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Netanyahu Envisions Major Iran War in the Coming Months?

  • The Satanic Illuminati’s plan is for 3 World Wars. The first 2 world wars we all know about. The Satanist Albert Pike about the planned 3rd World War :
    The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…
    We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” 4

  • Satan and his minions want to start this World War 3. This is the reason why all these Illuminati leaders talk about attacking Iran all the time. Press TV reports :
    Amid lingering talks of war on Iran, Israel’s prime minister-designate raises the alarm about a major military conflict in the coming months. The soon-to-be prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that “a national emergency” such as Israel’s involvement in a major war would help him in his frantic attempts to form a new ruling coalition.
    Following the inconclusive February 20 elections, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the hawkish leader of Likud, was tasked with piecing together a new Israeli government.
    Netanyahu, who is known as “Mr. Iran” in Israeli circles, has so far failed to gain the trust and support of opposition parties of Kadima and Labor.
    According to a report carried by Debka, which is believed to have close links to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, Bibi is planning to settle for a provisional administration before calling for another early election in six months.
    “His main consideration is that Israel expects to be embroiled in a major military confrontation in the next few months with Iran, Hamas or Hezbollah — or all three at once,” read the Debka report.
    “A national emergency” would then compel Israeli rivals to join Bibi’s government, unnamed political sources were quoted as saying. The military conflict prediction by the Israeli prime minister-designate comes as earlier on February 16, an annual defense work plan presented to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi for the year 2009 described Iran as “the No.1 threat the IDF is now preparing for.” 

  • Are all these just ‘talk’, I don’t think so. It is ratcheting up the rhetoric to prepare everyone for war. It is the selling of this war to the public via the mass media propaganda machine. America is getting into the act too. Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sketches out ‘US strike’ on Iran :
    The top US military commander describes how Washington would engage Iran militarily amid simmering talks of war on the country.
    In a weekend interview with Charlie Rose, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said although he is concerned with the ‘consequences’ of a military action against Iran, the army could rely on a ‘very strong strategic reserve’.
    “We have the capacity to do it but we are stretched. My ground forces are very stressed, very worn… On the other hand we’ve got a very strong strategic reserve in our Air Force and in our Navy and in fact that’s a part of the world, it’s a maritime part of the world, where the emphasis would certainly be on those two forces,” explained Adm. Mullen.
    His remarks come as Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is currently in the US to discuss “the Iranian threat” with the heads of the defense establishment and the US Secretary of State’s special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia, Dennis Ross, according to Israeli media.
    The US and Israel accuse Iran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), of having military objectives in its pursuit of nuclear technology.
    While Israel repeatedly threatens to launch aerial strikes against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, the US — under the previous administration as well as the current one — warns that the use of military option remains on the table to retard the country’s nuclear program.
    As Western doubts linger over the success of any Israeli military plan against Iran as well as Tehran’s retaliation warnings, the US is expected to be involved — voluntarily or forcibly — in a potential war against Iran. 
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The End of Money -> 666 !

Revelation 13:17-18 (New King James Version)
17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.
  • This is an excellent article by Philip Jones :
    As our world shakes and reels from the shock waves of the current financial crisis; there are still those who believe naively that what is now occurring is part of some cyclical `ebb and flow` in the evolution of the worlds financial markets, which will in time, begin to recover and once again, the good times will return.
    I have some bad news for those `optimists`! There will be no recovery. What is happening now is as David Icke has written at length, part of a grand strategy to create a New World Order, a `One World State` with a World Government, World Army, World Bank, World Currency, World Religion and a vastly reduced population of micro chipped slaves. Money as we know it will soon cease to exist. In it’s place will be `Electronic Money`, initially utilised via `Biometric ID Cards` being introduced at the moment in the UK and elsewhere, which in turn will be replaced by `Personal Microchips` replete with RFID technology. This `progress` will be sold to the public on the basis of being to everyone’s advantage. Never again will our children be vulnerable to `capture and abuse` for we will know where they are at all times (as will the State for the rest of their lives) and our `money` will be `un-stealable` (except by the State).
    Of course, one must consider what happens if our `microchip` gets switched off? Perhaps because we are not complying fully with the plethora of ever more personally restrictive legislation certain to be introduced in order to dictate and micromanage our every action, and even our every thought. Simply put, unlike at the moment, when if our Credit Card fails to `perform` you can just use cash. When there is no cash, and your `chip` is `down. You steal or starve!
    The above verse at the top of this page from the Book of Revelations is prophetic indeed, and we are moving ever closer to the time that without that `mark`, or in our case, chip, we will be unable to survive.
    The economic aspect and goal of the Illuminati as stated in paragraph two is a world currency. In order to effect this, it has been necessary to degrade the independent national currencies. The introduction of the Euro was a stepping stone towards this, and the current economic woes being felt in the UK are undoubtedly intended to drag that once proud nation `kicking and screaming` into the `single currency`. But again, the Euro was never intended as and end in itself. Only an `increment` towards the final solution to the Luciferian Illuminati’s goal of world domination, and their world money system.
    But before any such `takeover` could be realised, there was a major `stumbling block`; The United States Dollar, and for the past thirty or so years, that proud and once independent symbol of the `Land Of The Free` has been under a relentless and remorseless attack.
    What has happened during the past twelve or so months should come as a shock to nobody. In his book `Delicate Balance`, John Zajac warned; The financial system of the free world is on the verge of a major catastrophe. In fact, it almost collapsed in the summer of 1983, and the US Government Printing Office was ready to print `new money` in case it did”.
    In reality, the Dollar like the other major currencies is not held up by Gold or Silver, but by the blind faith of the people, which is all that causes it to be acceptable for trade and commerce. As Zajac writes,
    “All it would take to collapse the world’s financial system is the realisation that paper money is only paper. After all, it has no intrinsic value, unlike something that can be used, manufactured or eaten”. Most wealth is not even in the form of money any more; it is represented by a piece of paper (deposit slip) that a bank gives you symbolising the wealth you gave to it. Since the bank lent your money to somebody else, it cannot return it to you any more. The person who borrowed your `money` from your bank bought something, and the person or company who sold it to him put the money in some other bank and received another paper slip for it. That bank immediately lent the money to someone else. Today, every paper dollar is claimed by at least six sources: the person who deposited it, the bank, the person who sold something to the borrower from the bank. This third person’s bank, the person who borrowed from the second bank, and the person who sold goods or services to the second banks’ borrower”.
    The New Money
    This `conspiracy` to subvert America and create a One World Imperium has been in the works not for years, but Millennia. In order to achieve their evil goals, the Illuminati have spared neither `The Rod nor Money`. They have brought our planet to the brink twice already, in 1914 and 1939 and they are prepared if necessary to do it again. They are well versed in creating problems which demand solutions. Their solutions. Long ago, the Bible, prophesied uncannily our global situation today:
    But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.
    2 Timothy 3:1-5.

    Using the Hegelian Dialectic, or what David Icke has termed `problem, reaction, solution`, the would be world masters have created the conditions for a total collapse of the planet’s financial infrastructure. When this happens, in the not at all distant future, the terrified masses will cry out for someone to `do something`. That something will be the `new money`.
    Although in actuality dead, the illusion that the Dollar is still alive, if only in name alone gives some hope at least to all those American’s whose lives are invested in that small piece of paper. But the day approaches when the `truth` will come out and millions of lives will be destroyed, not only in America, but in Europe, Japan, and around the world. As those who survive scream out in pain for help, the `great rescue` will be announced; The New Money. Their One World Currency, which will be issued to all the people of the world, sharply controlled by the few `Superbanks` remaining, and issued `Electronically`, either in the form of an ID Card, or more likely as the personal micro chip.
    He Who Controls The Money.
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild dynasty is quoted as having said,
    “Give me control over a nations money and I care not who makes its laws”.
    It goes without saying that whoever controls the money controls the country, or in this case, the World. Senator Ron Paul said, ” If you control the money, you actually control every transaction that exists in this country”.
    If you have control over money, you can do just about what you like with people. Since the beginnings of civilisation, Kings, Emperors, Popes, Dictators and a selection of Illuminati `frontmen` have attempted to establish control over the lives of the people by controlling the money. But who are and what is the Illuminati? As David Livingstone, the Canadian Historian and Author writes in his book, `Terrorism and The Illuminati`,
    The Illuminati claim to be descended of Fallen Angels, who taught them the “Ancient Wisdom”, also known as the Kabbalah, which they have been preserving throughout the centuries. These Fallen Angels are referred to in the Bible, Book of Genesis, as the Nephilim, or “Sons of God”, and were said to have descended to earth and intermarried with human beings. Christian interpretations struggle with the passage, choosing to translate the term into “mighty men”.
    However, apocryphal Jewish texts explain that they were the devil and his legions, who were cast out of Heaven, and took wives from the female descendants of Cain. They produced a race known as the Anakim.. These Luciferians have been carefully intermarrying amongst each other, and have included among them many of the leading figures of history. They begin with a Persian Royal family, who intermarried with that of Alexander the Great. By combining with that of Herod the Great, these families were responsible for the creation and dissemination of the leading mystery school of the Roman Empire, the Mysteries of Mithras, which eventually succeeded in co-opting the emerging Christian movement, by producing Catholic Christianity”.
    An in depth analysis of who and what the `Illuminati` is/are is beyond the scope of this essay, but for anyone wishing to acquire a comprehensive overview of them, their history, their plan and who they are, I highly recommend Mr Livingstone’s excellent work.
    Suffice to say, there is a core of 13 families who trace their lineage back to the near east into Biblical times, and they include the Royal Heads of Europe, Presidents of the US (a huge number of whom are interrelated with the European Royal Houses), the leading Industrialists, Media Tycoons, Bankers and generally, the ruling global caste. They are worshippers of Lucifer, and operate through a vast array of secret societies and `front groups`.
    Many will dismiss this aspect of the Global takeover as the `stuff and nonsense` of conspiracy theories, but I would suggest that before jumping to any such conclusions, the reader take the time necessary to investigate the interconnecting bloodlines of the above intimated 13 families (See Credits) and realise that those involved are very serious indeed about their lineage and their believed right to rule, we the people.
    A Global Financial Crisis : `Global Solutions` are needed.
    As the current manipulated, orchestrated and designed global financial crisis worsens, people around the world will notice that their `money` will not cover even the barest necessities. This is part of the `softening up` process which will slowly prepare people for the `hammer blow` planned. This is the purpose of the much vaunted monetary crisis. As life becomes impossible and unbearable, people will be willing to accept the planned change just to get some financial relief. In fact they will demand it.
    Our world is being driven into a global depression much worse than anything previously experienced. Facing financial disaster, the people around the world, and particularly in the `developed countries` will quite likely decide that the `new money` is better than none at all. This is exactly what the designers of the plan hope for. These manipulators of populations will not only be aided by the crisis and the ensuing panic, they will benefit financially as they buy up stocks and shares at rock bottom prices and then at the given time, when their ends have been fulfilled, they create an artificial `boom` which will raise the value of the above and when the dust settles, even more of the planet’s wealth will be in their hands.
    They will further justify albeit highly erroneously, the move towards a universal electronic money system by fraudulently claiming that it will stop money laundering and other criminal activities. And that when the new money goes `online` and all other currency is declared worthless, then the relevant tax authorities will be able to scrutinise who has been hiding money and using it for criminal purposes. The criminals will be unmasked they will claim.
    But as ever, the reality will be quite different. The international criminals, have most of their money deposited in the `Megabanks` owned by the Illuminati creators of the crisis in the first place. Only a tiny percentage of their ill gotten gain is held in Dollars or Euros and the like. As is invariably the case, the so called `Terrorists`, Mafioso and Drug Cartels will be able to retain the proceeds of their criminal activities because in the main, they are either working for, with or colluding with the bankers. Those fellow travellers in thrall to the Illuminati will of course receive advance warning of any crash and will be protected because of this privileged knowledge. As usual, it will be the honest hard working men and women who will suffer when the `robbery` takes place.
    It’s All For The Best.
    The great `money swap` will probably go something like this: The Governments of the various nations around the world will call in all money in current use. An announcement will be made that money previously in circulation is worthless. People will be required to hand in all of their paper money and Credit/Debit cards and will either be issued at their own cost (setting them from the beginning in debt) with either an Electronic `Smart Card` in the form of a Biometric ID. Or, a `Personal RFID Microchip`, on which will be stored every piece of personal information imaginable along with remote accessibility and who knows, controllability also.
    With all paper money taken out of circulation, and eventually, once the `smart card ` initiative is shown to be unreliable, the foretold `mark of the beast` upon humanity, in the form of the RFID Microchip, the `Book Of Revelations` will be vindicated. Of course, it will all be sold as being for the good of all people, and again, the fact that an embedded chip is far more difficult to steal than cash will likely be one of the selling points. But how many ready to accept the new money will realise the contra indicators. William Raspberry, Former Editorialist for the Washington Post wrote this about the intent to introduce `E-Money`;
    “The benefits of replacing cash will be incalculable. No cash to smuggle. The sale of illegal drugs would cease since no one would want a record of it’s transaction. The spread of AIDs would be curtailed as drug abuse ends. The cost of government would go down, as would the cost of private business. Tax evasion, payment in cash to avoid sales tax, or failure to report cash income would end. The national debt could be reduced: stolen items could not be sold without a trace. Personal Security would be assured. Little old ladies could walk in the park again”.
    Raspberry also mentioned, more ominously when one understand the agenda, that every single transaction would create a record which could then be used for criminal investigations, as cheques, bank accounts and credit card records are used presently. Yes, and much much more.  With a whole database backing up this new `E-money/personal identity system, life will be come increasingly like the words of the song by the Rock Group `The Police`…”Every breath you take, every move you make, every claim you stake, I’ll be watching you”.
    This `Control Zone Utopia` is what the power hungry self styled lords of money envision for mankind. As mentioned above, this development will give the `Hidden Masters` untold control over people’s lives, their very existence even, and the incentives to be a good `citizen` will be sharply increased. Nobody will want their ID card refused, or Chip switched off. And how many of those begging to be saved from their economic misery when accepting the `new money` will stop and realize that with it’s introduction, their new lords and masters will have gained complete and utter control over their lives, exactly as prophesied in the Bible during the `Last Days`.


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Let the Currency Wars Begin?

  • Last week the Swiss National Bank decided to weaken the Swiss Franc against major currencies. More and more countries are taking the beggar thy neighbor policy route of competitive devaluation. Financial Times reports :
    Swiss action sparks talk of ‘currency war’
    The Swiss National Bank moved to weaken the Swiss franc on Thursday, the first time a big central bank has intervened in the foreign exchange markets since Japan sought to weaken the yen in 2004.
    The bank’s move, which sparked fears that other countries could follow suit, comes as the value of the Swiss franc has soared as investors seek a haven from the recent market turmoil. In October, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, it rose to a record high of about SFr1.43 against the euro, a level it has come close to again in recent weeks.
    But it fell to its lowest level this year on Thursday after the SNB said the currency’s strength represented an “inappropriate tightening of monetary conditions” as it battled against a slowdown in the Swiss economy.
    Analysts said the move was likely to increase talk that countries were set to engage in a bout of competitive devaluation.
    “Let the currency wars begin,” said Chris Turner at ING Financial Markets. Countries around the world faced with the constraint of zero interest rate levels might feel it was acceptable to intervene to weaken their currencies in order to ease monetary conditions, he said, adding that other export-dependent economies such as Japan would “probably be at the head of the queue”.
  • Over the weekend, Canada and the IMF are hinting at upcoming Quantitative Easing moves. This is printing a huge amount of money out of thin air to re-inflate the economy. It is stoking hyper-inflationary fears. Why should I have confidence in the corrupt and incompetent idiots in power when they tell me QE is the solution? In the first place, Western governments have gotten us into this deflationary mess. Reuters reports :
    Bank of Canada hints at quantitative easing moves
    March 14 (Reuters) – The Bank of Canada hinted on Saturday it could soon start printing money to create growth after a global pledge by central banks to take extreme action as economic conditions deteriorate.
    G20 central bankers, meeting with finance ministers ahead of the London summit on April 2, signed up to a statement to keep interest rates low for as long as it took to get the economy back on its feet and engage in quantitative easing if needed.
    The Bank of Canada has already said it will soon outline a framework for quantitative and credit easing, giving it the means to conduct similar actions to the Bank of England and Swiss National Bank.

  • The Daily Telegraph reports :
    IMF poised to print billions of dollars in ‘global quantitative easing’
    The International Monetary Fund is poised to embark on what analysts have described as “global quantitative easing” by printing billions of dollars worth of a global “super-currency” in an unprecedented new effort to address the economic crisis. 
    Alistair Darling and senior figures in the US Treasury have been encouraging the Fund to issue hundreds of billions of dollars worth of so-called Special Drawing Rights in the coming months as part of its campaign to prevent the recession from turning into a global depression.
    Should the move, which is up for discussion by the summit of G20 finance ministers this weekend, be adopted, it will represent a global equivalent of the Bank of England’s plan to pump extra cash into the UK economy.
    However, economists warned that the scheme could cause a major swell of inflation around the world as the newly-created money filters through the system. The idea has been suggested by a number of key figures, including billionaire investor George Soros and US Treasury adviser Ted Truman.
    Simon Johnson, former chief economist at the IMF, said: “The principle behind it is that everyone would get bonus dollars and instead of the Federal Reserve having to print them, everyone gets them.  “The objective is to create a windfall of cash. However if everybody goes out and spends the money it could be very inflationary.”

  • The IMF printing trillions of dollars out of thin air? And this will help the global economy? I don’t think so. This will destroy fiat currencies and economies worldwide in hyper-inflation. The banksters are really trying to force the world into accepting their planned 1 World Currency and New Financial Order!
  • The approximately US$10T which the US government  has thrown onto the problem has not help their economy. US$10T is sufficient to buy up about 90% of all outstanding mortgages in America. The entire US economy is around US$13T. Ask yourself this: where did the money go? Why are so many tent cities springing up across America? Alot of hanky panky going on: fraud and theft on a major scale!
  • The world is heading towards a : Global Monetary Meltdown in 2009 . When fiat currencies collapse people will run to real money throughout the ages: GOLD !
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AIG Planning Huge Bonuses After $170 Billion Bailout !

  • This is inconceivable but only the government will allow taxpayers to suffer this. The US government is working for special financial interest groups. It is the best government Wall Street bankster’s money can buy.
  • New York Time reports:
    The American International Group, which has received more than $170 billion in taxpayer bailout money from the Treasury and Federal Reserve, plans to pay about $165 million in bonuses by Sunday to executives in the same business unit that brought the company to the brink of collapse last year.
    Word of the bonuses last week stirred such deep consternation inside the Obama administration that Treasury Secretary
    Timothy F. Geithner told the firm they were unacceptable and demanded they be renegotiated, a senior administration official said. But the bonuses will go forward because lawyers said the firm was contractually obligated to pay them.
    The payments to A.I.G.’s financial products unit are in addition to $121 million in previously scheduled bonuses for the company’s senior executives and 6,400 employees across the sprawling corporation. Mr. Geithner last week pressured A.I.G. to cut the $9.6 million going to the top 50 executives in half and tie the rest to performance.
    The payment of so much money at a company at the heart of the financial collapse that sent the broader economy into a tailspin almost certainly will fuel a popular backlash against the government’s efforts to prop up Wall Street. Past bonuses already have prompted
    President Obama and Congress to impose tough rules on corporate executive compensation at firms bailed out with taxpayer money.
    A.I.G., nearly 80 percent of which is now owned by the government, defended its bonuses, arguing that they were promised last year before the crisis and cannot be legally canceled. In a letter to Mr. Geithner, Edward M. Liddy, the government-appointed chairman of A.I.G., said at least some bonuses were needed to keep the most skilled executives.
    “We cannot attract and retain the best and the brightest talent to lead and staff the A.I.G. businesses — which are now being operated principally on behalf of American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury,” he wrote Mr. Geithner on Saturday.

  • It is all a Hollywood scripted movie and the sheeple are the audience. The sheeple get fleeced and the sheeple believe its leaders are fighting for their well being. The number of Con Man in power is unbelievable.


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Dennis Kucinich: Bailout Money Going Overseas!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • The banksters are raping American taxpayes big time. Congressman Kucinich :
    – Citigroup sends US$ 8 B to Dubai
    – Bank of America sends US$ 7B to China
  • Transparency? Accountability? Kucinich: Our country is being looted !


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Jim Rogers – More Bankruptcies To Come!

  • Jim Rogers – Bear market rallies and more bankruptcies to come! Exploding government debt is causing major concerns worldwide. Even the Swiss Franc is no longer sound. It is being debased. Fundamentals are improving for commodities.


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