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Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015

    The “Chinese dragon” of the last two decades may be faltering but it is still hailed by many as an economic miracle. Far from a great advance for Chinese workers, however, it is the direct result of a consolidation of power in the hands of a small clique of powerful families, families that have actively collaborated with Western financial oligarchs.

The Synagogue of Satan rules the world. Click on image for article.

The Synagogue of Satan controls the world. Click on image for article.

From a Chinese article on the Jewish birthday party:
Three CPPCC [politburo] members with foreign origins celebrated their 90th birthday together at Jingfeng Hotel, one of the hotels in Beijing appointed for the NPC and CPPCC sessions, on March 8. Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro (Sha Boli) and Chen Bidi were born in Poland, the United States and Canada respectively, and they obtained Chinese nationality in 1957 and 1963. As experts who have long been working in the field of foreign publicity, they witnessed China’s revolution and socialist modernization drive.

Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of Communist Red China’s propaganda organ.

This Satanic symbol has nothing to do with King David, the greatest king of Israel. It is the Satanic Hexagram from which we get the word ‘Hex’ ie. to curse or cast a spell ! Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

In a courageous investigation, Antony Sutton establishes tangible historical links between US capitalists and Russian communists. Drawing on State Department files, personal papers of key Wall Street figures, biographies and conventional histories, Sutton reveals: the role of Morgan banking executives in funneling illegal Bolshevik gold into the US; ..the intervention by Wall Street sources to free the Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, whose aim was to topple the Russian government; the deals made by major corporations to capture the huge Russian market … and, the secret sponsoring of Communism by leading businessmen, who publicly championed free enterprise. “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” traces the foundations of Western funding of the Soviet Union. Click on image to goto the free pdf E-book !

Click on image to goto online book!


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Jim Willie: Coming Oil Bust Bigger Than Sub Prime Collapse

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
    Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, editor of the Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie. 

    Jim has been writing his newsletter about the global economy, gold, etc for over a decade and has had many successful predictions years in advance including predicting the 2008 collapse of US banks. 

    During this hour+ long interview, Jason starts off by asking Jim if China is planning additional retaliation against the US after their couple of devaluations against the US Dollar for the RMB not being allowed into the SDR? Jim says the RMB will never be allowed into the SDR. 

    Next, Jason asks Jim why do you think China, Russia and the BRICs haven’t pulled the plug yet and what steps do you think need to be taken before they do it? Jim says China is currently dumping massive amounts of US Treasuries and they are requiring the RMB for trade settlement.  

    Next, Jason asks Jim about why the oil price is falling and if the Saudis or OPEC hired Wall St to intentionally short the paper oil market? Jim thinks the Saudis and OPEC are pushing the oil price down to bankrupt US shale oil companies and also punish the US banks who loaned money and underwrote hedges for the US shale producers. Jim thinks the coming oil bust will not be contained and will be bigger than the US sub prime mortgage and housing crisis that spread into the US banking system, into all US real estate and across the globe. 

    Next, Jason asks Jim about evidence of developing shortages in the physical silver market. Jim says the shortages will get worse as Wall St banks are destroying the precious metals mining sector. Jason and Jim discuss whether the covert price manipulation of silver is like a government mandated price control.

    After that, Jason asks Jim about US Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments about the US Dollar losing its sole World Reserve Currency (WRC) status and why a high level US politician would admit that in public? 

    To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Jim about Donald Trump, the Federal Reserve’s bloated, growing balance sheet and if they are trapped and can ever raise interest rates and the gold market. 

    Jason asks Jim why mainstream, Progressive billionaires like Stanley Druckenmiller are buying gold for the first time in their lives and why China only reported an increase in its gold holdings of 1600 tons?

    Jim Willie says we are in the 9th inning of the current financial system and global economy before the next global economic system is put into place.


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Israel’s War on Gazan Children

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • Israel’s War on Gazan Children
    by Stephen Lendman,  
    A new Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P) report is damning, providing more evidence of shocking Israeli war crimes – titled “Operative Protective Edge: A War Waged on Gaza’s Children.”

    Saying Israeli aggression killed over 2,250 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 547 children. Another 3,374 were injured – “including over 1,000 children whose wounds rendered them permanently disabled.”

    DCIP-I’s research “found overwhelming and repeated evidence” of willful Israeli high crimes against peace – including multiple daily attacks on civilian residential neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, UN shelters, and numerous other non-military targets. Eyewitness testimonies and other documented evidence showed safe haven areas known to Israel were willfully attacked.

    “Missiles fired from Israeli drones and warplanes, artillery shelling, and shrapnel scattered by explosions killed children in their homes, on the street as they fled from attacks with their families, and as they sought shelter from the bombardment in schools,” said DCI-P. Scores of entire families were massacred in cold blood – murdering children, their parents and relatives. Children were slaughtered eating meals at home, sleeping or playing with friends.

    A ground assault on Gaza City’s Shuja’iyya neighborhood killed 27 children, injuring at least 29 others. On the same day, an entire family was massacred at home eating dinner, including 18 children. 

    These type incidents reflect longstanding Israeli policy. In the last eight years alone, it waged premeditated war without mercy on Gaza three times – as well as three other smaller scale military offensives – against a largely defenseless population trapped under siege with no place to hide. The entire Strip is a free-fire zone. 

    Since 2006, Israel murdered well over 1,000 Palestinian children – acts of cold, calculated willful murder. “Israeli armed forces have been regularly implicated in serious, systematic and institutionalized human rights violations against Palestinian children living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT),” said DCI-P – despite core international law protecting them, ignored by Israeli soldiers and other security forces with impunity.

    DCI-P said facts on the ground it gathered firsthand “add to the body of well- documented evidence of war crimes and serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israel over the past decade” and earlier. An entire population is collectively punished. Numerous incidents happening daily. DCI-P and dozens of other human rights groups demand Israel’s blockade end – its war criminals prosecuted and imprisoned for their high crimes.

    read more.
  • Modern Ashkenazi Khazars (90+% of modern Jewry) are NOT the Jews of the Bible! Ashkenaz is not from the tribe of Shem ie. not semitic! They cannot be the descendents of Jacob/Israel who are from Shem!

    Genesis 10:1-3 (New King James Version)
    Nations Descended from Noah
    1 Now this is the genealogy of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And sons were born to them after the flood. 2 The sons of Japheth were Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras. 3 The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz, Riphath,[a] and Togarmah.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Click on image for article!

We are trained to not see Palestinians as humans – former IDF soldier!

Click on image for article!

Click on image for article!

Click on image for article!

Click on image for article!

  • Sir Gerald Kaufmann (UK Jewish MP):
    “My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. “My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. ”

    “The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians.”

  • He said the claim that many of the Palestinian victims were militants “was the reply of the Nazi” and added: “I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants.”

‘Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism! …. They are not simply war criminals. They are fools!’

  • … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards
  • “In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.” – Quote

Click on image to goto video interview of director Dror Moreh!

“Shalom (Ex ShinBet chief) shocked viewers. He called Israeli occupation no different from Nazi occupied Europe.” – Quote

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Ashkenazi Khazar Jews are not semitic people and not the real Jews of the Bible! Not the descendents of the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel !Click on image for article!


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NATO Holds Biggest Airborne Drill in Europe Since Cold War’s End

  • Published on Aug 27, 2015  
    The largest NATO airborne drills in Europe since the end of the Cold War aim to reassure allies against external aggression threat, American generals said, adding that paratroopers landing in Germany are acting in a “purely defensive” manner.
WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Fake: Report on Russian Casualties in Ukraine Tells Fake Story, Russia ‘Experts’ Retweet

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
    Several major media organisations among which Forbes was republished details of an article with the sensational claim that Russia accidentally revealed that it’s suffered military casualties there. The first media to produce the scandalous report was the Russian ‘Business Life’. After verification of the news had failed ‘Business Life’ turned out to be a fake as well.


MSM: Weapons of Mass Deception for Wars without end !

MSM: Weapons of Mass Deception for Wars without end !

This is to attack the sheeple. Brainwashing them into believing false flag terrorism, unnecessary wars, the coming UFO-Alien HOAX … preparing them for the coming of the Anti-Christ and ‘666’. Click on image for article.




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Special Report: All Hell Is Breaking Loose, But In Other News

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
    The economy began its roller coaster ride on Black Monday. Nosediving a historical 1000 points, some called for preparation while weaponized media told us there was nothing to worry about. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton slowly careens off of the campaign highway staring an FBI investigation in the face. While Donald Trump is leaving poll bureau’s flabbergasted with the numbers resulting from his frank populist talk. Planned parenthood is unmasked for the baby factory that it is. And the Pentagon quietly begins investigating whistle blower reports that Centcom is allegedly hiding the expansion of ISIS. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    For roughly 48 hours the narrative is clearly a raw nerve exposing itself to the masses. A diversion was sorely needed in order to push all of those skeletons back into the jammed closet. Wednesday morning, the world woke up to the sick premeditated cold blooded on air murder of a journalist and her cameraman just outside of Roanoke, Virginia.

    And suddenly American’s are once again scrutinizing gun laws and race war fuel. Not the criminal Hillary Clinton, not the ISIS trail to the White House, and not the genocide killing off 13 million black folks since 1973. By wednesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were mouthing off again about taking away our guns. Before all of the facts were even in, even the deceased female journalist’s Father was calling for stricter gun control. The attack on those two journalists and our founding principals, before the bodies were even cold, stinks of treason incited by New World Order Agenda motive. The only people in the arena even mentioning the epidemic of ssri drugs and possibility of this incident being once again directly related to the pharmaceutical giants was of course Donald Trump and infowars, as usual.

    The illegal invasion of Syria, Europe and our own borders are underway. Foreign military is stationed all over the United States while psyop operations similar to Jade Helm quietly test the infiltration and data collection of American communities. Billionaires replete with inside information are fleeing the sinking ship for greener pastures, identical to the in the know absences during the 9/11 spectacle. America, Something wicked this way comes. The ominous occultic date of September 23rd is weeks away. Are you prepared?


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US Military Train For Domestic Disorder

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
    Slightly below the surface, these Fort Bragg Army engineers are also training — this time in Florida — to assist local authorities in the event of domestic disorder and potential chaos — prepared to quell civil unrest, riots, mass unrest or even the aftermath of terrorist attacks. Scenarios which could all be really coming to America. And that’s when the potential for martial law kicks in.…


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France Prepares For Mass Unrest

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
    French security forces are preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources.…

All part pf the Illuminist psyop: Clash of Civilizations, and Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3. Click on image for article.


This is an Illuminist psyop planned many decades ago, to foment fear, hate, violence, wars … to manipulate the world to the Satanic World War 3! The endgame is the Luciferian New World Order!

Click on image for article.


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Jerry Robinson: 60% Stock CRASH Still Ahead

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Former Adviser To Ex UK Prime Minister Warns Public To Start Prepping

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
    HSBC payment system collapses. Corporate media continually using propaganda that the stock market can’t crash. Consumer sentiment tumbles. Personal spending declines as J Crew reports a decline in sales. It is looking like 2008 all over again, as retail investors are getting out of the market. China unwinding dumping treasuries. Huge push to get rid of paper currency so the central banks have full control. Former Adviser to Ex UK Prime Minister warns everyone needs to prepare for the upcoming collapse. The US Government/central bank continues to blame China for the crash of the market.

The stock market collapse is NOT the main event. It is imminent worldwide financial system collapse, global fiat currency meltdown. Click on image for article.


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The Financial Times Calls for Ending Cash, Calls it a “Barbarous Relic”

Click on image for article. Needs subscription.

  • The Financial Times Calls for Ending Cash, Calls it a “Barbarous Relic”
    by Michael Krieger,
    Earlier this week, as the financial world was mesmerized by a min-stock market crash, the Financial Times published a dastardly little piece of fascist propaganda.

    There is no more egregious anti-liberty economic policy imaginable than banning cash. I covered this earlier in the year in the post, Martin Armstrong Reports on a Secret Meeting in London to Ban Cash. Here’s an excerpt:

    At this point, anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to the central planning economic totalitarians running the fraudulent global financial system is aware of the blatant push in the media to acclimate the masses to accepting a “cashless society.”

    In the mind of an economic tyrant, banning cash represents the holy grail. Forcing the plebs onto a system of digital fiat currency transactions offers total control via a seamless tracking of all transactions in the economy, and the ability to block payments if an uppity citizen dares get out of line.

    While we’ve all seen the idiotic arguments for banning cash, i.e., it will allow central planners to more efficiently centrally plan economies into the ground, Martin Armstrong is reporting on a secret meeting in London with the aim of getting rid of any economic privacy that remains by ending cash.

    Three months later,  the Financial Times publishes an article titled, The Case for Retiring Another “Barbarous Relic.”  When you start to see increased propaganda about banning cash, you know the status quo is very scared and things are getting very serious. You’ve been warned.

    From the FT:
    The fact that people treat cash as the go-to safe asset when banks are teetering is heavy with historical irony. Paper money was once the symbol of monetary irresponsibility. But even as individuals have taken recent crises as reasons to stock up on banknotes, authorities would do well to consider the arguments for phasing out their use as another “barbarous relic”, the moniker Keynes gave to gold.

    Already, by far the largest amount of money exists and is transacted in electronic form — as bank deposits and central bank reserves. But even a little physical currency can cause a lot of distortion to the economic system.

    So what about the reasoning for ending people’s ability to physically hold on to their own money? Wait, you’ll never guess, yes, it’s apparently necessary in order to give the least democratic, most destructive entities on planet earth, Central Banks, more power.

    The existence of cash — a bearer instrument with a zero interest rate — limits central banks’ ability to stimulate a depressed economy.
    The worry is that people will change their deposits for cash if a central bank moves rates into negative territory. The Swiss, Danish and Swedish central banks have pushed rates lower than many thought possible; but most policymakers still believe in an “effective” lower band not far below zero.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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About 1,000 Palestinian Kids Suffering from Permanent Disabilities

  • Published on Aug 27, 2015
    A new report has shed more light on the plight of Palestinian children following the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip last year. Global NGO, Defense for Children International, says about one thousand Palestinian children are suffering from permanent disabilities as a result of the 50-day war on Gaza. The organization also said nearly 550 Palestinian children were killed while sheltering in homes and schools during the war. It stressed that there’s no safe place for children in the besieged Gaza Strip. Some 22-hundred Palestinians were killed in Israel’s last summer onslaught. Over eleven-thousand others, mostly women and children, were also injured.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Click on image for article

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article!


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New Paradigm for Mankind: Green is the New Brown, Global Warming is Population Reduction

  • New Paradigm for Mankind: Green is the New Brown, Global Warming is Population Reduction
    This week’s New Paradigm show gives an overview of a soon-to-be-released EIR special report, “The Global Warming Fraud is Population Reduction”, detailing the history of the environmentalist movement and dossiers on the movement’s founders, including Prince Philip and Hans Schellnhuber. Benjamin Deniston also discusses his contributions to the report including how the climate data over the last 20 years has been falsified to show “warming.”

    JASON ROSS:  Hi, there.  Today is August 26, 2015, and you are joining us for this week’s Weekly Report with the LPAC Basement Team.  I’m Jason Ross.  I’ll be the host today, and I’m joined in the studio with Ben Deniston, Alicia Cerretani, and by Megan Beets.

    As you probably heard in perhaps frantic news reporting, there’s a major crash going on in the markets, which is, in a certain way, part of the economy, the financial sector catching up with what’s already been going on in the Real Economy.

    Lyndon LaRouche has warned over the past couple of days, including very strongly today, that we’re facing the greatest crash in human history and we have to be ready with a Franklin Roosevelt response.  That’s not the response that Wall Street intends to implement.  And Wall Street must be shut down immediately.  We cannot keep Wall Street and the Real Economy. We can’t have both — the maintenance of Wall Street and the survival of ourselves.
    So, the other problem, beyond Wall Street, the City of London, the financial cancer that is sitting on the planet right now, is a deliberately pushed policy of suicide, in addition to the murder being practiced by Wall Street.  That suicide takes the form of Greenism, of a concern about global warming, of attempts to save the planet from camel farts, and a desire to reduce greenhouse emissions so the earth doesn’t boil over or, as Obama put it, when telling a group of people in South Africa why they weren’t allowed to have air-conditioning, he said, “If you folks did that, the planet would melt.”  It’s just not true.

    ALICIA CERRETANI:  Well, if they’re trying to make the world a better place, their idea of better is, it’s very good for just a few people, about a small handful of people which is them.

    The origins of conservation — protecting the planet, protecting the animals from human beings — the origins of this policy sprung up in the heyday of the British Empire.  And if people objectively looked at the green policy as it exists today, you could see the British Empires fingerprints all over it.  This is an imperial policy.

    As I said, the idea of conserving land, conserving resources came about at the height of the British Empire.  Who better knows the relationship between resource access and population than the British?  They owned huge tracts of land in the last century and a half to two centuries, so they are very aware of this relationship.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Jim Willie: We Are At War!

  • Jim Willie: We Are At War!
    Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets Interviews Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter on 

    Jim is back, fired up and full of information. We cover the below topics for an hour and a half session. 

    Has the Financial & Trade War Turned into a Hot War?
    Jim says, definitely yes. Tianjin, China is the most strategic business, tech, info and database center in the nation. The explosion was certainly the result of an attack, among other connections between currency devaluation events and violent explosions (see Bangkok). One item of intrigue is that the devaluation of currency means USD lifted higher, and much like a balloon pops if it rises too much (from pressure differential). The devaluation trend will catch fire, and accelerate the USDollar death spiral. RMB devaluation started a trend, sure to result in Competing Currency War. USGovt and USFed masters do not want USD to be given an accelerant booster rocket.

    What is the Interpretation of the Stock Market Nose Dives?
    It begins with the USEconomy stuck in deep recession for six years (now depression). In fact, calling a depression a recovery is the ultimate in Third World propaganda. Yellen is the American version of Mugabe from Zimbabwe (unclear why took Fed post). The Wiley Coyote moment is here. Fed rate hike talk might be more like “HIKE OR DIE” moment or “DIE EVEN IF HIKE.” It is game over for sovereign debt foundation for USDollar. The initial damage from bond fracture realization is with equities (stocks). Could be USFed & Wall St have arranged 1000-pt down opens so as to create USTBond demand during the Chinese dumping exercise (act of financial war)? And the irony: US Langley attacked Chinese stocks, but China dumps USTBonds to shore up financial market. Stocks are the first major casualty, but energy sector losses are with corporate bonds. A 50% correction is appropriate for the USEconomy in depression and PE ratios double the norm. US Stocks no longer a forward indicator of economic performance. ZIRP has had no effect on USEconomy or housing market in kickstart (CAPEX in EmgMkt)

    Is It Crunch Time with US Treasuries & China Dumping $100BN per Week?
    We are now in QE to Infinity Squared mode. At this rate, China would dump all its holdings in ten weeks. Gulf Emirates have $2.2 trillion in toilet paper assets (mostly in USTreasurys), add in another couple loose $trillion out there and the numbers are big. Games like BLICS doubling the New York QE volume will no longer work. QE has ruined the integrity of USTreasury Bonds. USFed must cover the global dumping of USTBonds (confidence to go next). QE to Infinity Squared precedes rejection of USTBills in trade. RMB to be demanded/required/norm in trade settlement with Eastern export nations.

    What The Heck is Happening with the Silver Market Disconnect?
    Default will occur in silver market first, not gold. Physical supplies are the tightest we’ve ever seen. The supply side has not caught up since the US Mint suspension of sales in early July, in fact, it has gotten worse. Premiums and delays have increased on all silver products. Acute shortages have gone worse, with the official mints announcing suspended sales. Jim says gold fights the political battles, but silver will take away the majority of the spoils (2x VS 3x). JPMorgan is on list of Authorized Purchasers to steal supply, just like GLD/SLV funds. The third largest US wholesaler & distributor with 21 warehouses has been cleaned out of ALL silver. Live product dealers are all sold out, coin dealer shows are empty of silver coins and Johnson Matthey & Engelhard went No Offer on 100-oz bars. German gold demand is twice that of the US, and Eastern gold demand is twice the West. Shanghai gold demand is over 73 tons per week (steadily over 50 tons/wk). India gold demand is up 61% in April & May 2015 (versus same months 2014).

    read more.


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Analyst: US Playing Hardball Over Russia, China

  • Published on Aug 27, 2015
    The United States is playing political hardball with regard to Russia and China over conditions in both Ukraine and the South China Sea, says an analyst.

    On China, Washington accuses Beijing of undergoing a massive “land reclamation” program in the Spratly archipelago of the South China Sea, saying China’s territorial claims of the man-made islands could further militarize the region.

    On Ukraine, the US has been accusing Russia of provoking unrest in eastern part of the crisis-stricken country for a long time now. It also has repeatedly called on Moscow to help implement the terms of a shaky ceasefire deal that was agreed upon by both sides in Minsk in February.

    “It’s a very tenuous situation, both in the South China Sea as well as in the Ukraine, these are the two hot spots that we have to deal with here and the US administration seems to be playing hard ball in both of those situations,” Bill Jones of Executive Intelligence Review told Press TV on Thursday.

    “Obviously the whole issue of boundaries in the South China Sea is not resolved and everybody says it must be done by negotiations, but the pivot by the US to Asia which has been strengthening by its traditional alliances, traditional alliances that have always been made both against Russia and China (and) have really created a level of tension in the area we haven’t seen in decades,” he added.

    Every move the US has taken “in this direction in terms of encouraging our so-called allies and backing them up” has led to “more conflicts because they then feel that they don’t have the negotiator in conditions which are much more favorable to them and therefore it sabotages the possibility of negotiations,” he explained.

    “So in all aspects, it’s a very bad move on the part of the US,” Jones said, noting “some people are concerned about it, but they don’t happen to be the people who are present in the White House, which is unfortunate so it’s not just a good time.”


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