 and H2N3. What the science has shown is that when the virus passes through the pig, it becomes less virulent—that is, it is less likely to cause serious disease in people. With each passage, it becomes even weaker.
    Since this is not the answer that the pseudo-scientists wanted, they next announced that it is “possible” that the pigs could be infected with both the bird flu (strain H5N1) and the swine flu (strain H1N1), resulting in a mutant, highly virulent strain that could lead to a pandemic.
    Note this is pure speculation and that no scientist has ever performed this trick. It is purely hypothetical—like global warming. CDC virologists claim that in the past they performed a similar virological trick, but they never published their results and thus have kept the data close to the vest.
    In science, especially medical science, speculation is taboo. But, politicized scientists perform this bit of smoke and mirrors all the time. So, you may ask, “What about all the people dying in Mexico?”
    Overcrowding, poor nutrition and overall poor immunity, all of which are indigenous to Mexico, are a certain prescription for death from almost any infection. [Note that despite 46 cases of this very same flu in the United States there have been no deaths. This is because Americans, comparatively, have better nutrition and medical care.]
    Like SARS and bird flu before it, this swine flu scare is a lot of nonsense. Just take your high dose vitamin D3 (5000 IU a day), eat a healthy diet and take a few immune boosting supplements (such as beta-1, 3/1, 6 glucan) and you will not have to worry about this flu.
  • My fear is that this outbreak is bio-engineered. So I am not so optimistic that it will not become deadly in a large scale way. If this is strictly a ‘normal’ flu and not man made weapon, Dr. Blaylock’s opinion cannot be faulted. He is totally right when it comes to all the new swine flu vaccines being rushed out by Big Pharma. His experience in the 1976 swine flu outbreak should serve as a stringent warning.  Patrick Wood and Dr. Blaylock comments:
    Are globalist fear-mongers driving the media to panic the public into universal healthcare solutions? Or federally-mandated vaccinations?By definition, a “pandemic” is an epidemic that is geographically widespread. Fear-mongers are always careful to add the innuendo that millions of people could and probably will die, as in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 that killed between 20 and 100 million people worldwide.
    Excuse me, but how does the death of even a few hundred equate to 20 million? Mexico, not the usual Southeast Asia, is the origin of the latest flu outbreak. It has spread in limited numbers to several continents. Almost all of the deaths, limited as they are, are in Mexico. The ratio of deaths to infections is very small.
    Again, how does this outbreak even remotely qualify as a pandemic? Answer: It does not! Scientists and virus researchers are baffled because the genetic makeup of the virus contains elements of human, swine and bird flu from three geographic regions: North America, Europe and Asia. Until now, this has been unknown in nature, but not theoretically impossible.  (see
    New flu combines pig, bird, human virus and  Mexico Seeks to Stop Spread of Deadly Flu)
    Because of its unique genetic makeup, this writer proposes calling it the “flying pig flu”, or FPF, instead. This writer is hardly qualified to write with authority about the scientific side of viruses. However, after reading several authoritative papers on swine and avian flu, several observations can be made.
    In the world of virus experts, there are two types of researchers: Observers and Experimenters.
    Most researchers are highly trained scientific observers. These “Sherlock Holmes” scientists examine the pathology of virus development. Where did it originate? What animals or human were involved? Did the infected humans handle animals? Are certain strains limited to geography? You get the idea.
    Without good observers, we would know little about the source or spread of different viral strains. There are several good Internet resources where the findings of research observers are published. (For instance, see H5N1 – Ultimate News on mutation)
    We should be thankful for astute observers who can untangle mysteries that would otherwise not be understood.
    A minority of researchers are experimenters. This group is worrisome. Experimenters establish their playground in trying to create different types of viruses in order to measure their effect on test animals.
    Such was the case at Baxter AG, when such an experiment was “accidentally” released as a live virus in a vaccine distributed to 18 countries. (See
    Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus). In this case, the live H5N1 virus (avian flu) was combined with the much more contagious (human) H3N2 virus.
    Experts say that it is almost impossible for Baxter to make such a grievous error by accident. Czech newspapers, where the story was originally broken, suggest it was a rogue employee or a mole that purposely mixed the virus’ together, but nothing has been proven as yet. Baxter is now under great suspicion that it is attempting to foment a pandemic that would bring hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to supply its normal H5N1 vaccine.
    Another example is the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. In a 2004 report,
    CDC to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic study, it was noted that,
    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a “reassortant” virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be.”
    Critics worried that such a “franken-virus” could itself cause a pandemic if it escaped from its creators. The CDC’s only response is that their facilities were more secure than others who had experienced breaches of some sort in years past. Why would the CDC risk world exposure to an artificially created virus? According to the above report, it was done in the name of preparedness.
    As mentioned above, experimenters are a worrisome lot. Real world experience indicates that they are generally overconfident in their scientific prowess and in their abilities to contain the unpredictable fruit of their experiments.
    There are some big problems with the current outbreak of flying pig flu. If there has been foul play, it may never be brought to light. Still, tough questions need to be asked:

    • While it is not unknown for pigs to become infected with the H5N1 virus, the result has always been a less-lethal and less-contagious virus than avian flu by itself. Why is this epidemic so obviously contagious?
    • How would genetic code from three continents find its way into a single strain in Mexico City?
    • Is this virus an escaped experiment from a project gone awry?
    • If man-made and not accidentally released, then who released it, and why?

As we contemplate these questions, watch the stock prices of major pharma companies skyrocket as they gear up to sell billions in vaccines. Watch governments as they declare mandatory vaccination programs. Watch the Obama administration as it railroads universal health care through Congress.
Indeed, flying pig flu may be just the right name for whatever is responsible for this particular flu outbreak. In the meantime, we can reopen this case when pigs fly or when 10 million or so people have died, whichever comes first. 


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Dr. Bill Deagle: The Globalist Eugenics Dream Plan Has Been Released!

  • Alarming feedback from medical workers on the ground in Mexico. Doctors and nurses dying. Many doctors and nurses quitting. No amount of anti-viral seem to work. This is not what we are hearing in the MSM. The amount of dead is grossly under stated. Draw your own conclusions!


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Global Economy on the Disastrous Road of Hope

  • People who study history realize that we are in the midst of an epochal period of future history. However, you slice and dice it, it is evident that the period we have entered into since October 2008 is no ordinary, boring and immemorable span of world history. We will talk about it as the eventful past, decades into the future. Historians will no doubt write voluminous books on this period.
  • History is in the making and it is really fascinating. All the drama, the cloak and dagger, the human tragedies, war and social upheaval is being played out in front of our eyes. Daryl Schoon observes :

    Everyone hopes a miracle like this will happen to the global economy.

    Everyone hopes a miracle like this will happen to the global economy.

    This is what will happen instead.

    This is what will happen instead.

    Those without hope, despair. Those without faith, hope.

    The collapse of the global economy is the result of historic levels of defaulting debt that cannot be reversed by more credit. While hope is understandable in such dire circumstances, it will not prevent what is happening. A global economic collapse is now inevitable; after which real economic change will then be possible.
    Only a total systemic collapse can lead to substantive change, a collapse that is now under way. The success of central banking led to the belief that economic well-being is the result of central bank credit. That belief will be discarded only when the consequence of central bank credit— defaulting debt—results in a global catastrophic depression.
    Until that occurs, the world will persist in the belief that central bank credit is good and more central bank credit is better. The idea that central bank credit-based paper money could solve mankind’s problems was irresistible to both conservative and liberal politicians, hence its global spread, a spread accompanied by Gresham’s Law wherein bad money drives out good.
    Now that the entire world is on the thin ice of central bank fiat money, the ice is rapidly melting and when it does, everyone will be affected. Previously, currency crises happened in specific countries. The next currency crisis will be global.
    Switzerland was the last nation to succumb to central bank paper money and it is now paying the price for so doing. Unfortunately for the Swiss and for everyone else, the full price has yet to be paid; and, when it is, the world will be reduced to a shadow of its presently credit-bloated self.
    Out of the collapse of the present system, a new system will emerge, a process that has been repeated throughout history. That it has come again in our time may be unfortunate; but, it is unavoidable.
    Since apparently everything in America is going into the toilet except the public’s faith in Barack Obama, it seems that the way to fix everything in America is to entrust it to Barack Obama. – Derek Thompson, The Atlantic Magazine, April 25, 2009
    Barack Obama’s election is, in fact, the necessary precursor of the fundamental economic change that is about to occur. The election platform of hope will lead to the realization that hope, in and of it self, is no solution at all and until that realization comes, substantive change will not.
    Until we understand that central bank credit is the problem, not the solution, nothing will change economically; and, because President Obama’s policies are so intertwined with the interests of Wall Street bankers and the Fed, only after Obama’s hoped-based initiatives fail will we then seek an alternative.
    The attempts to prop up the collapsing system of central banking must not be underestimated. Central banking is a franchise which benefits both banks and governments alike and the power and wealth of both is at stake.
    That past attempts to curtail the growth of government and profits of bankers have proved futile is not cause for despair; for the end of central banking and centralized government will not come from without, but from within. Their end will be a result of their own doing, not of others.
    We are at the end of an epoch and such times are marked by crises and turmoil. Some are caused by the failure of present systems to solve new problems. Others are caused by the present system’s attempts to stay in power. As the power of current power structures wane, such attempts will increase.

  • The appearance of swine flu has ‘cloak and dagger’ written all over it. Was there an attempt to assassinate Obama? The history of swine flu is intimately tied to the military. Many questions remain unanswered not just for the present H1N1 outbreak but for the 1976 and 1918 cases. Daryl Schoon again :
    Although President Obama has not yet challenged Wall Street, other powerful interest groups see the President as a threat; and, the unexpected reappearance of swine flu may, in fact, be the result of a failed attempt to eliminate Obama and his mandate of change.
    On April 25th, Bloomberg reported Mexico’s Calderon Declares Emergency Amid Swine Flu Outbreak
    …The first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu,  Reforma newspaper reported.
    Some, in fact, believe that swine flu was the first deliberate use of a biological weapon in modern warfare. It also should be noted that swine flu attacks healthy young adults instead of the elderly and the very young as do other strains of influenza.
    When I read the above story I hadn’t been aware of the connection between the Great Plague, swine flu, and its circuitous route from a southern army base in the US to Europe and from there to the rest of the world, nor of the role swine flu played in the victory over German forces in WWI or its isolated and curious reappearance at Fort Dix, a US army base, in 1976.
    It is perhaps only coincidence that swine flu’s history is linked to the US Army and that President Obama was exposed to swine flu on his recent visit to Mexico and that Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense, was chairman of Gilead, the company that developed Tamiflu, the antidote to swine flu.
    Question #1: When does coincidence become a pattern?
    Question #2:Will Donald Rumsfeld and Gilead profit from a swine flu pandemic as did Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s former company, from the Iraq war?
    The sudden threat of swine flu is but another sign that we are in a time of crisis. Today, grain supplies are dangerously low as drought conditions affect China, Texas, and California. That a flu pandemic now threatens the world as does starvation and another Great Depression is no coincidence.
    …. The world we see today is not the world of cooperation and harmony Fuller predicted. There is a great distance between that world and our present world, a distance that would perhaps disappear under the extreme duress of an unprecedented global crisis.
    Although a man of a great many words, Bucky chose his words carefully, as tools to convey exactly what he meant. When he chose the word unprecedented to describe the crisis mankind would face, he meant exactly what that word conveys.
    We are in an era of great change, a time when the universal polarities of east and west, male and female, and yin and yang are being forced together in order to survive what each alone cannot.
    Hope will not get us through this crisis. Only faith has capacity to do so.


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Swine Flu Pandemic At Level Phase 5

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1971 San Francisco Chronicle: CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus

  • Interesting article, link :
    New York
    With at least the tacit backing of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency officials, operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971.
    Six weeks later an outbreak of the disease forced the slaughter of 500,000 pigs to prevent a nationwide animal epidemic. A U.S. intelligence source told Newsday last week he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at a U.S. Army base and CIA training ground in the Panama Canal Zone, with instructions to turn it over to the anti-Castro group.
     The 1971 outbreak, the first and only time the disease has hit the Western Hemisphere, was labeled the “most alarming event” of 1971 by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. African swine fever is a highly contagious and usually lethal viral disease that infects only pigs and, unlike swine flu, cannot be transmitted to humans. All production of pork, a Cuban staple, halted, apparently for several months.
    A CIA spokesman, Dennis Berend, in response to a Newsday request for comment, said, “We don’t comment on information from unnamed and, at best, obscure sources.”  Why the virus turned up in Cuba has been a mystery to animal investigators ever since the outbreak. Informed speculation assumed that the virus entered Cuba either in garbage from a commercial airliner or in sausages brought in by merchant seamen.
    However, on the basis of numerous interviews over four months with U.S. intelligence sources, Cuban exiles and scientists concerning the outbreak — which occurred two years after then-President Nixon had banned the use of offensive chemical and biological warfare — Newsday was able to piece together this account of events leading up to the outbreak.
     The U.S. intelligence source said that early in 1971 he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at Ft. Gulick, an Army base in the Panama Canal Zone. The CIA also operates a paramilitary training center for career personnel and mercenaries at Ft. Gulick.
     The source said he was given instructions to turn the container with the virus over to members of an anti-Castro group. The container then was given to a person in the Canal Zone, who took it by boat and turned it over to persons aboard a fishing trawler off the Panamanian coast. The source said the substance was not identified to him until months after the outbreak in Cuba. He would not elaborate further.
    Another man involved in the operation, a Cuban exile who asked not to be identified, said he was on the trawler when the virus was put board at a rendezvous point off Bocas del Toro, Panama. He said the trawler carried the virus to Navassa Island, a tiny, deserted, U.S.-owned island between Jamaica and Haiti. From there, after the trawler made a brief stopover, the container was taken to Cuba and given to other operatives on the southern coast near the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay in late March, according to the source on the trawler. The base is 100 miles due north of Navassa.
    The source on the trawler, who had been trained by the CIA and had carried out previous missions for the agency, said he saw no CIA officials aboard the boat that delivered the virus to the trawler off Panama, but added: “We were well paid for this and Cuban exile groups don’t have that kind of money . . .”
    He said he was revealing the information because he is a member of an exile group being investigated by the United States in connection with terrorist activity in Florida. His account was confirmed by another intelligence source in Miami. The source said he had no proof that the operation was approved by CIA officials in Washington, but added: “In a case like this, though, they would always give them (CIA officials in Washington) plausible deniability.”
    The investigation referred to by the operative on the trawler involves a federal inquiry into terrorist acts allegedly carried out by Cuban exiles. Those include bombings and assassination attempts in the United States and Venezuela. Trained originally by the CIA for operations against Cuba, the exiles have become more restive as they view what they believe to be an increasing move toward rapprochement between Fidel Castro and the United States.


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Indonesia Floats Idea of Man-Made Swine Flu

  • Many experts have come out and said that this is a man made bio-engineered weapon. I have documented them on this blog. Just read the articles of the past 5 days and watch the videos. The plan seems to be: in phase 2 of this outbreak, the perpetrators will combine the current strain of H1N1 with the more deadly H5N1. H5N1 does not spread human to human easily but its kill rate is 60%.
  • Press TV reports:
    As swine flu continues to take its toll, claims surface that the deadly four-part flu virus could have been created for “bio-terror attacks.” Speaking at a conference to reassure the public over hers government’s response to the swine flu threat, Indonesian Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Tuesday that the controversial virus could have been man-made.
    She declined to elaborate on her claim but she had previously accused Western governments of making and spreading viruses in the developing world to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits, AFP reported. 
    “I’m not sure whether the virus was genetically engineered but it’s a possibility,” Supari said. Supari assured Indonesians that the deadly virus could not survive in tropical countries like Indonesia which was the worst hit country by the bird flu virus.
    “H1N1 survives in countries with four seasons. The type A H1N1 virus hopefully won’t be able to sustain itself once it enters the tropical climate of Indonesia,” she added. No cases of swine flu have been reported in Indonesia. It has banned imports of live pigs and pork products.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised its pandemic alert to level four, which means the virus is capable of significant human-to-human transmission. The virus has so far killed nearly 150 people in Mexico and has been reported in eleven countries, including Mexico, the US and Spain.
    Several other countries from Colombia to New Zealand are investigating suspected cases. Health experts say the virus comes from the same strain of virus that causes seasonal outbreaks in humans. They point out that this newly-detected version, which is highly contagious and fast-mutating, also contains genetic material from the types of influenza that afflict swine and birds. 


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Swine Flu is a Man Made Virus ?

  • Yes it is !


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Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

  • Who caused this pandemic flu? Cui Bono? Listen to Dr Len Horowitz. YouTube:

    This unprecedented H1N1-H5N1 flu outbreak implicates the Ango-American Vaccine Pipeline, says world leading consumer health protector, Dr. Leonard Horowitz
    Consider the skyrocketing stock values of Novavax, Inc., precipitated by dozens of alleged flu deaths in Mexico. Then investigate the leading Anglo-American network of genetic engineers manipulating, mutating, and distributing these viruses. The evidence compels you, for the benefit of public health and safety to seriously consider, even decree, a conspiracy to commit genocide, according to this Harvard trained expert in emerging diseases.
    Here, Dr. Horowitz urges an investigation of Dr. James S. Robertson, Englands leading bioengineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative biodefense contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). These suspects helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that is allegedly spreading to the United States at the time of this posting. The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the companys new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts.
    Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its biosimulars through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright, previously working with Donis at the CDC, now Novavaxs Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.
    Descriptions of this virus is pathognomonic, or diagnostic, of a virus that came from Robertsons circle of friends, Dr. Horowitz charges. No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, then reverse engineers them to infect humans. The end product could only have ended up in Mexico via the United States from Britain in care of the CDC. The CDC had to have sent them to Novavax, where Rick Brights team is now implicated in a conspiracy to commit genocide—the mass killing of people for profit.


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Steve Quayle: Pandemic Flu and the Satanic Agenda!

Part   4    Part   5    Part   6  

  • Steve Quayle goes on the Alex Jones show to highlight major alarming developments and what is about to happen in the next phase of this pandemic flu outbreak. The casualty figures coming from Mexico appears to be grossly under reported. (2000 dead?????)
  • This is a bio-engineered weapon by the Illuminati ruling elite. Mad scientists already have the ability to target specific races with bio-engineered pandemic viruses! They can target and kill any race!
  • Steve Quayle explains the historical,scientific and occultic significance of this pandemic flu. Mexico city is the centre of this Satanic sacrifice. See also:
    Steve Quayle: Martial Law Coming This Summer?


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Flashback: Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population

  • These people are mad and genocidal. Paul Joseph Watson reported:
    Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | April 3 2006

    Fellow professors and scientists applause and roar approval at elite’s twisted and genocidal population control agenda. A top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science last month in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne ebola virus. Dr. Eric R. Pianka’s chilling comments, and their enthusiastic reception again underscore the elite’s agenda to enact horrifying measures of population control.
    Pianka’s speech was ordered to be kept off the record before it began as cameras were turned away and hundreds of students, scientists and professors sat in attendance. Saying the public was not ready to hear the information presented, Pianka began by exclaiming, “We’re no better than bacteria!”, as he jumped into a doomsday malthusian rant about overpopulation destroying the earth.
    Standing in front of a slide of human skulls, Pianka gleefully advocated airborne ebola as his preferred method of exterminating the necessary 90% of humans, choosing it over AIDS because of its faster kill period. Ebola victims suffer the most tortuous deaths imaginable as the virus kills by liquefying the internal organs. The body literally dissolves as the victim writhes in pain bleeding from every orifice.
    Pianka then cited the
    Peak Oil fraud as another reason to initiate global genocide. “And the fossil fuels are running out,” he said, “so I think we may have to cut back to two billion, which would be about one-third as many people.” Later, the scientist welcomed the potential devastation of bird flu and spoke glowingly of China’s enforced one child policy, before zestfully commenting, “We need to sterilize everybody on the Earth.”
    At the end of Pianka’s speech the audience erupted not to a chorus of boos and hisses but to a raucous reception of applause and cheers as audience members clammered to get close to the scientist to ask him follow up questions. Pianka was later presented with a distinguished scientist award by the Academy. Pianka is no crackpot. He has given lectures to prestigious universities worldwide. One horrified observer was able to make notes on the speech and our gratitude goes to
    Forrest M. Mims for bringing this sickening display to the attention of the world.
    Throughout history elites have invented justification for barbaric practices as a cover for their true agenda of absolute power and control over populations. Up until the 19th century, the transatlantic slave trade was justified by saying that the practice was biblical and therefore morally redeemable in nature, despite the fact that no such bible passage exists.
    From 1932 until 1972, the
    Tuskegee Study Group (pictured below) deliberately infected poor black communities in Alabama with syphilis without their consent and withheld treatment as the diseased rampaged through the town killing families. In 1951 the Israeli government used US government provided technology to irradiate 100,000 Jewish children in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths used as guinea pigs. 6,000 died immediately after the experiments and the rest suffered for the rest of their lives with debilitating illnesses and cancer.
    Pianka’s doomsday warning of the population bomb, for which Mims claims he presented no evidence whatsoever, is complete pseudo-science. Populations in developed countries are declining and only in third world countries is it expanding dramatically. Industrialization itself levels out population trends and even despite this world population models routinely show that the earth’s population will level out at 9 billion in 2050 and slowly decline after that. “The population of the most developed countries will remain virtually unchanged at 1.2 billion until 2050,” states a United Nations report. Conservation International’s
    own study revealed that 46% of the earth’s surface was an untouched wilderness, that is land areas not including sea. It is commonly accepted that the entire world population could all fit into the state of Texas and each have an acre of their own land.
    Think about the magnitude of Pianka’s statements. He wants to kill nine out of every ten members of your family and he wants to kill them in one of the most painful and agonizing ways imaginable. If Pianka, or ‘The Lizard Man’ as he likes to be called, is so vehement in the necessity of culling the human population will he step forward to be the first one in line? Will he sacrifice his children for the so-called greater good of the planet? We somehow doubt it.
    Will the students who so enthusiastically greeted his ideas go home and kill themselves for the cause if it is so righteous? It was noted how Pianka presented his argument with the kind of glee that you would see in a demented serial killer before dispatching his victim. This is an attitude we have encountered again and again. To discuss killing 90% of the world’s population via a horrific plague is sick enough within itself but you would at least expect its advocates to be serious and sober in their approach to the subject. The opposite seems to be the case, where the subject is aired in a context of lighthearted lip-smacking and hand-rubbing as if the individual was about to sink his teeth into a T-bone steak.
    This window gives us a clear view of exactly why these deranged bastards encompass this ideology. They love death and their lives are motivated by dark influences very different to you or I. Pianka’s approval of how the Chinese police state effectively controlled their population tells us that this rhetoric is just the glue that holds together the true agenda of the elite. A staged bio-attack blamed on terrorists could be the perfect cover for enacting the program of population reduction and the usurpation of our remaining freedoms.
    In the 21st century the elite are concerned that from over 6 billion people might spring a new elite to challenge their stranglehold on the reigns of power. This is one reason for desire to cull the population down to a manageable level. Another is control
    over the behavior of the existing serfs and herding them like cattle into the slaughter house.
    As we have documented, members of the elite are quite open in their feverish lust to commit mass murder and ethnic cleansing. In the foreword to his biography If I Were An Animal, Prince Philip wrote, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”
    National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974, and titled “Implications of world wide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests,” says: “Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that “depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” He quoted reasons of national security, and because `(t)he U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries … Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of U.S.”
    Kissinger prepared a depopulation manifesto for President Jimmy Carter called
    ‘Global 2000’ which detailed using food as a weapon to depopulate the third world. One of the most chilling admissions of deadly intent came from the lips of the late Jacques Cousteau, the sainted environmental icon. In an interview with the UNESCO Courier for November 1991 the famed oceanographer said:
    “The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics — it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangaladeshes. The damage is directly linked to consumption. Our society is turning toward more and needless consumption. It is a vicious circle that I compare to cancer….”
    “This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.” The
    Melbourne Age reported on recently uncovered documents detailing Nobel Peace Prize winning microbiologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet’s plan to help the Australian government develop biological weapons for use against Indonesia and other “overpopulated” countries of South-East Asia.
    Pianka’s ideology is in the same league as Hitler, Pol Pot, and the rest of history’s despots who advocated mass extermination and had the temerity to dress it up in a ‘noble’ Straussian facade. We demand that he be investigated for openly calling for mass murder and in the meantime we encourage everyone to
    click here and e mail Pianka, enabling him to receive your feedback about his wish that you and your entire family die.


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History of Bird Flu and the Illuminati Depopulation Agenda by Dr. True Ott

Part  4   Part  5  Part  6  Part  7  Part  8

Part  9  Part  10  Part  11  Part  12 


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FlashBack: CDC to Mix Avian, Human Flu Viruses in Pandemic Study

  • Wow, the mad scientists at CDC and various bio-weapons lab have been creating new mutant strains of pandemic flu, all for the good of the people.  CIDRAP News :
    Jan 14, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – One of the worst fears of infectious disease experts is that the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in parts of Asia will combine with a human-adapted flu virus to create a deadly new flu virus that could spread around the world.
    That could happen, scientists predict, if someone who is already infected with an ordinary flu virus contracts the avian virus at the same time. The avian virus has already caused at least 48 confirmed human illness cases in Asia, of which 35 have been fatal. The virus has shown little ability to spread from person to person, but the fear is that a hybrid could combine the killing power of the avian virus with the transmissibility of human flu viruses.
    Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed one themselves—in the name of preparedness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a “reassortant” virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be.
    CDC officials confirmed the plans for the research as described recently in media reports, particularly in a Canadian Press (CP) story.

    Two ways to make hybrids
    The plans call for trying two methods to create hybrid viruses, CDC spokesman David Daigle told CIDRAP News via e-mail. One is to infect cells in a laboratory tissue culture with H5N1 and human flu viruses at the same time and then watch to see if they mix. For the human virus, investigators will use A (H3N2), the strain that has caused most human flu cases in recent years, according to the CP report.
    The other method is reverse genetics—assembling a new virus with sets of genes from the H5N1 and H3N2 viruses. Reverse genetics has already been used to create H5N1 candidate vaccines in several laboratories, according to Daigle. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) said recently it would soon launch a clinical trial of one of those vaccines. Of the two methods, the co-infection approach was described as slower and more laborious, though closer to what happens in nature.
    Any viable viruses that emerge from these processes will be seeded into animals that are considered good models for testing how flu viruses behave in humans, according to Daigle. The aim will be to observe whether the animals get sick and whether infected animals can infect others. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been “pleading” for laboratories to do this research, because it could provide some evidence to back up the agency’s warnings about the risk of a flu pandemic, according to the CP report.
    Klaus Stohr, head of the WHO’s global influenza program, was quoted as saying that if none of the hybrids caused disease, the agency might be inclined to dial down its level of concern. But if the experiments produce highly transmissible and pathogenic viruses, the agency will be more worried, he said.
    Safety precautions
    Because of the obvious risks in creating viruses with the potential to spark a pandemic, the work will be done in a biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory at the CDC in Atlanta, Daigle told CIDRAP News.
    “We recognize that there is concern by some over this type of work. This concern may be heightened by reports of recent lab exposures in other lab facilities,” he said. “But CDC has an incredible record in lab safety and is taking very strict precautions.”
    Daigle said the US Department of Agriculture requires that highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) viruses be treated as “Select Agents” and that research on them must be done in BSL-3 labs with “enhancements.” These include “special provisions to protect both laboratory workers and the environment.”
    BSL-3 is the second highest level of laboratory biosecurity. It is used for work with pathogens that may cause serious or potentially lethal disease if inhaled, such as tuberculosis or St. Louis encephalitis, according to the CDC.
    CDC experiments with HPAI viruses have to pass reviews by the agency’s Institutional Biosafety Committee and Animal Care and Use Committee, Daigle said. The facilities involved are inspected by the USDA and the CDC’s Office of Safety and Health, and staff members who work with Select Agents require special clearance.
    It’s been done before
    The upcoming experiments will not break entirely new ground for the CDC, the CP story revealed. The agency already has made hybrid viruses with H5N1 samples isolated from patients in Hong Kong in 1997, when the virus first caused human disease.
    The results of that research have not yet been published, and the CDC has said little about them. In the CP report, Dr. Nancy Cox, head of the CDC’s influenza branch, commented only, “Some gene combinations could be produced and others could not.”
    Daigle added little to that. He said, “The reassortment work with the 1997 isolate was intermittently interrupted with SARS [severe acute respiratory syndrome] and then the 2004 H5N1 outbreak. We are currently concentrating our efforts on understanding the pathogenicity of the 2004 strains (non-reassortants) in mammalian models.”  He said the CDC hopes to prepare a report on that research “in the near future.” 


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Exposing the Truth on NATO-US Agression against Yugoslavia

  • The 4th world empire:
    Daniel 7:23
    23 “Thus he said: 
          ‘ The fourth beast shall be
          A fourth kingdom on earth,
          Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
          And shall devour the whole earth,
          Trample it and break it in pieces. 
  • The 4th world empire is rising. It is quite clear from recent events that the world is at the cusp of a New World Order, 1 World Government, 1 World Financial System –> 666
  • Was what NATO and US did in Yugoslavia morally justified? No way. The illuminati ruling elite is building their empire at the expense of the sheeple. They are starting wars and pitting 1 country / race / religion against another. All for their maniacal need for global control and paranoid need for power. The real enemy is this New World Order. Their methodology is : Deceit , via their fully controlled and own propaganda machine the MSM.
  • Diana Johnstone writes :
    Dear Friends in Canada,
    I hope this commemoration can be used not only to deplore the past, but also take a look at what the 1999 NATO war against Yugoslavia implies for the future. That war opened a new phase of history. 
    Yugoslavia was used to release the United States from the restraints of the post-World War II system of international law. Complicated conflicts, with multiple causes, both internal and external, were presented as a simple contest between good and evil. The conflict in Kosovo between the Yugoslav state and Albanian secessionists was exploited in order to stage a little war “out of area”, beyond the defense perimeter of the Atlantic Alliance. It was a war NATO was sure to win. This initiated a new era in which the United States could proceed freely to pursue world conquest, dragging its NATO allies behind.
    Of course, it is never called “world conquest”. Sometimes it is called “humanitarian intervention”, sometimes it is called “the war on terror”, sometimes it is merely “ensuring stability” or “promoting democracy” through “regime change”. But if you examine it carefully, what is going on is a project for world conquest. It probably will not succeed – such projects rarely succeed – but that is what it is.
    How and why is the United States pursuing world conquest? This is too vast a subject to explore here, but I want to suggest that this project of world conquest is very largely a matter of institutional inertia.
    In January 1961, in his farewell speech as he left the Presidency, General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the “military-industrial complex”.  Eisenhower did not suggest dismantling the military-industrial complex. He only called on “an alert and knowledgeable citizenry” to keep it from getting out of hand. Well, an “alert and knowledgeable citizenry” has been asleep at the switch for about half a century.
    The original expression was “the military-industrial-congressional complex”, but Eisenhower decided to let congress off the hook. Nevertheless, Congress is an essential part of the whole complex, because congressmen vote regularly for military appropriations to benefit their constituencies. Congress votes for weapons systems the Pentagon hasn’t even asked for and doesn’t know what to do with. That is the pork barrel system that has kept military spending soaring and more and more weapons being researched, developed and built.
    This military-industrial-congressional complex requires that the expensive weapon systems be used from time to time. Weapons need to be tested in real life situations, used up – to make way for more – and demonstrated for sale to client states. But more noble pretexts are required. Thus the Complex creates the need for enemies, for threats, for ideological justification of war. For over forty years, the “communist threat” did the trick. The Complex was briefly in a state of shock when Gorbachev spoiled everything by abruptly ending the Cold War. What to do without it?
    The system needs enemies, it needs war, to keep functioning. In the early 1990s, the United States was short of enemies and threats. It turned instead to “humanitarian intervention” as a way to revive NATO and rehabilitate war as the way to solve problems.
    The choice of the Serbs as enemies seems very strange – especially to the Serbs themselves. The Serbs were allies of the West in two world wars, they were pro-French, pro-American, pro-Western. But ironically, the very fact that the Serbs were so friendly to the West has made them the perfect target for a no-casualty NATO war. They never thought they were at war with the West, and never really fought back. This made them the perfect enemy for a low-risk NATO experiment.
    The Serbs have been used for over fifteen years as guinea pigs. First of all, the Serbs have been the guinea pigs in an experiment in propaganda demonization. They have been guinea pigs in the use of weapons using depleted uranium.
    They have been guinea pigs in bringing a defenseless country to its knees by use of aerial bombing.  Since the overwhelming majority of countries in the world are defenseless against US bombing, this could happen to almost anyone. They have been guinea pigs in a scandalous judicial experiment in The Hague, staffed and financed by NATO governments to justify NATO bombing.
    They have been guinea pigs in an experiment in political subversion, spearheaded by the notorious “Otpor”, financed and trained by the US government to interfere with the electoral process in Yugoslavia so as to stage a phony “revolution” to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic. Otpor has gone on to serve its US paymasters in propagating similar phony “revolutions” to put US puppets in power in Georgia and Ukraine.
    The Serbs are still guinea pigs in a disgraceful exercise of blackmail and enticement – the carrot and the stick – pursued by the European Union, which for the past decade has held out the mirage of membership in the European Union to bully Serbian leaders into more and more concessions, for which they get a few crumbs now and then, but never anything resembling recognition of Serbia’s right to justice, or even to existence.
    I might add that the Albanians were also used as guinea pigs. But in laboratory experiments, some rats are starved and others are fattened. The Albanian laboratory rats were fattened. This was certainly not for their own good.
    There is no reason to believe that NATO’s war against the Serbs is over. I mentioned that Yugoslavia served as an experimental laboratory for interventions elsewhere. It is important to realize that the main place where the lessons from this laboratory could be applied is Russia. This was no doubt in the minds of some of the strategists who steered the US military juggernaut in the direction of Yugoslavia. For some, Yugoslavia was a miniature Soviet Union.
    One of these was apparently the influential strategic thinker Zbigniew Brzezinski, the son of a former Polish ambassador to Canada.  Brzezinski gives every sign of being a Polish patriot, still fighting with Russia over which country will dominate the lands between Poland and Russia, in particular the Ukraine, which has alternately been part of the Russian and Polish empires. Thus Brzezinski speaks repeatedly of “the Russian threat” to the Ukraine, while the United States builds military bases and holds joint military exercises with countries all around Russia and demands that Ukraine join NATO.
    Now I want to call attention to a most significant parallel. Where did the wars of Yugoslav disintegration break out most violently? In a region called the Krajina.  Krajina means borderland.  So does Ukraine – it is a variant of the same Slavic root. Both Krajina and Ukraine are borderlands between Catholic Christians in the West and Orthodox Christians in the East. The population is divided between those in the East who want to remain tied to Russia, and those in the West who are drawn toward Catholic lands.  But in Ukraine as a whole, polls show that some seventy percent of the population is against joining NATO. Yet the US and its satellites keep speaking of Ukraine’s “right” to join NATO. The right not to join NATO is not mentioned.
    The condition for Ukraine to join NATO is expelling foreign military bases from Ukrainian territory. That means expelling Russia from its historic naval base at Sebastopol, essential for Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Sebastopol is on the Crimean peninsula, which was transferred from Russian to Ukrainian administration only in 1954, although the population is more than two thirds Russian and never intended to leave Russia.
    As the same causes may have the same effects, the US insistence on “liberating” Ukraine from Russian influence may have the same effect as the West’s insistence on “liberating” the Catholic Croats from the Orthodox Serbs. That effect is war.  But instead of a small war, against the Serbs, who had neither the means nor the will to fight the West, meaning a war NATO could win with one hand tied behind its back, a war in Ukraine might lead to a NATO war with Russia. A nuclear superpower.
    Recently, with the election of Barack Obama, the style of the US government has changed. Where the George W. Bush administration acted unilaterally, the Obama administration wants to act multilaterally. With allies. But the war in Afghanistan goes on, the support to Israel is a sacred dogma, the encirclement of Russia continues.
    Presidents come and Presidents go, every four to eight years. There are some differences in domestic policy. But the military-industrial-congressional complex follows its own momentum.  Until, perhaps, all the money runs out.
    Meanwhile, NATO countries are being enrolled in a new crusade, in the name of vague “Western values”, to Americanize the planet. At a time when the American economic system is crashing down, when old and new civilizations are asserting themselves after several centuries of Western domination, for Europeans and Canadians to follow this doomed crusade is to follow a path of self-destruction.
    Exposing the truth about the NATO agression against Yugoslavia is one small but important contribution to awakening the people of Canada and Europe to the deceitful nature of NATO’s “civilizing mission” in the world. I wish you success in this endeavor.


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Dr. Bill Deagle on Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico City

  • Dr Bill Deagle explains the science behind this bio-engineered weapon. The 2nd and 3rd wave will be even more deadly. There is a strong likely hood of genetic recombination of H1N1 and H5N1. The real agenda of the Satanic ruling elite is to de-populate the earth.


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