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Trump Electoral College Voter Getting Death Threats & Calls to Change His Choice

  • Published on Dec 3, 2016
    Following Donald Trump’s victory an elector from a state the President-elect won, says he’s faced pressure, and even death threats, to change his decision in the Electoral College vote later this month. A youth vice-chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Michael Banerian described to us the messages he received.


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Could Electoral College Still Make Hillary President? Democrat Operatives Are Trying To Do It

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A Major Economic Shock Is Upon Us And It Will Trigger A Systematic Economic Crisis

  • Published on Dec 2, 2016
    Unemployment drops to 4.6% from 4.9%. This is the last ditch effort to show that Obama economy is stable. More people have dropped out of the labor force and the labor participation rate increased. There are less full time jobs and more part-time jobs. The country has lost additional manufacturing jobs.Multiple job holders has hit an all time high. Trump might change how the Fed operates, removing its independent status, what he should do is just end the Fed. Mexico’s central banker resigns to work with the BIS for 6 months. Italy could ignite a horrific economic shock that could bring down the Euro and crash the system.


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Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget. The Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians by Zionist Israel

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To Zionist claims of self defence, I say: “Self defence My Ass!” This is the continued genocide and ethnic cleansing of the semitic Palestinian people for the past 67+ years. Click on image for article.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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Deluded Trump Haters Still Buying Mainstream Propaganda

  • Sheeple: naive, gullible, easily deceived, useful idiots complicit in their own destruction and the destruction of others. People with an amazing ability to accept any amount of BULLSHIT.

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CNN Busted Again

  • Published on Dec 2, 2016
    The Real Fake News Network (CNN) has launched a new propaganda campaign against Donald Trump, Alex Jones and InfoWars. Meanwhile it’s no secret that CNN has a long history of producing fake news stories that include a staged interview with their own camera man disguised as an angry protester and supplying Hillary Clinton with questions in advance before a nationally televised Presidential debate.

MSM-In_the_news_today_some_more_shit we_made_up

The entire ISIS(ISIL) recruitment drive on social media is conducted by the psychological warfare department of western Illuminist intelligence agencies: CIA, MI5/6, Mossad … It is a psyop to foment Islamophobia to lead the sheeple to Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3 via Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Illuminist psyop. Click on image for article.


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Congress Authorizes “Ministry of Truth” Powers for State Department, Launches Program to Take Over and Shut Down Independent Media




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“There Will Be Swamp”: Trump Cabinet Picks Confirm Creatures of Washington Still Rule the Earth


  • For the record: I am still not Anti-Trump. I do not believe that he is part of the Illuminati. The Illuminist MSM hates him intensely and that tells you alot. I believe that Trump genuinely wants to “Make America Great Again”. However, I do not believe that he will be able to achieve as much as he like to.
  • The western Illuminati has almost total control of the US govt. So for Trump to find qualified and appointable candidates that are not Illuminist puppets, it will be impossible. Trump will have to pick his fights, keeping in mind that he has a Big Bullseye on his back. Defy the Illuminati totally and reject their candidates for key positions and he will be JFKed. Submit to them totally and he will betray the Americans who have voted for him.
  • Trump’s main advantage as I see it is: he can hinder the Illuminati’s plan. He can say “No” to WW3 with Russia, “No” to continued war against Syria ….. He will use this advantage to “Let’s Negotiate! I want this and you want this. Let’s trade.”
  • I have much respect for Michael Krieger to know that he is not a shill. But I am mostly not in agreement with his article. Alternative views are very important. Always listen to both “Prosecution” and “Defense” before coming to a conclusion.
  • “There Will Be Swamp”: Trump Cabinet Picks Confirm Creatures of Washington Still Rule the Earth
    by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg , via 
    Editor’s Comment: Trump’s pending – or looming – cabinet is shaping up to be a who’s who (or whose who) of Wall Street executives, think tank war hawks and secret society creatons who are perpetuating the elite control of the country (Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin supposedly turned down Skull and Bones after he was tapped for membership at Yale. Hmm.) Not exactly hope and change material. Though Donald Trump campaigned – and won – as a populist who energized the alternative media and seized upon his status as an outsider, reformer and “swamp drainer,” he will not be an anti-establishment president. You could call it something of a bait-and-switch for votes into the highest office.

    Even with the best intentions, the same old establishment figures would run the executive branch behind his back for the benefit of their own agenda. Worse is the possibility that President Trump would simply aid the 1% of the .0001% in further looting the country, and stimulating the economy with new wars and other non-sense.

    Michael Krieger’s best, and most succinct point here is this: “If you give cover to Trump to appoint swamp creatures to his cabinet, you have no right to criticize Obama for having done the same.” If the alternative media who supported Trump in the election wish to cover for his neocon and Wall Street appointments, as well as any unconstitutional measures he may take in office (flag burning is just the latest), they will invalidate their earlier criticisms of President Obama, who appointed many of these same creatures and helped to orchestrate the bailout and getaway after the 2008 collapse.

    There Will Be Swamp – Steve Mnuchin Confirms Treasury Secretary Nod
    by Michael Krieger

    While I’m not a Dodd-Frank fan, it’s not because it was too harsh, but because it didn’t really do much of anything. It was the typical neoliberal bait and switch, designed to look tough for public consumption, while merely making tweaks around the edges of a financial system that requires systemic, paradigm level change.

    Trump’s support of repealing Dodd-Frank tells you all you need to know. A Trump Presidency will see Wall Street felons who should be in prison, running as wild and free as ever.

    He will be the same thing to distressed working class whites that Obama was to the black community. A fake messiah and a shyster.

    read more.

True of false? You decide.


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Europe Turns Towards Russia in Major Foreign Policy Change


  • Europe Turns Towards Russia in Major Foreign Policy Change 
    Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, believes that Europe does not need to dependent on US foreign policy regarding its relationship with Russia.

    In his interview with Euronews, the EU Commission President said that he «would like to have an agreement with Russia that goes beyond the ordinary framework, bearing in mind that without Russia, there is no security architecture in Europe». Mr. Juncker noted that «Russia must be treated as one big entity, as a proud nation». The president emphasized that he «would like to have discussions on a level footing with Russia». He thinks that President Obama was wrong saying that Russia was only «a regional power».

    There are reasons to make Mr. Juncker make such a statement at this particular moment. With Donald Trump in office, the US European policy on is expected to go through drastic changes and a period of uncertainty will last in Washington at least until January 20.

    This is also the time the so-called «pro-Russian» politicians gaining more clout in the Old Continent. Actually, they are not exactly pro-Moscow but rather pro-national, putting national interests at the top spots of their priority lists. For them, the interests of their countries are more important than the priorities of the US or the EU. They believe that normalizing the relations with Moscow is what meets the national interests to make it part of foreign policy plans.

    Two weeks ago, such leaders came to power in Bulgaria and Moldova. The EU’s image has been damaged in both countries, where the public perceives economic progress as too slow and sees a failure to tackle corruption by nominally pro-EU leaders.

    François Fillon – a politician advocating rapprochement between Russia and the EU – won the center-right nomination for French presidency on November 27. His victory means that two «pro-Russia» candidates – François Fillon and Marine Le Pen – will probably face each other off at the presidential election in April 2017.

    A presidential election will take place in Austria on December 4. Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party has a good chance to win. According to what he has said during the election campaign, Mr. Hofer will consider pulling out of the EU and visit Moscow, if elected president. He promised «to show my strong commitment to the withdrawal of sanctions against Russia because I am firmly convinced that sanctions hinder communication».

    If the Italian referendum on December 4 says «no» to the major government overhaul plans, then a snap election will become a possibility to benefit the Italy’s Northern League party, which advocates the improvement of relations with Russia. Its leader, Matteo Salvini, has visited Moscow and Crimea a number of times and called for lifting the EU-imposed sanctions.

    Some signs to confirm the trend of changing EU’s policy on Russia are largely kept out headlines. In late October, the EU lifted a cap on Gazprom’s use of the Opal pipeline in Germany, opening the way for Russia to expand Nord Stream’s capacity and bypass Ukraine as a gas transit route. The Nord Stream-2 has been recently supported by London. German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel is an outspoken advocate of the project.

    read more.


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Human Rights Watch Asks US to End Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia

  • Published on Dec 2, 2016
    The United States is coming under harsher criticism for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, many of which are used against civilians in Yemen. Ed Schultz talks to Dr. Ramzy Baroud about the history and implications of US weapons sales in the region.
Who is the aggressor?

Who is the aggressor?


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30 Countries Involved in Cyber Attacks Against Russia?

  • Is this true or Russian propaganda? If true, we are likely witnessing the early stages of WW3. The west need to take down the financial system of Russia to destroy the nation.
  • Published on Dec 2, 2016
    Russia says it has uncovered plots by foreign spy networks to carry out massive cyber attacks against Moscow. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation said the attacks were aimed at destabilizing the country’s financial system. FSB said it is taking necessary measures to neutralize threats to Russia’s economic and information infrastructure. The announcement came after the country’s security giant Kaspersky reported the cyber attacks against at least five Russian banks. Kaspersky said the attackers used devices located in 30 countries including the United States. The US, Germany and Britain had earlier accused Russia for carrying out cyber attacks with Washington blaming Moscow to be interfering in the recently-held presidential race. Russia, however, denied the accusations.


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PsyOp: How Covert Govt Intelligence Agents Infiltrate The Internet to Manipulate, Deceive And Destroy Reputations

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This is to attack the sheeple. Brainwashing them into believing false flag terrorism, unnecessary wars, the coming UFO-Alien HOAX … preparing them for the coming of the Anti-Christ and ‘666’. Click on image for article.

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EUROZONE CRISIS: Italian Bank Shares DIVE as Investors Dump Shares Ahead of Referendum


  • Will the serpents pull the plug on their EU-Eurozone project? Who knows? If yes, it will trigger a global economic, financial and currency meltdown.
  • EUROZONE CRISIS: Italian Bank Shares DIVE as Investors Dump Shares Ahead of Referendum 
    THE Italian referendum has seen fearful investors dump shares in Italian banks during Friday trading, which could end up with Rome in chaos and Italy in financial crisis.

    The country’s oldest lender Monte Dei Pasche saw stocks plummet by more than one per cent, while the country’s biggest bank UniCredit was also trading in the red.  At the same time, Italy’s top stock market the FTSE MIB was down by almost one per cent – the index has already lost around 20 per cent of its value this year.

    Stock markets across Europe were also nursing losses, amid worries the Italian vote over constitutional reform will send shock waves through the eurozone’s financial system. Germany’s DAX and France’s CAC were both down by around 1.5 per cent.

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Keep in mind the Bible prophecy of a Mystery Babylon Whore (ie. America 2.0) and a 10 Horn Beast (Revived Roman empire) endtimes empire. Click on image for article.


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WikiLeaks: U.S. Government Armed And Funded Yemeni Forces


  • WikiLeaks: U.S. Government Armed And Funded Yemeni Forces
    by Alicia Powe,
    … accused of committing war crimes in the Yemeni conflict …
    Wikileaks released a batch of files Friday alleging the United States armed, trained and financed Yemeni forces in the buildup to the country’s current civil war.

    The 500 internal leaked documents, allegedly hacked from the United States embassy in Sana’a, Yemen, prove the Yemeni government received aircraft, patrol boats, weapons, on-site U.S. training and assistance teams, the Yemeni procurement biometric systems, two English-language labs and various other military hardware from the U.S.

    The weapons supply to the Yemeni government is estimated to have cost $147 million, $99 million of which was allocated for a “counterterrorism aviation support;” $41 million  or the Yemeni Navy for “operations support and capacity building;” and an additional $7 million earmarked for a “counterterrorism direct action force support” package.

    “The United States government has provided most of the bombs and is deeply involved in the conduct of the war itself,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said of the rarely reported conflict in a statement on the organization’s website.

    Dubbed the “Yemen Files,” the leak consisted of 200 emails and 300 PDFs which span from 2009-2015, covering both the tenures of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as Secretary of State.

    read more.

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How December 4 Could Trigger the “Most Violent Economic Shock in History”

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  • How December 4 Could Trigger the “Most Violent Economic Shock in History”
    by Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor,
    … Italy has had no productive growth since 1999. Real GDP per person is smaller than it was at the turn of the century. That’s almost two decades of economic stagnation. By any measure, the Italian economy is in a deep depression. And things will probably get much worse.

    It’s no surprise Italians are in a revolutionary mood…
    The Five Star Movement (M5S) is Italy’s new populist political party. It’s anti-globalist, anti-euro, and vehemently anti-establishment. It doesn’t neatly fall into the left–right political paradigm. M5S has become the most popular political party in Italy. It blames the country’s chronic lack of growth on the euro currency. A large plurality of Italians agrees.

    M5S has promised to hold a vote to leave the euro and reinstate Italy’s old currency, the lira, as soon as it’s in power. That could be very soon. Given the chance, Italians probably would vote to return to the lira. If that happens, it would awaken a monetary volcano. The Financial Times recently put it this way:

    An Italian exit from the single currency would trigger the total collapse of the eurozone within a very short period. It would probably lead to the most violent economic shock in history, dwarfing the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008 and the 1929 Wall Street crash.

    If the FT is even partially right, it means a stock market crash of historic proportions could be imminent. It could devastate anyone with a brokerage account.

    Here’s how it could all happen…

    On December 4, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s current pro-EU government is holding a referendum on changing Italy’s constitution. In effect, a “Yes” vote is a vote of approval for Renzi’s government. A “No” vote is a chance for the average Italian to give the finger to EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

    Given the intense anger Italians feel right now, it’s very likely they’ll do just that. According to the latest polls, the “No” camp has 54% support and all of the momentum. Even prominent members of Renzi’s own party are defecting to the “No” side.

    If the December 4 referendum fails, Renzi has promised to resign. Even if he doesn’t, the loss would politically castrate him. In all likelihood his government would collapse. (Italian governments have a short shelf life. There have been 63 since 1945. That’s almost a rate of a new government each year.)

    One way or another, M5S will come to power. It’s just a matter of when. If Renzi’s December 4 referendum fails—and it looks like it will—M5S will likely take over within months. Once it’s in power, M5S will hold a referendum on leaving the euro and returning to the lira. Italians will likely vote to leave.

    Italy is the third-largest member of the Eurozone. If it leaves, it will have the psychological effect of yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Other countries—notably France—will quickly head for the exit and return to their national currencies.

    Think of the euro as the economic glue holding the EU together. Without it, economic ties weaken, and the whole EU project unravels. The EU is the world’s largest economy. If it collapses, it would trigger an unprecedented global stock market crash. That’s how important Italy’s December 4 referendum is. It would be the first domino to fall.

    read more.


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